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Wednesday, 30 October 2013

You Knew It Was Coming

Well, at least my FaceBook friends knew this was coming. I really wish I was like the average Canadian, when someone in politics bends them over and sticks it to them, they whisper "ouch"...and then simply accepts My life would be much more relaxed, if sh*t did not drive me crazy, but it does, and I am totally off the deep end now.
  So.......my very favourite Crown Corporation is invited by Town Council to sit down with the community and give us the Heads up, and answer the millions of questions the public has. Hey, sounds like an awesome idea, right? I have questions, and I think they are obvious ones, so, since it was open mic, I assumed someone else in the crowd would ask my questions, because...they are so obvious.
  First, it was clear, Hydro had decided to take the sugar coated approach. There on the panel were two very well known faces, one local, one previous local...Oh, smiles and chuckles all about, see "We're just people, like you". Bull Sh*t!!!Hydro is not like me, or any one else in my social circle. Hydro is a conglomerate, it is , as I have said before, a country to itself. Sure, there are people, but they are Hydroids, they are citizens of a secure job, they are loyal to the perks and pay that is doled out to all upstanding employees that no longer even say "ouch", and dream of the day they may be the one standing, not bending.Hey, the first words out of the mouths of the panel was the tidbit that each one of them have recently been promoted...."Standers"????
  I personally don't give a rats a$$ if they have been given the brass ring, that ring is only available if you don't feel any guilt about screwing the public. That ring is given if you can spend 3 hours saying absolutely nothing, but speaking continuously.
  The heads up...well, I a$$umed this was going to go into depth on Site C, something that is paramount to the community, and myself. Oh, silly me...got to get the sunshine projects out of the way first. The things that apparently are extremely important. Now...don't get me wrong, the projects that were talked about at the beginning do appear to be important, things like a shabby spillway, and a lack of RipRap that protects the dam just up the road. Helloooo.....no where near enough RipRap on our big dam, and it is causing the water to wear on things...ah I feel all warm and fuzzy. WTF took them so long to decide this project was necessary? I would think when someone drives up to work daily, and notices rocks instead of ginormous boulders, this project would have been done long ago. Oh, that's right, Hydro has a deficit, these things cost money! Lets have a nice take out lunch, and chat on how shabby our visitor's center is, yes...we must fix that!!Honest to goodness, B.C. what have they been doing with the money? I hear blame placed on the government, well Howdee Doo, someone up top in this company should have had the balls to open their yaps, instead of resigning onto other positions. Ahh..that's right, they might lose a perk or two, like a humdinger of a pension.
  Instead we as a province have been constantly warned our rates are going to sky rocket, because there are massive upgrades, and serious improvements in the future to keep this company supplying us in electricity. O.K. I accept they f*cked up, they frittered the money away, making terrible decisions, and not doing the job they were suppose to.
  So........what do we do? Well, we hear the Minister of Energy tell us they are going to have to make some cuts in spending, and they are going to have to step up to the plate and fix the problems, however, it has gone too far, and the people are going to have to pay the price with higher rates. Hey, I can accept that harsh pill to swallow, I am going to have to tighten my belt, because those at the top couldn't balance their books.
  I would accept this, if it was even bordering on the truth, however, Hydro is obviously like a spoiled child, they are just not going to listen. Instead of cutting spending, they are gearing up for a real Hoe Down. The projects just in this little community are into the many millions, and this is not even counting Site C.
  They are in the midst of tearing down their Row Houses, these were built at the same time as most of the town, and have undergone a massive remodel within the 10 years I lived here. Oh, they are just not fitting for subsidized housing for young apprentices coming to work for an average of 6 months at the dams. They need something that is more suitable, something that will make these young people want to return to a town of "Nothing" . Oh and when they stay in these nice new Town homes, maybe they will come back, and stay in the new subsidized duplexes, with their families. Then they can save up enough money to perhaps buy a house here!!!WTF!!!!!!
  Oh Oh...almost forgot, along with the great big new build plans, Hydro is also passively acquiring even more homes in town. Remember folks, this is a freaking small town, maybe 750 in the town proper, so up to this point they have recently purchased 4 homes and have around 8 more pending. I have no clue how many they owned before they started this new phase. Also, keep in mind, their employees purchased many of the other homes, and these homes seem to sell on a revolving basis between Hydroids transferring in and out, it is not often they are on the market.
  Questions were asked, but not many on Site C, because that project only got a few minutes, and we were informed how the phases were moving along, and that we would get 30 days notice on public hearings sometime this winter. The questions that were asked pertained to the legacy which we got screwed royally with. Hydro decided it was in everyone's best interest to go to the Peace River Regional District with this legacy promise, and like any other government type group, majority ruled, the majority that would not be impacted, the majority with the large population and a population they are trying very hard to increase by pushing their boundaries out. The lion's share of the 2.4 million per year for 70 years, will be given to a city. Our town, with the massive impact, will receive 10%, which will likely dwindle as the town disappears. Ah...but Hydro claims this is a done deal, too bad so sad, can't rescind this, even if it is blatantly wrong.
  See, Hydro promises are not worth sh*t. It doesn't take a trip back too far to see the lies. In fact, one question last night, regarding all the passive acquisitions and the big build, was "In the 90's did Hydro not promise to step out of the Real Estate Market in our community?" The answer was "yes" and then, "are you not back in the market?" a little humming, and hawing, and "yes".
  So... why go to these meetings? Why listen and ask? It is obvious not an iota of truth is spilled, it may sound nice for the moment, but, hey, if we decide it doesn't suit our purpose down the road, we will just change it.
  Last night, I sat for 3 hours, and became increasingly defeated. I did not bother asking my questions, because there really isn't any sense. I realize that all I can do now, is start to stretch, and touch my toes. I highly doubt I will ever learn to whisper"ouch" but it is clear I am definitely set to be screwed!
  So when your rates go up, remember, somewhere in B.C. a young Hydro apprentice is enjoying housing suitable for them, and on the road to the same attitude as the rest of his country, the attitude that they are special, and separate from those who are not citizens of Hydro.
  Bend and stretch, bend and stretch....#nositeC