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Wednesday, 26 June 2013


Did I ever tell you, I hate mirrors? Probably not, because I never really thought about it before. However, I have the day off, my lawn mowing plans have gone out the window, because, once again, it is pissing down rain, and I have this extra time on my hands, so my brain just starts spitting out random stuff. I was simply sitting down to read a friend's blog, and suddenly up pops the mirror issue.
  When I was young, I just didn't care what my hair looked like, if I had zits, well, the pain and itch confirmed there was a huge volcano on my face, so what was the sense in looking at myself, and viewing it? No sense at all, it was there! I was going to have to live with it, so, looking at it, was redundant. Plus, I hated zits, and why would I want to see what everyone else would have to stare at? I was not allowed out the door with makeup, so never got into the habit of staring at myself, while beautifying. I didn't need a mirror to put my hair into a ponytail, so, a mirror just was not something I was ever comfortable with.
  I got to the point where I was like those secret pygmy folks, living off in the jungle. I really had no idea what I looked like. I would see a picture of myself, and go into shock, who the F*ck was that pimple faced, freckled, chubbet? I preferred not to view myself, didn't like the way I looked, knew there was no way to change things, so I have lived most of my years, without the company of my relection.
  I suppose some head doctor would have a blast with this. Perhaps it is my inner self that I refuse to accept, and therefore mirrors are taboo? Nope, quite fine with the inner me. I am totally aware of who I am. In my mind, I am a straight shooter. I speak my mind (well ,as often as I can). I have no fear of getting caught in a lie, because...I have no need to lie. Oh, maybe in the past, I might have told a few bill collectors the check was in the mail, but, that doesn't count, does it?  I do dye my hair on occasion, and I do have to look in the mirror for that process, however, the colour is always something that is obviously not my own, so I am not even trying to pretend.
  I enjoy life without seeing myself. I realize I have aged, usually by the shock and dismay of pictures, taken by others. I absolutely hate having my picture taken!! It wasn't horrifying when I was younger, but, these days I am blown away when I get caught by some one clicking away, and then find they have posted my image on Face book for the whole world to see this wrinkled, flabby old crone, the whole world, and me!! Yuck, just sickens me to see how old I am!!
  See, when you stay away from mirrors, you go out into the world with the mindset that you are not out to impress, you are not pretending to be a covergirl, clothes do NOT make the person. When I meet someone, they don't have to try and figure out who I am, I am totally apparent. I am a 57 year old, who reached the point in life,(decades ago) that I realized I was not the most attractive female, I would/could, never be a fashion statement, and my mouth over powered any other facet of my being. I am not out to make friends, with my looks.
  Perhaps my life without mirrors has allowed me to see through others, a little easier? I expect those who read my blog often, have clued in that I was raised by a Catholic mother. She never forced her religion on us, but, we did grow up with bits and pieces, a part of our lives. Vanity was something that was frowned on. Outward appearances were not important (well except having my hair in my eyes, which was why I spent most of my teenage years with a ponytail), cleanliness WAS important. You all know I failed that rule, with my past housekeeping, but, I had the scrub brush taken to my hands more than once growing up.
  All those years of asking for things my girl friends had, and getting the answer "you are not So & So, accept who you are", soaked in. Oh, I also got the comments "If you don't like it here, go live with them". My mother used makeup, but sparingly, she also curl her hair, so when she went out, she looked "presentable", but she was a beautiful woman, and she had one up on me. When I attempted makeup, I was horrified, it just looked wrong. I had my makeup done when I got married, way back in the stone age. I spent the whole time, feeling like I had a mud pack on my face, and it was going to crack. Then we have the sensitive skin issue, can't put diddly on my face without a rash, so...I have decided what you see, is what you get. Not really a bad place to be, saves time and money.
  I am a grandmother, and I remember my grannies were old!One granny had white hair, for as long as I remembered. My other grandmother was a red-head, and she passed when I was about 14, however, since she was my Mom's mom, she was old, right? I don't have white hair, I don't knit, I am definitely not sweet (like my Scottish Granny), perhaps like my cousin Lynne commented, I lean a little more to the french side of the family? I do remember my Mom's Mom, being a tad on the blunt side, definitely not a sweet, quiet lady like Granny R. She was a looker, like my Mom, tall, buxom, and spoke her mind. I don't think she spent very much time gazing upon her reflection in the mirror, but she would have never seen a wrinkled old crone staring back at her. I am not tall or buxom. I am short, chubby, and the only place I am petite is in the  buxom area. I am, in the book of life, old.
  However, if I do not look in the mirror, I am simply as old as I feel. Somedays I am ancient, when the bones ache, and the dried up epidermis itches. However, other days, I am simply the same person who used to pull her hair into a ponytail, ensure her fingernails were scrubbed, and go off into the world, without the burden of knowing just how big that zit on my face really was. I don't know a single soul who enjoys watching their outsides age, and think, perhaps, my disdain of mirrors is a good thing, at this point in time?
  Getting old sucks the big one, and I am just not going to watch!!!

Sunday, 23 June 2013

Investigate your own?

Now, it seems my new hobby, does not lack for supplies. My goodness, I am throttled by a constant stream of Hydro manure, it is beyond my capabilities, and I am thinking I need an assistant! Oh, not you wonderful quiet folks who sit back, smirking behind your hands, and secretly sending me more smut to drive me bonkers. I think there needs to be a full crew, smacking away at the keyboards, informing the uninformed, how our crown corporation, or whatever the crap they call themselves...perhaps, the HydroVatican, is screwing us?
  Yes, they are separate and apart from the rest of the population. That has become more apparent with the latest news that flitted through the media for mere micro seconds, and then disappeared into the same hole as BC Rail, ICBC, BC Ferries, etc etc. You know, the secret hiding place for all the crap that government did wrong, screwed the taxpayers out of money with, profited individually, because of their political positions, and now are washed clean, and free to f*ck us around again. Perhaps you missed the news blurb? It seems that a group of Hydro linesmen, may very well be in cahoots with organized crime, and used their knowledge, and from the tiny bit made public, company equipment to....help set up some hefty sized grow-ops, with free electricity..
  Oh, but the minister of energy (and I did not use capitals on purpose) feels that this criminal activity should be investigated by Hydro, not the law!! Hellooooo... does this mean that every company can investigate their own workers, if they are suspected of criminal activity? Well, of course not, we know that would never happen. But, yet it does!! ICBC investigated their own! Although those criminals used information they accessed through their job positions within the Crown corporation, the RCMP did not get to take these criminals to court, the public did not have the ability to see exactly what these people had done, with personal information they stole from private citizens. All of this was done behind closed doors, and we were simply told they had been dealt with...early retirement with severance packages, terrible punishment.
  Now we are to sit back, as Hydro does the same with their(possible) criminal employees. These people (perhaps)used their positions to profit from illegal activities, using equipment that belongs to the people of British Columbia. I keep thinking people forget this. We own this company!! Mr. WAC Bennet convinced us to make BC Hydro ours, with the promise of cheap hydroelectricity, something that we bought into, that was suppose to pay us back.
  If......you were a airline pilot with East Jet (just an example), and one day, your buddy wanted you to fly a plane to Porshalabobia to deliver a cargo of pot...just bear with me....So, after your regular flight, you drove back to the airport, loaded up the pot, flew off and delivered it(using company fuel as well), and then came back parked the plane, what do you think would happen? You would be screwed!! The company would be furious, that was their plane, their fuel, and insurance, and whatever else. Besides being criminal, you cost them a ton of money!!! Off to jail you go!!!
  However...ICBC, and Hydro really don't give a rats ass how much money is wasted by their own. It's not really out of their pocket. They have a few "spillage" accounts (can you tell I worked at a bar?) so what if there is unaccounted for fuel use, so what if parts are missing, so what if the books don't balance....cripes their books never come close to balancing!!! They are simply spending the public's money.
  There is no way they want any legal folks prodding about in their business. That is all top secret, open only to the Vatican, just those with the correct number tattooed under their genitals can investigate one of their own. The punishment will be decided, and the smoke will rise, visible only to the chosen. They will sit and debate, perhaps those linesmen had excessive bills to pay? Perhaps the massive annual income they receive was not enough, poor fellows, they had to go in search of a second income. Oh, the pressure they must have been under, maybe they had a gambling problem? Maybe they were bullied when they were children? Oh, I am sure they will come up with some pretty good excuses. Their Union leader has already stated, that" they were just doing their jobs, their job is not to knock on the door and ask if folks are running a Grow-Op". I found that statement slightly confusing, as the report seemed to state there was little chance they had been given a job number from head office to do what was done. See, Hydroids always have that lovely little bubble that surrounds them. They are above the law, above the rest of the lowly rate paying folks. They live in their own little world of benefits, and rights.
  Watch the average hydro rate payer, with an excessive high bill, they suffer the wrath of the law, and must battle their way to prove they did not have a grow op. They are often left with legal bills, that although they didn't do anything wrong, they had to pay through the nose.
  Mark my words. Maybe a few months down the road, some reporter will inquire as to what is happening in regards to these linesmen (who at this moment sit at home, suspended with pay) and we will hear how they no longer work for the company. They have retired, with a cozy severance, and will perhaps go on to work full time in their previous second income job!
  These guys did not just(perhaps) steal a pencil from work, they enabled others to get what the rest of us pay dearly for (and will pay even more in the future) for free, and, we would be fools to not realize, they were paid very well for this. They should be made to suffer the same legal investigation the average citizen must go through, when suspected of a crime. Hydro should hand over the time books, and fuel tickets, and material inventory, and let the cops sift through. If they are found guilty, all that suspended with pay, pay, should be returned!
  You, the owners of Hydro, should expect your money, and your equipment is accounted for, and if your linesman is using your material to make money off the side, you should be able to take him, and anyone who allowed him to do this, to court! Now, I'll sit back, and watch how this all pans out, because, I know... folks are innocent, until proven guilty, and those who break the law will be punished, those who follow the rules will win in the end, blah,blah,blah.....

Friday, 21 June 2013

Just a Dream

I have been spewing so very much, lately. Sometimes I even forget who I am, besides the insane twit, with a huge pile of blocks of wood on my shoulders. My rants become overwhelming, they consume my days, and often my nights. You have to remember, you only see a very tiny part of what spews about my grey matter. If I put down, in words, all that I wish , I would not work, eat, bathe, or sleep. Each time I hit the publish button, I am flabbergasted by how long the damn blog is, and understand it must often, be too much of a bother to read. Cripes, they make me tired!! But, I have to admit, this is me, under control. The real me, would just love to sit here day and night, spitting stuff out, it is cathartical, but just not possible.
  There is a real person, deep down inside this miserable husk. I have dreams, (besides winning the lotto). I think my real dream, is not much different than many others who write blogs. My dream is to someday, write a book. This dream has been with me for decades, I caressed this dream, all the years I spent raising children. I needed that dream to get myself through the daily drudgery. Then we entered the world I live in presently, the world of toilet bowl scrubbing. Boy, I need that tiny glimmer of light to allow me to survive what proves child rearing is NOT the hardest, most unappreciated job in the world.
  I have discussed my dream with my honey and my buddy, they keep trying to convince me to write about my work place. Lord knows, the past 9 years have been filled with enough characters to fill a good sized novel. I realize it would be such a loss, if many of those folks were forgotten, they deserve to be shared with the world. However, I think, to write about my work place would be far too dangerous. Much of which I would feel the urge to commit to black and white, would likely come back and bite me in the butt. I am not saying I will never delve into my grab bag of history, but, if, and when I do, I will ensure places and people are just a tad hazy. I have to learn how to write, so I can do justice to a world , so few of us are privy to.
  What I truly dream of doing, is writing about my childhood. My buddy asked me the other day, the same question her grown daughter had asked her. "What was your favourite age?" Strange, I don't think I had actually asked myself this question. I had to ponder my answer for quite some time. My friend knew her favourite age, immediately. She had the years and the place, and the colour of her tricycle down pat. For a moment, I imagined her favourite time, was mine as well. The mention of the tricycle, and I was back in the dawn of the 60's, peddling my own big  red and white trike, with a metal seat (no less). That monster had blocks of wood that weighed 5 lbs each on the pedals, and it lasted through myself, my brother, and likely a passle of other local children. Things back in those days were built to last. But...the more I thought, the more I realized, age 6-7 was not my favourite age.
  Truth is, although they were interwoven with bits of sadness, and upset, my favourite age, was , the years I spent growing up, in the tiny town I called home. I just can't pick out a specific age. Each one held such wonderful memories, and amazing friends. The town itself was so incredibly beautiful (when it didn't rain, or snow) that each day was filled with majesty. See, there is a word, that I am using for the very first time, because, now that I am old enough, I understand, it is used for something that is beyond average, and the place I lived, was certainly far more beautiful than average.
  Deep inside me, is this urge, the need to tell the world, about my favourite age. I want others to understand why I never stop talking about "my" town. I am waiting for the words to attempt to bring people, who never had the opportunity, to this place that made me who I am today. I am not sure why it is of the utmost importance, it consumes me, far beyond my rants. It is a time and place that should never be forgotten. I simply think, I was given the gift of being raised at a time that was golden. It may have sparkled in the cities, at that time, but, in my town, it glittered like gold.
  We always joked, back in the day, that we were 10 years behind the rest of the world, in fashion, and technology. I think this was a good thing. Perhaps we didn't realize, but we were growing up in a cocoon, warm and fuzzy, and isolated. There were bits and pieces of the real world, but, we lived in our own little Mayberry.
  A friend of mine just wrote his blog, about the "Glory Days". I have often listened to Bruce sing that, and saw myself in his words. Oh, not that I was a great athlete (not even close), but the realization that I am constantly bringing up my past. Like Chris said, and like my buddy, we all have a specific time in life, that was the best time ever. I just happened to have had a majestic amount of those years ( I promise, I won't use that word again).
  So, although my lotto dream, may never be realized, with any luck, and more practice, my dream of showing you all why I never stop bringing up my Glory days, just might.

Wednesday, 19 June 2013


Hello...yes it's me again....You know, the b*tch that never stops complaining about things. You know, the #1 Hydro hater. I am off on yet another tirade.
   Who allowed people like me access to the world wide web? Silly people, they should make a rule, only nice people can blog. Instead, you have folks like me, who spew venom every single time they get the urge. I can rant away, and who knows how many unsuspecting humans will find their innocent browsing brings them to this blog of misery? Perhaps some of you feel better after reading the mutterings of such a miserable old bag? Maybe my black cloud, allows others to realize their world is not quite as bad? Hey!! I feel like I must continue on with the darkness, I am proof that there is someone out there, with more peeves than the average person. I have a purpose!!!
  As warned, I am on a Hydro rampage. I cannot believe how this one corporation can continue to pi$$ me off! Do you think they have someone in the back office, whose job it is,is to make absolutely insane decisions, to topple the apple cart? Really!! Just when you think they have gone as far as possible to disregard humanity, they take another crap on my world. This one has me fuming, and they gave it such a fancy title, which proves they write fairy tales.
  The title of this nightmare is "The Legacy". Sounds like something my hero Mr. King would write, and....perhaps he will. The closest definition I could find, that pertains to this issue is: Legacy... something handed down from an ancestor or predecessor, or from the past. I am not sure why anyone would want the legacy of Site C, but apparently they are attempting to sell it..the Legacy, that is.
  It seems that yet another form of government, which the people of this area apparently agreed to add onto the overburdened tower of power we already had, has taken it upon themselves to claim the right to sign an agreement with Hydro. This agreement sees Hydro making annual payments of over 2 million to this shiny new group of folks, who have been given some sort of authority to decide what happens in the region. The problem is.......apparently not everyone agreed to the agreement!!! It seems that some of those folks had the rug pulled out from under them, when their "leader" suddenly showed up at some meeting with the Hydroids, and sliced her finger open, to sign the bloody legacy. Hellooooo!!! WTF???
  So, now we have a board of folks, who are suppose to be looking out for the best interests of all of us, who will be affected by Site C, and they have a rabid Power Ranger in their midst that decided she knew what was in the best interest of everyone (typical). Hey, remember, I just write things as I see them, I may be off the mark a smooch, but, not too far. I know I am not wrong with the shock and dismay this Legacy agreement has caused. I am aware that my Town Council is definitely not on the same page as the rabid Power Ranger. They had no clue she was selling us down the river (literally).
  See, where I live, we have 2 Dams. We also have large sirens that dot the town, these sirens will sound if there is a breach in either dam. The people of my town will have approximately 45 minutes in which to evacuate. I have never really worried about this before, but...do you realize, there is no emergency program handed out when you become a local, I have no idea exactly where it is, I am suppose to drive, except, high ground. Where is that? Where is the "Muster station"? How we will know if anyone is missing? Those things, apparently are not required by government when it comes to Hydro. I expect they have a list of their employees, and will ensure they are all accounted for, but the rest of us...we're on our own. It frightens me, now, because I see how shoddy this corporation is, I see the pi$$ poor work ethic, I am bombarded by the fact that they need all this money to replace stuff that is falling apart. When you start bringing to the attention of the public that stuff needs to be replaced, folks who have 2 dams in their backyard, might get a little antsy.
  Now, we get nothing for this, no special rates, although the lines are right next door, and the risk is all ours. That is apparently against the rules. They do not have to pay property taxes, but get all the perks a residential tax payer gets (and pays for). They reneged on a shit load of promises when they built the big dam, and , hey, that's O.K., because they ARE government.
  Now they have come up with this legacy, to make the idea of yet another dam, more appealing. They go to a town outside the affected area, and somehow "buy" the chair of this new group (looking out for our best interest). They make an offer to pay each and every community within the region a lump sum, every year for 70 years!!! Yep, you heard it right, 70 years! Now, we get to the insane part. This money will be distributed to the communities, based on.....wait for it.....population!!! Not on the effects that will damage the two communities within the Site C area, nope...folks down the road, hours from the river, will get their clump. The two cities within the region, with the higher population will get the lion's share. No, they are not on the river, but this is how Hydro is buying acceptance. They will give the big population area money, so that those people will think only of what they will receive, and of course, for 70 years, they will continue to get money, because a tiny town, down the highway, has once again, paid the price.
  The town, that pays the price, will get....10% of this legacy. Do you think they agreed to this legacy? Not on your life!! That would be insane!!This woman, simply decided she knew what was best (for her area) and had the balls to go behind everyone's back, and sign our rights away. Hydro was smiling, this was in the media within moments..Legacy agreement signed by the Peace River Regional District!!
  Now all you folks who are sitting back, with no clue as to what Site C means to my world, likely assume it is all peaches and cream. Hydro made an offer that offsets the damage we will suffer. Get a grip, not even close!! It is yet another clear fact that our province is run by bullies. Why would we agree to pay Fort St John, and Dawson Creek a ton of Legacy, when, once the dam is built, they will simply go about their business as usual? Why would we agree to have Fort St John handed over 30% of this legacy for 70 years, when it is our town that will have the mercury filled fish, river banks that are unstable, dust up the ying yang, a body of water in our back yard that is filled with dead heads that pop up when you least expect them? Why would we hand over 70 years of money to Dawson Creek, when our property values tumble, and we become cut off from the rest of the world? Why would we share a legacy fund, when we are going to need every penny of this to repair the damage in the future?
  Now, here comes the next question...Where the F*ck is Hydro getting this Legacy fund, totaling over 2 million dollars per year for 70 years (140 million), when they are almost bankrupt? One guess....rate payers pockets. So, those rubbing their hands together with the idea that they are going to get a Hydro handout, rethink....That money will be money we pay Hydro, who will simply re-gift, wrap it up in a nice package, and hand it back!! Screw the Legacy!!! It is just another price the people of my town will have to pay, to have our lives as we know them, destroyed. Besides the money this mistake is going to cost us to construct, we will be paying for the rest of the region to benefit from our destruction. Can you say INSANE? Now we will lose the support of the surrounding area, because they are looking at a cash grab, excellent move Hydro!!
  Just my personal opinion, folks, and I know I am right, as usual!!
(BTW, perhaps Pat Pimm, Crusty Clark's new minister from Fort St John had something to do with this "hand-out"?)

Saturday, 15 June 2013


I know I just finished one of my rants, but, felt this was a good time to talk about men. You know, Father's Day coming around the corner, and such. Who knows, maybe I have some information that may help some young women out there who are attempting to understand the Male brain.
  Ooops, nope, don't think I have a single clue how that mind works. I have spent almost 57 years, dealing with the opposite sex, and I am still totally baffled.
  How many women out there have heard these words come out of their man's mouth, and basically cringed? "So, what do you want to do first?"(This while on a shopping trip, out of town.)Cripes, I hate this question. No matter what I answer, I know it is going to be the wrong one. I know the moment my mouth opens and the words come out, I am going to get a reply that, #1.  makes me appear foolish, or #2, is not even close to what he wanted to do, basically the exact same thing, and is going to make the next few moments unpleasant. I hate being asked a question, that has no right answer. Oh, wait, for you young women..you can try (and I don't promise it will work) "Oh, I don't know, whatever you want. " Now even that can go bad, see guys want to appear to offer you the choice you have in mind, but....it is a trap. A time limited day trip, is a fight waiting to happen.
  I suppose a person could try planing ahead of time. Geez, maybe all this could have been avoided if,before getting into the vehicle, we sat down, like two grown adults (that we claim to be) and made up a written list of to-dos. Now, this probably would not stop an argument, it would simply have the argument start before leaving, and perhaps cause the trip to be cancelled before it even got out the door.
  Keep in mind, I have been going on these day-trips for a very long time. I wait for weeks before the day arrives. I look forwards to getting out, into the world of stores, oh, I am like a child before a birthday, each and every time. But, I should realize, each time I head off with a smile, and a bounce in my step, I am walking towards disaster.
  Here is another that is sure to rock the dingy, "where do you want to grab something to eat?" Ladies, watch this question carefully. You have to understand, when he asks this, he already has someplace in his mind. Sometimes, you can root this place out, if you play your cards right. Usually, it is not the place you want to go to, but.....my advice to you, is, forget the place you want, and accept his. I know, sounds stupid, but, although you will not get the meal you have been thinking about, you will have something in your stomach, and he will be agreeable for a short while. For goodness sakes, do not...and I repeat, do not complain about your meal! This will cause him to rant about the fact that he gave you the choice, and you should have opened your mouth in the first place.
  If, like me, you are a bargain hunter, you are always in trouble. I can't buy something in the first store I see it, I have to ensure I am getting it at the cheapest possible price. I will search every store  for the exact same item, before breaking down, and purchasing it. This has caused me severe grief. My beloved is the opposite of me, he wants something, he finds it, he buys it. Not sure which one of us is right, sometimes my search does require the expenditure of fuel, which perhaps if you calculated, over rides the savings? However, I feel physical pain if he purchases an item, and in the next store, it is on sale, and I spend the rest of the day, ticked that we got ripped off, because he was in such a rush. I want to do the "I told you so" but, ladies, this is never, ever a good thing! Do not use this expression. This will always cut a trip off! Or, if not, it will make it so unbearable, you will wish you had stayed home.
  For those of you, starting off a relationship, "I told you so" stays in your head. You can think it, you can smirk (behind your hand) but, never, ever, say it out loud.The only thing that will make this any easier to swallow, is...it is not often a man can say this to a woman(besides mechanical issues). Just understand, "I told you so" is never going to give you pleasure. Even if you were right, the deal is done, and you will have to suffer along, maybe muttering under your breath, with a good comment ready, in case he asks you what you are muttering.
  Another thing, about guys, why do they have to use every single pot, dish, and utensil when making a meal? You know, as a woman, it is likely you will be washing all of these things. How can a woman make a meal with one pot, and a spoon? Well, because they adapt, all things must be washed, and very few females actually enjoy the act of dish washing! I am not sure about other guys, but, mine will get an idea for a meal, whip off to the store, and come home with bags filled with ingredients to make the dish. Women... we will open the fridge, see what we have, and plop the concoction on the table, no trip to the store, no fortune spent on "fiddlefaddle" spice, which is necessary for this one and only dish, never to be used again.
  Before you start to think, I don't enjoy my honey making meals, I do. But....there again, he is a spice nut, loves things hot(like me perhaps?). I, on the other hand, do not like any spice beyond salt (is that a spice?). He will decide on some exotic dish, buy peppers, and sausage, and such, tell me it is ready, and here it comes, another statement which strikes fear to my heart " It's not hot. I made it mild for you." Hah!! First mouthful, my eyes tear up, my throat constricts, and I am pouring water down my throat! I glance at him, he has a sweat breaking out on his forehead, his cheeks are bright red, and.....he says "see, told you it wasn't hot." HOLA!!I know it is going to be hot, but, dutiful partner, I am willing to trust him, yet again, maybe he has finally learned mild, the same way I have learned to make a blood rare steak? Nope, both of us just can't seem to get those things down pat.
 I get the look when I am panting away from the burning embers going down my gullet. Now, women all have "that look", but, surprise, guys do too. Their look is one mixed with pity, and disbelief. Kind of like when the dog pees on their truck tires. He looks at me like I am crazy. Drops of perspiration pouring down his face, and he is still insisting I am over-reacting, he would have loved to make it to his heat meter, and can't understand why I refuse to empty my plate, since I ruined the meal in the first place with my weak heat resistance.
  Almost 3 decades, living with my beloved, I am still clueless. I miss the caution signs, daily. I should write them down....My buddy, who has been doing this longer than me, tried to tell me, it is sometimes better not to say anything. NOTE: Sometimes!!!! There are other times, when you think it best not to say anything, that are the times when the mistake is staying quiet.
  Guys are always saying women are impossible to understand. Women totally understand other women, we know who is nice, who is slutty,who is two-faced, who is dumb as a stick, who is trouble, who is funny, who is putting on a show, etc ,etc. Men tend to understand other men, who is cool, who is not.Attempting to have a loving Gay relationship, which I used to think would be far easier, according to friends, is not the case,either. Each day, is a whole new sub section of the relationship program. Like government, I think new By-Laws are continually being passed, and not published. Some days you walk on egg shells, others you walk on clouds of cotton candy( a little sticky, but sugar sweet).
  So, just to clarify, the many years I have been blessed with the man of my dreams, have also been a constant state of confusion. I still have so much to learn, but...I can honestly say, if Women are from Venus, and men are from Mars, he is definitely "My favourite Martian!"
  Happy Fathers Day, Chuckla. Thank you for adding the spice to my life, even though I turn the fan on, more than once.

Friday, 14 June 2013

Dog Vomit

I know, catchy title, but...although my dog is long past the age of placing these lovely gifts about my home, I feel I am walking into puddles of this every single time I go out my door, or turn on the TV.
  Maybe someone in the "know" is reading my blogs? I only just mentioned the lack of sidewalks, and the terrible waste of money my last rant, when lo and behold, I am going down the road, and I spy caution signs all along the highway. I notice a dump truck, in the middle of a park...????WTF?????My eyes just about popped out of my head, they had dug up the very acceptable gravel pathways in a small park, and...wait for it....were putting in proper sidewalks!!! Really!!! Last year, brand new play ground equipment, hundred dollar pots surround the Gazebo, in the winter, Christmas lights grace the whole frigging area, with little deer (really) Santa and the works, lit up night after night for months and months. Ohhhh...doesn't it look lovely? Imagine folks whipping through town, on their way to someplace they want to get to, suddenly spying this park, screeching to a stop, and spending days, laying out cash all about town.
  Tourism is something that our government sells on a steady basis. They dole out money for a gigillion projects that apparently are going to make every little hick town in British Columbia a tourist pit. Beautify, for the tourists. They will save your towns. Local folks will be able to find all types of employment, because of tourist dollars. Ki$$ my big fat A$$!!
  For an extremely short period, each year, I AM one of these tourists. I have a travel trailer, and we go from point A to point B. We do the Wal-Fart thing, part-way... You know, stay in the parking lot for free...The only money I spend in the hick towns along the way, is fuel money, so no one is making a job beyond those who are already in business. We purchase our food in places with cheaper stores, and are totally self contained.
  I personally do not care if we are traveling through a pimple town along the way, and they have flower pots hanging all over the bloody place. That is not going to make me stop, because, guess what...every single town has the same frigging flowers!! Do I decide to spend my money in a place, simply because they have "cement" sidewalks in the parks, or lovely playground equipment? Not on your life!!
  I see what is happening in my town, nice big parking area by the Tourist Information building (which just happens to be beside this park) and every morning when I go to work, there is at least one of these spendaholic tourists parked for free, likely making their breakfast from the groceries in their cupboards. I doubt a single business in town has made a penny from them.
  Tourism is a promise that the government shoved down our throats, back in a time when my honey was unemployed (because logging had become a big issue). I heard all the hype on how the whole damn town was suddenly going to survive, because of tourism. Well, perhaps it is my lack of people skills, but...I never saw a penny.
  I work in a local hotel...guess how much of the money is made from tourists? Not a whole whack!!! No matter how nice the sidewalks are in our parks, or how many flowers grace the preferred possible tourist attractions , folks just do not come here to spend their holiday money.
  We just get the dribbles of handouts from the government (our tax dollars) so we keep quiet when millions and billions are spent in Vancouver and Victoria, because...those ARE in fact tourist meccas in our province. My tax dollars were spent so Vancouver could have the Winter Olympics, my tax dollars are spent for the Dome and the Convention Centre. Hey, maybe if the town got a grant for a Sports Dome, we just might make some tourist dollars.
  I saw my dear friend Christy Clark on TV last night, blinking away, saying how it doesn't matter how much money B.C. is promised from the big pipeline, we are not in this for the money....I call Bull Sh*t!! Every single government is always in it for the money!! They are in it for the money when they tell us we have to hand more tax dollars over, because we want things, and we don't have enough in the budget. They tell us, we can have something they want, because somehow they have a hidden stash, set aside for these special projects. It is ALL about money. Mark my words, when Christy feels she has won her little peeve argument with Alberta's Premier, she will be telling the people of this province what a good deal the pipeline is, and how much we need the money they are giving. Any bets?
  See, government is filled with Mike Duffys, if they can sweep their sh*t under the rug, and get away with it, they will. Very few of them get caught, because , we, as Canadians, have no power to bring them to task.
  Prime example of money lies. B.C. Hydro, huge debt, but they want to build Site C. Only yesterday, this corporation that is so far into the red, it is pathetic, just promised the Peace area over 2 million every year for who knows how long, as a legacy. Hellooooo....I certainly hope the people of the Peace understand this money will go to our towns, only through our pockets. The only way Hydro can manage to hand out money they don't have, is to raise rates. Silly Rabbits!!! They are not giving us anything, they are simply taking more away from us, re-wrapping and handing it back!
 Somehow, folks, we have to stop this rampant waste of our hard earned cash. What would happen if we took all the books, offered an accountant 10 million bucks to sit in a room and prepare a document that was given as pubic information to every single person who pays tax, to show them exactly where all the money goes? I think that would be cheap at twice the price! We need to have clarity, we need to make our "leaders" responsible for their actions.
  Truth is, tourism is a sham, unless you have a store close to the docks in Vancouver. Tourism is not going to save my town, when 1/2 the valley is flooded, and the river(reservoir) is filled with submerged logs, spewing mercury into the fish. Come on to our town...you can't fish, because the slopes will slough, and if you caught a fish, you couldn't eat it, because it is poison, but, hey...you can walk on a lovely sidewalk, and see some pretty nice flowers!!!
  Just saying it as I see it! Dog Vomit!!

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Budget Restraints

Now, I will admit, apparently my little rant on the campfire thing was skewed. Hey, I am glad I was "wrong", however, even though I got the word right from the Town office, I am allowed to burn in my pit...I still claim the By-Law is worded incorrectly. Oh well, that said..I am off on yet another District rant.
  A while back, I noticed the District was going on about choosing a new Town logo. Hellooooo...WTF was wrong with the original? Is there a time limit to Logos? Is a catchy Logo suddenly going to cause an influx of tourists? Then, before going off the deep end, I thought I had best check out my facts. Well, needless to say, I was too damn lazy to click back and forth through a year of council briefs, so I really don't have too many facts, however I am going to rant on anyhow.
   O.K. been here over 9 years. The town had a logo when I got here. Why suddenly do they have to go out on a limb and change it? Now I see that all the town vehicles have been repainted with the huge logo, claiming we are the "playground of the Peace" Helllooooo...Really? How much did all this set us back, and, as I was too lazy, what profit are we going to recoup from spending this cash?
  It seems the new deal is "Re Branding" and it seems the whole of the Peace is in on this movement. Now, my Mom always said," you can't  make a silk purse out of a sow's ear". Is this what we are trying to do with the extensive bright coloured paint jobs? Re Branding, Re Zoning, regurgitating....I mean it. Why are we spending money, when it seems taxes have gone up. Perhaps we could have kept the taxes down, if we didn't go on a spending spree. Lets put some sidewalks in, and keep the old logo...
  See, I notice this insane spending all about. Now the Clinic...got some guy who has a plum job, in fact it seems he has a couple different ones, with the clinic. He has hired other people to dig holes in the lawn, for...wait for it...trees!! Yes, we are going to have some lovely trees (likely no where near cheap) plopped in the front lawn of the Clinic. Why do we need trees? Really, we need a million other things to make that clinic a viable tax sponge, but, we will get trees!
  Sick and tired of the stupidity that occurs with tax dollars!!! I can't spend my personal money like that, cripes, I would lose my car, my house, and my ability to eat, if I did what they do with the money I am required to hand over. See, the difference is...if they need more money, they can simply raise taxes! What a bargain..just like Hydro,overspend, or get things you want (but don't need) and just up the rates. This is the amazing cornucopia we used to read about. The horn of plenty..just keep taking out, and it refills magically!!
  See, I, personally think, we have gone backwards in the way things are done. I have been around long enough to see things become so top heavy, that money is sucked up before it ever gets to where it is supposed to be used. 
  My parents never paid taxes like I do. They could not imagine the sheer waste of hard earned money. I have to watch it happen every day. Yes, I am cheap, but that is because of the way I was raised. I was raised in a time that my Mother had a button tin, a button fell off a shirt or pants, into the tin, to find one to sew on, and keep that shirt or pants in use. Zippers, yep, used to replace those suckers. Rubber kits for bike tire fixings, blow up mattress fixings, whatever, or...rubber boots! I know how to sew a rip, I have, in the past, repaired woolen socks with patches. The world of waste was unimaginable when I grew up. Garbage dumps were much smaller, folks just didn't throw anything out, until it was of no use. No plastic anywhere!
  Now we have become "GREEN"! F*Ck the lot of you Greenies!! Your sh*t destroyed the environment far more than any emissions, or pipelines. Your whine about saving the trees, brought about plastic!! Your plastic has brought about the world of waste. Everything is thrown away, dumps are filled with crap, in plastic. Your frigging water bottles have killed far more than trees, which...Hellooooooo...grow back!! You jog, you bike, you scream at people who drive gas powered cars, you screech at oil and gas, you holler at the possible logging of "Old Growth" , well....what you have added in your environmental world is waste beyond waste. Your cell phones, your computers, your TV's, your ipods, and pads, and your damn electric battery cars, all get thrown away. Now we have batteries all about, hummm....better than fossil fuel emissions? You watch, we have seen what your damn plastic has done, when paper bags, and cardboard containers would at some point dissolve back into the earth, we now have things that will hang around forever, killing birds, and fish, and other wildlife, just wait till we run into the issues with all your blasted batteries in your environmentally friendly cars!!
  How did I transgress into plastic from the beginning, because it is all waste!!! It is living for the moment, without regards to the future! Th average person must take stock of what money they have, and make the decision on what they can, and cannot afford. They must ensure they cover the basics, with what they have in their pocket. The average person cannot throw everything out, and start from scratch (wouldn't that be lovely?). They have limitations, and if they want to keep what they have, they must stay within their budget.
  Our governments, large and small, feel they can run rip shod , because, if they go beyond what they have in the coffers, the hard working tax paying citizens will be more than happy to throw more of their earnings back into those coffers to pay for things we could not afford. Apparently we wanted a brighter, bolder logo, we wanted fancy trees that do not grow locally, we wanted to pay for a ginormous summer staff to ensure our town had pretty flowers, beyond what we had in years past. Things like the flower business just seem to snowball. I personally think it was nice to have some hanging pots along the street lights, now we have bizarre pots, filled with hundreds of dollars in plants, placed by every single district building, including the sewage pumphouse. We built a full facade of a house around our water treatment plant, graced with asphalt walkway, driveway, and of course, planters! Really!!! I can't do this, I am limited in my purchase of plants to my pocket, and although I would certainly love to have my home surrounded with 4 foot high clay pots on wrought iron stands, filled with colourful flowers, I can't afford it!! Even if I could, I would have to maintain this by myself, but....our town has a full staff to do this work!
  When I was young, all town beatification projects were done by students (I was, often, one of them). We would get some money from the government, and the student work program would be in motion, each and every summer. I did jobs like cleaning the cemetery, digging holes, and placing street signs, brushing and weeding, and fixing up a park area for a campground. We got paid pretty good for students, I would end each summer with a decent  stash in my bank account. The town would have some necessary jobs done, and we would wait until the next year, to see what other project would be selected. Hey, this worked, but, somehow, the opportunity for Youth program was not deemed viable by the government, so instead, we now hire grown people, to work at pretty good wages, to do all the summer work for the town. Perhaps they do get some funding from the government for this, but....bet it is far more than a student program, does not allow a young person the opportunity to learn work ethics, and the materials needed for this project , are prohibitive (in my budget restraint world).
  Why don't we get really green? Why don't we simply get some plastic pots, with plastic flowers, some plastic trees, save ourselves a ton of cash, because once we paint those pots with the pretty colourful town logo, we won't have to maintain it forever after!!! Oh, at least until, we decide to change the damn thing again!!

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Bye Bye By-Laws

Well, the name of my blog is Debla's rants, therefore that is what I am go, yet again! I am absolutely insane with this slew of by-Laws that seems to be coming at us, at a rate that I can't keep up with. Every week I get a notice of some frigging council meeting to discuss By-Law 007 or what ever. Today I get home, check my mail, and lo and behold, apparently they passed yet another By-Law. This one requires every person within the district to wander on down to the district office and pick themselves up a "Burning Permit". Oh, don't worry, it's free, and last all year long!! WTF!!!!! I have lived in this house for almost 9 years, I have a firepit that the previous owners used before me, now suddenly, I am not allowed to use said firepit, unless it is inspected by the Fire Chief. Really!!! O.K. now I must arrange a time that is suitable for him to show up at my house to check out my firepit. Oh, perhaps his time is not suitable to my days off, therefore, I will have to take time, to go out back and see if my Pit passes inspection. For F*ck sakes people!! Where the H-LL do we live, the suburbs of the West Shore?
   Cat at large By-laws...cats are no longer allowed to roam free, oooohhhh the nasty old Animal Control man will capture them, treat them humanely , Hah! , keep them for an alloted time, and then dispose of them. Go ahead, tell me he takes them out to the Chetwynd SPCA where they sit in a cage forever, BS, just death row.
   Now By-Laws are on the book to Re-Zone property. Hey, likely property owned by folks who have lived in a particular zone for decades, but, for some obscure reason, the district has decided they want to include a "New" zone, with new rules. Really!! I used to own property that was Rural residential, now I am unsure of what it is listed as. Sick and tired of someone sitting in an office, deciding to change the rules, after the fact.
  We have beautification By-Laws. Not quite sure what they entail. I have not seen a single unsightly property cleaned up. In fact, one of the districts very own managers(or whatever), has a yard that is disgusting, right next to the tourist mecca Museum. He gets a lovely row of flowers planted along the sidewalk (yes, he is on the one side of the road that has a sidewalk) but, doesn't do a damn thing in his yard. We have old abandoned buildings scattered all about right in the middle of town, but, hey, not an issue with beauty!
  Like I say, sick and tired of a few idiots, making up the rules as they go along. You know damn well, this is not someone who is going to stick around for a long time, likely just until they screw up enough, then they get fired here, and head off to some other unsuspecting town, to screw with the rules there.
  I ranted awhile back about the water meters. Well, first they send me this lovely brochure, informing me how these meters are going to make things so much better. I am required to make an appointment to have it installed. I call, make the appointment. Just before the allotted time, I get a District envelope in the mail. Nasty little tidbit, informing me that I had NOT done as I was directed, and I had better get a move on, and make this appointment, because, if I didn't, I was going to have to pay for the installation out of my own pocket, and I would have to get only the single company that won the contract to install these said meters, to do the job. Hey, my tax dollars were used to mail this company's nasty note to me, on town stationary!! I got the frigging meter installed, they installed it in a building owned by my employer as well. That installation was poorly done, the weld broke, and the water poured out of the pipes in a basement. When it was found, suddenly the issue was "who was responsible"? Hellooooo..the water sat, pictures were taken, and meanwhile that building was not rentable until they got their sh*t together. Now, I come to find out, there are a whack of folks who didn't get these damn meters. Some because the metal of the pipes was not conducive to the weld on the meter. Helloooo...the system is flawed, wonder if those folks will have to dish out of their own pockets? Just an example of those in charge, not doing due diligence before jumping into an empty pool. What a waste of tax payers money. Some company is sitting back rubbing their hands together because they made money, simply because one of these idiots, thought he had a bright idea!
  See, the thing here is, some of these twits making up the rules on how to spend our money, do NOT pay a single penny in taxes... they rent!! Why? Hey, because they are just biding their time, till they get their hands slapped, get fired, and move on. They might just end up in your town, because it appears my town didn't give a rats a$$ they got fired from the city just down the road. We love getting the dregs, and screw-ups!!
  Now they are sitting back, making up a ream of By-Laws, so the next time you fire up the pit, and you and your kids are sitting around it having a nice little Hot Dog roast, be ready for the By-Law man to show up, and fine you!!Honestly!! This is truly going to make our lives better!!!!

Saturday, 1 June 2013

Sore Loser

Today I am so disappointed. I can't believe I actually allowed myself to get so caught up in a dream, that reality has hit me like a ton of bricks. Oh, we have all done what I did, I know..folks might not be like me, and announce it to the whole world, but...we've all done it!! I am going on about the damn lottery! I am so frigging desperate, I actually convinced myself this time, I was going to win! Oh, I wanted it so very badly, it had to happen. My life would be so wonderful, so many lives would be wonderful, it was my turn! Surprise!! Guess this was the turn I got kicked out of place. Really, you guys don't know how much I deserve this!! I am sure that you would give up any chance, just to allow me to be so very happy, right????Fine, screw the lot of you!!! When the next numbers come up, and I win, you can kiss my butt, not going to share with anyone!! O.K. I have to share, as there are two of us in on the ticket, but, it's just us two, because......we deserve it!!
  I had it all planned out. I had worked my very last day, and it was a killer! I managed to make it through, because....I was going to win!! F*ck my life!!! I have now lost all hope of ever having a life. I see myself trudging through years of scrubbing toilets, and sopping up floods. I see my life shortened by the over abundance of stink I must endure, day after day. My nostrils are permanently flared, because they are assaulted every working moment. My head aches, constantly, perhaps because I am always trying to figure out a way I can get out of the crayola box.
  I am fed up with getting thrown back on my heels upon entering an area, because the stench is overwhelming, and then I am informed that myself and my buddy are the only ones who notice. Helloooo..yes, I have an excellent schnoz, I think I should have gone in to become a perfumist, my goodness, imagine smelling lovely smells all day...or..a Scotch Taster, I could pick up a peaty smell within seconds. For a few years I was the keeper of the fire in a fish smoke house. I have the ability to walk in the door, and instantly know there was a fish hanging amongst the many, that was not perfect, and I would wander the rows until I found it. You know the person things are always handed to, and they are asked to "smell this" to determine if something has gone off? That's me.
  As I have gotten older and entered the wonderful fun filled years of "mental" pause, my nose has obviously taken power from the other senses that have diminished. Much like a blind person whose sense of touch becomes incredible, my sense of smell has become , not a gift, but a torture.
  I don't go about sniffing, but, things smell with colour. Most of what I smell all day at work are coloured green and black. Those are not nice colours, in regards to the smell-o-meter. Nice smells are coloured lilac, or teal, or peach, colours that are subtle, and lovely. Smells like Red (although it is one of my favourite colours), are like a person wearing far too much perfume, kind of chokes you, but, you can bear it. Green is like fart, just like in the comic books, a fart has a green smell, chokes you, and not in a nice way. Pee is a lemon yellow, unless it has sat in a puddle, or on a toilet seat, then it is turning towards green. Green is gross, but, it is nothing like black.
   Black fills my days. The smell IS the colour. Black is dark, black is dangerous, black is deadly, black is scary. Each day, my life is filling up further and further with black. It is making me gag, it is making it harder and harder for me to drag myself out the door in the morning, and harder yet in the afternoon.
  The colour envelopes my life. Bizarro world is black! There is no light, only darkness. I think the black smell has followed me home. I enter my door, and sniff, something is lurking in the dark. I wash my floors, Febreeze my furniture, pour bleach down all my drains, wash my laundry, and throw in an extra sheet of fabric softener, but...somewhere, that tiny black spot is hiding. I shower before bed, because I imagine it is on me, maybe in my hair?
  Don't worry, I realize this is all just floating about inside my grey matter (see Grey, subtle colour). I am aware my job is once again taking over my real world. I understand I am not Martha Stewart, but no one is going to choke on the black in my house. However, I also understand, if I am ever going to hope to retire and be able to afford to eat, I have to continue to work for a few more years yet. Because I have given the past(almost decade) to doing the job I do, there is a very faint hope, I will find another, in the limited time this body has left.
  So, that is why I was so desperate to win this lottery. I want to spend the rest of my time on earth, smelling the subtle colours. Black may be slimming, but when it comes to smells, it slims simply because it chokes!
  I have decided, perhaps I just miscalculated, maybe it wasn't my turn this week, my turn is next week! I was never any good with math, so there is still hope!