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Saturday, 27 October 2012

My Voice

I sat down to write about this last week, and didn't get it done. Since then, I see my mentor has put it on his blog, and I feel so strongly, I best get at it.
  I got news of Mr. Harper's latest foray, through Facebook. I was writing a comment, and had a friend's daughter hint of this on the same thread. I just had to go check it out, as I didn't believe what I was reading.
  Now, first,to let all of you folks out there understand a tad of what is happening in my neck of the woods. In the past few years, it appears a large chunk of our resources in this area, have been of interest to China. Hey, I am all for progress..I grew up in a very small town that survived on natural resources as it's economy. I am one of those who want to slap those who attempt to stop mining and logging, for the sake of tourism. Tourism is fine in it's place, but, it is not going to put food on every table in British Columbia.
   I have a problem with big city folks who thumb their noses at logging. Cripes, if we were still using paper bags, our environment would not be in the mess it is now, with all those frigging plastic bags. You can grow a new tree very easily, you can grow a whole new forest. There is a whole new thing that has begun in my lifetime, called Silviculture, give this a look see and stop squealing about logging. Sure, clearcuts may be ugly for a while, but they are actually beneficial to wildlife, and in time they grow, and the cut is fresh and healthy. Old growth has it's place, and no, I certainly am not in favour of cutting down all the trees, but, you people in your saving the trees have gone just a little too far, and caused forests to be destroyed through your save the tree crap!
  I grew up in an area that had many old mines. Yes, I am aware of tailings ponds, and the yuck, and poisons that were left in the past. However, get a grip, times have changed, experience and science have regulated things to the max. There are rules that must be followed. Regulations for environmental and employee safety are harsh, and that's a good thing. Because the mistakes of the past will not be repeated, and progress will continue, and generations in the future will profit from what resources are abundant in the small communities that rely on those things that city people find repulsive and abusive to "nature".
   I have always felt that those in the big glass and steel buildings in the city, who make their living with every single convenience in life, Wal-Mart's(LOL) fine dining, high end clothing stores, transit, concerts, paved roads, fancy hospitals, etc etc. do so, simply because in the back ground, Joe Blow is drilling a well, hauling coal, and digging for diamonds, without all the perks. There would be no city, without the resources!!!
  However...I also believe that we must treat our resources correctly. We must protect our land, and our people. I read about the practices in China, I am shocked at what they do to rape their country. I am disgusted at how their workers are abused. I , in truth, have always wondered where the heck Green Peace is, when it comes to the practices that seem to go unnoticed by the rest of the world. These people do not follow any regulations, they simply rip anything and everything they can from the earth. Hey, they thrive on plastic, put it into everything, even dog food! Oh, yeah, lets import lead painted toys from them. Really, a country that blatantly has no rules, and we sit quietly allowing them to do as they please.
  Now...it appears Mr. Harper thinks that we should welcome them with open arms into our country, to allow them to do business they way they want. He is signing a 31 yr. contract with them, giving them rights that Canadian companies do not have. Regulations will be tweaked to accommodate their wishes, they will not have to follow the same rules. WTF is this???? Folks this is happening now. I did not believe it, until I went searching. Your Prime Minister (yes, I voted for him) has been doing back room deals, and is about to sign something that will change our way of life forever. It will change the way our land is treated, and our people.
  We are where the Aboriginals stood, generations ago.Sadly, we will all come to understand how those people felt, when the White man arrived. Our land is no longer going to belong to Canada, we are being sold out to the highest bidder.
  Wake up now, I am not sure how we can stop this, but, time is running out! I highly doubt tourism will be an option if this goes ahead.

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Bone Us

Heehee, I know, pardon the pun on words. But tonight I feel the urge to speak about Moral, yet again. It appears my employer is a little upset with the production from my "sector". We are just not pulling the same weight as before. We are walking away when the work listed is done, and not there in case someone beckons and calls for us. We do not go looking for jobs that could keep us busy after the normal duties are accomplished. The schedule is looking pretty barren. It seems everyone has cut back on their availability. For the most part, we are avoiding any social interaction amongst other employees. For the first time ever, people are simply ensuring they do their required 2 weekends, and just the bare minimum besides. We are doing what needs to be done.
   We have in the past gotten into trouble when work has been completed and some have been observed by the employer doing nothing, and getting paid. This has always been a no no, we have had lay offs because of this before. Suddenly the issue changes, the complaint is that no one is there after a specific time, when a last minute job arises. So, what is it to be, someone sitting about, perhaps cutting up rags, waiting just in case someone decides they need housekeeping after the regular duties have been completed, watching their back, because they are costing money, and doing diddly? It is no wonder we are all confused.
  A couple of us have been going in very early, we started this when we had rooms that were empty only for a small window between shifts. This was done to keep the guest happy, and it appears the employer simply turned a blind eye. She didn't get any complaints, and in time, she would  make a note that we were to whip in immediately and do a room at this early hour. We made things very convenient, however, we certainly did not get anything extra in return.
  The other day, the issue of moral was brought to the employers attention. She was informed that there is no incentive, perhaps a raise would boost moral? NOT EVER!!! It appears this was not going to happen, no one in  housekeeping was about to get a raise.
   Hello...so, we picked up the slack, we work every single day, sometimes 2 doing the work of 4, insane physical work loads, laundry, packing, dealing with customers who check out at various times, and check in whenever they show up. We have crew changes, 3 to a unit out of the blue, we work out doors in -40 temps, or in the blazing heat, moving from one area to the next. For almost 2 years the employer has seen her business full, without a thought as to how this was affecting her employees.
  When your employer does not consider her employees as people who have families, and lives, because her world revolves around her business, and in her mind, we should all devote ourselves to what she had decided is her world, you have a problem. She has to realize that this is just a job to us. She does not have the right to question why we feel the urge to cut back to deal with personal issues. If she does not like us cutting back on days, well...she has a choice, make it mandatory to work a set amount of days, or we are fired. I expect she is well aware, she will lose absolutely every single employee if she sets this rule.
  But when she states that she is not going to even consider a raise for anyone in this section, she is kicking every last one of us in the head.
  Then she comes up with another plan, "what about a bonus system"?
  Helllllooo. we did not get a bonus when we worked our butts off day after day, short staffed. What would we have to do to get this supposed bonus? I do not have anything more to offer. I am tired of giving all I've got, for nothing but my pay determined by the minute I arrive to the minute I leave. I do not like the fact that our positions are the only ones that do not get paid overtime if we work over 40 hours a week. I do not like the fact that we are the only ones (besides maintenance) that must work outside, no matter what the weather. I do not like the fact that we are the only ones that must clock in and out for our lunch. Now we are also the only ones that cannot expect a raise!! But...there is that Bonus......
  Who is going to decide who gets the bonus? Will it be my buddy who is our "boss"? Hummm...Well that would mean she would have to suggest herself, unless someone did more than her. Come on!!! This is an insult. The bonus should have been given time and time again. It is rude to think of dangling a carrot to try and wring more work out of us.
   We are husks. We have been used up for years, with absolutely no reward, and now when we are at the point that we perform like trained seals, just go in, do what is on the list, and crawl home, we get a list of what we are no longer giving. This was all given in the past, with the hope that it would be recognized, and appreciated. The lack of acknowledgement went on far too long, hope was lost, the urge to excel left the moment we clued in that we were giving and not receiving. To have the words spoken that a raise was not going to happen, just assured all that there was no reason to give more than we absolutely have to.
  A bonus is something that is a promise. It is not an acknowledgement of what we have done, it is simply a way to get us to do more, for a chance at the brass ring. Nope, I think a bonus will just cause another problem. When one person gets it at the end of the month, for something they did, someone else is simply going to be upset because they stepped up to the plate as well, and did not receive acknowledgement. This is not the type of job that will work well with a bonus system. Hey, if Joe Blow does something wonderful at the beginning of a month, why on earth is another going to attempt to out do them? From my personal perspective, this idea is insane! It is only going to cause bad feelings amongst the staff.  Maybe if she is lucky, she will get little Missy do-gooder who gets this bonus every single time, because everyone else has just decided to just say "screw-it".
  I am afraid that this has just disappointed the whole crew. We know there is no hope to make up for all the work that we have been forced to perform in the past, there is nothing in our future, besides this possible bonus. So...those who make whatever amount a minute, know that amount will never change, unless we luck out and get the big Bone Us!!!

Thursday, 11 October 2012

I Don't give a S#it

Well, hello Darlings!!! I have had a very enlightening day. Today I realized that, my problem is simple. I no longer give a Sh*t about my workplace. I am hoping this makes my life easier, because, up until this point, I have been a total idiot, thinking I am responsible to ensure my side of the business runs properly.
  Oh, I am not the worse idiot, in regards to making the job my whole frigging life. That title goes to my partner in crime. I simply allowed myself to get sucked into her way of thinking. She is my friend, and I figured it was best just to go along with her, and support her, because, otherwise, she would have carried the whole bloody load herself, and she did, many times.
  Who on earth gives up their whole life for a job that entails scrubbing toilets? Hah! There have been more than just the two idiots we speak of. One has left the fold. She did not leave without damage, and she certainly did not get a prize for devotion. We watched her disappear before our very eyes.
   What the h-ll is wrong with us? This is not a career, it is cleaning 101. In my employers eyes, we are dispensable, a dime a dozen. We are the bottom of the Totem. We are acknowledged only when a little more blood is required from the stone. If we claim we cannot squeeze the stone hard enough, we get attitude, and somehow, we find a way to manage. For crying out loud!! Why have we done this?
  Today, someone summed it up perfectly. there is absolutely no moral in our workplace. It is not a matter of poor moral, there just isn't any at all. It is a job that each day, we trudge into, no one wants to be there, absolutely no one. It is like a hamster wheel, same crap, day after day, and then we turn around, and do the same again the next day. To have a pleasant surprise once in awhile, might brighten the darkness, somewhat, but I doubt that will help at this point.
  How can we boost the moral? I really can't think of anything that will work. We have been used up so badly, with no incentive, for so long, that I don't even think a raise would help. The business has become so overworked, in our area, and there has been no change for the past 8 years, except the work load increasing 3 fold. Since the increase, we have not seen a single raise! When you have folks who work for 2 years, looking at those who have been there 8-9 years, who go in early, step up to the plate, even at the end of the day, give up days off, work like banshees, and not receiving a single penny extra, what does that say to them? Hey, I understand!! Why would they go the extra mile when it is obvious there is nothing in it for them?
  I am NOT in business management. But...even I see why others simply go in, do what they must, and zip out the door without batting an eye. I see why they moan and groan when they have to do an area they don't like. The sad part about this is, someone has to do this area. We try and be fair, the two old bats will take the forbidden area, just so we don't have to listen to the complaining. But, it is clear, we get no reward for this, besides pulling out the usual back muscle, and suffering for days or weeks, while the others look at us with pitying eyes.
  Yesterday was when my eyes opened, and I saw everything clearly. We have had someone working with us for a month or more. I think in that time, she has worked a total of about 14 days. She spent part of this time working in tandem with my buddy, which is usual. A person learns what is expected, by following the example of the most anal housekeeper, LOL. Yesterday she was asked to do a particular area, and instantly she started whining, she didn't want to have to do certain things, she just finished doing so much. FML!! I was speechless. I watched the switch flick with my friend. Perhaps the timing was at the utter peak of BAD, but I simply waited to see what spewed out of one of the calmest, most patient person's mouth. Oh she did well, she told the person they could just go home, and we would finish off. HOLA, I was proud of her. I had felt the overwhelming urge to lash out with a slap.
   However, at that moment, I realized, why the H-LL should we do the work of others, after doing our own share? Nope, sick and tired of this crap! Not going to save my employer another wage, just because a co-worker refuses to do their share. The undone shares will just have to sit. I sincerely hope my friend can stop for a moment, and remember the other person who gave their all for this company, and find the strength to put her foot down.
  I hope that somehow I can figure out a way to return Housekeeping to a place where there is laughter and consideration, but apparently laughter is not acceptable in our job, so moral is a very unlikely possibility.Guess, we will just have to stick with the "Don't give a s*it".

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

If it's Yellow, let it Mellow

I can remember the first time I read that. My oldest (32) brought a paper home from elementary school, informing us, as a family, how to be environmentally friendly. Kiss my big fat bum!!! I am sorry, I do not accept others leaving their yellow mellowing in the toilet, until ,unsuspecting me, comes along, in a huge hurry to piddle (always a hurry), sit down, begin the procedure, and have someone's mellowing urine splash back up to hit my buttocks.
  When I grew up, I was taught to flush (yes, we HAD flush toilets then). In fact, if I had not taken the time to do so, I would be punished. Suddenly, as usual, everything I managed to actually retain in my itty bitty memory bank, has become redundant. I feel sorry for kids now, when I was learning, it was so easy, all of it went down the toilet immediately. Then some bright A$$ decided that only Brown went down. Yep, I know that if I went into a public washroom, and found a toilet filled to the rim, with only yellow, I would certainly say to myself" That is so wonderful, everyone is saving the environment"! Then sit down with my butt cheeks soaking in something very mellow, and add my bit for a greener (Yellower?) world.
  When people come out with this crap (flush brown down) they drive me batty. There are a million things folks can do that will make far more of an impact on the green side of things, peeing just is not one to spend a whole whack of time and money on.
  Now, that said, I suspect we have a real Green Peacer staying at the hotel. Why would I suspect this, you ask? Well, today my buddy went off to clean one of the town houses. These have large groups of men staying in their own bedrooms. The rooms are sparsely furnished, a night table lamp, and a plastic (yikes) garbage can with a plastic (yikes) bag in it. Oh, yeah, they have a bed, too. So today, was the weekly, floors washed, dusting, and clean bedding. Over the years, we have become very proficient at removing the bags from the garbage, they are quickly whipped out as we dust, with the other hand. Today, we learned a lesson...Do not assume that all bags contain only garbage. This person was obviously a Mellow expert. He had peed in the garbage bag!!! Hellloooo..Only about 30 steps away is a flush toilet, there is a second toilet in the basement. I can understand a 9 month pregnant woman perhaps not being able to make those 30 steps, or a 3 year old child, but...a grown middle aged man???
  I suppose the one thing about my job is, you are always learning. I remember my Mom working as a school janitor in an elementary school. She had one kid who insisted on using the metal garbage can in the boy's washroom to pee. That was annoying, and the kid was caught and requested to use the proper facilities. Do you think this might be that kid, all grown up, and still environmentally friendly?

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

I got Stoned and I Missed It!!!

So, just to show you, I am less than perfect, I will admit that that frigging Nurse Ratchet, went on one of her blitz'es the other night, and decided a strip I had done, did not meet her extremely high standards. Let me say, before admitting my faults, this bag of poop, used to do the same job as me. Well, sort of....She was in our work area, she would show up, usually 1/2 an hour after my buddy and I, and then besides, hide out most of the day, she would somehow sign herself as working far longer than we did. In fact, my buddy and I were once the only two people working a holiday, and lo and behold, come the day the time sheets went into the office, this piece of work, marked herself as working that day, and...longer than we did!! We had hopes that when she zoomed up to the higher echelon, she would remember exactly how bloody hard we worked, but, those memories did not last the moment she stepped into the doorway. I have seen her work, with a single bottle of windex and a rag, and whip through rooms at the speed of light. She was sloppy, but she was smarter than us. She did 1/2 the work, and took all the credit, except when it came to a complaint, those were always the fault of someone else.
  Now this nasty person has all the time in the world to stick her nose into all aspects of the place. Guess the other night, she decided to spend some time on the phone (one of her usual habits) in the suite I had cleaned. I admit, I did not do a perfect job. I did not fluff the couch pillows properly, I did not dust the backs of the chairs, and I left a stupid barbie ice cube tray out (mainly because I did not know what to do with it, we have a frigging ice machine in the lobby)on top of a microwave that was placed on top of a fridge, that was placed on top of a table.Oh, and it appears while she sat, she noticed some cobwebs. I am not too sure where the cobwebs were, as the room has very little lighting, like most rooms, you need a flashlight to find the damn sink! So..this morning I find a note, she took the room off the books, not clean enough to rent!!! Honest to goodness!!! A room with a hole in the wall, or the smell of rot that will knock your socks off, or even a room with a window that leaks down the wall, are acceptable, but...not an ice cube tray (which ended up in the garbage) un-fluffed pillows, and invisible cobwebs.
  I spent my time cleaning that room, choking on the pot fumes coming from the adjacent suite. I will once again , say, I am NOT A PRUDE!! However, this is my workplace. There are guests who must pass random drug tests, staying in this hotel. Hey, if Joe Blow wants to smoke a joint, go for it. But, these folks started inhaling at 8AM and continued all bloody day long. I have a hard enough time getting through my day normally, but lets just add a bag of weed to that, and I am ready to take a nap, after raiding the kitchen. Hey, it is not like the office can't smell this sh*t, a person entering the building gets hit by the fumes. I am suppose to find the frigging cobwebs, when all I can think of is a Mars bar and a bag of chips?
  If my employer feels the customer has the right to indulge in whatever suits their fancy, and I am suppose to pretend this does not bother me, then send in the Nurse, she can damn well sit in there, munchie free, and suck those damn cobwebs up her butt!!!
  BTW, I found a whole whack of other things I missed in that room, when I went back in without the pot. She should have got off her butt and had a closer look. Guess the next time I am sent to strip that room, and the fog is thick, I will simply tell them I am not capable of doing a good job while stoned!!!

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Feeling Guilty

Do you ever just want to slap yourself in the head? I have spent the past few days holding my hand back. I hate myself for being an idiot, and wish I could have a "normal" job like most people. You have, of course, realized my job is NOT normal.
   This time around, I pushed myself, and worked 7 days straight. I have to do this, in order to get a decent pay check. See, my honey's job now requires him to be away from home 12 days and then home for 5-6. Well, I may be old and grey, but my world still revolves around the man I love, so, when he is home, I want to spend time with him. I have tried working the full 12 days he does, not a good thing. I have to take at least one if not two off during this period. Then, of course, if I take the whole 6 off when he is home, I get a pretty shabby assed pay cheque. Oh, once I thought I had an extra days pay, because there was a Stat holiday, and as I work at what my employer states is "averaging" (not a damn clue what she means by this, it was the reason given that I never ever get OT, no matter if I have over 100 hours during a pay period) I counted that as a day I would be paid for. Hah!! Apparently I did not read the rule that stated I had to work 15 days the month previous. Hola, somehow there is always a way to screw me around.
  So, I pour over the calender each month, figuring a way to get the most pay, with enough time off to keep me semi-sane. My partner has finally reached a point that she has cut back. Remember, she is 6 years older than me,LOL. My daughter, well, she can manage the long clumps but this time, I needed her help at home, so, she booked off at the same time as me, and my buddy did as well. Add workers that are part-time and do not work weekends, add workers that do NOT show up, and you have a humungous mess. Got two poor individuals working the whole job alone.
  Hey, I've done it, I have even at a few times, been left holding the whole damn bag, myself. Remember, the place is full, all the outlying areas have guests that expect their beds made, and fresh towels. They don't give a rat's a$$ if my employer does not understand she is lacking the staff to cover the area. My employer doesn't give a rat's a$$ about anything, except ensuring she has every single room filled. This is what happens when the business owner has no concept of what it takes to run things properly. She will sympathize, and the next minute turn around, and complain that something was not done. She will drop added amounts of work onto the work load when she gets a sudden check out (at various times of the day) and immediately reserve the room for later that day. This is extremely depressing, and wears staff down. She is informed that for certain days, she is down to two staff, but that simply goes in one ear, and out the other.
  I know that the two co-workers stuck working the whole shebang, are faced with a terrible work load. I have been there too many times myself. I am aware they are worked to the bone, and sadly, there is no incentive for what they are doing. They will certainly not get a nice little bonus for carrying the whole job themselves, with the employer paying two people to do the work of 4 or 5. If they are lucky, they will get a "sorry" or a "thank you", but, mark my words, they will also get informed of some complaint. They will feel used up, and abused, Like my partner says, they will be chewed up by maggots, and left with nothing but bone.
  So, on the 3 days I have had off, I have spent part of the time feeling very guilty about leaving these two people holding the bag. I admit, 2 years ago, I would have simply erased my scheduled days off to help them cover things. My partner would have done the same. We would have worked our butts off, and made our loved ones  spend their days alone, all for the good of the hotel. However, we did this so many times, and got nothing in return for giving up our plans. We do not get raises, we do not get appreciation, we get the same garbage day after day. Add to this, the many times we have been left in the same position, no one stepped up and gave up their plans for us. We were idiots!!!
  I am so sorry that the two poor women have had to work like lunatics, I regret that things were dumped in their laps. I hold nothing against them, they are my co-workers, and we work together in a job, that is bizarre. I wish things were not like this, and hope that they understand, this was not personal. I did not set out to make their life miserable. They are simply enduring something my partner and I have had to do countless times, simply because our employer turns a blind eye to reality.
  If it makes them feel even a tiny bit better to know that I have been feeling guilt, which has not allowed me to enjoy my time off fully, so be it. But, it is likely next weekend, it will be myself left holding the bag, and I wonder if I will step up to the plate this time. In truth, I have told myself and others, I am no longer willing to do this, it is too hard on a body that has been abused as long as mine has. I refuse to cry at work, because I am worn out, and faced with overwhelming tasks. I am managing on the smaller pay cheques, and perhaps I can survive with even a few dollars less.
  I am getting a little better at ignoring the guilt, and if I try very hard, I think I can forget it completely. It is not my business, I have been put out to dry on more than one occasion by my employer, and they have not felt a pinch of guilt. If those who have suffered these past few days can understand, this is not something I wished on them. I can continue to find a way to accept this is not my life, and not my responsibility, and enjoy my well deserved days off, guilt free.

Bloody Pen

I remember, oh so very long ago, reading the statement "The Pen is mightier than the sword". Because I was certainly not the brightest student, I might not have understood this, back in the day, but the meaning is clear as day to me now.
  I know each time I sit down to bash the keyboard, I am putting words out there, for others to read and interpret. I also know that I speak my mind, and everything I put down, is my take on things, however, I disclose information that may cause another to stop and maybe look at things differently, simply because of what I wrote. I am aware that my "pen" is not likely to cause a war, or revolution (maybe a small uprising), but, I am able to comprehend, how a few words put on paper, by someone far more important than myself, can, in fact, change the world, far more than hacking away at someone with a sword.
  I have become a real Pen "Buckler" (just a twist on "Swashbuckler"). I stab away at anything that starts me itching. Something rubs me the wrong way, down I sit, and start pecking, and then when I feel I have spewed to my heart's content, I hit the send button. Don't think my ranting is limited to the blog, oh no...I can no longer simply accept what I feel is poor service from a company, I must e-mail them my thoughts, and voice my intentions.
  How many of you feel that customer service has become a joke? Many businesses seem to feel that they can simply sell you a product, and no matter how shoddy it is when you receive it, you should just shut up and suck it up. I wonder when this happened. Remember when if you went grocery shopping, and discovered when you opened your paper bag, you had maybe mold on the package of cheese, off you went back to the store, and without question, they apologized, and replaced the cheese? Dented cans were discounted, day old bread was set to the side and cheap, meat was cut and wrapped to your specifications, and tied with a little string for your convenience.
  If you bought a high end item, like a fridge or stove, you would call the store if something broke, and they would explain what was wrong, and send you the piece to fix it. Warranties were for years, you did not receive a phone call a month after purchase, attempting to sell you an extended warranty that took over after the 365 days or sometimes 3 months, of the original warranty life. Truth be told, these offers do not make a purchaser feel very good about their investment.Sadly, many times you should have bought that warranty, because items no longer last 15-20 years, they start to fall apart moments after entering your home.
  Plastic is my enemy. I hate the stuff!! It is pretty much what "made in China" used to mean when I was young. Plastic may not break down biologically, however, it breaks into pieces that instantly cause things to stop working. Then to replace the plastic piece, you must first wait a lifetime, and second, purchase a tool to use with the tiny piece of crap to fix the big piece of crap.
  Why am I on this rant, you ask? Well, I just purchased 3 large kitchen appliances. I paid as much for them, as my first car! I had to drive to another city to pick them up, haul them home, and open the boxes, only to find a huge dent on one appliance. I did as I was told, called the store first thing in the morning to explain my problem. We were told to drive out to the store, and the matter would be straightened out. Off we went, we had pictures of the dent, and merrily thought this was going to be easy, since they "Wanted" us to come in. Hah! The customer service person did not even want to see the pictures, she simply asked us if the dent was visible when the appliance was put in place. Helllllooooo, what the heck did that matter? The dent was there, and I knew it, I didn't want to hide it, I certainly didn't order a dent! She informed us that all she would do was give us a $75 store credit. I knew that shouting at this woman was useless, this was one time I simply walked out of the store, and let my honey deal with the matter. It was clear although there were plenty of customers milling about, this woman was not going to change her mind if I started ranting. I wonder, if she had bought a new car, found a big dent under the wheel well, if she would simply pay the full price, knowing the next person was going to get a dent free  car for the same price?
  What did I do? Well, I got out my "pen" and wrote her head office. I told them I would NOT buy a single thing from them ever again. I also told them they were getting my appliance back, although I would now have to pay for a trip back, and then wait another 2 weeks for a replacement. Will they care? Ahhh..it's not likely, but, I will get my dent free appliance, and I have my bloody pen poised to slash away at tiny little "bricks" all over the country.

Wednesday, 3 October 2012


I have sat down to blog, many times recently, but...I just can't seem to natter on about one thing in particular.I have something in my craw today, and I have the overwhelming urge to spew.
  Yesterday I received a lovely colourful pamphlet from my town's District office. Oh my, what a surprise!!!Inside was the message that out of the blue, my Town Council had decided that our tiny community was suddenly going to have to start paying monthly for their water usage. O.K. all you folks in the big city likely do this already, however, you also have the pleasure of many amenities provided by your local City Council. We have F*ck all!!
  Where I live, the cost of living is extreme. A gallon of milk at the local grocery store will set you back $8, a loaf of their "bakery bread" sells for $2.89, haven't counted the slices in these little loaves, but, figure there are about 18, you do the math. If you have a pet, take out a loan...every single bag of cat food (small ones) costs 9.94, dog food, well, needless to say, I buy that either, at the local convenience store (cheaper) or out of town. That's the food....Then we have heat, just imagine, a winter that starts at the beginning of October, and ends sometimes in May. Winter temperatures hover between -5 and -30, more of the -30 (with added wind chill). We have short daylight hours during this time, so...lights must be used. That computes to  very high natural gas, and Hydro bills. No bus service, or Taxi in our town, therefore you must rely on your own vehicle...ooops lots of Deer and Moose collisions, ICBC costs much higher than the City. Onto fuel prices..not sure why, in the middle of Oil and Gas resources, we pay higher fuel costs than Vancouver with all their Transit taxes, etc.
  So what does our town offer to offset the nasty part of living in Nowhere B.C.? Ahhh..we have a swimming pool that some bright bulb decided would be an outdoor pool. That is open from the May long weekend, to the September long weekend. Then we have hockey, and curling(yep, winter stuff, and consisting of folks who love to drive all over the north in blinding snow storms for the enjoyment of their children).
  We have a couple of sidewalks, we have amazing flowers that line these said sidewalks, we have pots of plants hanging all of hell's 1/2 acre, we have boat launches (of course, most of these are on Hydro land, and they can close them down when the urge hits them). We have No Idle zones, all about, set by folks who apparently have never had issues at -40 with their vehicles. We have a new by-law that no one can offer RV's a place to set up when all the local campsites are full. Oh, our District run campgrounds, well, there is another ZIT. Someone decided that no one could camp longer than 5 or 7 days (not sure which one) at any site. Hellooooo..WTF? They pay by the day (unless they have a local pass) does it really matter how many days they have to pay,? Apparently they have to pack up and move to another site, can't understand this insanity!
  This is by far the most unwelcoming town I have ever spent time in. It is centered around one "company" which is also part of our Provincial government. As a tax payer, I am required to pay property taxes, this "company" does not pay property taxes, they, instead, have decided a specific amount that they will grant the town each year (well below the amount they indeed should pay for taxes). They get services from our town, but unlike the ordianry person, don't have to pay. I also have to pay Water and Sewer various times a year. Until recently the water that we were supplied, was so nasty, I would go through small appliances every few months, because the mineral buildup would destroy a coffee pot that quickly.
  We do NOT have a local Dr. we have visiting ones that flitter through part of the week, but these simply drive into town in the morning, and drive away at the end of the day. We cannot even get a cut stitched at the local Clinic if the Dr. is not in, therefore, anything after the Dr. leaves, must require a drive (with the high fuel prices) to one of the neighboring areas 45 minutes away. Dentist, that means a trip out of town, optometrist, trip out of town, clothing, trip out of town, school supplies, trip out of town, sick pet, trip out of town (do not idle).
  Now I receive this fabulous pamphlet. The words that raised the hairs on the back of my neck were..IT IS MANDATORY...to call the company to arrange a time for them to enter my home, to install this meter, within 2 weeks, so that I can dig deeper into my pocket every month to now pay a second time for water!!!
   I suppose in truth, I am partly to blame for this insanity, I did NOT vote in the last Council election. I could not bring myself to waste the time to go to the polling station to pick through names of people who had promised all sort of things they did not deliver, previously. I spent many nights for years going to the Council meetings, and would sit in my chair rolling my eyes at the stupidity , same crap over and over. Then they started their IN-CAMERA meetings. Hello, these are the secret ones behind closed doors, that someone decided are not for the public ear. Whoa, every single Council meeting has one of these attached to it. I just wonder, for people who are voted in to do what is in the best interest, or even more, what the blasted Public wishes, they have far too many private get togethers in the back room. I have lost faith in anything remotely connected to government, and this town reeks of government.
  Ah, you say, why don't I run for office? HAH!!! If someone who is really not considered a "local" (only been here 9 years, not connected to the aforesaid "company" even attempted to run, they would be lucky to get a few measly votes from those few friends they have. You MUST be connected!! Plus, I am sure if by some incredible fluke, I did get voted in, I would certainly be requested to leave quickly, because I simply cannot abide by stupidity!! I (if you haven't noticed, yet) tend to open my mouth, and vomit my take on things. I have managed to make people cry when I have had to participate in group organizations, not on purpose, but, just because when I start on a rant, I become very verbal (surprise). I am sick and tired of legalize. Our lives have become so ruled and regulated by political correctness, it is anal. Nothing gets done quickly, or even at all, simply because the lawyers and government plop so much red tape, which costs so much each layer you must peel off. Only pennies are left once the bureaucrats get their piece of the pie.
  It is clear the Dictators are not only in our provincial Liberal government, we now have them in our dinky little communities, doing what they think is BEST for us. My years of needing a babysitter, or even a parent, are far behind me.
  We need someone to step into our world now, someone who can just erase all the garbage that we have allowed those in power to state is law. We need someone who can take all the massive tax dollars our government has in their coffers, and tear off the blasted red tape, to allow the money to flow directly where it is needed. We need to make "companies" like the one that rules the town I live in, stop their waste, we don't need a modular home set up in the middle of Vancouver to showcase how much electricity is used, we don't need "companies" to spend mega bucks on a publicity tour to shove their reasoning for massive spending down our throats. We don't need politicians spinning fantasy, when the reality is slapping us in the face. Save the commercials.
  The only thing that should be MANDATORY, is for all governments, no matter how small, to stop screwing the tax paying public, and spend our money with care. I am fed up with continual money grabs, and in truth, I will be paying for water 3 times, as, the stuff that comes out of my tap is not something I want to drink, so I have to buy bottled.
  Wow, what a concept, 40 years ago, if someone had told me that one day, I would be paying for water, I would have died laughing. Like everything else, things were better and cheaper in the old days, even government!