Favourite Books

  • The Green Mile
  • Animal Farm
  • Lord of the Flies
  • Lord of the Rings
  • To Kill a Mockingbird

Thursday, 30 April 2015

Written in The Stars

 O.K. this is a little off the wall..well, guess that means not much different than usual.
  I tend to be a bit of a nay sayer...surprise!!! I turn my nose up at stuff, but......deep down inside, I kind of, sort of , wonder. The biggest problem, things usually have a price to them, therefore, I turn away. Of course I am not so silly as to think things in life need to be free(oh wouldn't that be lovely?) if that was fact, I would not have diddly squat, because everything has some sort of price tag attached.
  However, once again, browsing about Facebook, I see a name from the past extolling a free Physic reading. Hummmm..well anyone on here knows my life has come to a fork in the road, and the future is pretty damn hazy, so, perhaps I should just stick my arm out and grasp a straw, hey, it's FREE!!!
 Funny, I have some faint memories of my Mom telling me she didn't believe in astrology, except when it came to my brother's sign..but, she also had books on Nostradamus, and the Seer of Kintail, plus UFO's and all other unknowns, and I was also raised with the knowledge there is no doubt the Sasquatch exists, so.....Gee, maybe some insight into my stars might assist?
  Hey, the guy simply wanted to know the year, date and time of my birth, oh, and I got to ask one small question. HOLA..chills went up my spine when I got my personal reading. Cripes, did this guy know me? O.K. I am aware, this is big business, these folks are pretty professional, and likely my tiny little question threw me into a specific slot, with a reading geared to suit. Could be, but, for a moment, sh*t, actually even now, I wonder, do I dig through the lint in my pocket and try and find enough cash to find out what path I am suppose to travel?
  Yeah, no!! Because, since I haven't sent the required cash, he just wrote me another message telling me which path to take, so....Certainly, it is the one I don't know, and according to him, I need some direction, however, since I have finally decided it is time to take some risks, why not go all out? Heck, I will just set out with some snacks, and hit that scenic route. If indeed it is the right path, well, I am not much for crowds, so it is best my Honey and I go it alone..much more romantic, right?
  I am a bit more of a believer than my Mom, see I am the amazing Virgo. Back in the day, I didn't think my sign suited me, I was suppose to be picky, and nasty, and shoot from the hip. I wasn't anything like that, but look at me now!!! Yep, fit that sign like a kid glove. So, perhaps Virgos evolve, slowly? According to this guy, the stars are aligned in perfect order for this nasty broad.
  Hey, I like stars! I consider myself somewhat of a super star, in my own tiny universe, which consists of ME. And, finally, it is apparently my time to shine!! So, soon I shall put away my white bristled toilet bowl brush, and pick up my scepter! I will dispose of my cleaning tray, and don my crown. The stars are no longer stacked against me, but twinkling bright, leading me down the garden path.
  If you think I believe this,then you will also believe when I say, I  think Crusty is the best thing that happened to B.C.!

Monday, 20 April 2015

Animal Farm

O.K. took another break from raking. The mind is on a rampage. I have to put this down, because it may be years before this comes around again, and I am running out of time,lol.
  So....often this stuff is triggered by things that just randomly appear, through some glich in the internet. I suddenly receive a glimpse into something, and bam..off goes the trigger. I can't help it, as I have said before, I cannot figure myself out. But, as I put this stuff down, I seem to be finding some answers as to why I am the way I am. It appears, strangely enough, most of my rampages are a result of ... of course my upbringing... but, in large part to my education. Oh, yes, I was in school when things like the strap were used, I was hit more than once by a chalk covered blackboard eraser, and smacked behind the head (hummmm..perhaps causing a tidbit of brain damage) various times. But, it was also a time when the required reading list was pretty extensive. I, of course, indulged in this piece of schooling. I love reading, and list among the books that made the biggest impressions on me, "To Kill a Mockingbird" and...wait for it..."Animal Farm".
  Now, along with growing up when schools were pretty much as strict as home, except one had to spend the required time doing educational stuff, I also was a child of the "silent years". Now, That term was mentioned the other day by a dear friend, and, it holds true. Back in those days, children were to be seen and not heard. But...in that silence, it appears many of us were retaining and processing, and most of my retaining was accomplished through my beloved books.
  "Animal Farm" was offered with another book as required reading, but, I can't remember the second choice. I have no clue as to why I decided on this one, I remember clearly the teacher stating it was about communism, why the F did I want to learn about that? Hey, it had animals in it, maybe that was why..I love animals! It was about Utopia, hey, again, who doesn't dream of the perfect world?
  Well, anyone who read this book, knows Utopia on earth,is entirely impossible! It is impossible because human beings are so imperfect, they cannot allow for equality. This point was triggered by comments I read against those who disagree with things. That statement was, perhaps one of the more foolish made in some time. It was a comment I would expect from a politician. Politician want everyone to agree to what they decide. At this time in our country, we seem to be as close to communism at it's worst, and that is because those in charge have decided they know what is best, even if we don't want it.
  So.....the complaint that there are so many who are against everything, basically means we should all shut the hell up, and let the pigs rule. See, the pigs were the top of the farm, and I expect pigs were chosen because pigs ARE pigs. The pigs are smarter than anyone else, everything they do is for the betterment of the world, right? The rest of the world can let their tongues drop out of their mouths, because they are not allowed to speak, no questions allowed, and no opposition. A question immediately means, you are against something! Lets just go back in time to the "silent years". heck I lived those, and they were extremely difficult for a child, let alone an adult. Just everyone shut up!! Then who is going to speak? The pigs will talk,
 The pigs will remove anything they do not accept, and will put in place what they feel is best. What is best , will simply be what adds to their sty, and no one else. They will not care what the costs, because...hey, everyone else has lost their tongues.
  So..to those who feel those against things are the trouble with the world today, don't be asinine.Most of us are not against things, we just want all the facts. We don't want the pigs to say something is for the best, we want them to prove this is for the best. We want the pigs to promise that if we accept what they want, we will be better for it, not just a few of the chosen, but all the animals on this farm.
  When the time comes that the animals are are silent, listening only to the squeals of the pigs, and a few whinny's from some select horses, and squeaks from a few massive sized rats, we will be neck deep in manure, or, maybe deeper.
  So, stop dissing those who do not agree with everything. The political pigs are crossing their hooves at the trough, hoping those angry at the questioners silence them, because then the farm belongs to them!
  I like to think I am a goat (an old goat) who is lucky enough to have to ability to use a computer (sort of). I think the animals should keep questioning, but, I also believe those same animals should listen to the answers with open minds, and the other animals should listen to the answers as well. Questions are the key to information, do not throw the key away.

A Rebel With A Cause

 Just sitting here, trying very hard to get the gumption to head back outside to rake up some more winter residue. Sitting here thinking...Again, always a little scary, because I am never to sure what is going to surface. There is so very much floating about, almost 59 years, that is..forgive me, math was never my strong suit, so..rough multiplication gives me approx 21,400 days, give or take a few months, (not quite 59). Each day, has left some sort of mark, the brain is only so big, and all of this stuff has had to find a place, so some is buried very deep, and struggles to the surface, to surprise me.
  The surprise today...my very first, and I think perhaps only, protest march. I find that strange, as I tend to feel pretty strong about many things, but, have only marched once. Well....then again, I have always lived in very small places, so marches were never common , as a large march would have consisted of 20 people,lol. However, I did march.
  The year, 1971, so I would have been 15, HOLA, I was young!! The reason, United States Atomic Bomb testing in Amchitka Alaska. The person who managed to get the young people in a dinky little town, all riled up and thinking they could make a difference, Ms. Wendy Flowers. Wow!! I wonder if Ms. Flowers remembers? I call her that, because she was my teacher. She was perhaps the coolest teacher we ever had. She came into the school like a breath of fresh air. I thought she was amazing, and totally modern, something we had never really experienced before. We used to say we were always 10 years behind everywhere else, because stuff took so long to reach us,but..that had it's benefits, I think maybe that is why my honey is almost 10 years younger, lol..we grew up at the same time.
  Ms. Flowers had some pretty neat ideas, she would put records (yes records) on, for our P.E. class. We would all sit in a circle and "dance" , no standing, no movement, except upper body. Hey. loved those classes, and B.T.O. We were finally cool!
  I can't remember how she brought the bomb tests to our attention, but cripes we felt pretty darn strong about the matter. You have to remember, where we lived, we were pretty close to this action. I imagine very few folks even remember this time. Folks who didn't go through the cold war, and grew up less than a decade after Hiroshima, perhaps wouldn't be near as fearful. But, this woman managed to get almost every single teenager in the town out to protest.
  Again, I know we didn't make a drop of difference http://nvdatabase.swarthmore.edu/content/canadians-campaign-against-nuclear-testing-amchitka-island-don-t-make-wave-1969-1971
  But, we felt good. We tried. So, folks, in amongst the over 21,000 days I have spent on this earth, I , the grandmother of a 15 year old teenage girl, was once a protesters! A rebel, with a cause.

Sunday, 19 April 2015

A Fable?

I have always loved Aesop's Fables. Hey, I got to read a story, and...learn. Each fable taught a lesson, and every one of those lessons I remember. Some try and live life by the teachings in the Good Book, well, I think if you follow Aesop's you get the same results, the stories were just easier to understand. So, today, I decided I would write Debbie's Fable, perhaps in amongst everything, you will be able to learn a lesson or two, I certainly have!
  Not so long ago, in a tiny little town, there lived a very quiet, unassuming man, who worked very, very hard to keep his family warm and fed. Many times this man would have to go away from his family, for weeks at a time. His only happiness was the knowledge that this would not last forever, one day, he would manage to save enough money, and he would no longer have to work for others.
  One day, he met a troll, he knew this troll from before. He had worked with the troll, but, although his wife and family saw this was a troll, he was blind. He could only see the skin this troll put on, to fool people, and the man was fooled.
  The troll made him all types of promises, and the man thought this was the right thing to do, he followed the troll. For many months he left home, only coming back for days, he began to see cracks in the troll's skin, but, pretended they were not there. He did not listen to his wife , nor his family when they warned him, the troll was simply using him, this was not going to be a good thing. But he would talk to the troll, and the troll continued to make his promises.
  His wife and family saw the troll, who would spend his time in the little town, while the man was far away. The troll was always busy on the day the pay was to be handed over. Sometimes he would be busy for a full week, sometimes longer, but..he did pay, and that was a good thing. The man could see his dream moving closer, and all of the problems were set aside, he did not care that the troll would not answer questions, and was impossible to contact. The troll was busy, off in his own world with his skin off, spending time with his fellow trolls. Again, the man did not care, he worked and worked.
  One day, the troll went to the man. This time he talked a lot. He had another job. He needed one more person to go away and work for him, he was in a state. He had made promises to a camp kingdom, but he did not have the means to complete his promise. Did the man know anyone who would help solve this problem? The man called his son. Now his son had a job, a job he liked, but he also had the same dream as the man, he just did not have the same powers the man had, those powers were very expensive, and the son did not have the treasure to buy the power in time. The son and the wife cried to the man, they said the troll was playing games. They said the man should not trust the troll, but the man did not hear this, he said the troll was in pain, the troll needed the son, and he told the man the son would work and work, just like the man. The troll begged the man to make it so the son had the powers, make it so, as quickly as he could.
  Because the son wanted the power, and because with two working and working, the dream would happen twice as fast, the man and the son sat down and came up with a plan. The man would pay for the son to get the power. The season was not right for getting the power, the heavens were grey and snow covered the land. The son had to go far away and live in another land for many days, this would take a large quantity of the treasure that was growing for the dream. He had to leave the job he enjoyed, all of which made the son and the wife very uncomfortable. But the troll was desperate, he assured the man it would all be wonderful, and pleaded that they do this for both parties.
  So against his wife's wishes, the man opened his treasure chest, and sent his son off to the other land to get the powers. Many times while the son was away, the troll would question the man, wanting to know if the son had the power yet. He was in a hurry, and although he knew exactly how long the son would take to get the powers, he just did not seem to have any patience(I expect trolls do not have any qualities).
  Finally the day came, the son got his powers, all he needed was the paper that said he was fit to use these powers, and that would come in the next few days. It was all fine, the man was working, longer, so the son could get everything in order. The troll was told, all he had asked for had been done. Did the troll smile, and say thank you? No, the troll informed the man that he had hired a man from a very faraway kingdom, the man was to arrive soon, and he was a friend of one of the princes that ruled the camp kingdom. The man asked when his son would begin to use his powers. This was when the troll's skin began to crack. The troll told the man that the Giants that ruled him, said the son needed more powers. He needed more powers than the man. These powers would take more of the treasure, and some of these powers were almost impossible to buy, some would be months away.
  So, now the man is confused. The troll refuses to speak with the man, he can only send messages that are very short, and become far more confusing. Suddenly the man is to change how long he works, he is to stay extra days to show the new person how to do the job. His son is to sit and wait, until he gets these other powers. The troll knows that the son left the job he enjoyed , he knows that the family dug into the treasure, but he claims that the giants have all the power, and suddenly decided that all the promises he made were lies.
  The son sent the troll his own message because the wife is very upset, and wants answers. The troll does not answer. The man sends messages, the troll does not answer. Suddenly the troll sends the man a new message, he has received a new ruling from the giants. The giants have decided they want the man to get more powers, they want the man to get a number from the highest rulers in the country, so he can be the boss of his son. They want the man to get insurance for his son, he is not allowed to work and work, until all of these powers have been bought. Why does the man have to get all of these powers so his son can work for him, when his son cannot work?
  The man tried to speak with the troll, but he hides. He locks himself inside buildings, refusing to answer the knocks on the door. The wife is at her wits end, she knew this troll could not be trusted, but the man assured her it would not end like this. The man searches for the troll, and finds him, the troll cannot keep his skin on when he is cornered (did you know this?). The troll starts to slobber and drool, and scream at the top of his lungs. He screams out the man's son must be f*cking stupid, he screams out that the man's son has to get his mommy to get his pay cheques (really!, if the pay had been on time, perhaps the son could have picked it up himself) he screams that the powers the son was told he needed could have been given by the giants. No, they could not! The troll forgets, he did not like to speak, so he sent messages, all of which the man and the son have.
  The man is a good man. He is far nicer than his wife. He remains calm, he does not hit the troll when he tells the man his son is F*cking stupid, nor does he hit him when he continues to spew out all sorts of bad things. He simply tells the troll he cannot work for him any longer. The powers the giants request, are too difficult to get, so it will not work for either of them. Why did the man remain so calm?  Because if he had not, the troll would have vanished.
  The troll informs the rest of the world that he lost his best man with the power. The man waits and waits for the money the troll owes him. The troll sends messages asking for the right to remove a specific amount of money, the man agrees. The troll again sends a message, requesting the same, but wants it in writing. The man agrees, but also adds that he does not want the giants to mess with this written message like they did once before in the past. Still the man waits for his pay. Finally hours before the man is to go away for another land, he calls the troll, asking for his money. The troll tells the man he has his money at his house, and the man can come and get it. The man puts on his coat and rushes to the troll's house. All the lights are out, the trolls carriage sits outside. The man goes to the door to find his payment stuck in the door frame, the troll hides inside.
  Now, trolls are not to be trusted, this much we get from this fable. Trolls have to attempt to keep their true selves covered, so that not everyone knows what they are. They work very hard to hide this, most of their magic is in their mouth. They are not very smart, though. See the man and his family well, they realized they had been fooled. The man forgot he should not trust anyone, especially one that is connected to the giants. But they learned their lesson, and decided they would no longer work in this land, it was poisoned. They would walk away from the troll, and try and find their treasure in a place they called home. They were done.
  They were done until they heard the troll was spreading lies. The troll promised to show all messages to others to prove what happened. Then the troll claimed he could not, because the giants said if he did, there might be a slander suit. Then the troll explained that the man and his son had to be gotten rid of because of the drama they caused. If the troll can not keep his mouth closed, and his lies quiet, perhaps the man's wife will tell the rest of the world what is under his skin!
  Trolls are all around us, if you know a troll, and I do, watch closely, you will see they surround themselves with others of the same kind. Their skin is very thin, they sit on fences and flop from one side to another, depending on which side they think is best for the moment. They cannot speak a word of truth, because it is against the nature of a troll. They can tell far better stories than most, but their stories never have a moral to them, because trolls do not have morals.
  Be very careful. When you see skin cracking, walk away. Never work for a troll, the ending is not going to be a happily ever after one! And, most important...When your wife tells you someone is a troll, believe her!

Saturday, 18 April 2015

Understanding Me

 I appear to be in one of my "moods". Oh, I suppose now, since PMS is a thing of the past, perhaps some will say "it's menopausal". In truth, no..it's simply ME. I doubt bi-polar is my issue. That is doubtful, because first off, I can't remember when I was extremely elated, last..so, I don't have a series of highs and lows..just a fairly steady low....The majority of the time, the low is what I call "normal", I can laugh at times, and joke during the regular low, but, I understand I am cruising along on the edge of a fine line, and any moment I can suddenly drop right off the radar.
  Over the years I have usually been able to tag whatever issue sends me plummeting. Most of the time, it is stress. My problem is, I tend to stress about nearly every single moment in life. I suppose that is because I always look on the dark side, always into the shadows, knowing something is lurking to destroy whatever positive seems possible.
  I have tried to figure out why I am this way. Is it genetic? I'm not sure, can't remember either of my parents being the picture of gloom and doom...
  I do know, growing up, I was always kind of a disappointment. I was certainly not smart, started in the Rabbit group in grade one, which apparently was the "Dumb Bunny" class, and that pretty much continued right up to graduation. I was heavy, so that brought it's share of crap. I was a slob, so...again, a problem. Never seemed to do the right thing, always in trouble. I was a C average in a world that needed A's. Perhaps that is where this began?
  When I find myself in this place, I am not good with others. In truth, I suppose I understand, it is best for all, if I am left alone.
 When I was much younger, I used to head off for places I could hide, when I started feeling this way. I would have to walk, then as I got older, I had a motorbike, so I could really find some good spots to get away from the world. Back then, I could usually find my way out of the shadows after a few hours of solitary. I would manage to get through all the steps to rehab, disappointment, anger, and the biggest, sadness, then convince myself the slate was washed clean, and I could start fresh, with great intentions. As I have aged, this rehab takes far longer, perhaps because I know great intentions generally don't mean diddly squat.
  I don't think this is because I don't do well with disappointment. It certainly isn't because I feel alone. I have managed to find the love of my life, and I know very few folks are this lucky. My children have managed to survive, and are all adults, heck I even have Grandchildren that claim they love me..so..it is not because of a lack of love. It is not because I don't realize that my life could be far harder, because I understand many do not have it near as good as I do.
  Maybe it is because, sometimes, I feel like I have always been, and, as things appear to me, will always be, not quite good enough? Unless you have felt this way, I doubt one could understand. I have had this feeling most of my life. Perhaps that is why, when things happen, I just sort of curl up, and wait for them to dump some more sh*t on top of me to carry along, with the pile I already have. Just kind of accept that this is the fact of my life, I am never going to get a turn at the wheel, I am simply the one with the flat tire at the starting line. Every time I find a good spare, someone pokes a hole in it.
  See, what most of the rest of the world sees, beyond those close friends, and family, is a mouth piece, and someone who takes no sh*t, and is filled with sarcasm. That is who I want to be, all of the time! I don't want to be nicey nice, I want to be straight forward, honest, and true to myself, because it has worked for the important things I have. I have a great partner, my kids acknowledge I am their mother, and...I have managed to collect the most amazing friends, so, who I am, is not so bad. I like that person. I just don't like the part of me, that seems to pop up when the sh*t starts overwhelming me. That person who gets to the place that makes me feel that is what my life is all about. That place that says "Debbie, just curl up, and wait until the shovels of sh*t are finished, and then start digging your way out". That place that makes me feel that I will never, ever get anywhere outside the shadows, because I belong outside the box.
  The worst part of all of this, I tend to drag those around me down, not quite as far as I get, but, they get a little bit of the sh*t stink. I try to stay away from others, but, sometimes I screw up, and begin my slide before hiding out. Not a pretty situation, and since I have been dealing with this for almost a lifetime, and I can't understand it, imagine the poor innocents.
  Facts are, I understand those who commit suicide, well, sort of. Oh, don't worry, I am not about to close the book, I still have hope, I can still see the light. But, I understand. No one likes to be in the shadows all the time, no one likes to always feel that they are not quite good enough, no one likes to feel that their life is just a series of unfortunate events. I am quite capable of seeing the great events, most of the time, but I understand, sometimes the shadows get pretty damn dark!

Friday, 17 April 2015

Neil Diamond and 15

  Yesterday, I took a tiny time travel trip. Picked up a $5 Neil Diamond CD and listened to it on the drive home. Wow, music is  really amazing magic. This was not the first worm hole into the past I jumped into, and, most of those holes have been opened by music. I love music, I am not very picky, I enjoy bits and pieces of pretty much every genre, even some rap. I love classical, I enjoy Dolly De Luxe, which is a mixture of opera and rock, and I am partial to a sh*t load of punk and head banger music. Of course, without having to think, AC/DC will always be my favourite, but...again, I enjoy variety. So, when I spotted Neil Diamond, I grabbed it up, a little time travel, filled with memories of my "little" brother, and far more innocent times.
  Hellooooo..it was one of those collections that had songs I loved, but a bunch of ones I would have fast forwarded, in the past, this time I listened to them, and it got my grey matter sparking.
  In only a few days, my oldest grand child will turn 15, yep, that's right, I will be the Grandmother to a 15 year old teenage girl. Next year, this child will be old enough to drive!!! Holy crap, WTF happened to time? Did it go on some sort of warp speed, and I missed it because it happened so fast?
 My aging seems to be connected to others. Hey, I know how many years I have been on this earth, but, I have grown older with a large group of friends, and although the number of years we have survived may look pretty shocking, I think it doesn't seem old because none of us act like old farts. I look to my friends to see what nearly 60 is all about, and hey, it is not yet the time to sit in our rockers and contemplate the end of our lives, so...most of the time, I am NOT old. Oh, I have the aches and pains of a body that has been somewhat abused, I have memories of a time before push button phones, and remote controls. I have memories of life before games that  needed at least one other person, and required being outdoors. Memories of life when junk food was a special treat, not a constant, and eating a little dirt was required if one wanted to be one of the crowd. I have memories of games of Dodge ball when the whole idea was to throw an object and hit someone, and hey, that was NOT bullying, it was playing. I have memories of straps, and smacks, and calling all adults Mr. or Mrs. My head and heart are overflowing with memories, and the ones from childhood likely seem so naive, and innocent compared to those of children today. But they allow me to remember a time when life was not filled with pressure, and fear.
  O.K. there was some fear. I grew up during the "cold war", you know that time when drop, duck and cover was taught. Yes, where I lived was pretty darn close to Russia, and when I heard a plane flying overhead, I wondered if this was the one that was going to drop the bomb and blast us off the face of the earth. But...that fear was usually forgotten quickly, it did not rule our world.
  So, Mr. Diamond, what did he stir up? It was one of the songs I didn't like, that got me thinking, a song called "coming to America". He sang about how folks from other countries were coming to his country on planes and boats, and how the flag was waving, and everyone was so happy to be moving to this new world. Well, that was true in the past. Our continent has seen many waves of immigrants, packing up from (what we used to call) the "old country" and making the choice to become American or Canadian. These folks had a dream to make their lives and those of their children better, and that is usually what happened, after years of hard work, they assimilated into the "new" world, and our countries were richer because of this.
  Now I look around, I no longer know my own country. My government has turned into rulers, my law enforcement is questionable, my justice system is backed up and flawed. My industry is owned by far off countries, my food is imported and filled with stuff that I can't even pronounce. My health care system has taken a step back into the dark ages, and become so expensive, only the wealthy are entitled to proper care. My restaurants, and stores are staffed by folks who are just "visiting" from countries that require a full days flying on a Jet. My banks now cost money to save or remove MY money from. I have to pay for bills! Going to school requires fees, garbage has become big business, environment has become an oxymoron, with fees charged for bottles and cans, but parks and preserves now open to pipelines.
  I have had to realize I no longer have a say as a citizen of this country. I have to be nice and accept those who have decided to relocate in Canada, I have to bend to their wishes, and let them do what they want, because they want to be here, and assimilation is not in their plans. They get to use my government for assistance, they get to use the health care system, they get the education system, and scream for English as a second language classes. They get the jobs, and send the money back to their countries. Heck, some of them don't even have to travel here, and our jobs are sent to their countries!
  See, things are changing, and not for the better. Only a few days ago, my honey stopped at a McDonalds, because it was the only place open late in the evening. The place was staffed with those TFW's we have everywhere. He happened to be there when an older (O.K. here it is, the dreaded word) white male was asking for a job. Guess what? Yep, he was told there was no work for him. So, the stories that these jobs are given to TFW's because no one here wants them, we know that is a crock of sh*t! Our own country is stabbing it's citizens in the back. They are making it impossible for us to make a living in our own country, a living that pays for the country to run.
  So, for my 15 year old Granddaughter, I worry. I wonder if in only these few years, our world has turned it's back on those who live in North America, to hand everything we have over to other countries, along with military assistance saving countries that don't want saving, what does her future hold?
  My time here is coming to a close, I am far more afraid than  the fears the"cold War" caused. I fear for the future, I fear those now coming to our countries are not doing so because they want a better life, I think they just want new property, and pretty soon the First Nations will not be the only ones wondering how the H-ll they got screwed.
“Politics is the art of looking for trouble, finding it everywhere, diagnosing it incorrectly and applying the wrong remedies.”
Groucho Marx