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Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Early to Bed and Early to Rise

 Makes a Man healthy, wealthy and wise (Hah!)
  HOLA..3 days off for the Christmas holidays, and it appears they are the fastest days on record! How come the days you plan to flop in your bed for hours and hours longer than workdays, you end up wasting by awakening early? Then I get ticked, because I know, tomorrow morning, I am going to have the overwhelming urge to hit the snooze, again and again. Tomorrow is going to be the day my brain tells my body it needs way more sleep.
  At my age, it is not the late nights, because, in my world, late nights are anything beyond 10PM. I am just not sure what the heck causes this constant problem. Yes, I know, I wake with the understanding that I am going to use most of my day, working. But...I sometimes do that when I stay home, yes, note the sometimes. Maybe I need 4 days off, so I can sleep in on day 4, but then, if I take 6 off, it is always day 7. WTF? Is it a virus? I wonder, if I finally retire , will I wake up early every day? OMGosh, that would surely suck!! I suppose upon retirement, my brain would be telling my body, "hey, wake up early! Pretty soon she will be having a very long sleep." Could happen, right?
  How come when I was 15, I could sleep for a full day (if you combined the whole weekend)? Oh, maybe because I was "growing" and my body needed rest? Huh??? I am now 56, and I am hopeful, I am completely grown up, but, I know darn well my body certainly needs a whole lot more rest than it did at 15!!
  Now, I really do not like naps. There is just something wrong with falling asleep for short periods. I remember my Dad always came home from work, ate, and then had a nap in his chair, which lasted about an hour. Helllooo..I don't like those short sleeps. All they do is screw with your mind. The few naps I have had, I woke up completely confused ( don't say it...I am NOT always confused). Is it nighttime? Did I sleep through a whole day? Is it 4AM or 4PM? Will I be able to sleep when I am really suppose to? Plus, I think (Yes I DO, sometimes think) every nap has come with a disturbing dream, I want to perhaps dream very early in the sleep process, and then have that non-dream time to forget the disturbing dreams. Now, I am not totally messed, I have had my share of good dreams, which I can remember when I wake up, but usually only tiny bits, which tells me I had the "show" early in my snooze time. If I could be assured of a "good" dream while napping, perhaps I would be more acceptable.
  I have had dreams that I am working. Those are very unfair. It is unpaid time, and nothing is accomplished. I often think that I go for months without dreaming, but the scientists tell me this is not so. Perhaps those non-dream nights are just short clips of dreams to come? I have had dreams that I would love to be true, spending time with my Mom, those are good ones. I have had the bad ones, falling.. thankfully I must have awaken early enough from those, as I am still here, but once, I woke up at the bottom of the bed, tangled in my sheets, almost choking myself. I have repeat dreams, that are so weird, maybe if  one day I can remember the whole darn thing, I will get the message? Ohhh..maybe I don't want the message???
  So, how do I get onto dreams when I am curious as to why I am going to want to sleep in tomorrow? My guess is, tonight I am going to dream about work, I am going to wear myself out, working very hard, without pay, and when the alarm goes off, I will have to get up and go to work again!!! You never know, I might be right on the money with this theory.
  Now, I am going to go to sleep very early..who wants to lay odds I am not going to want to wake up???

Monday, 24 December 2012

Christmas Parties

The plan was, to write a nice little blog to my co-workers. I really do need to thank them, they were the inspiration for blogging, and I have found this has given me the ability to let off steam, which in turn, has made my life a little more pleasant.
  Still a thank you, but, I feel the need to add just a little more.
A few nights ago, we had our annual Staff Christmas party. Now, where I work, this is always just a tad different. We usually have it on the night that the place shuts down for the holidays. Many times, it is in limbo, right up until the last minute, if we will actually have one. I have attended about 8 of these bashes, and the same thing happens each year.
  The boss is extremely generous with the party. No limits to the food we stuff down our throats, or the trips we make to the bar to fill on the alcohol. Each year, one of the cooks will extend his personal time, to cook up all the goodies. This year he had assistance from one of the waitresses. It was awesome!! I am not sure if these people realize, we understand, they do not have to do this, their holidays have started from the moment customers can't come in the door. Heads up, housekeeping staff have always appreciated this gesture.
  So, now we get to the strange part. The one and only section of staff that makes a full appearance, is, housekeeping! O.K. I'm wrong, maintenance does as well, but that is a full staff of perhaps 2, that are usually related. The toilet cleaners look forwards to this time. I wonder if it is because we remain so separate from the rest of the staff? We all enjoy each others company, we have a bond, that perhaps comes with the weird job we perform. This is really the one and only time we can get together, in decent clothing, sit back, and spend more than a few moments together. It is the time we can relax as a group.
   I have seen this time and again, and this year, it became clear. Somehow, we have managed to create our own safe haven. Sure, we have small issues. We may get mad at each other for a minute. But, we really care about one another. Each of us has had personal hardships over the years. Beloved family pets died, spouses got sick or injured, family members  became ill, sudden trips had to be made, and because we do care for each other, we had that extra warmth and compassion from our co-workers.
 No matter how tough the job gets, or how ticked off we become, there is the knowledge that one of these people will step up to the plate and lend a hand, or a shoulder to lean on. For this, I am truly grateful. With this job, I have found an amazing buddy, and developed friendships with young people, who otherwise would not have taken the time to know me, or allow me to see their character and enjoy their laughter. I have met others who I would see out and about, and suddenly found that I actually like them!! Without the job, I would certainly never have become a part of their world.
  I have found laughter in the workplace. There are many days it is hard to grab hold of, but because of those who work with me, someone will suddenly find the funny, and it will be shared. We can go home, and explain to our partners something that happened during the day, and be either totally ticked, or in hysterics, but, although they may laugh, or commiserate, they will never understand the way co-workers do.
   My buddy is always saying "God will get us" for all the catty things that we say. Guests, other staff, folks we see in the coffeeshop, we pick them all apart. "Oh, ever cute" will send us over the edge with laughter. We make up little songs for certain people, like Googly Eyes, we walked certain ways, we knock on the staff bathroom wall and asked stupid questions when co-workers are attempting to spend a few moments quietly. No one is safe. The claws are always out when it comes to folks beyond our group.
  I suppose we are being punished daily, we work in the bitter cold, but if that punishment is directed at us, for the nasty things we say, there must be a whole whack of other folks in town saying things just as nasty about us!!
  So, to my co-workers, Thank you!! This job would be a whole lot more difficult if I did not work with people who I look forwards to spending personal time with, each and every Christmas Staff party! I am not going to go so far as to say "See you Next year" because if I win the Lotto, or find some way to get my sorry butt out of the God Forsaken frozen hole, I will depart faster than summer. But, if I am not so lucky, I will certainly enjoy another evening with you in 2013!!Merry Christmas!!!

Saturday, 15 December 2012


Today, once again, I will be writing something beyond hotel stuff. I had a very difficult night, sleep did not want to come, as thoughts of families suffering unimaginable grief would not leave my head.
  Yes, I am writing about the horror that occurred yesterday at the Sandy Hook school.I just can't seem to wrap my brain around how something like this is possible. I understand I can't possibly come up with a reason, as things like this do not have any reason, no matter what. They may have idiotic "explanations", but, there is still no reason. No where in the world is there a reason for young children to suffer and die. Children, no matter whether you are Christian or not, are innocents. They are small creatures, who are simply growing and learning how to survive in the world.
  The thought that kept going through my head was, in history, parents have had to hug their young adult children as they went off to war. They knew when they said goodbye to their child, they may never see them again, because they were going into battle. They suffered not hearing from their child, they suffered knowing they were in a war, and could very likely be killed. This was a terrible knowledge, but, they had this when they parted. I certainly do not condone war, never have, never will, but this is a fact of life as we live it, and I have always felt sorrow watching a parent part with a child in the military.
  Now, growing up, I absolutely hated school! Oh, I loved recess, and I loved spare class, and I really loved the 3 o'clock bell. I hated school, because each day, as I trudged off, I worried that I might fail a test, get a detention, have to stand in the corner, or...even worse, in my days, get the strap. Those were the horrors I was concerned about back in the 60's and 70's. Cripes, back then I would also not sleep, perhaps I had some homework that I didn't finish..in all the time I spent laying in bed, I could just have easily spent 15 minutes and finished the stuff, but that wasn't my nature. Then I would have a stomach ache first thing in the morning, worried about the punishment I would receive when I had to hand the sorry piece of work in. Yes, I used to stress about school, maybe I hated my clothes, and worried that someone might say something about my mismatched colours (I have never been a fashion statement), maybe my hair looked stupid, maybe I would screw up in P.E. and someone would laugh. Tough life, eh?
  Who would ever have imagined that, simply going to school was walking into a battlefield? The idea is just too incredible.
   The wish of most parents is to provide an education so their child can go places when they finish school. We want them to do better than ourselves, we want their lives to be just that little bit easier than ours was. We attempt to provide our children with things we wish our parents gave us. We often go without so that our children can at least be a step behind the Jones's. Our goal is to make them fit in, so they can perhaps take a farther step, and excel, without concerns that they don't have everything the next kid has.
  I tried to raise my children with the idea that they could do anything they wanted when they grew up. In that, they understood, their parents would be willing to do what had to be done to allow them to pick their dream, and help them follow it. That promise came with small print. In our home, they followed my rules. Oh, they often did not do their chores, but, that came with punishment, maybe just my ranting at them non-stop, but there were consequences. Some of my children had mouths on them (chips off the old block) those mouths would often get them punished as well.
  I did fight a battle that my parents never had. If I messed up in school, I came home to be punished. There was a direct line from the school Principal, to my home. To mess up in my day, meant double trouble. Yes, there was the strap, it was used in school, and at home, I never got it at school, but believe me, I got it many times at home! My parents could not take toys away from me to punish me, but they could(and it seldom happened) take my blessed reading away, and that would have destroyed my world.
  With my children, the connection was pretty faint. I would always have to call, when I heard my kids speaking about trouble they had, getting sent to the office, or things that seemed off the cuff. Then it would be candy coated when I spoke with the Principal. I would see the results only on report card day, and then it was often too late. It was almost like the school felt they had the upper hand.
   To punish my children, well, my hands were tied much tighten than those of my parents. Corporal punishment is a no no. It messes children up!!! Hollering at your children is abuse!! It can cause low self esteem. Glaring at them is abuse, again, low self esteem. Quiet time was the thing that came out when I was raising my children. Helloooo..there was none of that in my house! Maybe when everyone was sleeping, but, when they screwed up, times were anything but quiet. They made a mistake, and they were damn well going to pay for it, so next time, they thought twice about doing it again. Yep, all my kids got a spanking. And, yes, they were given when, I as a parent, felt it was warranted. Why? Because I was the grown up, and no matter what the government or school says, I did know better! Did I beat them, no. Were they frightened of me?I don't think if you asked them today, they would say they were afraid of their Mother, except when they screwed up. Isn't that how things should be? Did my kids feel fear to come to me with things they were unsure if they had done wrong? Funny, they had the common sense to realize, they would not be punished if they asked my opinion. I was always willing to state my thoughts, and would not lash out and spank them for wanting to know how I felt. I will still give them my opinion today, even though they are all grown, and they do still call to ask. I hope that I have given them the knowledge that when they screw up, they will have to pay, somehow. I do not bail them out, and never have. I never got bailed out of a mess I made growing up, I always had to suffer the consequences, because mistakes do not go away.
  For this young man to do what he did, is becoming NOT uncommon. It is still shocking, and the question instantly is why? Like I said, I don't have the answer to the why.
   I have my personal opinion (as usual) and sadly I think the blame is on my generation. I think we messed up really badly, and now we are suffering the terrible consequences. We have raised a society that no longer is punished. Quiet time is not working. Young criminals go into youth houses. This allows them to enjoy a nice warm homey place, with no work, and the ability to sit about and meet with other teens, who perhaps have a few pointers to give, so when they come out of this "punishment" they are able to use this information  to continue farther into their life of crime. All this is only if they actually get to court. Their names are protected, we can't possibly abuse these young people by letting the public know they screwed up! We used to say they just got a slap on the wrist for doing something bad. Hah! Can't do that, they are protected, can't spank their butts, that is abuse.
  We have simply placed bubble wrap on all the wrongs, so they continue to the point where their mistakes become destructive to others. Why should they stop? There is always someone who will come up with some excuse for the behaviour they commit. Their parents were abusive, they didn't get to socialize, they were poor, they had a single parent home,they were bullied, they were molested, it is always something.
   Is there any excuse for what happened yesterday? Not in my mind!! Is this the punishment we are receiving for all our mistakes? Lord Love us!! I cannot possibly imagine a higher price to pay for Societies errors. To lose so many possibilities for our world, all at once. To tear so many families into tiny pieces, and place life long sorrow on so many, as well as the world.
  This person was not from another country, he did not set out to destroy an enemy. He festered in the same town, in the same schools, in the same neighbourhood. He grew up with the same rules, the same education, the same media. He is a home grown monster, crafted by our way of life. No fear of consequences, no morals, no ethics, no thought of others. He obviously felt his rights were above all others.
  Now a child heading off to school has so many fears I did not. Imagine, going into a building to learn, wondering if someone is going to walk in the doors, and kill you. I can't imagine a parent today, having to part with their tiny little child, for the few hours, wondering if they will see them alive again. My heart is aching for the sorrow these families are suffering. We have to find a way to put a stop to this. Perhaps this is the end of the world as we know it? I certainly do not know this world, it is not the one I grew up in.

Sunday, 9 December 2012

Big Bad Bully

Well, knock my socks off!!! Today I was reported to the office for being a part of a group of bullies! Honest to goodness, if you wanted blow my mind, you could not have come up with something more off the wall.
  Bullying is a nasty thing. I admit, I likely did some of that while growing up, and can honestly state, I was on the receiving end, more than once. I hate this horrid occurrence, it should never happen, it is cruel and evil, and deadly. I know how painful it is to suffer this abuse, and wish it would disappear, instead of growing to massive proportions like it is presently.
  I think bullying is childish, and perhaps we can never expect children to stop, but we can hope that when they grow up, they will learn to consider the feelings of fellow human beings, and as my Mother always said, "treat others as you wish they would treat you". I am grown up, and I know that I do not condone bullying.
  I also admit, I am not the easiest person to be around. I am outspoken, and when I feel strongly about something, I will not beat about the bush, I will simply state my opinion, and stick by it..until, of course, someone is able to make me eat crow, and I have choked those feathers down a few times.
  I will tell anyone and everyone, I do not like liars. I usually give folks a chance, I listen, and if they continue lying, I will doubt every single thing they say in the future. I will get to the point when I refuse to even listen to these liars. I roll my eyes (very experienced in the silent gestures) shake my head, and then start to make strange noises, which I hope the liar recognizes as a warning to stop. The signs are pretty obvious, those I work with have learned to spot the signals quickly, and then they will in turn, zone in on what is causing my discomfort.
  Lately I have had to deal with too many lies. I am past the point of forgiveness. I do not like people who will not accept blame for mistakes, but even more important, I abhor people who try and place the blame on others. Besides being outspoken, I am observant. I watch all the time, and as stated previously, I detect. When someone rubs me the wrong way, they become almost a fixation. I will watch every movement, and hang on to every single word that spews forth from their mouths. I need to do this, mainly so that when I have to confront these people, I can, without any doubt, place my evidence to stop yet another lie. Ask my 3 children, lying to this Mother seldom happened. I had tricks, the main one was to make my kids repeat a lie and look into my eyes as they spoke every single word. Hey, there were a few times I did this trick, and was not sure if they were in fact lying, but...either my kids were pretty darn honest, or they were frightened to death of me. I lay odds I got the truth 99.9% of the time.
  Since I could not get a grown woman to look into my eyes, without other eye brows being raised, I was not able to stop the continuing fables, and admit, I became a woman possessed. I had no patience, and the dislike grew daily.
  Today, the problem got worse. The person went from lying, to being totally rude. She did what my kids were smart enough not to do (after the first mistake) and started to mutter and mumble about me, within hearing. Hellooo...we are not in kindergarten. I simply requested she speak up, as I could not hear her clearly. Oooops, my bad!!! Total silence. This continued for a couple of hours.Oh, she refused to speak to me, but would spew nasty remarks to no one in particular.
   At one point , she got her belongings, stormed out across to the office, and reported myself and 2 other co-workers of bullying her!! We apparently did not smile, brought our problems from home to work, and refused to speak to her, instead, we laughed together.The worst form of bullying, is lying to hurt others.
  Know that you have just spent your last moments with me. I warn everyone, I just cannot stand lies, I have found that in the past few years, I  met the world's greatest liar, and that person caused my family an incredible amount of grief. I doubt I will ever meet someone who surpasses this repulsive creature, but, I am not about to give any space to another liar who will spew sh*t about myself, or my co-workers. You just lit the match to burn this bridge. It is an interesting fact, sometimes when you watch these bridges burn, you are overwhelmed by joy and relief, and this is definitely such a time!

Friday, 7 December 2012

My Christmas Blog

I know, it is early, but, this has been rumbling away inside me for days now, and it is best I let it out. As you can imagine, this is NOT going to relate to toilets, or hotels, it is simply going to spew forth from my heart. Yes, I do have one of those, and as the season starts winding up, my heart gets very warm and tender. Oh, I know, my family will claim this isn't true, I am still the hard nosed ,miserable bat they have grown to love. But, tender and warm, are perhaps just a little different in my world.
  I cry at the drop of a hat during this season. When I hear a Christmas Carol from my past, the tears start all by themselves. I will cry when I watch little children on TV meeting Santa, and the awe on their faces will set me off. I still cry in parts of the Christmas Carol story. I think "It's a wonderful life" is one of the finest movies, and will snort and sniffle through the whole show. Oh, I do this overtly, I will cough and blow my nose, covering the fact that I am a softie.
  I cry far more now, then ever before, but, most of the time, the crying is beneficial. I have been blessed with just one of Scrooge's 3 Christmas Ghosts. That is the Ghost of Christmas past. This is one that I welcome with open arms. The pieces of the past that show up in my mind, are all pieces that have been stored away in my softening heart. Each one is precious, and I end up looking like an idiot, smiling with rivers running down my face.
  Most of my wonderful memories include my Mother. After almost 30 years, she is still greatly missed.. I try each year to set up my Tree on her birthday, something she used to do every year.
   Poor woman, her birthday often was the last day of school before the Holidays. I wonder if she dreaded those holidays as much as I used to? But, up would go the tree. She did this pretty much alone.  We had the most amazing aluminum tree, it was all silver (pretty classy back in the day). My brother and I would add our own touches to the tree. We had these clear decorations that you could open, and shove various things in, and hang them on the tree.And, always, the Jersey Milk chocolate bar for our family dog would hang from one of the higher branches.
  I swear my Mom had a list, she would ensure that my brother and I had the same amount of gifts. We would get the enormous packages in the mail from grandparents in Scotland, and packages from Grandparents in Ontario. The Scottish ones would be filled with exotic candy, and hankies, the Ontario ones would have the world's best knitted slippers. I have changed quite a bit from those days. I would rip one gift open after another, while my brother slowly peeled the tape off his. After moments I would be done, but he would just be on his second gift, and I would always start counting, sure he got far more than myself. I admit, we were pretty even steven.
  We would always go to Church Christmas Eve. I loved that time. We would walk into the tiny building past walls of snow, the place would be decorated with wonderful freshly cut boughs. There would be a concert, and I did my time playing various parts of the Christmas story. Everyone would be smiling, and dressed up. We would get bags of hard candy from Miss Savery and Miss Alexander (two missionary women who made a huge impact on my life) and Japanese oranges.
  I remember envying my German and Austrian friends, because I knew, when they went home, they would open their gifts. I tried my very best to convince my parents this made far more sense, than waiting till the next morning. I remember telling my Mom that I would fall asleep much easier, if we could just get the presents over with at night. Never happened. We did get to open one, and it was always handed to us, and always the nice new pajamas and housecoat. I look back at Christmas pictures and I am always in a lovely ensemble , but the bed head, totally takes away from the clothing.
  I remember the first gifts I bought my Mother and Father. They were purchased with the money I made hauling empties we collected about town. Cripes, time have sure changed, I made oodles of cash doing this! I ordered them all by myself from the Eatons Christmas Wish book. My Mom got a box filled with a collection of perfume from Paris, and my Dad got a tray of dried fruit. I must admit, this does beat some of the gifts my children have given me in the past.
  Yes, I remember some of the special toys I got. I got a two wheeler one year, and had that thing out on the road in the middle of winter, with 6 foot snow banks. Didn't get too far, but, I can describe that bike in detail.
  What I remember most, though, is the excitement of the knocks of the door, and the incredible amounts of food and I suppose booze,lol. I have pictures of the whole living room filled with visitors. People would stop off at houses, have a drink and a snack, and then head off to another. We did that visiting early Christmas Eve, to the homes of those lucky German and Austrian people.
  We always had an abundance of pop and chips and goodies. Now, back in the day, treats were not near as common, so Christmas was next to Halloween on stocking up on our fill of junk food.I suppose that is one thing that has not changed over time. I try to make sure I manage to bake shortbread and butter tarts, just because those were always on our Christmas table.
  I remember the Christmas that we knew we were losing my Mom. We got word that she was not going to survive, in the middle of December. My brother and I decided that we would hold off on Christmas until she was able to make the trip home from Vancouver. Oh, we had the celebrations in our homes, but the family one got put off until January that year. Setting things up in the empty house that year was painful. We had to go through the motions, and put on a show. That Christmas is one best forgotten, but , it was when I realized, this time is one for family. It is a time to hold on to what is important, not a time to worry that you can't afford to get your child what they want, not a time to try and out decorate the neighbour, not a time to wallow in misery. It is simply a time to be thankful for what you have accumulated in your heart.
  This is the year I feel I have finally grown up. I have not stressed over Christmas Present at all. I am certainly not worried about Christmas future. I am simply surrounded by Christmas Past and thrilled to spend the tiny little bits of time, with those who are no longer with me.
  My wish for all my friends, and all those who read my rantings, is that you be given the gift of Christmas Past, and it brings you buckets of happy tears, and miles of smiles!!!

Saturday, 1 December 2012


I'm back...!!! I know, it's the time of year when I have so many plans, I tend to waste every single moment, deciding what to do, and almost always, get diddly done. Ooops..silly me, it's that time of year 365 days in a row, I'm just making excuses.
   I do feel the pull to sit and write, but, then I sit down, bash away at the keys, read what has spewed from my wasted brain cells, and decide, I just can't publish. Thank goodness for the delete option, I understand I have hit send a few times I should not have, but, you have no clue what I could have possibly thrown out at you, if not for the vanishing button.
  Today, I decided I would write about Creepers. These nasty vermin are everywhere in life, but, we get more than our share in the hotel. The one that has been hanging about, up until just days ago is a prime example.
  Many of them love the do not disturb sign. I think that is because, they are already so disturbed, they can't handle anymore. They usually start off trying very hard to make themselves seem likeable.
   In my books, folks who try too hard to appear nice, are not....Hey, that's why I know I am really really nice, because I never waste my energy trying to be likeable. I figure I am not everyone's cup of tea, and it would be far too much work to be all that others feel is positive, so...I find friends don't have to number in the hundreds, a person is perfectly happy with a chosen few. Therefore, I am perfectly happy, well, in the friend line of things...
  So, in he comes, Mr. smiley face, big talk, do not disturb.."I keep a clean room, I'll just ask for stuff when I need it". Oh, Oh...Weeks pass, the person moves from one room to another because of issues, or a better one comes open, or, he has company...We clean up after him, noticing as time goes on, each room becomes harder to clean. The sign is glued to the door, but the door opens and closes with various, sundry (put that in for you TB)strangers wandering about.
Oh, the smells. He has a non-smoking room, but apparently that is only in regards to nicotine, home grown  smoke is not covered in the same policy.
 He becomes the keeper of the thermostat, his back door is open to allow the company to flit in and out, therefore he feels the urge to crank the heat in the whole building up to 35..clueless that others are sweltering without the open door option.
  He is everywhere! In the restaurant, in our laundry room, in our linen room, in our store room, everywhere we turn, there is his smarmy face. Oh, then he starts appearing in the office, apparently getting cash loans from our employer.
   Huh???This man works at a pretty good paying job, he drinks like a fish, he has what smells like an endless supply of pot (in a town where apparently it is hard to come by) eats his meals in the restaurant (even though he insisted he has a kitchen room) and is surrounded by grubblies, who gaze in adoration at him. Why on earth does he need to scrounge money from the person he is suppose to be renting a room from?  
  Helloooo..The bells started clanging when we saw that occur. If I was my boss, I would have been shaking my head, and pulling out that room bill. We all know when the guy gets paid, we also know that he gets living out allowance that would cover his hotel bill, but...he is constantly broke? Ooooohhh. yep, that's trouble.
   It appears the last time he attempted to get a "loan" it was refused. So, what did Mr. Wonderful do? The one and only thing he could, to get pay-back. In the middle of the afternoon, he insisted the housekeepers go into his room, and perform a full meal deal clean. Yuck, Yuck, and yuck again!! What a filthy pig sty!! We certainly got the slap in the head for him not getting his pocket money. The Do Not sign glued to the door, was stuck on by dirt. The bathroom was enough to make a maggot gag.
  Prince Charming has left the building. His bill is still sitting there, along with apparently at least one of his ex co-workers a few hundred bucks lighter in the wallet. We are left with a national disaster of a room to muck out, and he has gone off with likely his full last pay cheque in his pocket. I bet this was a blast for him. Hey, old friends saw Mr. big job, buying drinks and splurging, it was party every weekend, and sometimes weekdays. They are going to miss this big spender. Oh, I bet in about 2 years you see him show up again, ready to spew excuses, someone in his family was sick, had an accident, or passed a gallstone. He has no scruples, this will not bother him at all. Creepers all feel they have the right to ignore the rules.
  Hummm..We have all heard of tea leaf readers, I wonder if somehow, maybe.....we have become Glue Poo readers, and have the ability to read the future in the toilet bowl splatters. The boss could have saved herself a whole lot of grief if she had simply asked us what the splatters said about this creeper.