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  • The Green Mile
  • Animal Farm
  • Lord of the Flies
  • Lord of the Rings
  • To Kill a Mockingbird

Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Healthy Idiots

 First off, let me say, I am probably the most unhealthy human being! I exist on Lay's potato chips and caffine. I do not exercise, as I feel, my job is a pretty good work out most days, I do more than my fair share of bends, and stairmasters, so...at almost 59 I get a few hours of cardio during my work days.
  I have a few dear friends who I call Granolas..they shame me. They are always on the go, biking, kayaking, skiing, hiking, just chock full of energy..when I grow up, I would love to be more like them, instead of the stick in the mud I am. So...I am not against those who take care of themselves, I just am not one of them.
  However, it is those who run, that drive me batty. We live in a tiny town, there are plenty of streets that don't see more than a few vehicles a day, streets where they could plug their ipods in, and merrily run their guts out, or off, as the case may be. But....as one who spends a fair bit of time with my tunes blaring in my ears, I understand, once the button is turned on, the world disappears, along with most other noises...like approaching vehicles.
  See, one morning as I stood outside my workplace having my nasty unhealthy cup of black "wake me up"....I watched little miss pony tail bouncing along the street, in her cute matching outfit, and her pricey sneakers. She had her ears plugged, running to the music. I guess the side she was on, lost it's appeal, so she began bouncing across to the other side, oblivious to the poor person driving behind her. This person, thankfully stopped, as I watched in horror. Wow, how frigging healthy was that? She could have caused a whole lot of hurt on both sides, just because she assumed the world could read her mind, and knew she would zig zag when the urge hit her. Sorry, people, just because you feel the urge to burn...you have to use common sense like the rest of the world.
  This morning, I let my dog out, and he started barking like an idiot. Lo and behold coming down the side of the highway, was little Miss Health freak, running like something was after her. O.K. fine, she stayed along the side of the road, zoned out to reality. However..a block behind her comes her dog. Yep, also running like something was behind it, or...I suppose attempting to catch up with the two legged twit in front. I call her a twit, because...even though she must figure the rest of the world will step aside to allow her to run her life away, that just isn't true. There are no signs posted along the highway warning drivers to be on the look out for deer, let alone random dogs. What if something had darted out of the bushes and her dog had gave chase...Oh, her dog is so well trained it wouldn't bolt into the middle of the road? Ahhhhh....a dog without natural instinct!! I don't give a rat's behind if this idiot wants to run from morning till night, but..I do give a rat's behind that as the one responsible to care for this dog, she feels that she has the right to expect everyone else to look after her dog while she burns a few calories. I can bet this twit would be the first one screeching if, heaven forbid her dog was hit. I bet she would blame the driver. Sorry, the fault is hers, and hers alone. She does not own the highway, her dog has instincts that will kick in, no matter how well trained she assumes he is. Deer bounce across the highway all the time, perhaps she has taught him not to chase, and..100 times he will ignore those animals, however..the one time the urge is too powerful, he will blot, and...perhaps it is the same moment a semi is coming down the hill. Would the driver be at fault..would it really matter, if the dog was hit.would I want to hear that noise? No..to all of the above.
  I don't care how well trained your dog is, if you are going to go where there is traffic or..other dogs, put your animal on a leash!!You may think you are better than other dog parents, but, you are one of the biggest problems. You run around thinking you are the only person on the planet, and the rest of the world should stop while you do what you want, and how you want. Get a grip, and find some consideration, consideration for your animal and for others.
  Just my peeve for the moment.

Friday, 13 March 2015

Slap in the Face.

 Help!!! I just want to push the pause button in life, right now. Too much going on. I need to sit back, and do some shuffling. Some things need to be put aside, and not allowed to infringe upon my time, or thoughts. I wish I knew the secret hiding place for that button, but just can't seem to find it.
  See, work...it is pretty insane. No matter how many times I have promised myself that I was not going to let my job become my priority, I can't seem to stop it. I just finished 8 days in a row, in a workplace that is non-stop. It  has been just a wee bit longer since I found out I will be leaving this work place, and everything else around here in a matter of months, and still..the job has overshadowed absolutely everything else on my plate. My better half has gone off to work, a full days drive from here, and still..work has controlled my life.
  I am trying very hard to accept, by summer, my job, will no longer be a part of who I am. I know that very soon, all the problems, and the drama, and sheer stupidity, will fall on the shoulders of someone else. Oh, it won't be my buddy, the one who has been beside me through all of these years, working like a fool, in truth, a bigger fool than I. Nope, she beat me to a place where the job has become secondary, she has laid down her rules, and now she will flit in when she chooses, she writes her name on the schedule when it is convenient for her, and not because no one else wants to work on the ever popular weekends off. Yep, I have had the amazing pleasure in the past year, of working nearly every weekend, many of those with one other sorry individual, and..sometimes all by myself. I spent the last summer choking on forest fire smoke, running about like a lunatic, dealing with the lives of so many others, who unlike myself, don't seem to understand, that a person's private life, has no bearing on the workplace.
  The job I have, is very different than that of, say someone who works in a bank. On the door to our little room, we have a huge calender. Each month, everyone write in their availability. Most of the time, this is done in 2 week increments. When times are slow, it is not an issue when only 2 workers end up covering one day, however, when the place is packed full, this is unacceptable.
  See, as one who has spent years at this job, years when we had, on top of what these "new" workers experience, a whole other hotel to clean, those of us working had consideration. We knew some days, certain staff ended up with massive amounts of work, so we would push through our own jobs, and head back to help our fellow employee. They in turn, would do the same for us. Weekends were not something we even considered, they were often taboo. We were never allowed the same days off, we often had to work long periods in a row, before we could take specific days off needed for family special days. It wasn't nice, it was a lot of hard work in order to receive a pay cheque, but those of us working had made the decision we wanted a job, and that was what we had to do to keep it. Yep, over time I left this job more than once, because the rules did not suit my life, I had to make a decision, family or job, and..sometimes family won.
  Today, it is a whole new ball of wax. Names are written on the schedule (which we never had in the past) and no thought or consideration given to those spots that have a single name beside them. No one gives a damn if one person is left to do the work that 4 or 5 people get a full days pay for the other 5 days of the week. Do they not wonder why their employer is fine with handing out pay cheques to everyone with 5-6 hours work time on the card for 5 people on Friday, and 8 hours for one person on Saturday? This is the way it works. That one person who is left holding the ball, has to step up to the plate and work like an idiot. I can do it, I have, more than once. My buddy can do it, she has also done more than her share. We have perhaps one or two others who can manage, but, one can imagine the work load placed on this single person. When the work is all done, they are toasted. Then what they have to do, is take a day off during their scheduled time, because they are so frigging worn out from doing the work of the others who had no consideration, and..instead of getting 5 days work, they have to cut their wages because they did a days work for 4 other people.
  Oh, don't think I have dreamed of leaving those who do this on a regular basis, holding the bag. Never going to happen. O.K. I suppose it just might happen. It just might happen now, because I won't feel any consideration, I won't be here. My buddy won't feel this consideration, she has finally stepped back. Those who look at the schedule and see nothing but themselves, may very well find out what it is like doing the work of the whole crew, all by themselves, and getting paid single wages after completing the work of 5.
  The world has become a very different place, when it comes to jobs. Now folks feel they are doing employers a favour by blessing them with their presence. No one worries about the possibility of getting fired, around these parts firings seldom occur. The work force is limited, employees are under the impression they can slack off when the urge hits them, they can decide to blow shifts, spend a day making puppies, sh*t, spend a few days making puppies, because they just don't feel like putting in a full days work for their pay. They can argue and fuss about their job list, they can slam about, they can be rude and obnoxious, because..they have somehow been given the impression they are in charge. Those of us idiots who were brought up in the "old" days, well, we still think that a job is something we must prove we deserve, and we attempt to give our employer our effort in return for their money. I don't really think we are idiots, I think those "new" people are what is wrong in the world today. Those people who do not realize the world does not revolve around them, and someday, reality is going to slap them right in the face.Sadly, right now, they are just slapping the rest of us.

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Mealie Mouths

 Those who have spent time with me, understand, I have my own vocabulary. Most of the words I use in the language of ME, are not those I would put down in places, those with weak stomachs may tread. The greatest portion of those unique words are used in place of the usual curse words, when the situation seems to require above standard verbalization. I do, however have many Webster recognized words, that I put into contexts that are my own design.
  One of these combination "Webster words" is, mealie mouthed. Now I am not sure how long I have used this combination I really think it goes far back in my vocabulary, perhaps even back to my Mother. Say it out loud, "Mealie mouthed"...I think speaking the two words together may allow one to fathom my meaning. I will use the saying in a statement, and then, you are sure to understand. "I can't stand mealie mouthed people!" Clue in yet?
  Mealie mouthed people surround me. I see them on TV,all the time. Crusty Clark is a mealie mouth..now you have to understand! Mealie mouths are somewhat like the mealie bugs, in the fact that they are pests, and that they cause disease (O.K., we will say the mouths cause damage, but, sort of the same). Mealie mouths are pretty good actors, they change their image like most change underwear.
  They have the ability to morph to suit the situation, and ensure they seem to glow while all others appear tarnished.
  To me, their voices attain the high pitch of dog whistles, and my ears begin to bleed when their mouths open. I can stand right next to a mealie mouth, and the hair will rise on the back of my neck as soon as they begin. Mealie mouths are always in protection mode, they must constantly cover their backsides. They are always on the look out for easy prey. Their goal is to throw so much dirt on their quarry that suddenly they look clean and shiny. No one ever notices their filth because they are too busy trumpeting about someone else.
  Mealie mouths think they are capable of working both sides in every situation and somehow hovering above with their feathered wings hiding their forked tails. I have to think they truly believe they are smarter than everyone else, they have to think the rest of the world is dumb as sh*t, and sadly, there really are a whack of dumb sh*ts, because it is almost impossible to call a mealie mouth out. The dumb sh*ts seem to rush up to the plate to protect those pests. There is always some excuse, and someone is always throwing freaking glitter back on the mealie mouths to perpetrate the glow.Each toss of glitter is taken from another, causing a little dull mark to appear.
  I am so tired of mealie mouths, I suppose I could start carrying an air horn, and each time I hear the jaw of a mealie mouth begin to drop, and the high pitched whine of the suckie faced voice begins, I can push the button..Oh cripes, it would be non-stop, but, it is a whole lot better than the idea of smacking them on the head, and that temptation is beginning to become overwhelming.
 I suppose I will, instead, hang onto the belief that what goes around, comes around. I will attempt to be patient, and wait and watch, because, one day, when the mealie mouth opens, they will run out of their dumb sh*t protection, and the world will see them as they truly are, nothing but destructive pests.
 Yeah...kind of written when I am in a pissy mood...but Sh*t happens,lol

Sunday, 8 March 2015

Heart and Home

In the past few days, I have managed to write about 3 long drawn out blogs, which now sit unpublished. See, life has thrown yet another curve ball, pretty much right in the head, and of course, I feel the need to holler my curses out to the world. However...like a big pile of previous crap, those curses have got to be corralled for a wee bit before sharing with the world. They are too painful, and as of yet, still not completely comprehended...so they will wait. The problem with those stinky things, is, they are pretty much impossible to understand, so, instead, we will ensure they never happen again, at least by the same lunatics. To do this, requires a complete overhaul, that means a massive amount of time and effort, both of which I have very little of.
  See, as with the other blogs, I am attempting to explain "home". I have come to the realization that the word "Home" means something different throughout life.When I was a child, home was with my parents. It was the place I had to be, a place with rules, set by others. Hey, it was somewhere I had to listen and learn. I had food and warmth, and security. It was a place of comfort, a place I belonged, well until I got older, and then it seems I finally clued in, and realized I had to find another home, my own.
  I have had a number of homes over the many years I have lived. Each one would start off feeling comfortable, and secure, and then bits and pieces would start to crumble off, and suddenly that feeling of belonging would disappear. I have to think that, sometimes, certain homes do not fit. It is not the structures themselves, that don't fit, it is the atmosphere. It is not what one finds when they open the door, but what is outside the door that seeps in.
  I remember when my Honey dragged me kicking and screaming from the one place I felt at home. Oh, I didn't want to leave that comfort zone, but we had to, we just could not afford to stay, and survive.
  Funny, the place we moved, I hated, for years, but...it grew on me. It offered all of the things I enjoyed in life, and once we left, we would return year after year for our holidays, enjoying all the things we missed. Yes, we missed that place. We had some pretty difficult times there. Most years were a struggle financially, and when we decided it was time to leave there, I was relieved. I was tired of just existing, and tired of being trapped within 4 walls, with only kids for company. When we drove away, I didn't look back.
  We arrived in the land of milk and honey! We quickly moved from a 2 bedroom trailer to a 4 bedroom house, overlooking the river. Hola, life was good! Our kids settled in, and found friends, I got a job, helloooo, we were on cruise control.
  Well, we hit the most enormous pot hole we have ever come across, that hole busted our world apart. That experience totally soured me. That was the moment in life that trust was lost. Oh, granted, before that, I questioned everything, and relied on my instinct, which, again, is usually spot on, but, this one time, instinct did not give me a head's up, and that is when my home started to crumble. Big pieces have continued to chip off, the space under the door that allows the nasty stuff to seep in, has got too big to plug, and neither of us can breath without gagging. How one tiny little section in this great big world can have so much negativity, is astounding, but...this black cloud has become way too heavy, and depressing.
  So, we took a moment, and discussed what our options were. We thought about south, a place of flowers and warm breezes, but every job opportunity seemed to include city life, and....that is not who we are. The fact was, we knew where we belonged, we knew in our hearts, where our home is. The draw of my "territory" has been calling me for a very long time, ever since I lost the ability to trust. I need to go to where I understand the rules (well somewhat, but, I know how things work, and can protect myself). I need to go back to a comfort zone, where we fit in, and are not the fools to be played by those who feel we don't matter. Hey, it is time to settle where we can live without wondering who is going to stab us in the back next. We will be home, where we don't have to try and fit in, because we can simply be ourselves and where the door seal is secure.
  It is going to be a long process, and right now, I am overwhelmed by the job I have ahead of me. I think of the hard parts, moving away from my children, and my grandchildren, but, we will do what we have to in order to make that less painful. I think of the very few who are a constant in my world here, and already we have plans to ensure we don't lose touch. I think of my job, one that is not the easiest in the world, and certainly not the career I dreamed of. I realize I will, in truth, miss that tiny little social aspect that has allowed me to survive reasonably sane the past 10 years. But, deep down inside, I know this is the right thing to do, and I am almost ready!