Favourite Books

  • The Green Mile
  • Animal Farm
  • Lord of the Flies
  • Lord of the Rings
  • To Kill a Mockingbird

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Off The Wheel

Wow, the past few days, although I have a ton of stuff that should be driving me right batty, I somehow feel a sense of calm. I have noticed myself letting stuff sort of slide to the side. That is NOT normal for me, I tend to fixate, and let crap build up, till it blows, but.....not quite sure why, I am feeling sort of, kind of, optimistic. OMGosh...I work very hard at not letting myself get here, I certainly don't want to set myself up for a big fall, but...something inside has opened the door to inner peace, and...it is not a glowing ball of light, but, there is a flicker.
  I suppose, part of it is, I have made a huge decision, and, instead of procrastinating, I followed through. I didn't sit and think, I didn't weigh pros and cons, I simply sat down, and did something immediately. Funny thing, not even second guessing, and I jumped in 5 days ago. That is not usual, by this time, I should be a basket case, but..nope..gong to simply settle in, and go with the flow. I no longer care where it takes me, as long as I stop stagnating.
  That pretty much how things have been, stagnant. I suppose I could have continued on, for years to come, running around on the hamster wheel, because, I know every inch of that wheel by heart. I run that wheel with my eyes closed, it is not getting me anywhere, but, I have survived, and who knows, maybe once I take a step off of it, my legs will collapse. but, too late, now.
  For most of my life, the wheel has been acceptable, it's safe, sort of. Life outside of the wheel seemed scary, filled with possibilities that might not be good. Going to stay on that wheel..However, the wheel wasn't very safe, either. No matter that I kept running, someone, or something kept sticking stuff between the rungs, and I would fall face first into the damn thing.
  Guess I finally clued in, life off of the wheel, can't be any worse. There are sights to see, that I missed running in place. Some of the sights might not be pretty, but they will be different, and maybe some of them will be awesome.
  Perhaps the calm is realization, it is time to test my little wings, and instead of swirling round and round in one spot, I can flutter above the ground, if only for a moment?
  I know, very cryptic, but, like I said, we are not talking ball of light, so things are still behind a thick fog. I am just bragging, because I stepped a wee bit, outside of my comfort zone, and now, I will sit back, and see if I stayed on the wheel too long, or if, maybe, I do have a few scraggly tail feathers to allow the old crow to fly.....
BTW..those of you who will..don't bother asking questions. I don't have the answers, so you are wasting your breath. All I know, is that I have found that pin prick of light at the end of the tunnel, and I am trying very hard to get closer to it, before it goes out again. Just wish me luck, and of course, a lottery win!

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

A Berm or Not a Berm... That is The Question!

 I know, I have been slack for awhile. It's not because things haven't had me ranting, more so, because far too many things have set me off.
  However, I figured I would take this time to bring anyone who wishes up to speed on our government's latest in regards to Site C. O.K. I say government, although in truth, it is laid on BC Hydro's doorstep, over time, I believe it is NOT Hydro in the driver's seat. I really don't think Hydro is who set out to throw up another dam, because they worried about future electricity issues. I think Hydro was quite happy with what they had on the Peace River already. Because I have had so much time to mull all this business over, I have come to the conclusion this proposed dam is NOT because we may need the power in 20 years, it is because Gordo, and Crusty have made some serious business promises, to some folks who have helped them over the years, and the massive amounts of riches that will rain on those lucky enough to get hired onto the project, is payback.
  Hydro does not have the power to by-pass the British Columbia Utilities Commission, Hydro does not have the power to pull land out of the Agricultural Land Reserve. Hydro does not have the power to agree to suck billions out of the pockets of the tax payers. Hydro doesn't even have the power to stop the government from stealing money out of their pot. That leaves one to think...this was the only place Crusty and her previous Premier, could find a way to create something so massive, they could hand over prizes to pay those they promised back.
  That said, I attended a meeting last week regarding what was going on with mitigation, between the town and Hydro. I personally HATE these types of meetings, and even more so, when I have to go alone, but...this impacts my world so much, I bit the bullet and settled my ample bottom down, sort of away from the "regulars".
  I didn't realize that mitigation was such a secretive thing. Really..the lawyer is, in fact out there as our voice, right? He is working for us, the money he gets comes from our town budget, right, or the treasury? What he agrees to, will affect all of us. But....surprise, he was tied from disclosing a whack of stuff, because....it is still not agreed upon.
  Now..I see this as one of the biggest issues in our country. I am sorry, if it was some divorce, or family matter, certainly, keep it confidential, but when something is going to affect a large chunk of homeowners (who, indeed must pay property taxes, and mortgages) why do they have to wait until everything is signed, sealed and delivered, to find out WTF it means to them?
  See, sadly I can't imagine being able to afford a lawyer to step up and go head to head with Hydro, cripes, Hydro hasn't even contacted me. I have heard everything I know through the grapevine. Oh, I made a few calls a couple of years ago, only to be told I would not be impacted. Well, hummm..maybe I won't, but that is only if it doesn't go through. Maybe I will be impacted by the construction of the berm? Or...now this is something new and pretty dismal...maybe they won't even build the berm!!!
  This is what happens at those meetings. I sit, hoping I will get the answers to my questions, but generally you will get the regular few who fixate on something like the highway realignment, and suck up a bunch of time, asking what I perceive to be stupid questions, like "are we going to get 4 lanes?". REALLY!!! Are they nuts? I just want to find out if I am going to have a house at the end of all of this, but, hey..4 lanes would sure make everything else better. However, in amongst the road business, someone pipes up with the information that apparently Hydro already owns 1/2 the property along the river. They go on to ask the astounding question " what is the chance that Hydro will simply expropriate the remaining riverfront property, and NOT build a berm?" Helllooooooo...Well bless my soul, this is a possibility. Yep, could happen. They could simply decide to save a whack of money, buy the property (for whatever they wish) and then let it sit, until such time as it all slides into the river. They are talking right of way, now I am a bit dim on this business, will have to do some checking. So, imagine, if you will, no berm, all riverfront property belongs to Hydro, then of course even behind that property you have to have a safe zone. The river goes the length of the town, that would mean a large part of Hudson's Hope would be off limits, behind the barricade, so to speak. The lawyer spoke some of asking Hydro to perhaps relocate some of these properties, or if time comes when they decide they don't need some of the properties, maybe selling them back to the district. Hellloooo, again..really, what the heck would the town do with properties?
  I have to say, I left as soon as the lawyer finished, and walked out the door totally confused. I could NEVER sell my riverfront home. Who would purchase a home that might end up with a berm behind it...or....maybe be left to slide into the river, legally I would have to tell a buyer all of this. Again, I tell you, I do NOT own my property. I simply pay the mortgage (which means I must work hard) and the property taxes, and the insurance, but..I am simply leasing this from the government of British Columbia.
  I read all of those folks who back LNG, and pipelines etc etc. Well, it is all fine and dandy for progress, people, but...most of those who constantly bash those who are not all gung ho, are those who won't get bit, not  a single piece of dirt will move on their property. They only see what they can get out of a pipeline or a dam, they don't stand to lose diddly. So, take heed, I was once one of you!! Now, I understand what it is to have something taken, so that someone else can profit. Trust me, it is not a good feeling, it is a form of abuse, to wonder if you will manage to salvage enough to start over, when you did nothing wrong, you are simply stuck in the middle of a bunch of bullies, who don't know you, don't care about you, and make it abundantly clear, you don't matter. Bring on the pipelines, and I pray all those who have made fun of the rest of us who have to hand over what we worked for, get to "enjoy" the same. Keep paying your mortgages, and if you have already paid them off, don't be smug..you don't own a damn thing!!!
 BTW..this was my personal take of the meeting..maybe next time, if anyone else around these parts is at all interested in what might happen, I won't have a whole row of empty chairs beside me.

Saturday, 9 May 2015

To Kill A Mockingbird

 I know, that title graced one of the finest books ever written, long ago. The reason I used it...because To Kill A Mockingbird, was the first time I caught a glimpse of what Racism truly was. As I said way back when, I didn't have a clue about discrimination.  I believe children are open slates, and racism is a lesson taught by those in control of their tiny worlds. Hey, I acknowledge that some folks were bad mouthed in my childhood home, but generally those folks were me, and it was likely because I wanted things that others had, and apparently I had to jump off bridges with them to get the stuff...have yet to jump off a bridge, so...there are still a whack of people who have stuff I would like to own.
  Anyhow..we are veering away from the Mockingbird, and as small as that winged creature is, it sure causes a whack of havoc. I have found in the past two days...yes, just two days, discrimination, intolerance, and racism appear to have increased in my tiny world. We hear how the world has grown, how we no longer care about sexual orientation, skin colour, religion etc, we are all, as the bible says...created equal, so WTF is going on?
  One friend posts a picture of a bill board thrown up along a busy highway in his highly developed country (The USA) with a huge picture of a Black person ( I use this term because I am sorry, African American is such a blanket term, we should all know by now,  folks of the darker hued skin, did NOT all originate in Africa) stating under the photo they did not chose to be born with that skin colour, and...right beside is a picture of a Gay Male (well we presume he is Gay) stating he, on the other hand, chose to be Gay. This is so bizarre. I am not a medical professional, nor a scientist of any sort. I do not understand genetics, except that sometimes things like facial characteristics and freckles, and feet resemble those of others in the family tree. But..not everyone decides to fall in love with a girl like Great, Great, Great Grandpa Tom found , or the guy Aunty Bessie couldn't keep her hands off of. That would sort of imply incest, or at least cause some really strange crap. Attraction is NOT genetic, a person does not pick who is going to cause their hearts to beat quickly. Sexual orientation is not something one decides, it is not our brains that send out a signal when we fall in love, it is our hearts. In this time, with all the studies and all the facts out there for folks to sift through, only a total lunatic would think people choose to love a male or female! Gay folks, like people with skins of every colour, are born, not processed. That billboard, in the year 2015, is a statement, one that sends a clear message, we have NOT grown as human beings, we are still allowing the dark stinking clouds of intolerance to hang thick. Folks should know by now, to throw sh*t like this out into public, simply shows how very un Christian they are. Gay folks are NOT lepers, they are NOT prostitutes, they are NOT criminals, all of which were welcomed by the Son of God. Why on earth would those who spew the word of God as their "crib sheet"to live life the way they are expected to, pick those who simply find those of their own sex, attract them?
  Today, I was hit by yet another bag of feces. A simple chat with my buddy and another, and before we knew what hit us, we were informed that the Indians must have got their money! They were all over the place! Now, keep in mind, we are actually speaking First Nations here,in case you mistook the conversation was about East Indian folks. No, I am not even attempting to make light of this, because, it sickened me! It seems the person we were speaking to, was under the impression BC Hydro had handed out a whack of money to FN folks to "shut them up" about Site C. WTF???? As someone who has been following the proceedings with Site C, I am fully aware FN's right at this moment, are in court trying to put a stop to this project. If they are in court, why on earth would they be wandering about our dinky little town, with their pockets full of "shut-up" money? "INDIANS" said with that nasty odour of distaste. Oh, sure I was instantly up in arms, perhaps I was a tad loud with my statement of facts in this matter, while all along I really felt like telling this person to kiss my buttocks. I was shocked, my friend was shocked, but, sadly, neither of us was surprised. Arrogance, a feeling of somehow, again, through birth, one is superior, when in truth, one is simply stupid, uneducated, and unwilling to see truth when it smacks them in the face, is rampant. I believe it is caused by the stubborn refusal to accept facts, because one feels they deserve everything everyone else gets (without jumping off that bridge)
     Perhaps as I age, I understand it is the many different cultures and colours that add to the world? Maybe because I have lived in a "mixed" relationship for almost 1/2 of my life? Maybe because I grew up in a small town, that was damn limited to other my own age, so who your ancestors were, didn't matter diddly? I have very high standards for those I decide to add to my collection of friends, skin colour, sexual orientation, food preference, or choice of clothing, are NOT part of the equation.
  I am just very sad. I had hoped more people had read that beautiful, thought provoking book. I had hoped that things were finally getting better. Clearly nothing has changed!

Friday, 8 May 2015

My Granny Margaret

As I stated in my previous blog, the elections in Scotland got my mind in a tizzy. There is so much emotion going inside, I am amazed. Who knew that my tree was so deeply rooted? My thoughts are everywhere, like I mentioned they are way back in the 1300's and 1400's, however, they are also flitting about in recent history as well. 
  Now, I have only been to Scotland twice, once when I was 2..just don't remember a thing from that trip,lol, and once when I was 17. I have an amazing Auntie who has lived in Canada since I was a child, and cousins who made their way over here when they were young adults. The remaining family, well, some have visited here, and others I met only the once, but they have left their marks on my heart..they are FAMILY.
  The family that did come most to visit, was, in fact, my Granny and Granda. My Granda was always the tallest man I knew, and one who smiled all the time, and was, oh so very quiet. One could not help but feel close to him, because he was just so nice. My Uncle Hughie was a tad more outgoing (well maybe more than a tad) but, definitely a chip off my Granda. Perhaps I was not as lucky as those in the "old country" who were able to visit our grandparents often, but, they made their mark with me, and I remember them fondly.
  My Granny Margaret, well, she was a true lady. I got to thinking, Granny really was the only true lady I have met. I understand she lived a full life long before I met her. I understand she did not raise her children in a fine home, with money, and maids. I have searched through some roots, and know that my Granny was a serving girl before herself and Granda started their lives together, and he worked in service for a farm owner, so, it is clear they did not have the finest.
  However, when she was in the room, suddenly one felt that they must search within, and find their manners, not because she demanded it, but, somehow, one knew she deserved it. She, too, was quiet, and smiled often. She was always Granny, always had white hair, and always neat as a pin. Every Christmas my brother and I would get our packages from her, loved those packages, they would be tied with string, and inside, along with the crisp white hankies with thistles embroidered on them, and perhaps my initials, would be exotic candy. Castle rock, that would last me until the following Christmas, some chalk like candy that came in various colours, that I would not share with any friends, because I was special, and got candy from another country....I can now imagine Granda out shopping for Heckie's kids, I imagine my Scottish cousins got much the same, but, hey...they could simply go to the shops and pick out their own, so perhaps they did not feel quite as special?
  I never once heard my Gran raise her voice, she was always the picture of calm, peace, and happiness. I know alot of that must have been the result of finding her true love, because they were the perfect couple. Perhaps it was the age they grew up, and old in? They were gentle people, who had made their lives, raised their family, and gone through as much,if not more than folks do today, and yet, they were content. I wish I had received a little more of their peace, but, I guess I have an added mixture that does not allow me to be quite as ladylike. Truth be told, I was as close to a lady, only in my Granny's presence, and that happened far too seldom.
  I thought of Granny when I saw what happened last night. I know she would not have blinked an eye. I will never know how she would have felt, she was a monarchist. I believe her generation was such, because they had survived the wars, and the Queen's Mom made such an impact on all of Great Britain. I wonder, if indeed, Granny would have felt her heart beat a little faster, to know that the whole past history was on the verge of change? Funny how, something that I truly believe my Granny would have quietly accepted one way or the other, because she was a lady, and did not even wiggle the boat, has brought her close to mind. Roots are strange things, they twist and turn, and go deeper than one imagines. Memories of a true lady, Granny Ross!

History in The Making

Now, once again politics seems to be filling the empty space between my ears. After 80 years, the province next door became so tired of getting screwed by their political party, they voted another in. That was absolutely insane..but no doubt caused by desperation. I wish Albertans well, but, sadly I hold little hope for them.I expect if they had a party named the Alberta Party, with the platform that they would speak for the province, those folks would have been elected, but...they really didn't have a choice.
The Scottish National Party (SNP) (Scottish Gaelic: PĂ rtaidh NĂ iseanta na h-Alba, Scots: Scots Naitional Pairtie) is a Scottish nationalist[13][14] and social-democratic[15][16][17] political party in Scotland. The SNP supports and campaigns for Scottish independence.[18][19] It is the third-largest political party by membership in the United Kingdom, as well as by overall representation in the House of Commons, behind the Labour Party and the Conservative Party, and is the largest party by far in Scotland itself, where it dominates both the national government and the country's parliamentary delegation to Westminster. Its leader, Nicola Sturgeon, is the current First Minister of Scotland.
  Now, we move onto the political event that has me all in a tizzy, the election results from Great Britain. Hellooooo...this was incredible. I am sure many of you have seen Brave Heart, and saw how the people of the country called Scotland were treated for centuries by the British. I give Mel Gibson credit for bringing those facts to the world. But, perhaps you feel things improved over the many centuries since William Wallace. Well, you would be wrong. You probably feel anyone with a British Accent is from England...ack..that is paramount to calling a Blue Noser a Newfie, or vice versa. They are NOT all English. Great Britain has more than one country, and each of those smaller countries are chock full of folks who are NOT English. Anyone heard of Wales? Yep, guess since Tom Jones is not playing on the radio like he was back in the olden days, the Welsh are a forgotten people, but they exist.
  Anyhow, last night, after countless centuries and a referendum that did not get a yes vote some months back, that would have seen the country of Scotland become independent, things changed.Oh you didn't know this happened? Funny, not many did, it was not something the media put out there, however it happened. I followed that like a horse with a carrot on a string. I watched how Parliament managed to put a stop to this. They preyed on the frightened. They threatened seniors and others on benefits, they threatened to take everything away, and folks got scared. Folks who could not see the big picture, folks who forgot, Scotland has the upper hand. It provides an immense amount of money to Great Britain, more than enough to provide for themselves, but fear mongering, along with a whole whack of promises if they voted no, swayed the vote. I, personally was very disappointed. Perhaps it is the very deep roots, and the pride of my ancestors, and the dream that lives inside every person who began as a Scot, to see it stand proud and free? But, survival overruled far too many, and the dream was put aside.for a moment.
  Last night, Scotland got another chance, and boy did they grab this!! Last night history was made when basically the whole country voted in their own. Yes, they have their own, and have had them since 1937.  In a matter of a single day, they ensured each and every person heading to Westminister was a member of their own.O.K. I think there might have been one that did not belong to SNP, must check my facts later, but the one, doesn't matter, right? The voting turnout was massive, the vote margins were incredible. This is a country that was not going to listen to empty promises again. A country that gave warning they were fed up, and the warning was not heeded.
  So when parliament in Great Britain begins, it will do so with a group to be reckoned with. A group that is simply for the people of Scotland, a group that begins working with others that have screwed them royally (pardon the pun) for centuries. A group comprised with a whole whack of women,( that is something I noticed while watching this unfold). This group knows their history, and they are Scottish through and through. I thought of William Wallace, last night, I thought of all that was taken from the people of this country, my ancestors, and I was elated.
  So, to the First Nations here in my own country fighting for their rights, do not give up hope. I cannot imagine you waiting as long as the people of Scotland for wrongs to be corrected, I cannot imagine in a time of technology and the United Nations, and whatever else is out there, Canada can continue to do, just as England did to Scotland, and Ireland, but, again the circle does have an end. In this case it was a very big circle, but I think I will live long enough to see it completed.
  I have to add to this, as I didn't check my info before hitting the publish button..SNP won 56 of the 59 seats..so there will be 3 lonely folks,lol

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Alberta is NDP

So, last night, the province next door, decided they wanted a change, after umpteen years of a "progessive Conservative" government.
  Now, as old as I am, I remember vividly what happened in our province when the NDP got into the driver's seat. Fair warning, it was NOT good. In fact we are paying dearly for all of their changes even today..remember ICBC and how it was going to make it fair for every single driver in the Province? Yeah..how has that one played out? We are already overburdened by carrying those who either can't work, or chose not to. Those who can't, well, I am all for giving them support. Those who chose not to, because they refuse to cut the pot out, and can't pass a pi$$ test, or don't want to move to where they can support themselves and their families, I am not for supporting them! NDP, has always had the stigma of being bleeding hearts, and gouging those who work damn hard to try and get their sh*t together, to hand their hard earned dollars over to those less fortunate. They have a reputation of putting a stop to industry. Hey, again, I am old, I remember! I remember the logging and the mining going down the toilet, and tourism suddenly the "industry" that was going to make all of us happy. I remember every little dink a$$ town getting a nice new "clinic" that never ever was utilized.
  So...I see Alberta within months, reeling from the changes that will occur. They have made a mistake, there is no doubt in my mind. What was one of the richest provinces, will find themselves progressive again, progressively poorer. One of the first things out of the leader's mouth is the fact she wants to raise the minimum wage to $15. Hey, that sounds lovely, but....in my mind there is no reason to raise the wage. Wages are needed to survive the cost of living..maybe instead of simply pushing the wage rate up, she could sit down and perhaps figure out how to lower the cost of living? Guess that is much harder than upping the amount employers pay, which in turn, most folks know, will cause prices to increase. The cost of paying employees has to be offset somehow, and...hey, the price of whatever they sell, or provide, will have to go up, so they can continue to make a profit, right? Wages do not come out of thin air, folks have to look outside the box. Oh, people are silly, they are just hearing that Joe Blow making burgers at Micky Dee's will be making $15 an hour, hummm..how is Micky going to pay that? The burgers will become costlier, and in my mind, they are already far too pricey for "fast food".
  So, do I blame the folks in Alberta for voting PC out? Not at all!! They didn't have a choice. We, as a country, don't have a choice! Our neighbour's in the USA don't have a choice. Our countries have nothing decent to choose from, so Alberta voted something different in, because they were totally fed up with the ones they had. I am totally fed up with the ones we have, I am totally fed up with our federal government, but....there is nothing out there that I feel is any better.
 I realize when the "big" election happens here, the party will change. There is no doubt in my mind, provincially or federally. This will happen, because what we have, is not working. There will be many who feel Pierre Jr. will fix things, or maybe Thomas, but, not me! I think we are totally F*cked! Our governments are no different than those in the "undeveloped" countries. Once they get to the top of the tower, and see what they have to work with, they focus on the top of the tower, and give no thought to those in the middle. Thoughts center on the top, with some consideration of the very bottom, they forget about the middle, they use the middle as the source of all.
  Here is a question...if indeed Alberta raises the minimum wage to $15, who is going to be in the middle? Middle Class is how our countries survive. I was raised middle class, I have always been middle class, but it is getting harder and harder to remain middle class..and it is not because after all these years I have almost made it to the top..it is because those at the bottom have managed to catch up to me, without the hard work, and struggle. I simply pay bills on the stuff I "own", I don't get GST rebates, I lost the child tax benefits a year after they began. I apparently have enough money that I have to pay for my GST, and we had to pay to raise our children, oh,and we certainly didn't get any help with medical premiums.
  So..over time, our governments have created a brand new class, they have caused middle class to almost disappear, and now we have what we can call "the working poor". Those folks who work hard, to simply pay their bills. Those folks who look behind themselves and see a minimum wage group, that suddenly gets a raise. I don't see a nice fat raise coming our way, to help combat the extreme cost of living. I simply see each and every one of those folks who we get to pick from to run our country, checking out the stats, to see what they can suck out of us, in the middle!

Sunday, 3 May 2015


 I know, I typed the whole word in capitals. No, I am not yelling it, cripes, no sense in hollering something that appears to have left the world I live in.
 Really, it is a difficult word to accept. Not many people enjoy bearing this weighty word. I don't! I hate having to accept the damn stuff, but, I suppose I am one of a dying breed, I cannot ignore that, which I am responsible for. The moment I managed to do anything other than sleep, void bodily fluids, and burp, I became responsible for my own actions. The moment I packed my belongings and headed out the door, I became pretty much responsible for ME. As I got older, I added to my responsibilities. I got jobs, I got bills, I netted a partner, I had children, I brought pets into my life. Every single thing that was, is, and may some day be, adds to my list of what I am responsible for. The list is freaking massive! It surrounds me  every single moment of my life, but, that is part of living, right?
  There are plenty days that I would love to just jump into the shower and wash all my damn responsibilities away. Some, well, some, I enjoy, and others I actually love, but, there is a whole sh*tload I can't stand. I think if it came to a weighing contest, the sh*tload would win. But, along with the good, there is bad, and again, that is life.
  To wake up on a random morning, and simply decide, today I am not going to deal with my responsibilities? Imagine, if this same morning, the rest of the world woke up, and made the same decision? No heat, no power, no TV, and heaven forbid, no cell service, or internet! Hey,why do some feel that they, and they alone, can totally become oblivious to their responsibilities? They would be the first to whine if someone else decided to forget theirs, especially if it affected their lives.
  The world runs, because....enough people accept the lot they must carry through life. They accept that they have to shovel a ton of sh*t before they reach the shinola. Shinola does not just appear at specific folk's doors, because they are "special". O.K. maybe if they win the lottery, but, in most cases it dribbles in after a whack of sh*t has been shoveled. Those folks who shovel diligently away, doing what they are required to do, accepting their responsibilities, only to have others wash theirs away when the urge hits them, have to pick up the slack.
  But, there comes a time when the burden of accepting other folk's responsibilities becomes too much. The acceptance is never done without complaint, it is not done, and then forgotten. The extra burden often pushes the sh*t shoveler over the edge. If the shoveler felt that this burden would be lifted off their shoulders, when they felt the urge to forget, maybe it would be easier, but, that is seldom the case.
  So, either this world had best get a grip, and clue in, we ALL must be responsible, and along with that acknowledgement, will follow consideration. This follows, because when you carry your responsibilities around with you, you understand , everyone else has a list as long as yours, if not longer. You certainly don't want to have some of their sh*t landing on your load, because you understand how hard it is to manage the sh*t pile you own.
  Wait till you finish shoveling to enjoy your shinola. Don't feel that you are the only one entitled to shinola, because you are NOT!! Don't  dump your sh*t on a pile it doesn't belong, because one day, it is going to explode, and you will no longer have a shovel to dig your way out!