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Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Going on a Lion Hunt..

Hah! No, I'm not really going to hunt Lions. Just seemed like a fun title, so, there it is!!!
  Actually the Lion hunt song, was something we used to sing when I was young, so because I am about to head back into the past, it is suitable.
  How does one subtract decades from their lives? Simple, they arrange for a whole whack of folks they grew up with, to return to their hometown, at the same time. Oh, I didn't arrange it, goodness, that is well beyond my capabilities, I am just going along for the ride.
  What do you think it will be like? Imagine, all your friends from high school (keep in mind there were 8 in my graduating class) disappearing for 30 years to various points of the globe, and Bam!! all of a sudden, they reappear. Whoa, this is going to be wild!!
  I have been pondering this experience for almost a year. My main goal was to connect with my BFF, we were joined at the hip when we were 12, and she was my shoulder through a huge section of life. We were extremely lucky to find each other, growing up in a isolated community, with no TV, no road out, a person needed a best friend. To say I love her, is an understatement. She became a part of me. Over time, we somehow drifted apart. I thought of her often, but, as happens in life, we went separate ways, and I missed her dearly when I was down. I could go months without remembering the comfort of my friend, when things were good, or too busy to take time to think, but, out of nowhere, something would happen, and I would feel the tug at my heartstrings, missing the 1 to my 0, lol. yes, she is tall and slim, I am short and dumpy, and we have been this way forever.
  My BFF returned to my life, after children, divorces, and loss of parents. When my dad passed away, I came back from my hometown, to pick up a ringing phone, and hear the voice from my past. That is when decades were forgotten, the voice was the same, it was incredible. My friend had lost her parents, she had battled Cancer, and I had not been there for her. But she suddenly returned to my life when we were both "orphans". We e-mailed for years, and it was wonderful, but...both of us realized, sometimes you think you have all the time in the world to put off getting together with those who are special, and suddenly, things can happen, and you have lost that chance.
  We finally got together just awhile back.It was spur of the moment. I had 20 hours to get ready to see one of the most important people in my life. I didn't have time to get my hair done, and a new outfit to hide my imperfections, it was now!My honey was with me when the two of us met up. I think he was at a loss, as for both of us, the world stood still. Time had not passed. We clung to each other, sobbing, and laughing. 30 years apart, and life had come full circle at that moment..
  I am afraid my BFF will not be coming to this reunion, however, she has lifted a huge weight off of me. I realize time has not been kind to me, in the physical sense. I have more than my share of wrinkles, flecks of grey show in my hair, things sag, joints make noises, and I definitely go to sleep much earlier. But, she was blind to that, in our eyes, we ageless, so....if there are any of you folks worrying that you have got older, and maybe your hair is thinning (or you have somehow lost it) and crumbs from your meals often get lost in the folds of your wrinkles..let it go! To see a face from your past, and hug someone who was there through your growing years, is a sense far beyond visual.
  Going to miss my BFF, but, looking forwards to a real blast from the past!!!

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Public Washroom Etiquette

Well, you have all heard about our public washroom! It is a disgusting place, even when it is clean...The roof has about 4 leaks, which, when it rains, will drip ugly brown filth down the walls, across the sink, and all over the floor. Upon entering this Men's room during the monsoons, a person would perhaps think that someone before had simply used the floor to void their bladder.So, along with the continual pigs that don't know how to poop properly, or use the toilet paper..we have that yuck. It stinks, not sure where the smell comes from, toilets are cleaned daily, urinal is cleaned, and has it's lovely little blue puck, but that smell is somewhere behind the walls or ceiling, or maybe the floor.
  So, one worker gets the awesome daily job of going into the Men's room, and ensuring it is cleaned. Oh, we don't have one of those lovely "Washroom is being Cleaned" signs, or even a "Closed" sign. We just have to cross our fingers, knock on a partially open door, and pray no one answers.
  Anyhow, to continue, we then push the door open slowly, saying "Hello.Housekeeping!" Now, just because no one answers, doesn't necessarily mean no one is in there. Has happened far more than once..open the door, and there are feet under the two stalls. I have not had the "pleasure" of finding someone at the urinal, because we can generally see the figure standing there before the door is totally opened....So, if the feet are obvious, we will simply say "sorry" and leave.
  The problem arises with those who see fit to enter the room while we in the midst of cleaning!!
  Come on Guys!!! Just because a female is cleaning, does not change the fact that she has feelings. We are people!!! How can a man see fit to enter a room, with two stalls, one of which has a woman scrubbing crap off a toilet in, enter the one directly beside, sit down and proceed to poop!!!Oh, it gets worse!!! We have grown men who will actually stand at the urinal!!! WTF!!!!
  Let's put things in context...So, you have met the woman of your dreams. You plan to ask her to spend the rest of her life with you, and head over to the future In-Laws. Maybe you spend a weekend with the parents. One morning you wake up needing to pee..off you go to the family bathroom, and your dream girl's mother is cleaning the sink in there. You mumble "Good morning" and proceed to stand at the toilet and pee, while she scrubs the sink. Hello!!!! Not going to happen, you say.Well, guess what? My 20 year old daughter cleans the Men's room, my 60 some yr. old friend cleans the Men's room, and it is just as bloody rude for you to do this in front of us, as the future Mother-in-Law.
 I pray that the men in my life have more couth than these creeps.
  Most of these turds are middle aged, very few young cuties bare their private parts in front of the flipping toilet scrubbers. Do you do this because you think we find it attractive? YUCK!!! Or, more likely you do this because in your mind we are lower than human. Well, brain wave....we are wives, mothers, sisters,and daughters just like the women you have in your lives. How would you feel if some other creature performed bodily functions in front of your wife or daughter?
  Get a clue, and join the real world! We will be happy to leave, if you simply give us a moment. Apparently the room is entered at the very last moment your bladder or butt cheeks can hold. We can either ensure you have a clean toilet to sit at, or urinal to spit your damn chewing gum, into. Because you have proven that some men cannot possibly do two things at once, chew gum, and pee!!!

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Pi**ed Off

Alrighty, I know, when am I not pi**ed? Those *'s are really s's, you know, just in case you were confused. I am really very tired of feeling this way. Seems the past 6 years, I have been in this frame of mind on a continual basis. Was I this frigging miserable when I was young? Nope, I think the pi**ed periods were much shorter back them, what the heck has changed?
  I have passed the rug rat stage. Kids are just fluttering around, and , although they are still looking for the real good stuff that I hide, when they are hungry, I don't have to deal with their boredom and arguments, any longer. The dog is pretty low maintenance, extremely happy to get a pat and a marrow bone. My honey has been with me long enough to understand and follow the signals (when he chooses), and I have almost learned to read his mind.
  So, in truth, I should have mellowed. WTF happened? I find myself progressively getting pissed daily. Some piss'es (is that proper grammar?)are short lived, some just seem to drag on forever. Honestly, the one and only theory is, my job!!!
  I am beginning to wonder if I go in daily, just holding my breath to see what the heck is going to turn my smile upside down. Yep, I generally step in the door, and attempt to start in a positive frame....O.K. I get out of my car, in a positive frame......Fine, I wake up...no, wait...Crap!! The truth is, positive just does not surface at all!!!I was going to write that little white lie, but I know if I do, my co-workers will read it, and then I will have to listen to them state they have never seen this positive side of me, in any door way, except, maybe the one leading out at the end of the day.
  Humm..I try and remember back when I was a innocent, 8 years ago, did I go into this job with a smile? I do remember that the job was the choice I made. I had decided after 6 months of living in this small town, cooking 3 course meals for my family, washing the rented trailer ceilings, because there were too many hours in a day, all alone, I had two choices. One was to head directly to the local Cold beer store, and start my new life as a lush, or find myself a job.
  The lush choice, did sound pretty appealing, and maybe, just maybe, that was the correct one. I imagine the days going by in a delightful haze, me smiling at everyone, and everything (can't remember if I am a smiling drunk)The kids might have enjoyed this continual state of inebriation, they would have had no curfew, as I would likely have passed out early (I am not a spring chicken, remember). They could easily convince me they had called, as I would  be forgetful. They would have had extra spending money, returning my empties....Not sure how meals would have been, but I would have done alot with cookng wine, so maybe they would have been happy with that????
  Cripes!!! It is clear, I screwed up!!! Instead of spending my life, sprawled out on the couch, in my margarita stained P.J.'s, watching The Virgin Diaries, and eating corn chips and Reeses Peanut Butter cups (yes, now you all know what I do on my days off), I drag my sorry a** (s's again) off to the next pi** off.
  One thing is sure, my job offers a continual supply of small, and more often extremely large pi** offs, that you, very lucky people, have the pleasure of living vicariously through me. Ahhh...if I can manage to pi** off just one other person, maybe enough to cause them to become a lush, this experience is not a total waste.
  Hold onto your Pampers, babies, tomorrow is sure to bring something to make me wish I could simply lift my leg , like my beloved dog, and get rid of my overfull bladder.
 Geez...do you think the solution to my misery might be that simple?

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Horse Shoes

  I wonder what the stats are on companies that are built from the ground up, by a person, who has to learn every single aspect of their business, and those that are run by folks who has no clue about the basics? I expect those who have no clue, rely on others who have experience to keep them informed?????
   Hey, I have seen more than one idiot get handed a business, who simply ignores the day to day issues, plays big boss, and somehow walks away smelling like a rose..
   It is the frigging Horse shoes!! Yep, some folks have a couple pairs of those shoes shoved right up their behinds. Oh, if you look closely, they are all bow-legged, it seems like it would be pretty uncomfortable. I am wondering, if you listen carefully, will you hear them clang when they walk? Maybe that is why those I have known with the Horse shoe syndrome, are always nasty. Hey, I expect I would fly off the handle after sitting on my A** all day, buttering folks up, and then having to stand, with those heavy metal things caught at the end of my bowels.
  Some of those with  HSS (Horseshoe Syndrome) start to bloat after many years of carrying this weight around. I suspect the continual food intake, does not get the same chance as the rest of us, to come out the back end, because of the obstruction. Those must have shoes that are perhaps tipped a little. Do you think if you took those folks by the feet, and shook them upside down, the shoes may realign?
  Then we have those who have found the solution, there is a magic fruit that allows the crap to find it's way out around the shoes. This appears to happen when they reach a certain age (old). I guess they have had the ability to try many foods, and they pass the secret onto the younger ones, but, the magic fruit does not seem to work as well on the youngsters, something is missing.
 The HSS is amazing. When you think the person has gone over the line, and decided on something that is so insane, it is not possible, BAZINGA.. they shake their A**, clang the HShoes together 3 times, and the impossible happens. It is totally amazing.
  Oh, we have all heard of those "born with a silver spoon in their mouths", right? Well, I think the HSS folks started off as embryos consisting of a small Horse turd.. Their mothers fed them a ton of s*it as they were developing, and when they arrived, the little silver spoons that were shoved down their throats to shut them up, evolved into those shoes. Just my theory....
  Do we all want HSS? Hummm...Well, along with the perks of being the slime that always rises to the top of things, it has it's downfall. To keep those shoes from falling out, the syndrome needs a continual supply of s*it. The folks are filled with it, so much so, that those who come in contact are often revolted. They attempt to disguise the stench with their own perfumes. Money is their favourite. power is a close second.
  You often find the HSS sufferers gather together. Perhaps along with the shoes and sh*t , there are flies, that the average eye does not see. Something draws these individuals close. They convince each other that it is their business minds that allows them to continue to succeed. They do not comprehend that the rest of the world actually has to plug their noses when required to be in close proximity.
  So, you decide. Do you want the rest of the world to plug their noses when you are near? Do you want to have to pay for others to hold their breath long enough to "play" with you? How about the bloating? Sleeping is likely very uncomfortable with those heavy weights shifting about.Horse shoes will rust, as well,.Yikes, that might be dangerous, unless you can find someone to spray a can of TremClad up your butt every decade or so.
  Myself, I will just accept that I was not conceived from something that came out the horse's a**. Whatever my mother shoved down my yap, was definitely not a silver spoon, and that I can be thankful each time I stuff myself full of food, there are no obstructions stopping the sh*t from making it's way out.

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

You're a Mean one...

I am so riled up, that I am writing yet again. Not even sure what I am going to write, so haven't put a title yet. Yes, I am still ticked about the frigging Grinch putting a stop to the smiles. I am tired of being tired.
  This has been a very tough couple of days. The job that we just finished has been hanging over my head for some time. Then to find my bud was heading off on holidays when the big move occurred, I became even more stressed. This was what caused the crickets to buzz. Those crickets were totally full of sh*t!!! I know, I had that "coming storm feeling", but there was a reason for the feeling. Apparently the story we were fed, was a complete and utter fallacy. So, all this time, I have worked myself into a fit of fear, because someone felt compelled to tweak the truth.
  Oh, there was a semblance of reason given for this line of B.S. but, truly, as those, who were the only ones impacted by the work required, why were we left in the dark? Arrangements were made, extra people were called in, folks gave up days off, this screwed with all of us.
  We accomplished everything that was required. I had to contact those who had offered to assist, and inform them they were no longer needed. So, now if this does happen in the future, what do you think we should do? How many people do you think will be willing to change all their plans after this joke? Hah! Not yours truly!!!
  This intense pressure has not been kind to me. It hung over my head through my days off, my camping trip, my sleepless nights. How we were going to manage? It was the topic of all conversations between my co-worker and I, with all of us. It had been discussed often with those in the know, why didn't they speak up?
  It is one thing to give your all so that your employer has their butts covered when they commit to something extreme. There was just enough sense of work ethic to dig deep and ensure this was completed on time. Now, I feel like I was abused. I am not saying the work would not have been done as quickly, if we had been told the facts, however, the extreme pressure that we have been dealing with for weeks now, would not have been there.
  Covering up the facts from employees, and allowing them to believe they must push themselves for the good of the company, only to offer the truth at the last minute is, in fact cruel. To expect those who have stepped up to the plate not to be upset, is silly. To have one day when thanks are given, and the next to be told that you can't work with a partner, although the job was completed on time, because you worked as a team, is insane.
  Truth be told, I could not find anything the past 2 days to laugh about, but I spent the past while working alone, and working my buttocks off. I know if my co-worker had been here, we might have found something to brighten our day.
  Perhaps miserable, used and abused, worn out, broken down, wrinkled idiots are the prerequisite of this job.  I do know for a fact, that if I had to come in and do this job, day after day, all alone, I would not be here, now. One of those in the laughing team will be on her way in a few weeks. They will not have to worry about the amount of work done, as she will not be breaking the gloom with her giggles. Yep, it appears she does not suit the position along with her cohorts. No fear, Mr. Grinch...Whoville will be quiet soon, no laughter in the place. Smiles will skitter out the door, and frowns will fill each face.

Monday, 16 July 2012

Go into the Light!!!!!

Or, perhaps I should titled this, "Shatter Young Joy"? Honest to goodness, you all realize by now that my job is not one that offers much pleasure, or fun. I have had to work hard to find a way (with the assistance of my buddy) to survive the constant crapola. It took us a few years to enable us to search for something in the day to day drudgery to fixate on, and wring out some humour. One day, I will go into "restoralax" as it was just a word, but provided us a whole day of belly laughs.
  Oh don't think this has been easy. When we first started, we were not allowed to work together. This was basically so that Nurse Ratchet could ensure we did all the areas, so she could spend her days pretending she was indispensable.When she realized that she could simply step aside, and somehow the two or 3 of us could finish everything without her lifting a finger, we were able to work together whenever. Oh, that brought it's own problems, suddenly we were informed we were never allowed the same days off. Hummm..why was that? Well, simple, had to ensure at least one of us idiots was there to manage the workload. Is this sounding like a Union job?LMAO!!!! Years with the rule we were not allowed all weekends off, in fact years when one person would end up working 13 days in a row, simply so they could have that one weekend off. All rules made by Nurse Ratchet and condoned by the office.
  Zoom ahead to present. Got a couple of us old biddies still hanging in there, and still putting in a full days work for our pay. Raises have become a thing of the past, we are like the rest of the province 0, and then 0 again. No benefits (aside from a 1/2 price meal during your shift) and extremely low moral.
  We have, however, got a group of young people who have decided to work for the summer, and save up for school etc. They are bright, fresh and full of energy. The weirdest part, they all get along!!!What a pleasure for us miserable grunts, to have them skip in each morning, all smiles and jokes, ready to tackle whatever job there is. They don't moan, they don't care that they are being sent to the outlying areas, because they are young and the Bizarro world has not conquered them ...yet.
  But, it appears that happiness is not allowed. For the past few days, when all the hotel was one big strip, I sent the 3 jolly cleaners off to do a huge area. They worked well together, perhaps they joked and laughed, but they did the job. My take was, if they get a list, and I can be sure when they show up at the end of the day, the list has been completed, that is a good thing. I could have separated the list, but with one vehicle, it just made more sense to let them work together.
  Today, as two of the group were on the last rooms to be done, apparently the employer found it annoying that they were working together. Hello....these girls have been doing that for some time, and they have produced more than enough . They have managed to complete a large percentage of something that was extremely overwhelming, and instead of kudos, they are told that they cannot work together any more! Apparently they were informed that sometimes they are not allowed to have fun, because not enough work gets done.
  If the employer had come to check with me to see how much work they had actually accomplished, perhaps they would have clued in. They work as a great group, and the company is getting their monies worth out of these young people. Instead, one person sees others finding enjoyment in their job, and must rush right in and destroy this. Yep, this is certainly a way to boost moral. Lets separate everyone, lets make sure each person that comes in to work each morning, becomes as miserable as everyone else. This is bound to keep our staff levels high.
  The sad truth of this is, these young people will leave. They are only here for the short term. They have no ties or commitment to this business, this is simply the job they are doing until a specific time, and then away they go. The job will not drain them of hopes, or dreams, or even the sheer joy of being young. They will not become miserable old husks, who cringe each day that they must go in the doors to start another day filled with physical labor and insanity. Those husks will miss the energy and pleasure of this group. The cloud will once again hang black, and we will cross our fingers that each one of these young ladies goes "into the light", which pretty much means they don't end up in the same damn tunnel we have spent years in.
  You get more bees with honey...you get more flies with sh*t!!

Saturday, 14 July 2012

From the Heart

 I know, lots of these have been a bit off topic, and this one may appear to be the same. However, I really must put this down, as it is eating away at the small amount of gray matter I have left, and my cold tiny heart as well.
 This blog was started because a couple of folks at work, pressured me into writing it. I admit, I have often spoke about wanting to write a book, in fact, there are. perhaps, at least 2 books floating about in limbo (between my ears). So, after hearing my dream, over and over, it was suggested I start off doing this.
  Oh, they were all going to help me, and, I suppose in someway, they have, but the ideas of what to plop down in print, if I were to rely on co-workers, would consist of about 3 posts! Alright, I'm not bashing you guys, but many times I blather on, simply because you have not given me any ideas, and I must dig deep into my own brain (which is like a frigging Rubik's cube , things never line up properly) and the poor readers end up with my rantings.
  What I write, is who I am!! I do not candy coat, I try very hard to be totally honest, and I never set out to be hurtful. I have never implied that I am politically correct, if I was, I would certainly be farther ahead in life. As far as I am concerned, being politically correct, is being a liar, or, at least it would be in my case.
  Do I dream of Utopia? Nope, not really! If everyone was the same, had the same, then there would be nothing to strive for, right? So, in truth, the perfect world is a different dream for individuals. In my world, I would have tons of money!!!Go ahead, say it "money isn't everything"! Well, sure, I know that. However, I have been lucky enough to find a wonderful man, I have family, and as far as I know, I am reasonably healthy, so...that leaves the issue on how to be able to do everything I want.  The solution for that is....money!
  But...I also have my humungous problem of speaking my mind, and the lack of political correctness. I cannot suck hole, I can't keep silent when something is very wrong, and in all honesty, I think that is possibly why we are not wealthier than we are. My head, heart and mouth are all connected.
  I have tried to be quiet, but all who know me, will likely state, they missed that moment. What ends up happening if I do this, is, I get sick. O.K. I make myself sick. If something rubs me the wrong way, and I don't speak my mind, it will nag at me, and I in turn, will start nagging at those close, and everyone will have a headache.
  Like I mentioned, my refusal to become a Lemming, has caused some grief, and is partially to blame for a few of the bumps in the road of our lives. But, when I stand at the edge of my very last cliff, I will do so with the knowledge that I did not have to pretend to be someone I was not.  Those who I picked to be a part of my life (and those poor individuals who did not have a choice) will be able to say that they truly knew me, because what you see and hear, is exactly who I am!!!

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

The Truth Does NOT Prevail

O.K. let's try this again. I already sat down to put this into words, but, just didn't do it justice, maybe this time will be magic?
  Years ago, we had a co-worker. She worked her butt off, often doing 11-12 days, just like my buddy and me. She would have to travel about doing the outlying areas, and then come back, like us, and often have to do most of Nurse Ratchet's work as well. To say she devoted herself to the job, is an under statement, she worked herself sick!!!
  When I returned to the job, last time, I promised myself I would not allow myself to follow in her footsteps. She felt working like a dog, would somehow earn her acknowledgement, and appreciation. Instead, when she pushed herself over the edge to perform her job, and became unable to continue, she was basically left to dry on her own. There was no concern, no assistance, in fact, she requested a simple signature to allow her to apply for government EI, which would have been an easy matter, and a small price to pay for basically causing her problems. I can easily imagine her shock when she got a negative on that, and some other nastiness along with it to boot. She proved to all of us, no matter how hard you worked, this business would never consider you anything more than someone who expects a pay check, and is definitely not an asset.
  So... years later, this person decides she is ready to pop back into the work force. Oh, she was well aware, going back into Housekeeping was not a possibility. Besides the physical part of things, she would have to deal with all of the crap that comes sliding into our work area from the office. She had seen an ad to do outdoor work, something she enjoys, and decided she would go on in and speak to the employers about the job.
  Now I know what this person went through last time, so when she says she laid down her terms, I am sure she did exactly that. She gave them her price, and her rules. She told us that when she did this, two of them were in attendance. One actually hugged her when she went in, the other cleared a spot beside them, and had her sit down to chat. Apparently her terms were acceptable, and everyone was smiles and chuckles. The dratted job that they could find no one to do, was finally going to be done, and by someone who took pride in her work, bonus!!!
  Well, she worked hard, place looked better than it has in all the time I worked there. She was happy, we were happy. She did such a good job, that things we used to moan and groan about, were actually getting done. It was nice to see her enjoying her work, as well. But, it didn't take long before the nastiness started to seep out. The original owner was on her about rocks, and such, talking about her hauling them away...they were bloody boulders that had sat there for years, he figured they had only appeared when she started, Hummm...perhaps she threw the 100 pound rocks in his parking lot?
  On payday, the fairy tale came to an grinding halt. She had to clock in, the same as the rest of us, but her agreement also included use of her own personal tools, which were to be paid along with the wages. It appears folks were not listening when the conversation happened in the office. I expect they were just so happy to get the dirty work done, they simply closed their ears and nodded. When the payment for the tools were requested, it was given the next day, along with the words from the owner..." don't you have something to discuss with her?" Yep, guess there was something. It seems all of the hard work done by this person was too expensive for these folks, they just could not afford her costs!
  So...this person worked like an idiot, got every area cleaned up, in about 2 weeks, looking better than ever before with previous folks taking far longer to do shoddy work. She was at the point were her hours would drop because now she simply had to maintain what she had bushwhacked her way through, and BINGO, kicked to the curb, yet again!!!
  This just proves, some business owners are in business, simply through the luck of the draw. They have no business sense, they have no morals, they have absolutely no decency. They cater to those who "come from a good family", or "have good connections" or" have worked with us for years". They don't have the ability to see an amazing asset to their company, those are just to be used when necessary , and then disposed of. Now they have the job that was bothering them done, and done well. It will be a simple matter of hauling another of the disposables out to fill this spot.
  I am not Atticus Finch (To Kill a Mockingbird) or Henry Kissenger, and definitely NOT Mother Theresa. I don't go looking for a good cause, I have enough problems attempting the twists and turns of my own life. However, sometimes, when a co-worker is treated so badly, especially a second time around, it is impossible to overlook.
  There is no happy solution to all of this, in the unfair world, it would be her word against those in power. But , I hope that the knowledge that her side of the story is believed by most, gives her a tiny sense of satisfaction. I can't say the truth will prevail, because in Bizarro world that is never going to happen. But, there is always next year, and the same job will come up again, and this time, whoever is foolish enough to walk into that office and offer to come to some sort of agreement, best get it in writing, and more than one copy!!

Friday, 6 July 2012

A small tipping tip

Crap!!! First day off, and I see the two blogs I follow religiously, have posted new stories, now I am on a guilt trip. I honestly don't feel like bringing work into my day, finished 12 in a row, and that was total stupidity on my part. It wasn't a plan, just happened, and I will ensure it doesn't occur ever again! I am not the nicest person at the best of times, but this just makes me worse.
  So, as I sat, reading about the wonders and joys of my friends, I decided I would at least put a small blurp on here. I was requested to publish an experience of my co-worker a couple of days ago, so figured this would be the perfect time.
  This happened on a day that was filled with surprises. The surprises we get, generally are when a guest suddenly checks out, and does not inform the office. Oh, trust me, we have been burned more than once on these folks They are the ones that take absolutely everything out of their rooms, and we walk in assuming we have a strip. The office is told, and we strip the whole room. Ooops, lo and behold the next morning we see the same name on the book, idiot just didn't leave personal belongings when they went off to work!!! Folks, please, just leave something...so we know you are coming back. Anyhoooo...onto the story.
  We all filled to the rim with Chinese folks. Most of them do not speak more than basic English, "hello" or "I am O.K. No towels needed". In a place where nothing is normal, the added language barrier makes things totally confusing. We got information one room was leaving, and another person was taking it immediately. This made for a nasty rush, had to do the whole suite within a short time. Not impressed. My co-worker saw the guy leave, and he was not alone. This of course meant another room would be found empty. Sure enough, she found it. The guy had left huge rocks on the bathroom vanity, along with a large clump of coal.
  O.K. another learning experience. Do NOT REMOVE anything from these rooms. Apparently when one leaves, anything in the room may possibly be left for who ever is suppose to show up to replace the person leaving. We have had phone calls at home inquiring where the cigarettes that were left on the table went, where the two bottles of beer went, etc etc. Now, my take on this is, why not hand stuff to another person in the group who is staying, don't leave stuff scattered about for housekeeping to decide whether they leave things laying on tables, or in bathrooms. We end up with a "Catch 22" situation, if we leave it, we may get into crap for not doing a proper clean, or, if we take it, we will get a phone call requesting it be immediately returned.
  So, the rocks were placed in a box, along with the clump of coal. All the dirty dishes were washed, the egg shells and greenery (lettuce, grass, and clover) removed from the floor, and vacuuming commenced. I was surprised when my co-worker came dashing across to haul me over to her building. She kept insisting I had to see something for my blog. Yikes, that is never good. If it is blog suitable, it must be strange, right?
  She took me into the room, and told me to look on the floor by the vacuum. I saw what appeared to be a very large Corn nut, but I knew it wasn't.....Nope, there on the carpet was an extremely ginormous Molar!!!Well, I know for certain, this did not fall out without some sort of warning...Was it a tip? As we can not longer be certain what is left for the replacement person, it along with the rocks, was bagged up and placed in the office..just in case.
  I know I have mentioned, money and chocolate are very acceptable tips for the toilet scrubbers. But, on the off chance you wondered...We do not require fingernails, or.....teeth. I know, the old saying "Tooth and Nail" but, really.......

Monday, 2 July 2012

Sow's Ear

I know, I have been a baaad girl. Just so darn tired , hotel full, holiday weekend, with skeleton staff, and, done day 9!!! I promised myself I wouldn't do this anymore, don't know quite how it happened, just missed out on my day off, and now I will be off for 5-6 after Thursday, so...might as well try and stick it out.
  Today, like the past few, was hectic, but bearable. Thankfully there were no big surprises, at least for the most part of the day. With extra staff, I was able to concentrate on one building and keep up with the laundry. I was even nice, and did a load of personal stuff for a customer, who is very young (like my son) and very very far from home. Hey, it was barely a small load, and I had the time. That is my good deed for the week....
  The day actually went by in a flash, I was considering packing everything away, and getting home a 1/2 hr. early. Just watching the machines, 15 minutes left, and I could head out the door. Stupid me!!! I should have known, I heard a male voice call my name, and that could be only one person on the staff, and whatever he needed, was not going to be good.
  Yep, it was the Maintenance man... Oh, and he had a doozy.
   Seems the sink in the small shop off the hotel had been plugged for a couple of days. He decided at the very end of the day to use his miracle clog magic solution. Oh this stuff is horrid. I had never come across it until I moved here. I suppose the nasty hard water makes clogs far harder to deal with than other locations so...we have this pinkish stuff called "Clearline" . You know it is bad stuff when it has an extra warning plastered separately on the plastic that wraps the bottle. It is very caustic, and just reading the instructions will frighten a average human being. The worst part of the whole process is when it comes in contact with whatever is clogging a drain. You think that the sewer has opened up and is spewing it's contents. The trick is, to pour it into a drain, put something over the drain opening without getting close (in case it erupts). You wait 5 minutes and then take off the covering and run cold water. I expect he did most of these steps. Not sure if it unclogged the shop sink, but...it went into the pipes of the adjoining suite, somehow got into the sink pipes, and ate a hole right into the pipe, causing water and Clearline to pour into the cabinet and onto the floor. The poor fellow (the same young guy I had done the laundry for) rushed out of his room to inform the Maintenance man his room "smelled very bad", and stuff was leaking onto the floor.
  The solution.....call housekeeping. Yep, it is apparently our job to clean up everyone's mistakes. I wasn't thinking clearly (how unusual) mopped up the floor, put on gloves and started wiping the cabinet, which was full of black crap and metal from the pipe. Apparently a brighter person would have realized, as the Maintenance guy is asking me to try and wipe between the wall and cabinet (wide enough for a small rodent, but not my pork hock hands) if Clearline is going to burn a hole in a metal pipe, latex gloves are not a match for it. Cripes, it burned so quickly, it was like grabbing a handfull of stinging nettles. The shop lady was concerned, she had me in the backroom with cold water running onto my poor red hands, but, apparently some cleaning was still expected. Nope!! If I am suppose to clean something that eats through my protective gloves, I may take a moment to grasp the situation, but, I clued in the hard way.
  The end of this is, the poor guy moved away from the stinky room. He was more than happy to move into a much smaller room, without a kitchen that he didn't want in the first place, just a bed, a desk and reasonably odour free.So, just because a room has all the trappings of the suite life, you never know when you will get a whiff of what lays hidden behind cabinet doors.Or..."you can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear"!