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  • Animal Farm
  • Lord of the Flies
  • Lord of the Rings
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Monday, 21 March 2016


Helloo!! I remember years ago, my Mom always subscribed to Reader's Digest, and because I was not the smartest kid, I decided I would study the "Words of the Month" section each month. Hey, it didn't make me any smarter, but, I learned to love hearing "new" words, and checking out their meanings.
  Because I am a Canadian, and therefore have the right to debate, and although, my rights to having a personal opinion are now on shaky ground, I tend to follow news stories, and read comments from fellow Canadians, on their personal opinions. Most times, when it is an article regarding First Nations, I will begin to gag, an eighth of the way into the comments. Because, it appears almost ALL political parties have little or no compassion for issues involving them. In truth, it is only the Green party that has some sympathy, and some regard for what our fearless leaders have reneged to promises made.
  But..this "new" word, well, it is splashed all over comments. Hey, a word that begins with X is not very common, but here it is, apparently this is now the "word of the Day". Xenophobia..intense or irrational dislike or fear of people from other countries...Whoohooo..it has got to be pretty new, or, never brought to the surface in my lifetime, because it jumped out at me..O.K. it is getting all the airtime possible, right now. Xenophobics are all about. We have gone beyond racist, because, those who were throwing that word willy nilly, were incorrect with the use. Racists are folks who feel one race is superior to another..all this garbage in the news has f#ck all to do with race..so the politically correct term now is..Xenophobic.
  Now..this is a word that was definitely needed back in the "old" days, it suits what the poor Irish suffered, it suits what the poor Orientals suffered. Yes, I remember a sign from my childhood at the old docks "No Orientals Allowed". I studied that small piece of history, and boy, that was definitely something shameful. All those folks finding a way to travel to our country (on their own dime) climbing off the boat, to see they were disliked, and not wanted. However, they stayed, they worked, harder than imagined, with those employers who abused them, in fact used them as detonation devices ensuring instant death, and they did not get a single hand out.
  I read how almost every Canadian is an ancestor of an immigrant. True!! But, those of us who actually remember the ones who came here, and folks my age do, indeed know our original immigrants..we know what life was like for them. We know they had to get their sh*t together before they made the trip. We know they didn't have anyone waiting on shore with winter clothes and a voucher for a 4 star hotel, and guaranteed spending money, free food, and translators. They showed up, looking for a way to make money instantly, to build a new life for their families. They had goals, and these goals were not assisted by government, in fact, many times, they had hurdles placed in front because of their language, and their lineage.
  O.K. we don't want folks to suffer, well, at least I don't. But, we have gone insane, we have gone so far to the left..or is it right, that we have placed one group of people above all others. We have taken folks from a totally different country, with centuries of culture we have very little understanding of, and..we have decided we are going to cater to them. We are quite willing to forget First Nations, we are more than happy to forget child poverty, we feel that homeless people brought it all upon themselves, but... we are going to prove to the whole world, we are definitely NOT Xenophobics.
  Does the world give a rat's a$$ if we were? Is the world going to give us chunks of cash at some Summit meeting to help cover costs? Are we going to start fining citizens who show a hint of Xenophobia? Will they lose their jobs? Will they be publicly flouted on the media?
  I don't believe in discrimination, I also feel what is happening today, is nothing more than forced discrimination, and our government is telling us that one group of people deserve more than any other group. I have no issue with people finding a safe haven, because that is something most of the world wishes for. I do have an issue with the lack of transparency. We have people who arrived here months ago, but no one is giving any statistics on how many of those are still living in tax payer funded hotels, eating tax payer funded meals, and getting benefits to make life easier. How many are working? How long will they live off government benefits? How come the majority are placed in major cities, with high costs of housing?
  To slow the growth of Xenophobia, our government must tell those of us who have far too many questions, these answers and more. I am sick to death with hearing how this country was built on those who immigrated..this is NOT immigration, this is basically making a country pay for "Foster" people, and it is time to quit blaming those who ask pertinent questions, only to have a new label stamped on their forehead...XENOPHOBIC!

Thursday, 17 March 2016

That Cozy Little Shack Picture

Oh, you have all seen that Facebook post, the shabby run down shack with the dare "would you live here for one month?" Oh, it goes on, no internet, no cell phone, no TV. People are all stating how they would absolutely LOVE to do this. Hah!  Well, O.K. maybe for a month, but I bet a huge majority of you would probably get a tad antsy about 2 weeks in. All you cell phone folks would go insane, you are as addicted to those things, as I am to cigarettes, and to go cold turkey, would be very difficult. Funny, as someone who has not accepted this gadget, and someone who has been look upon with pitying eyes.."What..You don't have a Cell phone? But why not?". I think I might have mentioned the why nots, before. I hate phones! They interrupt...I was brought up, taught I was never to interrupt someone..LMAO..well, I was taught that, and not allowed to do so for the first 19-20 years of my life, and I have more than made up for those lost years, however...unless I am waiting to hear from someone in particular, I cringe when the phone rings.
  If I am waiting for a call, and I have to use the washroom, I will take the damn thing in with me, just in case. However, on more than one occasion, the bloody thing has started ringing just past the point of getting up from the throne. Now..because I get so few calls, I worry..is there a family emergency? I can't let a call go..so I do what has to be done to get to the ringing thing, before it stops. "Hello..this is Credit Card Something or the other. We want to help you lower your interest rate." WTF!!! I went through all that, just for a stupid automatic voice with useless information. Ring, Ring..Out I rush, not feeling too comfortable "HONK!!! This is your captain speaking" OMG!! Some insane trip offer that I have no possible way of even considering. This stupid stuff may have only inconvenienced me for a few moments, but...it was unwanted, and as far as I am concerned, pardon the pun..a bunch of useless sh*t! So, when I go out the door to my home, and leave what is generally an annoyance, I am free. I do not have an answering machine, so any and all calls when I am not home, are not recorded. I have hours of time when, if one wants to reach me, they must call my workplace, and have the message past on. I understand, my family finds this irritating, but, still, I persist on living in the "stone age", because I am comfortable. So..yep, I could live in that shack for years without a cell phone.
  TV..not as easy as a cell phone, but... lived many months without TV, spent my childhood without cartoons, so..definitely could manage that.
  Internet..not so simple. That I am addicted to. Not sure how I got tangled up so badly, but there is only one possible way I could survive a month internet free, and that would be books. I would be thrilled to be set anywhere, with an unending supply of reading material, so yep, I could do that.
  In fact, besides the internet...I am doing that! See, we have our own little shack. It looks very much like the one in the picture. The cedar siding is so weathered it is grey, the front porch is barely hanging on. The fence around the yard, with the nice old apple trees, has collapsed and the remnants of what once was a lovely bay window, long since removed, flap when the wind picks up. The wind also blows through poorly insulated walls, and the windows fill with condensation when one cooks. The flooring is ripped and filled with splits from almost 20 years of wear. Not one wall is even. It is tiny, just a little shack, no granite counters,actually hardly any counter at all.
 It has what one needs for the basics of life. It has a bathroom, a kitchen, a roof and walls..oh, yeah, bedrooms and a very small livingroom. No man cave, den, family room, basement, extra bathroom..none of that. It is simply a place to live, out of the elements. Just like that cozy little place, everyone apparently dreams about. I am, apparently, living the dream. LMAO.
  This little hovel has been our home since my youngest was about 3 (she is 24).We raised them in a house that, at one time, I had to chip the ice out of the bathtub, before running the water. We lived with plywood floors for the first 11-12 years, and ceilings that were little more than insulation and clear plastic. I endured a horrifying chimney fire, because the chimney was nothing more than dried up mortar and bricks ( check out that cozy shack, and make sure that chimney is up to par), so..no fear of that anymore, but heating the place with baseboards is not a simple(or cheap) task. I hated this house! It was impossible to keep clean, it was never warm in the winter, it was pretty much embarrassing when anyone new actually saw it. I spent one winter day, crawling on my back under it, trying to thaw the pipes, I spent more days one summer helping the rest of my family put a new roof on. I was thrilled to leave all the hardships behind, and set off for a new life, in a wonderful 3 story house, with 4 bathrooms, kitchen counters, nice new gas furnace, and all the fancy trappings I dreamed about.
  I got old!! My kids grew up..I no longer need 4 bathrooms, I no longer need 3 stories, it is all wasted space! The upkeep takes more of that valuable time, between answering the phone. I feel obligated to do housework, before going outside. I have adapted to spending the majority of my time in a small area, so...the past struggles of paying mortgages and property taxes, and home owners insurance on two homes, has actually proven to be worthwhile. We held onto our little hovel, through nightmare renters, and long distance issues..it sits, pretty much as we left it.
  The trick now, to find a way to return to the basics of life. I know I can manage to live without extra "fixings", I know that is exactly what I want, in life. I am a simple person, (oh, go ahead, simple minded, as well). I don't care how the rest of the world sees me, I know what makes me comfortable, and reasonably content. Because my children are grown, I have an extra room, I can fill it with books, and when I have to come indoors, I will be happy, knowing that I get this, for more than a month!

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

#Trump This

OMG!!!Where is George Orwell? I do it to myself, I know..but I just can't stop. I just finished reading some article on the punching of one guy during a Trump Rally, and how some Cops are in poopy Kaka. Honestly...I am scared to death!!
  I know, I don't live in the United States, however, they are just a short drive away, plus...I got some pretty amazing friends that do live there, and again, scared sh*tless! What is the world coming to? Somehow we have sashayed around discrimination and racism, but..clearly instead of making any leeway at all, it has all been blown to smithereens. We are screwed! The septic tank called political correctness, has overflowed, and it is going to be next to impossible to clean the sh*t up!!
 I am watching what is happening in America with eyes wide open. I am aware folks here in Canada think the lunacy hasn't crossed the border, but they're wrong. The sewage of political correctness is alive and thriving here in our home and Native land.
  Am I the only one who sees this side of things? I knew we were in the toilet during the election when all I heard was "we need change". Well, we got it, and so far it has been absolute insanity, and whatever that twit thinks he is doing, stating he is a feminist, Native rights supporter, Gay rights supporter, Clean air supporter, and..most glaringly a supporter of Syrian refugees, is ripping away what little gains we have made in the way of equality for all. Justin is not treating anyone equally, and everyone is getting pissed. They are ordered they must accept their hard earned tax dollars will be spent willy nilly all about the world, saving other countries, meanwhile at home, it is becoming next to impossible to earn those tax dollars..but..concentrate on the politically correct trend of the moment..let everything else struggle along. Come on..don't tell me you haven't caught a glimpse of this? Those folks who either live in their parents basements, while they go to university on Daddy's dime, or those who don't have to work their butts off to make ends meet, they are the shining correct folks out there, following along behind their Prince of Trudumb.Like him, they think the rest of the world is living high on the hog..not a clue about reality. Those fighting tooth and nail to survive, are getting really pissed, because apparently they are either dumb rednecks to question what is happening...or....and this is the big one, the one that is going to bite the American A$$, they are racists.
  Just from my perspective, and that is the only one I can give freely...those of us who are pissed, are NOT all rednecks (I imagine there are a few in the mix) and we are NOT all racists (again, probably some of those, as well) we are simply worker bees, we don't have it all, and we don't have absolutely nothing but a government cheque. We are the disappearing class in North America. We are what is left of the #Middle Class. Oh, I am sure a whack of you out there feel you are Middle class, and..perhaps you are, sort of, but you are at the very least Upper Middle class. You don't always enjoy the finer things, but..hey..you treat yourself on a regular basis..you do not have to struggle to pay your taxes, and make a living.
  The absolute horror one sees with #Donald Trump,winning..yes..a total pig, with no clue what reality is, somehow is getting far too close to the ultimate American golden ring. How the hell did this happen? It is happening because (In my opinion) people are fed up with being told they must accept that it is now politically correct to see some treated with what goes beyond equality. People are fed up with the constant use of the term racist when they question anything. People are tired of being told they must buckle down and pay more for those who don't work.
  In truth, (my opinion again) the middle class is splintering, because they don't see a solution to what is causing them to disappear. They have been taxed to death, worked to death, and are only inches away from the welfare line...but they continue working.
  Like our country thinking somehow voting in an absolute twit, with nice hair and a love of selfies, was going to prop the middle class up (hey..he made some promises to this class, but has appeared to renege on all of them), The Donald, found a way to embrace the dying middle class, and he flaunts the total lack of political correctness that somehow appeals to them. Hey..it is not just one race that has fallen into his spell..but..for the most part..it is middle class America. Like a huge section of Canadians, these people are so very desperate for change, that they are not thinking with their brains..they are just pi$$ed, and they are going to end all of the crap that has brought them to this difficult place.
  Hey..STOP..take a look at the fine mess we are in, DON"T DO IT!!! You, and all the rest of the world, including your next door neighbour, will be in a far bigger mess than we already are. He is offering you change, but..please for the love of God, and Peace, and humanity...although we are way too politically correct right now..it is far better than absolute nothing correct!
                                                              “Desperation does not breed empathy or clear thinking.”
Joseph Fink, Welcome to Night Vale

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

#How Green Is My Valley?

 Alrighty! This is for all those who assume I am a great big hunk of Tree hugging flab..Perhaps a sizable hunk of flab, and I have wrapped my arms around a few trees, but..I have never considered myself a #"tree-hugger".
  Since I am in a pi$$y kind of mood right now, and just finished a blog, I am not quite capable of posting, why not go into this hornets nest? I realize, I am ALWAYS b*tching about something, but, that's me..can't change, and wouldn't even if I could. I understand, my views are not the same as those who actually matter to me, well, most times they are, so that is likely why we get along..but..as I always say, this is my personal opinion and I don't care what anyone thinks!
  So, the title...well, that is what I am going to get into, because, although many may not agree with my train of thought, I don't pick the rails, I just go with my gut.
  I oppose Site C with a passion! Besides the utter destruction it will cause, it is a debt for the future generations that is not necessary, therefore it is no less than a crime. The crime is, it is simply a make work project for some, that my children and Grandchildren, and Great Grandchildren will all be paying for. Sure there will be some who benefit immediately, not likely many I know, and certainly not many who live in the affected area, but what a price to pay for these few folks to enjoy a bit of wealth.
  Time has shown, that the majority of folks want to decrease their use of electricity. Well, even if they don't want to decrease, they have to, because it is becoming increasingly unaffordable. Because I am old, I remember the costs of Hydro. I remember back in the day, heating my kitchen with my oven, because it was cheaper to keep us reasonably warm in that room with the cost of electricity, rather than put oil in my furnace. Plus, of course, the bill wouldn't come until later, and oil had to be paid C.O.D. and I didn't have any C.O.D. But, beyond that, I turn off lights. I turn off things that are not needed. I wash in cold water, not that it helps, because my hot water tank is gas, but..still, I am trying! If I could afford it, I would definitely walk away from Hydro, and become solar powered, or wind powered. I don't care if I have to use a candle or lamp once in awhile, I could adapt to use Hydro for very limited amounts, because..life can be lived without it. Well certainly not in the city, but in my little world, I could manage with a generator if necessary. However, statistics prove, usage has decreased, so..why do we need to build another dam?
  It is NOT green...in a world that is continually spewing how carbon taxes are needed, and coal is bad, and gas is bad..a great big dam is somehow touted as #GREEN. WTF people, get your heads out of your A$$! This project will spew massive amounts of that nasty Carbon all over the place. It will dump mercury, it will destroy habitat for animals and birds on the endangered list. It will flood land that can be used for grazing, and farming. It will make fish disappear completely, and leach acid blast minerals into the water and ground. But again, somehow the rest of the country believes this is Greener than gas, and coal, and it is worth all the damage it will cause.
  So, #1..we don't need it, #2, it is anything BUT Green, and #3, we just cannot afford it! It's not going to save us a penny, it is not going to make hydro electricity affordable, because a 9 billion dollar debt will be hanging attached to it, when the rest of the world is attempting to decrease their need for it.There is not one positive about this project that I can find, so why has our government slid the thing through every loophole they could find, by passing all the stringent regulatory bodies, to push it as a done deal? If those in charge are sneaking about, does that not make you wonder? Hey, that is enough reason to push the pause button and dig through the lies and the deception to find the truth..the truth being..it is not needed!
  Pipelines..well..they are not pretty, they are not perfect. They carry some problems, along with gas and fluids. They upset eco systems, they have failures, and they are never welcomed. However, oil and gas use is NOT decreasing, and although it is possible to live without electricity, it is far more difficult to live without fuel..not impossible, but difficult. Pipelines also, bring profits. They don't cost the average tax payer until those regulatory bodies decide it is necessary for them to raise the price. They certainly do NOT get to slide by all the regulations set in place. They employ a far greater amount of people, for a far longer time period. And they do NOT, despite what many imagine, spew near the crap that Site C will, into the atmosphere. Hey...something else..you can walk beside the pipeline..can you walk on water?
  I understand, pipelines do impact, and a large amount of that impact is negative, but..so is a huge tanker delivering fuel from Saudi Arabia, developing a leak in the middle of the ocean, and spilling a sh*tload of crap. Water is not the easiest thing to clean, especially if it is miles from anywhere. Hauling this product by train, well, we have seen the result of disaster with that form of delivery. No matter which way you look at things..oil and gas are here to stay..so the big question, how are we going to access it? We've got it..it's right here in our backyard, no matter whether you want it or not. The dinosaurs left it laying there..They left it on the other side of the world, as well, and that is what most feel is acceptable..to use that stuff, it's cleaner than ours????
  Sorry, but..my personal opinion is, it is far more beneficial for us to access that dirty nasty stuff in our own yard, put it into pipes which will be inspected (and we can insist these inspections go above and beyond set regulations) and the access, removal, AND  delivery of this necessary product will be paid for by some ginormous company (not government/Us). We have the right to insist on all sorts of regulations, and we should! See, pipelines can be shut down..yep..it is possible..if there is a problem, shut it down. If the company isn't following the rules, shut it down! There is control..of sorts Pipelines can be shut down, pipelines can be removed, pipelines can be fined, pipelines may indeed cause future issues, but..it is unlikely my Great Grandchildren will be paying the cost of installing them..they may indeed pay a cost to loss of land use, however, my personal opinion is, whatever environmental costs if it doesn't affect the water, we can try to fix it..
 So weigh them out folks..Because..trust me, as much as I do believe in progress, and industry..yep..I do...I believe with all my heart and soul, Site C is not worth the price..it is not worth the billions of dollars you and I, and those who come after us, will continue to dish out, it is not worth the loss of the land it will flood, it is definitely not worth the massive crap it is going to spew on us for generations to come, so...Just like the Treaty 8 First Nations, I accept something has to happen, and just like them, I believe it should be what is already rampant, pipelines...they are there, we have had to learn to live with them, and...sorry, those of you who feel you don't want them in your back yards, but you feel comfortable agreeing it is Green to flood more of the Peace River Valley...suck lemons!! Turn on your heat, turn on your lights, drive to the store, take a trip to someplace sunny and warm...but..sooner or later, everything that allows you to do so, can't stay in another backyard. It is time to see how you are allowed to live a comfortable life, it is time to stop shipping crude oil across the ocean, after paying a foreign country for the stuff. It is time to stop train loads of explosive stuff from rolling through towns and cities...It is time to accept pipelines!
  Hold the companies accountable, hold your government accountable, ensure nothing but the best material is used, do NOT allow pipelines to be built because the area is the cheapest design, insist every safeguard possible is put in place (because there are safeguards). Don't pretend it is unfair you must deal with this, when media has informed you over and over, others have lived with pipelines for many years. You want progress, you want jobs, have them in your backyard..don't stick everything into the Peace, and then tell us how Green our valley is..because we know the truth! 
  Oil and water do NOT mix..
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Monday, 14 March 2016

Just A Little Prick

O.K. Sounds pretty interesting, eh?Sorry to disappoint. This is not about #Porn..Oh, maybe one day, when you least expect it, I will sit down, and get dirty..but, not today. Actually, that is pretty unlikely. but..Hey, could happen..just like winning the lotto, could happen.
  Nope, today the prick I am going to rant about, comes with a needle. I just read about an epidemic of measles happening here in my province. This isn't the first time a childhood disease has popped up its ancient head, to give killing kids another try. BTW..I started elementary school in 1962, so the MMR vaccine came out the first year I headed to school. I don't remember getting a needle in Grade one, I do remember getting an extremely tasty tiny paper cuplet of red stuff to suck back, and also remember not being the only kid who really wanted another cuplet (it was damn tasty). That appears to be what saved me from polio..and I am ever so grateful!
  I carry the scar of what I assume to be a small pox immunization at the top of one arm (my friends Mom actually insisted my friend's scar be placed on her foot, so as not to disfigure her lovely arm???)Hey, mine went exactly where most of the rest of the country had theirs. I am thankful I got this immunization, because..I knew people who had suffered the ravages of Polio. Not a well known disease now, but back in the 60's we knew about those poor kids who spent years in iron lungs, and wore horrid metal braces because limbs were affected.Again, not something one sees, unless they Google, but I remember! Never saw the result of small pox, but I imagine a disease with a nursery rhyme about people all falling down (ring around the Rosey) was not a pleasant experience.
  I remember suffering Rubella at 22 years old. In layman's terms, German Measles. It was incredibly painful, and I was flat in the bed for days, while going through basic training in the military. I actually thought I had got sunburned through my pantyhose, because I was completely covered in tiny red marks. But..thankfully I didn't die, because..I had been immunized, so whatever I suffered was not the full meal deal. I had chicken pox, still carry the scars from scratching, but...my Mom had got my vaccination, so..I didn't die.
 Get the jest of what I am trying to say? If not..it is the fact that I didn't die!
Hey...I don't trust Doctors as far as I can throw them..well, maybe not so much Doctors, but the big pharmacy companies that are trying to make fortune after fortune, on medication. The 60's has the nasty Thalidomide black mark, and apparently I was damn close to having my Mom take that "morning sickness" cure, that left many of my friends missing limbs, or with disfigured limbs. So...yep, I have doubts...But, as someone who stood in alphabetical order while in the military, getting injection after injection, for things I have absolutely no clue about (basically guinea pigs, bet you didn't know this?), I have survived.
  I remember having to ensure all 3 of my children had immunization records up to date, before they entered school. Why? Because they were about to begin years of spending hours among many other children, so to try and assure horrible diseases did not break out and kill classrooms full of their friends, they followed the single possible saving grace, and got their shots. Sure, they got a sh*t load of things, measles, scarlet fever (yep..one of my kids had that unheard of disease, and that was not a walk in the park!) chicken pox..but...surprise..they didn't die! If there had been a freaking lice vaccination, I would have signed them up for that, as well.
  Somewhere along the line, some folks decided these vaccinations were to blame for all sorts of other issues with their children. Then somehow NOT having their children immunized, became their right. Along with this, the big doors of the world have opened wide. International travel is no longer reserved for the rare few, folks are flying around the world and visiting all sorts of places.
  O.K. maybe I am #"Old-fashioned", but many of these places have all sorts of germs and parasites that have never seen the green green grass of "home". They exist in conditions that have harboured them forever, and..yep....children die from them! Not every country offers vaccinations, so, when these diseases rear their heads, they get the full blown effects. I have never seen a person with leprosy, but they abound elsewhere. I certainly would not want to get a note home from school stating " last week we had a bout of lice in the school..this week we are informing you "Little Johnny was found to have contracted Leprosy.. Please keep an eye on your child, and if they appear to have any symptoms, please keep them at home." Because..I am sure not a single one of their needles had diddly to do with this foreign disease. But...since I am not a Doctor, nor a scientist, I have no clue how far fetched this imagined possibility is, I simply used leprosy, because..I wanted to.
 So, claims vaccinations cause autism, MS etc, well, because I have not studied up much on these matters, I can't say what basis they have. However, as one who was pricked by every possible vaccination out there, and one who ensured their children also followed the rules, and one whose children, ensure their children have all their shots up to date...I can say none have died as a result of childhood disease. That tidbit of information (fact) is enough for me. Not one of my friends died, in fact no one I know has died from a vaccination, or measles, or mumps, or whooping cough..therefore..immunization is a good thing!
  I believe if one decides they are NOT going to immunize their children, then they come up with some form of raising their child around only others who feel the same way. We have "french schools" which are a parental choice, why not non-immunized schools? I don't think the right to decide whether to throw a child with no defense against childhood diseases that can kill, into a classroom of others who follow what, until very recently was the rule, is fair! I believe not immunizing your child, is basically no different than refusing a blood transfusion to save that child. But...prickly as that may sound, it is my personal opinion..which is..yep...my right!!
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Friday, 11 March 2016

It Is What It Is

Oh my goodness..how many times have we heard this saying? Hey, I use it almost as much as I use Hey! Actually #"Hello" and "Hey", can pretty much cover every aspect of my day, add #"it is what it is", and the whole damn thing is condensed into these few words. All it takes is a different emphasis..Hah! Bet that's a word you seldom speak, but use all the time.Love emphasis!
  I remember growing up, having only the CBC radio as media entertainment. Even as a child, I grew to despise those voices that were totally void of emphasis..completely monotone. You know what I am talking about...I enjoy emphasising, and as I said, can get any message across by using one word.Makes one wonder, wtf do I ramble on so much,LOL. Trust me, it isn't because I enjoy hearing myself, because I realize the more I speak, much like the more I write, things become more confusing. I also have issues with #tangents,  I go off on them constantly. I don't see them coming, poof..away I go..Funny, I personally enjoy tangents..they appear right out of left field, I honestly am just as amazed as those who must just sit there reading, wondering...how the h-ll did she manage to get here, when she started off in another world. Tangents are often the ruin of my arguments, I begin with total assurance I know what I want to say, and then...I am going on about something that ticked me off 15 years ago..apparently that particular issue decided it needed to pop in, and be dealt with. Again..no control.
  So, even though I have a serious lack of control with words..whatever possessed me to imagine, I should sit down on almost a daily basis, and share my disorganized world? Hah! That answer is precisely why I started this particular blog..and..again, before I even got to what was the basis, here I am on tangents.
 Anyhow...I got here because someone I knew decided to hit the blog years ago. I enjoyed reading his, and imagined how much fun it would be to have something, no matter how small, to fill the empty spaces in my world. I(no doubt) have tons of crap that perhaps should stay where it is, but, again, there is so very much, and it becomes confusing, so..I hope putting it out here, frees up a wee bit, for future useless information.We'll see how that works.
 So my fellow blogger, well, he used to live out east, where the center of our Canadian Universe is..no not Quebec, but close...Now he has returned to the same town as me. I realized we are so very different. He loves the place..I absolutely HATE it. He finds all sorts of fun social activities , I hate people, therefore, very little fun in my world.
  I wonder if it is because he is so much younger? He has children, and he has friends from his single days..So..maybe that is why our perspectives are total opposites. Hey..don't get me wrong, I can see how he could love what I hate..cripes, almost everyone I know and love, believes Sushi is the greatest meal ever to hit a plate..I freaking HATE it! This guy is nice, and..no matter how often I give nice a thought, I just cannot be bothered..Therein, lies our difference.
  So...now that I am back on the original thought process, I suppose what I set out to say is, "It is what it is", but what it is, is different for each of us. Hello!!

Thursday, 10 March 2016

Reserve Your Comments

Alrighty..bear with me..my technological incompetence has cause me to have to delete this whole damn thing, and begin again.
  So this morning I click into Facebook, as I do every morning, to see what the world has been doing while I slept. Most of the time, it is clearly diddly squat..or nothing of interest. This morning the first post that caught my eye, was about a serious problem with suicide in a remote #Manitoba Reserve. Certainly not the first Reserve with this horrible issue, and sadly, not the last.
  O.K. there it is, out for the rest of this Liberal country to see. This country that apparently has immediate issues with anyone being politically incorrect about refugees. This country that suddenly assumes all homeless have options, and all mentally challenged chose to be out on the streets, and every single mother has the ability to support their children. This country that feels that those who suffer within it, do so because they refuse to access the massive support system sitting there, just waiting for them to show up at the door. Those struggling Canadians, are not a priority..the folks landing from war-torn countries, are somehow more deserving. Honest to goodness, as one who has followed this from the very outset, I am mind boggled. I have been branded racist on more than one occasion, and coldhearted. Two things I really never considered myself to be, but..now I question myself.
  Today the question is ginormous! Why when I read this sad article did I feel compassion for those struggling in #Manitoba? I did..and I still do. I do not feel this same compassion for a refugee, who decided he did not want to live "Bomb-free" in #Winnipeg Manitoba, he wanted to stay in one of 3 places he had Googled. This person was deemed newsworthy, and his complaint was seen all over the country with what appears the expectation of pity, and as insane as it seems, he got pity. However, while this poor fellow and his family sit in a city hotel, kept by our tax dollars, a community of #First Nations is watching their people die, not from bombs, but from lack of #mental health care, and lack of the basics of life.
  First, let me say, I wanted to comment on this post, but, as most of you have realized, when I feel the need to enter into a debate, I need far more room than Facebook allows, so instead this is the forum I have chosen, because, although I do not wish to offend a beloved friend, I cannot let this go.
  My friend's  comments included their belief that because it is a Reserve, these folks do not live in Canada. O.K. lets deal with that..I know there is a whole whack of folks out there, including myself, that feel Reserve are nightmares. There are some Reserves that are beautiful places, but the majority of them are filled with problems. So my friends solution to this, was for those suffering poverty to simply pack up and move..apparently to Canada. Well, Canada is the source of the problem. Saying they don't live in Canada, well..in some respects this is true.
  See, when my children's Great Grandfather left his reserve back in 1944, to go off and fight for Canada, when he came home, imagine his surprise to be told he could NOT live back on the reserve with his wife and children, because..wait for it..."He gave up ALL (and I mean ALL) his rights when he went to fight for a country that was NOT his!!(trust me I have a letter sitting in my desk from Mr. Ghostkeeper stating this as fact) Joining the war effort denied not only him his rights, it removed the rights from his wife and any and all children. So, where did this leave this family in 1945? It left them in no man's land..They were not allowed to be with their extended family, and...obviously they were set adrift in a country they didn't belong to. I don't care who you are, you don't have to think hard to imagine the difficulties this man went through, basically left in limbo. To understand what the government of our country did to First Nations, one has to take some time and research, and while researching, remember..this did not happen 200 years ago, this happened within the lifetime of many still with us.and..they should simply accept, and forget?
  Fine, so those on Reserve do not pay taxes..well..believe it or not, most Reserves do not have a ton of work opportunities, so..even if they did indeed pay taxes, it wouldn't be much,  lets just look at it from a perspective of clumps of land the government designed for populations to live on welfare. Because our country segregated these folks, again, have a read of the Indian Act from 1867, and if you spend a wee bit of time, you can read stuff from 1967 and even later, which continued the segregation (and I know my friend was alive then).
  Those living on the Reserves have been doing so for generations. They were born and raised there, surrounded by all the horrible cycles created by Canada..the country that isn't theirs. The cycles of despair, sexual abuse, alcoholism. If one really takes the time, one can understand, this was a result of what our country committed. So, to say, educate yourself, pack up and leave..how simplistic. It is like saying..put your coat on, go out the door, and forget everyone you hold close. Because, the reserves, horrible as some are,  are families, and if not families, life long friends. So, to save one's self, one is expected to leave everything, to walk into another Country (I suppose exactly like those poor refugees, living off the tax dollar) and get a life!
  I agree, these people need help. They need Mental Health care, they need a government that ensures they are warm, and have food to eat, and water to drink. Why? Because, again.....Our country promised them this!! I don't give a crap about how much money INA claims is spent on reserves, we all freaking know..the Indian Agent is still a fact, even if the name has changed, that money is NOT going to the populations on reserves, and our government knows damn well what is happening! Again, do you trust your government? If so, fine, but I do not. I look outside the box, I look beyond the enormous amounts they claim First Nations are receiving, yes there is something wrong, but is anyone stepping up to fix it? Nope..they like it this way, they like it when discrimination runs rampant, and blame is placed elsewhere..Canada is to blame for it all...and until we accept, and until we force those in power to do what is right, and begin the process of acknowledgement, and make right on the promises made when they wanted something...We have no right in the world to focus on another frigging country, and decide they deserve promises..this is just all so F*cked up!!
  O.K. I know I flit about, bad habit. leads to a lot of wasted typing, but pretty much what I want to say is..the problems on this Reserve, and every single other Reserve, do NOT belong to them, they belong to Canada. This country designed prisons called Reserves, and the results of these mistakes are occurring in massive proportions...and our country is fully responsible for their actions. We cannot allow those we demanded live where our country decided they would live, be punished for our governments actions. We cannot welcome people who have no connection to our land, and give them all they need, while stating those who were here first, paddle their own canoes (after removing their damn paddles). We need to clean up our own yard first!

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Pulling a Bowie

Yes Bowie, as in David! Anyone who really loved this artist, will understand what I mean. Perhaps we Bowie fans followed him all these decades, because like his song..He went through changes right in front of our very eyes.
  Hey, I don't know what sh*t happened in his life, it is clear I would never understand, as I have not gone from basic obscurity to fame..I am still floating about the obscure zone. But, I do understand that sometimes, change is absolutely necessary. I certainly have never had a change as dramatic as David, but, again, drama in my world does not compare with his.
  So..to change something sounds a tad boring...but to "pull a Bowie" well, that sounds far more exciting, and positive, from now on no more Ch-Changes..I am pulling Bowies.Wheee..
  Yeah, I suspected time was racing towards this, I have spent years debating, weighing pros and cons, and each time, the pros would be far heavier than the cons. I lost hours, days, weeks, of sleep, attempting to find an easy solution..but, as usual, easy does not make a regular appearance in my world. Every single thing has some sort of addendum..and so on and so on..to infinity and beyond!(Infinity..one day when I am really brave I will blog about this..drives me batty.)
  Change is difficult. Oh I suppose if I were Donald Trump, change wouldn't be so hard..cripes..just one clue would change that twit..and I get clues quite often..wonder why he doesn't? Yep, money can make change simple, money is usually the main culprit that holds change back. So, if there were a few million bucks in my savings, hey..piece of cake! Sadly, I am a few million short of that..so, going to have to Pull a Bowie, the hard way.
  This time, I am doing the deed in levels. First level, work like an idiot, second level, have a melt down, third level...regroup. So..I am in the midst of re-grouping. Things that I imagined were impossible, now appear to have possible solutions. Is this truly what I need and want right now? Well, again, the ability to test the waters, has certainly clarified things. See, sometimes memories of things are blurry, and one can begin to believe things to be better than they truly are, then reality hits, and the truth is, they are not so good. Think I have tested that issue, and things are pretty clear.I know this is NOT perfect, by a long shot..but, I do believe it is right.
  So, when the time is right, I will progress onto the next level. I understand it will take time, because of course unless I win the lotto, I still don't have the means, but I have figured out some ways. Besides being frugal, I am pretty low maintenance. I have come to a point in life where I simply want the basics. Oh...don't get me wrong, I need a tad more basics than are available at this moment, but..those will come in time.
  Like I said, this Bowie has been on the burner for many years, like instinct, sometimes one's heart speaks, and no matter how hard a person tries to ignore this, it is telling you what you need. I need to find my way "Home". Is this an age thing? I'm not sure. All I know is, my heart has become unbearably loud, and ignoring it has caused an awful lot of anguish. I am listening now, and I will find a way to follow my heart!

Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Pain Medication

  First off..not that it makes a lick of difference..I don't smoke pot! I don't smoke pot, I don't snort coke, I don't take over or under the counter medication on any sort of regular basis. The last medication I had was some sort of antibiotic...I am lucky!! I can get through my days with the odd Aleve, and application of Voltaren. Medication scares me..I have enough "addictions" to deal with, without taking a gamble and adding more. I spend most days with some degree of pain, because I am old, and I did abuse my knees and such throughout the years, but, 95% of the time, it is bearable. I think in the back of my mind, I know what is bearable today, will become increasingly worse, and when that happens, I figure I have a clean slate for pain medication. I can start off with the simple stuff, and maybe by the time I hit the heavy stuff, I will be really old, and not care? Hey..that's just the way my mind works...
  However..I do know folks who need some serious pain relievers, and, as far as I am concerned, I figure they should be able to inject, swallow, stick up their bums, whatever it takes to give them some comfort. If someone is suffering, and something out there can help..just let them have it!! Does it matter if it is Acid, morphine, heroin, ludes, opium, whatever? Not in my mind!
  So, when I read this little blurb about a drug bust, and how they found a bunch of syringes filled with Phoenix tears, I was flabbergasted. See, I know what Phoenix Tears is all about. In fact..I know someone who used this, and is still with us today, probably because of it. Yeah..sure..it's not legal...I have no clue why someone who is dying is not allowed to attempt any and all possible cures. If you had a loved one who was informed they had no chance of survival, and heard someone else had been cured by eating only apples off a certain tree, that had a great big fence around it, and signs saying no trespassing..and the people who owned the tree refused to give you an apple..would you break the law and attempt to get one? Without a doubt you would! Phoenix tears are no different. It's illegal, and using it is apparently a crime, making it is definitely a crime..but...if it can save a life..WTF??
  See, if Joe Blow gets caught selling weed, I don't care. It's not legal yet, Joe Blow is making a ton of money under the table, and he certainly isn't saving any freaking lives...His gamble, his punishment. I admit, I am all for making pot legal, no different in my mind than booze (although most booze is made of a mixture of sh*t one can ensure is reasonably safe, whereas, right now, pot is kind of chancey). Time to stop wasting law enforcement and court time on something we know will soon be legal.
  But, if Joe Blow has instead, spent days concocting an oil that may save someone, and is offering it up for sale, what sense of accomplishment does the public get when this is taken away?
  I think it is a far bigger crime to keep any and all possible cures, and pain relief from those who suffer. Perhaps it is because I have seen suffering? I realize, Joe Blow was probably going to make some good coin selling these "tears" hey..so be it..pharmacies charge big bucks for lifesaving medication, and don't seem to care if someone can't afford it. I assume the worst thing Joe is doing, is getting his money tax-free..he is not the first, and certainly not the last..hey..figure out what he was going to screw the government out of, and I bet those folks who might get a chance to live will find a way to pay the debt! Bet a GoFund would rake in more than enough!
  Human compassion should not have stupid limits...if something like pot can be made into something that just might save a life, is there not some way to give it a try? It's certainly NOT going to kill someone..Cancer is doing that. Pot has been proven to help children prone to fits, it has been proven to help folks with glaucoma..for crying out loud, why not prescribe Phoenix Tears? Some things are not black and white, some things have large gray areas...Pain and suffering should not have someone decide what does and does not work..Only the one without hope, should be allowed to grasp at any chance ..what difference does it make? Maybe it will save them, maybe it won't, but they should be allowed to try!

White People

O.K. simmer down...I'm allowed..I AM white! I can say whatever my bloody little heart wants to, on this subject, because, again..I AM this subject!
  Now, I accept all the other races with their stories of discrimination. I am not an idiot, I know this sh*t happens. But...why does the world believe that this one race, the one I happen to belong to, does not suffer discrimination. Or..perhaps they know damn well we do, but they figure we deserve it, because of the past history. Really? Would people who suffered this, actually approve of others suffering?
  Why in the the world would one race feel it is fine and dandy to focus on faults of another (in truth another generation long passed) and allow them to be singled out and expected to sit silently while everyone else insults them?
  I know, there are large groups of my race that are total idiots, but..hey..I see a sh*t load of "African Americans" (a term I find difficult to agree with), and Aboriginals, and Orientals, who are just as idiotic. Is it acceptable for the other races to be racist? Only those with less pigmentation have to continue to pay for mistakes made by those who came before them? It's alright for anyone else to keep themselves separate , and close doors to anyone outside their race. Honest to goodness, Political correctness is F*CKED!! It can't be correct if it isn't equal. Hey, it goes beyond races, it goes sexual as well. Gentleman clubs had to open their doors to ladies..can't segregate..women are equal..Hah! However it appears to be O.K. to have Women's groups, with doors closed to men? Again, is this just not wrong?
  I am continually confused! I believe in equality, I don't care what colour, or non colour a person is! I don't care if they are male, female, transgender..whatever...they are people..and that is all that should matter! I realize the time I have spent walking this earth, is probably one of the most explosive equal right times, ever. So much has happened for the good, in my time. But..truthfully, so much bad has happened as well.
  White people have been singled out, to be the root of all trouble, and they (well at least I) have had to sit quietly while others lump me into a category they feel all folks born with skin lily white deserve. I am suppose to accept "white people, this, white people that", because...why? I am suppose to accept rights and benefits handed to some, simply because they deserve it, but..oh. no..I'm white, therefore I must stand alone.
  Those who know me, know damn well, I stand for the rights of those who deserve promises kept, and those who deserve apologies, long past due. I believe the wrongs from long ago, must be addressed, and fixed. But...as a "White Person" it is not my fault! I have no control, just as others have no control over their birth parents.
  Until the world stops placing the blame for every racist issue on the doorstep of White People, and looks around to see they are simply following the same pathway, segregating themselves, making them appear "better" because of who their genetic DNA donators were,they are simply continuing discrimination.
  Hey, I am proud of my ancestors..I go way back to the Normans on both sides, people who endured hardships. My roots are deep on Scottish soil, and I don't back down easily from a battle. Yes, I am a mouth piece, but..when it comes to what I call reverse discrimination, although it hurts to the bone, I will not fight.
  The battle of racism and discrimination will only end, when we become colour blind..all of us!! The end will arrive when we accept we are all just PEOPLE. The end will arrive when the wrongs from the past are righted, but that is not something an individual can do. Governments are no longer filled with only WHITE people, there are all races in power, some of whom are there simply because of their race (again not the answer). Those people are the ones that need to address the past and fix the future. I can't do diddly!!
  So, I accept, I have ensured my skin is thick (colourless, but thick). I will continue to quietly accept that the world feels all the problems with racism lie with me..But, all along I will hold out hope that one day, the world wakes up..and there is just one category...PEOPLE!

Sunday, 6 March 2016

Logging 101 (or WTF!)

Well..here, something just a little different.., yet another offering of a glimpse into another world.
  OMGosh, been in this world before..hated it with a passion, and...surprise..still hate it just as much! My first experience living with a log truck driver was ever so long ago, back when my honey and I were just starting out on our exciting life of romance. At 70, my Dad taught my ex, and my honey both how to drive log trucks, and enabled them to get their class one license, way back when my 1/2 century sweetie was just 21..Sh*t that's a long time ago!! It wasn't our first step into that doorway of trees and trucks..we both spent some time cutting trees, planting trees, and picking cones, so we have pretty much seen the whole process, well him much more than me, but, we have cut them down, and put them in the ground...No way in hell will you ever see me pulling gears..the world is much safer that way.. My better 1/2 did a few other jobs out in the bush, running choke chain, and such, but..somehow, and I simply cannot fathom how, driving log truck got under his skin.
  That life totally sucks! He has drove various types of trucks. For many years he delivered fuel..hey..that wasn't so bad, pretty normal days, and most weekends off. He drove tank trucks, and Vac trucks, and gravel trucks, some jobs made us tons of money (well..O.K. good money) but log trucks..geez..never, ever enough money to make up for the side of life I saw.
  The first time he started driving..our son was just born. Wow..talk about fun!! I remember staying up till 2AM, doing what ever housework I desperately needed to do, making a lunch, making a thermos, and then wandering outside in the dark to climb up into the truck and start it. Then I would wake him up, he would get his bearings, grab his lunch, and away he would go..to return in time to have a bath with the baby, eat, and go to sleep. Days off..Hah! If the truck wasn't on the road, it was being washed and worked on.Back in those days, he worked with a 6 week hold back..yep...never quite sure what pay day held..was this the one with 10 loads, or 4? Break-up...there is fun stuff...That is the sometimes extremely long period that you don't get paid..because, that is when you really don't work! Break-up can last 4 weeks, or..sometimes 3 months!
  I was thrilled when our lives changed and logging was left behind. Well, in truth, even when he hauled fuel, our lives depended on logging, because that is what the whole economy was based on. When the mill shut down, it wasn't just the folks cutting and hauling trees that lost out..no one needed fuel hauled either, so..once again, our lives took a turn far away from logging, and into the oil patch.
  Truth be told, when the patch is busy, life is put on hold there, as well. Again, if the truck isn't hauling, it is getting worked on, but..one bonus, the money is much better. Through no fault of our own, he took another course and spent some time hauling coal. This wasn't as good money wise, but, it gave far more time for life. However, like oil patch, coal isn't a going concern now, so, he tried a set scheduled haul, away from home, and..while doing this, that damn logging bug bit him again!
  I believe driving log trucks is some sort of masochistic condition suffered by those who enjoy punishing themselves! I am unclear what possesses grown people to spend days and nights pulling loads of chopped trees all about the bush. Most trips have something that occurs, a flat tire, an air leak, electrical, and of course all work is generally performed in the middle of nowhere, and usually someplace really freaking dirty! And..again..days off..what a joke!!
  Now that baby he used to have a bath with, has somehow joined this world. I remember when our son used to say he was going to grow up and drive a truck like his dad..I used to tell him if he ever considered that life, I would cut his little paws off..well..he still has his paws, but I am not impressed! Sure I am glad, at a time many can't find work, he is doing O.K....but sure wish it was something other than log truck driving! I hope this allows him to ride this economic waterslide till things turn around, but..I wonder..does he have bite marks like his dad?
  So, although being the partner to someone who drives log truck basically sucks the big one..or at least that's my personal opinion. I am trying to accept this lot in life. No matter that my beloved moans and groans and complains daily about his work day, well except for the odd.."had a pretty good day" remarks...and although I see how very tired he is when he finishes a week, I can also see..he appears to be in his own zone, a world that defies normal...someplace that he feels comfortable, and sadly, a place I think he feels he belongs...The sadly is directed at me..because I am the one who will never understand logging 101..

Back Tracking

Holy Crapola!! Just clicked in to check out my stats and such, and see that I have about 102 drafts, just sitting there. Those are 102 attempts to put whatever rant was stewing in my head, down to share..without finding a way to finish. Oh, I know some of them, they will have 2 or 3 sentences, those suckers will head off into limbo. But I know I have an awful lot that, I either couldn't finish, or finished and was just a tad leery about sharing. I am not sure, have you noticed sometimes I go just a wee bit off the deep end?
  I am also all excited..hey, it doesn't take much when you live a steadfast boring life...I broke down, and decided to join the advertising world. I'm not only excited, I am curious. Is someone going to click into my little old blog, someone who works for Google? Hola!! Sh*t, now I am scared..I imagine some poor soul having to struggle through blog after blog, attempting to figure out what sort of advertising is suitable for the subject matter. Hah! Perhaps cleaning products? Maybe Duct Tape? Maybe books on how to shut one's mouth at inopportune times? I am totally clueless as to how this works, but..there was that small print that appeared to offer some sort of monetary reward, and...clearly I am heading towards retirement, so..money is irresistible.
  I still read the Birdman blog, he started me off on this amazing thrill ride, and I will be forever grateful. He is way beyond me! Chances are, either he has a sh*tload more friends (which doesn't take much) or he is far more Technologically savvy (also doesn't take much). He stepped into the advertising long ago, and..it didn't make a lick of difference to me as a reader, so...don't worry, things won't change much. He also has a Kahgillion more readers, and far more zeros in his hit stats..but, he offers small time bloggers like me, incentive.
  Blogging has been a gift to me. Oh, it probably has been a gift to those who know, and must deal with me, as well. I used to screech and holler about all the garbage stuffed in my head, to whoever happened to be close enough and cornered long enough to spew to. Usually it was my poor Honey,he still gets bits and pieces, but, I try very hard to vent at the keyboard, I really need those who still care about me to stick around....I have even suggested to others to give it a try, but...so far they are still trying to corner unsuspecting folks to let off steam.I was chatting to someone just the other day, who was going through a bad patch. She was saying how she found a wonderful councilor, one who would actually listen..well, I told her that my Blog was my personal councilor, and I was able to say everything, with no interruptions, so..fact is, sitting here putting it out to the world has done wonders for my well-being.
  Hey, maybe most folks don't like to throw open their closet doors, and let the skeletons see the light. I don't care! I have no issues, and very few secrets, that I need to keep hidden. Oh, no fears, other people's secrets, they are safe...those are kept under lock and key, they don't belong to me. But, sometimes, I feel the need to let the world in on who I am, because I don't need folks assuming they know what I am all about. O.K. they assume I am a mouthy b*tch..fine..that has been proven. They assume I will state personal opinions, with no censoring..also proven. They assume I don't like people very much..yet another fact! They assume I don't care what anyone thinks of me..gosh..right again!
  However to see that I have so very many blogs sitting in drafts, I am going to have to do some back tracking. I am going to have to check into all of these little blurbs (and it appears some not so little) and find out why I didn't post them. Did I have some momentary whiff of care and concern? Perhaps the timing was not quite right when I wrote them? Perhaps the timing is now right?
  Clearly, each and everyone of those blogs were done when something either pissed me off, or maybe..made me really happy (yeah, I know doubtful). So, since I am about to embark to a new level with my travels on the world wide web..I am going to have to check out all those little treasures, and see if any of them are ready to polish up, and click the button on!

Friday, 4 March 2016

Old Age Stinks!

  Hey! Figured I would be nice today, for a change. Why not give some folks a heads up, on what is coming down the road, as they get old. I can do this..because Holy Cow!! I AM old!! I know, I have not hit retirement age , just yet, but it's pretty close..Just figured it out, I will reach the age the government decided (well,,sorry, I am lucky enough to be able to stick with the age that was decided before they spent all the pension money, and calculated a new "Old" age) I will be allowed to access the big pot of dwindling pension money, when my grand-daughter turns 21.
  No big deal, old as I am, I also realize I am far from ready to sit back in the rocking chair and knit..mostly because #1. I don't own a rocking chair, and #2. I can't knit! Oh, I have some plans that will keep me busy, and at the rate I have been going, in another 5 years, I will likely welcome not "working".
  But, really weird sh*t happens as one gets up there. Sure there is a ton of physical crap, which in my case, sort of happened out of the blue. The normal aches and pains, crunchy knees, nagging back, the odd twisted finger (yes mine is the middle finger, likely from over use) sore feet, dry skin, dry hair, those were expected, and...sadly had to be accepted.The wrinkles, well, again, I had an idea how to get rid of those, my tiny brain seems to think..if I eat, and eat, and pack on about 40-50 lbs, I imagine those wrinkles will simply disappear..could happen, not quite ready to give it a try, but..perhaps this will be a blog for a future time?
  The really strange stuff is not visible. The smells..F*ck, that is the most bizarre. I have a large nose, I have hated my inherited honker since I was about 7. Honest to goodness, at that young age, I had dreams of getting wealthy enough to change it..but..the thing has hung around, it does it's job, now it is doing beyond expectations. Smells drive me batty! I enjoy savouring the nice smells, like blossoms on trees, and rain, and even dirt. I am not offended by barnyard smells, because they are outdoor smells, and mixed in with the poop, there is fresh air, and grass, and animal dander, all smells I enjoy. It's the inside stinks. I can walk into my workplace, and have a stench hit me so hard, I step back. I will spend days and weeks, attempting to discover where the h-ll the smell is coming from. I smell plastic, one of my most stomach churning stinks. Garbage bags stink more than garbage! I am seriously considering inventing (or has it been done already?) some sort of wax paper lined bag that can be used for garbage. Glad bags do not make me glad!
  Drains in sinks and bathtubs..have to pour bleach down them, because somehow, whatever is down there makes me want to gag a wee bit. Those damn bags of salads..Yuck!! WTF is in that bag? O.K. I find that burst of foul odor almost retchable, but..for some strange reason, I can manage the stink that bursts forth when opening a bag of my ever present Lay's Potato chips.
  I do hate packaging. No matter what, it actually stinks..paper and cardboard never smelled like this crap! I hate plastic packaged meats..not sure why, but it just doesn't seem fresh, it has a stink when it is opened. Once I smell that, I just do not want to eat whatever it contains. Tinned stuff, well not a problem, however again, we must endure that locale issue, so..if it doesn't come from someplace acceptable, it is not edible.
  I admit, I have always been a fussy eater. Hey! I know, I don't look like I have appetite problems, but...most of this comes from salt, sugar, bread and butter..life's basics as far as I am concerned. But, the biggest problem, as I have aged, I have lost trust in what stores are selling people for food. I see bacon, looks great in the package, cook it up, and dump a pan full of whatever out, to pull a couple of tiny morsels out. Hellooo!! That is NOT right!! Pigs are not full of water. I eat a sh*t load of cheese, but..even that worries me, stuff will mold real fast, even when stored properly, and it just doesn't cut like it used to..sometimes it isn't even the correct colour..how orange does cheese have to be?
  I smell meat when it is cooking..sometimes, I know there is no way I am going to swallow any of it down..it stinks!
  Is it because I grew up before chemicals became so readily accepted for consumption? Even freaking ice cream! How did they manage to mess up ice cream? Geez Louise, when food frightens me, there is something badly wrong! I don't need chemicals, if I wanted them, I would "Google" Timothy Leary, and really indulge.
  Folks today have no concept on taste, or smell, because everything has been treated with something extra. Even clothing stinks. Shoes smell, packaged socks smell, bed linens stink to high heaven, and I have had quite a bit of experience with that stuff. When a white sheet washed 3 times in the laundry, suddenly has tiny red threads in it, or a white towel with blue and red threads that appear all by themselves...something is very wrong! We are eating, wearing and sleeping on stuff we have no clue of, and it all stinks!!! Hey, ever lay on new carpeting? Wow, there is a stink you will never forget!Foam beds..yuck..horrible smell.
  Either these chemical additives have become rampant in the past 5 years, or my sniffer has suddenly gone into overdrive. When dogs turn their noses up at their bowls of food, and a container of margarine (much healthier than that nasty butter) is not appealing to a dog that cannot resist butter, and..we all have read exactly WTF margarine is..but hey, stores still carry shelves full of the stuff, there is something very wrong!
   So, I guess it is time to use my super "old" powers... Time to put the sniffer to the test. Life doesn't have to stink...

Thursday, 3 March 2016

Turning A Blind Eye

   I know..I am a tad fixated on Animal Farm..and right beside that To Kill A Mockingbird. Both those books reverberate in my world on a constant basis. Daily something occurs that reminds me of how very little we have traveled as Human Beings, in my lifetime.
  Oh, I know...technology has made massive strides, some amazing, some, well..myself personally, I feel they have simply added to creating a world of introverts, and that is NOT a good thing.But, socially, we are still stuck very much in the same ruts as those back in Harper Lee's childhood.
  I have admitted to being a pretty rampant introvert, but...as proven here, definitely not a complete introvert. I DO care about others. Oh, I have perhaps gotten just a little colder in recent times, but, as a mother and grandmother, I have been genetically altered, therefore, I care.
  Along the line of Site C, (which for the past few years has taken up far too much of my time, and my peace of mind) I am astounded at what I encounter. Like so many of my previous blogs, I cannot fathom why every person in this province, indeed, in this country, is not screaming their bloody heads off. Am I one of the few who see the wrong that is happening over and over?
  The hatred, and venom directed at the Treaty 8 First Nations, and the farmers of the Peace River valley, is massive, and...ignorant. How can so many citizens, with what most claim high levels of education (unlike oilpatch workers) be so freaking blind? Is this what education does to a person? I think not!! These people may indeed have spent time in school, but they didn't learn a damn thing! They might know how to calculate wind speed, or chart their way home from a neighbouring bar, but they are dumb as sticks, when it comes to what truly is important to those of us living in Canada. They are totally oblivious to what allows them to spew hatred, they fail to understand Human rights. Likely the very same group of folks shoving down our throats the latest feel good group rage..welcome the refugees. REALLY???? Why the H-ll should we bend over and kiss religious butts, and change everything around to suit folks from another country and culture, when we have such an easy time to turn a blind eye to those who deserve consideration and at the very least..the very least, the ability to have promises kept? Millions of Canadians sitting at home telling all the rest of us, we are racists, because we don't want to open the doors wide, and let a whole new population plop themselves down in a filthy mess, and try to make life all nice and shiny for them.
  Nope...see, that is childish, little kids do this all the time, and parents get mad. You cannot continue to throw out the old, without paying the price, and signing credit for new. Syria is golden, those people are running for their lives..HELLOOOO...Right now those who allowed us to have this land as our homeland, they are running out of places to have a life!
  Our "newly" elected leader, oh my, he really ran a good campaign. Promises all about, one really big one, one that even I thought he might follow through with, "It is time for a renewed, nation-to-nation relationship with First Nations peoples, one that understands that the constitutionally guaranteed rights of First Nations in Canada are not an inconvenience but rather a sacred obligation," said Trudeau to loud applause from First Nations chiefs this morning.
  Yep, those were his words..but, I am beginning to think, he was just talking about "some" First Nations, maybe those in the East, or maybe those close to big cities? He certainly has shown no move to deal with a provincial government bulldozing through the constitutional rights of Treaty 8 people. They have been hollering at him since he stepped into his position of power, but...besides a blind eye, he seems to have deaf ears.
  Do people not understand? Can they not see? The governments continual slap in the face to those who stand beside promises made, is the beginning of the end. To sit back and laugh, and joke as the rights of one group, are ignored, and even beyond ignored, twisted, and abused, is tantamount to throwing all rights out the window. Why would anyone think their rights are sacred? First Nations, Farmers, homeowners, business people, which of these have rights they feel government will acknowledge? Why would one right be worth keeping, and another worthless? These are people making the decisions, people just like you and I. They are not Gods, they are not superheros, they are not powerful, they are just plain old folks who had enough time, money and connections, to rise up in government. They go bald, they get fat, they eat and drink, and lie and steal, and...for some unknown reason, those paying their wages appear to condone every screw up they make, and we allow them to change rules when they feel it suits them.
  Take heed! They are changing the rules all the time, and one day, they are going to change a rule that affects each and every citizen of this province, no matter race, creed or colour. Turn a blind eye now, make your nasty evil racist remarks (because in your world racism is what you chose) and let the rights of Treaty 8 go down the toilet. When your leaders see how easily they were able to do that, how the people of the province sat back quietly because they were convinced it was for the betterment of the majority (silly sheep)....be sure they will continue flushing

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

What A Difference A Day Makes

 As many of you know, I am far away from "home" hiding out, and trying to get my sh*t together. 

 Funny, I knew I needed some fixing, but in truth, didn't realize the major overhaul necessary. I firmly believe sleep is one of those things that is strong medicine. Oh, not that wake-up steady stuff..but deep down inside, sound asleep. For the past 3 days, I hit the hay, and bam..I am out like a light. There is no waking up stuff, this is, real good sh*t sleep! Yep, I'm bragging, because after months, maybe even years, of broken sleep patterns, that left me wanting to just crawl right back under the covers every single morning, even with 3 dogs sharing my bed sleep, this has been incredible! I still have that nasty ball of knots between my shoulder blades which are a well known work injury associated with my job, but, it doesn't throb quite as badly.
  It was difficult the first few days, that uncontrollable urge to touch base with the job. I knew it was what had dragged me into the darkness, but..even so, because I had allowed it to become my life, I needed the "fix". Geez, wish I could quit smoking with the will power I somehow dug up to slap my hands and let it go. O.K. one tiny connection, but it really wasn't related to MY job, so...I am going to say that was allowed. Won't be there pay day, so I am not even going to feel the pain of no wage..well..O.K. that's a teeny lie, but..too late now, so, nothing I can do about it! The longer I go, the farther away work gets. That is a good thing.
  I harboured some guilt. When I left, things were pretty hectic, and as one who has been dumped to carry a heavy load on more than one occasion,(with, I must say, no guilt felt by those who dumped me) I felt bad. Maybe that is why I felt the urge to contact? I worried about the others, I know most didn't listen, and didn't care where I was going when I hit my wall, but, because this is so awful, I did not want anyone else bashing their heads. Silly me!! I know that would never happen! Idiots like me are few and far between. Oh..I know one, very well, but I no longer have to worry about her stupid loyalty and sense of responsibility, she finally got a clue, too! So, today, I am guilt free! Apparently when I left, everything basically ground to a slow dribble. Doesn't that figure? Like my idiot friend said, it is very unlikely anyone now, will ever have a clue what it means to have their life controlled by this job. Are they smarter than us? Hummm..that's questionable. Nope..don't think brains have diddly to do with things, think it is just an older generational "clot" (really, used to be a good thing, now it is painful) that no longer has a bearing on the work place. It doesn't get a person anywhere, well, anywhere good. Not possible to remove the clot, but I am sure I can thin it out a whole bunch!
  Yesterday, I found the second strong medicine, that allowed me to truly feel I am on the mend. I had a surprise visit from my oldest "daughter" sister-in-law, friend. The house was a mess, the dogs went insane, my hair wasn't brushed, and I was in my housecoat. All of this would have been grounds previously, to rush outside and suggest we hit a coffeeshop. Nope...the sheer pleasure of seeing a familiar face, and the ability to find total comfort with a person who has been there for so much of my life, allowed me to simply enjoy. Laughter and total comfort, wow..what a feeling!
  So, I can say I am getting much better. I can also say, I was far worse than I imagined. It is going to take a lot more than a couple of weeks away from my job to fix things, but all those fixes don't seem as impossible as they did last month. Truth be told that scary quote "abandon hope, all ye who enter here" could very well have been tattooed on my forehead, now it is disappearing, and...I am very hopeful!

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Crusty Clark Enema ofThe People

Saw this somewhere today, and thought it was extremely fitting. Nope...this is NOT going to be about the recent court case,although that was such a horrible farce, and somehow acceptable to the people of this province..so I just can't even comprehend this event quite yet.
  What I am going to go on about, is, (honestly people, either I am the world's biggest fool, or the rest of this province have no eyes or ears).... why Site C?
  Not unlike the nasty hateful comments spewed out against those in the oil patch, recently, following along the past few years with the disaster they call Site C, has shown me how very evil people are, and proven once and for all, racism is alive and thriving.Sadly, this project is NOT a First Nations issue, it is an issue that transcends race, it is a multicultural nightmare, but...leave it to government to paint it red,black and white, and coat it with some native firestarter, so that focus is aimed on aboriginals. Hey, what better way to incite hate? How easy to ensure every redneck in the province decides it's a good thing, because all of those lazy reserve people are against it? Lets just fill up the "get a job, get a life" mantra screaming idiots, so no one actually clues in to reality.Look at those damn Natives, stopping industry so we lose out on jobs...Yep, that comment is made over and over...Time to pay your own way..we don't owe you anything..this is NOT your land..blah,blah,f*cking blah...Yep, those spin doctors did an awesome job..throw the Natives under the bus, and let those big mouth city folk figure they are losing out on lucrative jobs, so they help push this insanity through. No need to answer the tough questions, because everyone is busy hating, not looking past the possibility of catching a buck or two...
  Stupid sheep!! First off, the First Nations have total rights to protest! As do each and every sane person (or insane) in this province. Truthfully anyone who wants to keep our province out of the toilet, should be screaming their bloody heads off. Site C is NOT needed presently, nor will it be needed when Crusty figures she will manage to have it finished. Nor will it be needed long after that! In fact, it is likely it will NEVER be needed.
  What our government is doing, is gambling, and not just penny ante, they are going in with everything on the table. Every dime you could possibly pay in tax dollars is being placed in this one slot. So...give your head a shake, can you, can we, really afford to blow all of this? Because a sh*tload of research has led more than one brilliant person to claim, this is NOT going to work out favourably. This is going to cost more than it promises to give, hummm..would you purchase something that will incur continual expense without providing something desperately needed? Probably not, unless of course you come into a ton of money that you didn't have to work for, that doesn't really belong to you, but, you get to spend it.
  JOBS....Well, my belief is, that is what this is all about. It is simply one more "make work" project our government has come up with. She is going to shine handing out contracts worth mega millions to all sorts of "friends". It is likely she made a whack of promises when her predecessor pushed the green light on this mistake. Hell...likely Gordo filled a few pockets before he went off to his reward "job". That is what this is all about! That is Crusty's golden ring, she has hung up above this sh*t pile, give those contracts, make those jobs for all those folks who live far enough away from the affected area, that she doesn't have to worry they may not want Site C. Really Sheep.do you think locals will be placed in an area that they may decide this is going to screw up something awful? Maybe they are all gungho presently, but..facts are, in time, there is no doubt every single person living in this area will come to realize this is F*CKED! So..best not to even consider those living close by, best get workers from far enough away, that don't, and won't give a Rat's A$$ about the Peace.
  Promises made at the beginning of this project, basically small promises, have dissolved. Every day, agreements that were made are changed, of course there are reasons(excuses) for all these changes, and cripes..it's just starting!! For F*CK'S sake, open your eyes!! Forget your racism, forget that slim to none chance you will make your fortune on the last mega Dam project, do some research...Because, unless this is stopped, only the very wealthy will have the ability to access this "affordable Hydro" that will one day have an unbelievable price tag attached to it!
  Ol' Enema Crusty is at this very moment, dunking each and every tax payer in her province into the ginormus pile of sh*t she is building...and for some reason the majority of these people are just plugging their noses and smiling...Sh*t Eatting grins might be O.K. when they are figurative, but not so great when they are literal!

Dirt..Nature's Best Defence!

  Well..can you tell I have time on my hands? Totally enjoying this pause in what was a nasty hamster wheel routine.
  I got to thinking..(the whole damn family cringes when I say this)..What's wrong with kids today? Every second kid has some sort of allergy, they have skin issues, learning issues, lactose issues, issues,issues,issues...
  Was this around when I was young? If it was, I certainly didn't hear about it. I swear I was allergic to school and green beans, but..no one seemed to care, so I had to suffer through both. I survived! I was very allergic to stinging nettles, but...so was every other person I knew, so..we stayed away from them, or, we beat each other with them, causing a horrid bout of itching and scratching, and pinkish coloured skin, from the only thing that dulled the pain a tiny bit. I never once heard of a friend who could not eat bread or drink milk. There definitely was never a single soul who could not hork down a bowl of ice cream, and suffer for it. There was stuff I absolutely hated, like squash, but that was just the taste and consistency, no rash or throat swelling occurred. No child had an epi-pen, and trust me, we were always collecting bees and hornets in jars, with flowers..not one friend died during these collections.
  We had dirt under our fingernails at all summer, because we spend every moment possible outdoors. We ate vegetables out of gardens coated in dirt...perhaps there may have been a moment of choking, when one almost got caught raiding carrots, but..I cannot recall hearing a friend recollect how they were sick to their stomach the morning after chowing down. We chewed sap off the trees (Yes, we were desperate) we ate almost any type of berry we found(honest to goodness I KNOW those thimble berries had a spider or two on them), we chewed sour leaves, we dared each other to try pretty much anything out in the bush...no one died..no one had to be flown out with stomach issues, no one needed antibiotics...
  We wandered about with rubber thongs on our feet (yes the original thongs) in the bush, through area with old building that had fallen to the ground, more than one kid stepped on rusty old nails..I lost count of how many I tread upon. I do think I got a shot once for tetanus..but no appendages were lost. We climbed trees, we fell out of trees, we fell off bikes (without helmets or knee pads). We crawled around in old buildings with leaky old containers, (which generally were poured out, just for investigative purposes). Apparently our world was coated in Asbestos, and a sh*tload of other stuff that now has been reported to be deadly to humans...strangely the group of folks I grew up with, for the most part, are still alive and kicking pretty hard.
  We drank our pop out of glass bottles, and carried our groceries home in paper bags..or perhaps if there was a large enough amount, a cardboard box. My girlfriend and her family ate hamburger raw (hey, I wasn't about to try, but they loved it). Yep..not once did I ever hear of salmonella...salmon yes, nella nope! Our popsicles came wrapped in paper, our icecream came in cardboard containers. Water, that came out of a tap or a hose. We ate paper..yep..again..desperate..actually because candy and icecream were not a daily treat, we did this to ensure we got every morsel. We licked our hands if that popsicle dripped onto our skin..dirt and all..
  Sure we had things like impetigo, and I remember ringworm going around once, we never ever had a case of lice, and some of us lucky ones, would suffer sties on our eyes, but...not a soul I know grew up without being able to stand close to peanut butter! Good Gosh..allergic to peanuts..how bloody awful! WTF is in a peanut?
  So..besides that nasty evil, I feel has been one of the worst environmental disasters (plastic)..maybe swallowing dirt, is why those who grew up back in my day, seem to be made from tougher stuff? Not about to eat dirt now..sadly our dirt was way cleaner than most you will find today in your backyard..yep..clean dirt....Everything back then was cleaner...cleaner air, cleaner water, cleaner food..additives I think equal allergies..time to get back to the basics..a little dirt a little water, and everything, even people will grow stronger..no need to add things to make them last longer..that is not natural!
(Think I am sort of repeating, however, this world of crap food, and crap clothing, with everything made in a test tube, is one of the biggest human errors even committed.)