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Thursday, 31 January 2013

Medical Nonprofessionals

I know, I have ranted along these lines before. However, recent events in my life have made me decide, once is not near enough! I am aware that the last time, some readers felt inclined to argue my take on things. Hey, it's a free world, but....consider the fact, you may be the lucky person who gets all the positive results from the medical system in our Province, and our country, I, however, have seen the disgusting, disgraceful, inconsiderate, and totally non-professional side of things, one too many times!!!
  For awhile, I thought maybe the lack of care and consideration when using the medical health care system, was simply because we lived in the boonies. Maybe our health care professionals were so unhappy with the weather, and hated their lives, they took it out on the patients.I have had my eyes opened, this is not the case!
  I have friends in the nursing profession, and know damn well, these people joined that profession at a time when they felt pride, and the need to offer care and assistance to people. They went into this career because they had compassion. Well, many of these friends have watched their profession sink into the toilet. Overworking, under-staffing, Unions calling the shots, floors closed, jobs contracted out, filth, lack of proper supplies, and the big one, over management, have dragged a wonderful profession into the dark ages.
  Who remembers the Doctor who actually knew their patients? The day when you had a file, which this person had on their desk when you arrived, one that they had actually taken time to read? Now we are like cattle, we sit and wait, appointments are without fail hours behind, you are asked what is your problem..then you get a couple of minutes while they check, and out the door you go, either with a prescription or some other paper that you must follow up on. Gone are the days when your blood pressure is taken, you are weighed, and various other things that contribute to your health are addressed. Gone are the days when they note that you are behind with certain tests. No, the issue is, sitting there in the lobby, are a huge bunch of other people waiting for their 15 minutes. Something has gone wrong, the rush is on, and because the system pays on the numbers, no one gets enough time to actually get checked, any more. People are dying because of the push!!
  Now, in the past 9 years I have been to the Doctor twice!! Yep, 56 years old, should be going on in and getting a regular medical check, to ensure I don't have any of the problems that will stop me from living a full life. Hah!! First, the two appointments I did have, took me weeks to get. One required an MRI in another location, which I had to wait almost 3 months for. I traveled off there on my own dime, had the procedure, came home, and waited..What was I waiting for???Stupid me. I actually thought that the results would be sent to the Doctor, who would look at them, and then call me in to discuss things. I say stupid me,because that is no longer the way things work. After a month, I called the hospital only to be informed it was my responsibility to follow up, I had to call and make an appointment to see if the Doctor had the results. O.K. "lets do that" says I ..."Oh, the Doctor is on holidays for a month. Would you like to book when he gets back?" Not frigging likely!!!!WTF!!! Hey, maybe my bones are totally screwed up, maybe my knee will suddenly lock forever, and I will end up walking on one. But, if this "professional" got results that required further care, and did not see fit to have his high paid receptionist call me to go in , I obviously do not matter, and therefore I don't want to bother them!! Yep, that is my take. I must be a bother, how many procedure results are stacked up in a file, that these people can't take a moment to call the person attached to them?
  Now, as far as I know, whatever results came from my MRI, they are not life threatening. I will survive. But...lets look at some others I have known (note the known). Wonderful,be loved friends, who had the misfortune to have cancer invade their lives. Yes, that dreaded word, the word that kills. I for one absolutely despise the ads on TV that claim my province has done so wonderfully in the cure of this killer. Oh, the Health care system is fighting this, and we are so lucky to live in this province, if we are unlucky enough to be kicked in the gut with the diagnosis. BULL SH*T!!!
  I will tell you, unless you are extremely lucky to get a Doctor off the bat, who is there each and every time you have to go in, and one who actually learns your name, and has compassion, you are screwed!!!In my world, two out of 6 of my friends who went through the horror, is a survivor!!Yep, not great odds at all. The reason, because their health care providers didn't give a damn. Harsh, you say, well, it is true. Those procedure results I spoke of earlier, those were just stacked in files, left for weeks, and even months. Treatments were delayed, time and time again. Doctors went on holidays, forgetting that someones life was on the line in their stack of files. Friends were sent for treatment, only to be turned away, because paperwork did not follow, pushing things back weeks again.
  There are signs placed at hospital reception areas, warning patients that they are not allowed to raise their voices, they will be removed if they cause a scene and upset the receptionist. HELLLOOOO..In other words, they are not sorry your life is on the line, they don't care if your papers were misplaced, and your tumor has grown far too big to be dealt with now, for goodness sake, do not raise your voice. Too bad, guess you can't get better, guess you are hooped because we were too busy with the next person to give you a chance!
  I could understand if there was no way to beat this disease, but there are treatments that can save lives. If a Doctor would simply take the time to listen, take the time to forget about Suzy BooHoo who shows up every single week with another frigging complaint, and give the 15 minutes that one uses up wasting time, to ensure every procedure and every piece of paper that could possibly save the person with a killer inside them, is in order,maybe I would still have my friends.
  I can see I have not even skimmed the surface of this rant. I have so very much more inside to tell you. I have seen things that would make you shake your heads, and I just have to share them. Today, I have spoke of the sad state of the "Line Doctors" trying to tick as many patients off each day, to ensure they get a really nice chunk of cash from our medical Tax dollars. Tomorrow I will describe the pleasures of a hospital stay.

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Crap Loads

So, guess my big plans for not wasting yet another day, have gone down the toilet. Why? Because I arrived home totally exhausted.
  No, I did not have an overwhelming work load, yes, I got enough sleep, I am just very, very tired of crap. I have stated before, I have my own load of crap that I carry around. My life is definitely not a bed of roses. Things occur in all our personal lives that weigh heavy throughout our days. I have gone into work, often, worried about family, friends, bills, income tax, etc etc. It is not easy. Many mornings I wake up, thinking I have too much on my mind, and not enough left to even think about work, but....I have to put my big girl panties on (yes, they ARE big) and shove that stuff off to the side for 7-8 hours, while I do what I have to, in order to get a pay cheque.
  That pay cheque is a personal choice. Hey, I could struggle along, going without extra stuff, buying a few less gifts, less food, maybe pay one less bill, and not work. I do, however, have my sweetie, who works hard, and provides a pretty healthy income. But, I decided that I would find a job, and thought, along with some extra spending money, it would save my sanity, perhaps I was wrong. I am beginning to wonder if it would be better for my sanity to stay home, and become Betty frigging Crocker!!
  Now, I don't claim others may have a bigger load of personal crap they have to carry about than mine, there are some. There are, however others, who seem to think their load is the heaviest, and the only one that is far too big to stay shoved off to the side. These loads must be thrown out for the whole world to endure. Everyone must hold this load in their own little paws, if only for an instant. I don't want to touch other people's loads of crap.
  Life is NOT fair. This is something we are taught from childhood, and if we grow up, and forget, we are lost. Yes, I moan steady. I am jealous of those who float through life, seemingly on golden feathers, while I rocket about on a lead ball, bashing against walls on a constant basis. Like many of those I know, I will step on the golden feather and take a cleansing breath, only to find I have fallen to the ground with the lead ball smashing the back of my head, yet again. It is just my wake up call to join the real world. One that has something crappy waiting in the wings to splatter me and clutter up the nice clean space left from the last pile of crap.
  We find ourselves good friends, who will help with the crap loads. They will listen to our tales of woe, and offer advice, or assistance. We know our friends well enough to see when their loads are getting heavy, and we, in turn offer help. Friends and family often know what crap loads are following folks about, when the rest of the world is oblivious. That is the way it is suppose to be.
  When the crap loads of others start splattering on the rest of the world, shit happens. Things go out of whack, people are no longer able to keep their crap shoved off to the side, they run out of room. The crap load of the other person drags their problems to the front, and they start feeling the weight. To hear a constant barrage of issues from one person, makes one lose control over their own, and then they have to make their way through the work day, struggling with stuff they thought they had under lock and key.
  To burden someone with problems other than their own is exhausting. People are not meant to carry the weight of the world, they are given loads that belong to them. They learn to deal with a certain amount, and they are able to manage their jobs, but when the problems of another are added, work suffers, patience suffers, co-workers suffer, and employers suffer.
  It is time to remember how unfair life is. Look about, there is always going to be someone far worse off then yourself, but generally that person has learned to haul their wheelbarrow full of crap all alone, or with friends and family. Don't forget, that happy smiling co-worker might have a shit load of crap shoved off to the side, fighting to get out before the allotted time. For goodness sake, grab hold of your crap and control that sh*t. Work days only last so long, and then you can let it spew forth, when you have a good friend ready to take some of your crap, lightening the load.
  Crap is personal, it's called crap because that is what it is, something that belongs inside of you. Until you find a way to turn that crap into something that doesn't smell to high heaven when it gets out into the open..leave it at home, or shoved off to the side.
  I really want to be able to come home, and get my own crap smelling a little better, instead of coming home covered in sh*t  that does not belong to me! So, I am hoping that all the crap loads are shoved off to the side tomorrow, and everyone is wearing their big girl panties....and big boy ones (O.K,. shorts) and we all put on our tiny little smiley work faces, because our wages include the rent for crap load storage space, and spend a happy, happy, happy day!I really need to have the energy to clean my damn house!!!

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Wasted Days

Well....I have hit the big times!!! I had comments from someone I do not know. O.K. maybe I DO know them, but they are very mysterious, so I am just going to pretend this is someone who randomly arrived at my blog (not through Kitchen sex utensils, so they claim) and has actually taken the time to read my rantings. This is thrilling! I understand my friends feeling obligated to pop in, but this person did so on their own accord.
   When you live in such a tiny little world as I do, with no where to go, that even remotely resembles a social scene. When a big night is a bottle of wine, and your hubby and grown children spending an hour in the hot tub, or....no wine, and hubby and Grandchildren in the tub, the knowledge that somewhere out there, maybe someplace warm and exotic, a total stranger has commented on my blog, is exciting!
  So...LB whoever you are, and wherever you are (I hope it is someplace far more exciting than the Peace) thank you so much for adding a tiny drop of happiness in my world.
  Now, onto what is bashing about in between my ears today. I already realize that, about 9 tonight, as I am getting ready for bed, I will once again get hit by the fact that I did not accomplish diddly. Oh, I worked, but, I have not done a damn thing since I walked in the door at home.
  It was one of those days the urge to waste hit me early. I decided before leaving work that I was going to take supper home. Cripes, I didn't even make supper!! Oh, well, thank goodness, no dirty dishes...Really, I am getting to an age that I really can't afford to waste time. Yes, I understand, we all need time to relax, but wasted days, are not even relaxing days. They are days that you wake up, climb on the Hamster wheel, and spin about managing what is necessary , not even living the moment, the motions are habit, you manage to keep your eyes open, and appear to function, but, all along, you just want to survive, until you can return to your own little space.
  It's not like your personal space is terribly interesting, nothing wonderful is going on, no feature movie, no wonderful cake awaits your arrival. Why, then, do I spend the whole work day, just craving nothing? I am admitting, I have done nothing!! Came home, closed the door on temperatures that are hovering close to freezing Hell over, pulled my fuzzy housecoat on, over my clothes, swallowed down supper (as quickly as I could, so I didn't have to share too much with the dog) , turned on the TV to some absolutely anal show about Property Virgins, and now I sit, attempting to explain to you, why I did this.
  Cripes, I can't explain it!! I'm not overly tired, I'm not sick, I'm not even angry, I'm just blah and hate myself!! I think I must waste about 40 days a year, at least. It's not like I don't have stuff to do, I have laundry, I have floors to clean, toilets to clean..Hummm...perhaps I am explaining it to myself right now? I think that is all it took, just putting down the words to what I just didn't want to do.
  I suppose this is life. Unless I win the lottery, these nothing jobs will continue to be waiting for me. I doubt very much, today will be the last "wasted day". I will, at some point (maybe not tomorrow) have to pull up my socks, and do something. If only I could find that magic potion, a quick drink, and then suddenly all those crappy cleaning jobs are quickly accomplished, allowing me to arrive home, and do exactly what I am doing now (nothing) without the nagging guilt.
   How on earth did I get to a point in life where cleaning has become a guilty burden? Those who have known me for years remember entering my home, and seeing a kitchen sink full of dirty dishes, mounds of laundry laying in wait by the wash machine, bathtub rings that you could count the years by, a toilet with a kids potty sitting on the seat. Those were the days when I was young, and should have been full of energy. I should have been following the kids around with Lysol wipes, and clorox. I did attempt to clean, back then I probably spent more energy hollering about how much I wished I could go from room to room cleaning, and be able to go back to the beginning to see the result of my work, (never, ever happened) then I now have throughout the day.
  But, the sad truth, now is, I can't place the blame for an untidy home on anyone but myself and the dog. Oh, that dog!!! He must be as messy as 3 kids!!!O.K. he doesn't leave a toilet bowl ring, but he does drink out of it, and dribbles all over the place. He seems to prefer taking any food (pizza, cookie, bone) onto the nice new shaggy area rug, to eat. I stand there and watch the bugger drop it onto the grey shag, over and over again. He plops himself on the nice cloth couch, which I purchased mainly because it appeared conducive to his fur colour (it is hidden pretty well, but, it attaches itself to any clothing that comes in contact), he will sit and drool puddles while watching me eat toast and butter, which of course, ends up eaten on the carpet (by the dog, not me).
  If he is not eating, he is apparently in desperate need of attention, which means he must drag out all of his toys (yes, he has far too many of these). A stranger coming to my door would think I had children, as now dogs don't just have a tennis ball, they have alligators, and snakes, and chickens, etc etc. These toys are coated in slobber, and dropped all over my floors.
  So, in reality, deep down inside, I must not want a clean home. Therefore, my days are not actually wasted, right? If the house was spotless, I would not have anything to bitch about, the dog would not hear the lovely sound of my voice, and I would simply walk in the door each and every day (with takeout supper) pull on my fuzzy housecoat, and do absolutely nothing......HOLA...Now I have almost convinced myself I should be grateful for housework?????

Thursday, 17 January 2013

The Tree-Lined Path

I realize I have entered this area before, all the aches and pains that begin to surface, pretty much as you near the 40 year bracket. Then they start to rapidly increase, snowballing each decade, no each minute after that.
  I have spent more than one conversation with my school chums, crying about my ouches, and hearing about theirs, this is one thing you do not try and one up a person on. HOLA...I am very happy that my body has not screamed quite as loudly at me, as those of some friends, and I don't ever want it to!
  Oh, grey hair, well, if it really offends a "mature" person, it is easily taken care of. The wrinkles, well....I hear Botox can fix that, if it really becomes too big of a burden to carry, and you have the extra cash lying about, and no fear of having your face frozen(like your Mother used to warn you about).
  That is all stuff you are aware that will arrive as you settle into the 1/2 decade mark. The stuff that they have neglected to warn you about, is far worse than those pains that make you go "Ow". I am going to go into the absolute worse part about growing older, the real agony, beyond that of sore body parts.
  The most difficult part of being a middle aged person, and at 56, I consider myself the "new" middle age, is the loss. Not the loss of movement, the loss of bladder control, the loss of muscle, the loss of hair, but the loss of people.
  I became an "orphan" years after I became a Grandmother. Strange, but I assume it certainly did not affect me, like it would a child, but, it did indeed affect me. The day I lost my last parent, was the day I became a Grown up. I realized that I was the oldest now, I may have been the oldest sibling, but on that day, I no longer had someone who was more adult than myself in my family. I actually felt that weight. I was now the oldest parent in my own family. I was now the one who would be expected to hold the most advice, the most experience, I would be the one who was suppose to have answers, and I had no one else to go to.
  Now, don't think, growing up, I did not see the loss of people, I lost friends, and I lost family. I can remember how I felt with each one of them. I did my share of crying, and asking "why". But, my own personal circle was safe and secure, until I turned 26. That was when I lost my Mother, and I have written about this often. It was a terrible blow. I was the only one of my friends who no longer had a Mom. I was jealous of all the others, I felt all alone, and I hated it when my friends would speak about things their Mom's did, or how their Mom would watch their kids, and how they were going to visit their Mom. That just never seemed fair to me.
  But, suddenly it seemed my friends were losing their Mothers and Fathers. What the heck was happening? It wasn't right, we were far too young to lose parents, mine was just a horrible mistake, why are all these other parents passing away? See...getting old is a very subtle process. You become a mother yourself, but, you keep thinking you will always be the second generation mother. Your Mom will be the Grandmother, and you will simply remain a Mom. Then suddenly your children grow up, and Bam! you are a Grandmother, but, you figure you are far too young to be  Grandmother, so somehow, you fall into the false sense that you are unique, you will have that family with Great Grandparents, and Great Great Grandparents, and so on and so on...
  Surprise!! Not the way it works. No matter how tight you squeeze your eyes, mortality will begin its slow crawl towards you. If you are "lucky" it doesn't aim directly at you. It appears to start randomly. You say things like "OMG, they were so young" , or "what a shock!" But in time, you realize it is happening too often. Oh, you never get used to it. When friends start to leave, without warning, Cancer, Heart Attacks, it is beyond the accident, it is mortality, giving you the heads up. You are reaching the tree lined path of life.
  This path is the one you have been traveling the potholes to get to. It is far less hectic, the traffic has slowed, and is taking time to look at the scenery. You have a feeling of contentment, no urge to accumulate unnecessary things, you have arrived at the greatest place you could imagine. You have raised your children, you have kept those golden friends, you have a roof over your head, and food in your stomach. You have memories that can make you smile, when you need one. Oh, you have those other memories that can bring a tear, but even those will make you feel warm. You can stop and take a look around, and if you are like me, you will see that you have survived that highway. You have scars, but you have a great feeling of accomplishment. You may not have won awards, or become incredibly wealthy, or saved a life, or invented the wheel, but, you did something, and that was to put your mark on someone else. Seldom does a human being live, without touching another.
  I HATE getting old. I HATE being a Grown up. I do, at times, wonder how soon it will be my turn to be the one that others say "what a shock". I try very hard not to dwell on that, but each time I hear of one who has touched my life, passing, it makes me think. I don't want to make others cry, I don't want to leave those who mourn. I don't want to think that I will someday be to blame for heartache.But when I look at the scenery all my tree-lined path, I know that one day, I will be the cause of grief.
 . I had a friend ask what I thought our lives meant, who we are. Well, I guess we are the Grown ups, we are those who have reached the pathway. The place we can stop and look behind us, and see all those we touched, and those who we left a mark on. That  friend, like me, has been very lucky, they have touched others and will never be forgotten. They have left memories, with friends and family, just like all those they have loved, and lost. Do we ask what our lost loved ones lives meant? Do we ask who they were? No, we realize they were gifts to us, they touched us, and left their marks, and those gifts will remain with us, until we reach the end of the path.
Rest in Peace, Jack

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Blog Magic

Ahhhh...Surprise! For some strange reason, I  feel, sort of, relaxed. Almost empty of nastiness, (note the almost). Oh, there is still a glistening drop of venom at the side of my gob, but it is very tiny. What ticked me off today, has just about died down, I think the last few blogs have purged a large amount of the crap I had backed up.
  Blogs are a wonderful thing! I know my beloved appreciates this new found vent, he can now read it at his leisure, and is not the only person that has to have me natter away at. Now, I can push that "enter" button and send it off into the great unknown. where, there just might be others like me, or maybe folks who have time on their hands, and surf their way into my insanity by accident. Poor souls!!
  This has been magic for me. Instead of thinking I am the only person in the whole world that is on a messed up highway of life, I have others writing me, telling me that they agree on my rantings, or maybe that they enjoy my spews. Either way, it has opened up a whole new door to the outside world. I see folks from countries that I learned about in school, clicking in.
  When you live in a tiny place, with winters that would freeze a penguin, and nights that go on forever, and days that are only hours long, the knowledge that somewhere, there is someone, who has nothing better to do, but read my words, warms my heart. I don't feel alone, any longer. Oh, it doesn't warm my feet, or cut back on my heating bill, or even make the days longer, but it does warm my heart.
  I do wonder, though, who actually reads this, beyond my passle of friends. There is an area I can go into to check on what brings some folks to my blog, and, without fail, every single day, someone finds their way in through looking on-line for Kitchen Sex Utensils. I did that blog so long ago, yet, it has had more hits than any other title. Oh, the other one, Spontaneous Combustion....Really????
  When I first started this, I was scared to death. It has been almost 40 years since I finished school, and I have forgotten absolutely every single rule of prose, I don't know a verb from an adverb. I use commas far too often (but, in truth, I speak like I write, just louder). Mrs. Benedict would have a empty red pen after correcting all my mistakes, and I do think about this when I hit the publish button.
  It is like having a baby, once you get started, it is pretty much impossible to stop until it is finished. O.K. maybe not the best analogy. Lets say, 4 months into finding out you are knocked up.....Unlike the baby bit, though, it becomes so much easier in time. Well, maybe not easier, as some days it is very hard to even decide what to ramble on about, but when the subject pops into my tiny little head, I am off like a ruptured duck.
  I began, with the idea that this was going to make me a better writer (obviously that was wrong), and then thoughts that "Wow, maybe there is money in this, and I can quit my day job". Hah! Still scrubbing the toilets, and searching for inspiration when I do that. But, the one thing I didn't imagine is, how good it has been to me. It allows me to sit down with all that crud sitting inside, making me feel like I am stuffed with poison, and once I vomit it all up on the keyboard, I re-read (yes, I know it doesn't appear as though I do this) hit the button, and feel 10 lbs. lighter, instantly. Total tension release, the world's cheapest spa.
  I am beyond checking numbers of hits (LIE). It is apparent I could up those numbers simply by writing about readily available sex toys found around the home. There are days when, maybe I just might do that...But not at this moment. I am not up in the Twittersphere, with my itty bitty Twitter followers. I can't for the life of me, figure out the "Bird's" Google deal, so maybe I could entice more folks to stop by, and check my rants out. I suppose I am happy enough for the ability to throw my tantrums beyond my own family and friends. But, I hope that in time, I will get much better at my blogging, and see my numbers soar beyond thousands, Hey, I do believe in magic, I just haven't quite found the right words..but give me time.

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

The Made in Diet

I tried very hard to let this slide...really, it started over a week ago, and I closed my eyes, and crossed my arms, I was not going to fall into the mess...but...I did!!
  I have started reading labels. Hola!!! WTF has happened in North America???I say North America, because  nothing seems to be made there at all. Do you realize we can't even make pickles in Canada? Yep, check your jars, maybe, just maybe, there is one company left here in this country, but India seems to be the pickle producing country, who would have imagined? Don't get me wrong, good for India, but.....do you really think they have particularly high standards when it comes to their factories. Would you care as much if what you were stuffing into a jar was simply going to get on a slow boat to a whole different continent? It's not like your family is going to be horking those pickles back, so who cares if there are some that drop on the floor, and go into the jar?
  Pickles are just the beginning, Tuna fish!!! Now, this is when I start to get choked, I hate most fish, but I LOVE tuna!!! So with the pickle madness ringing in my head, off to the store I go to get myself some canned Tuna, oooohhh, all excited, this will be two meals for me, and I am already planning what I am going to mix in with the Mayo. I see two different products, one is $1.89 and it is in a unrecognizable blue tin.."hummmm" says I, "not picking that unknown,likely from Timbuktu, "Oh, there is CloverLeaf, that's Canadian" more that 1$more,but..it's from my country. Guess what folks, it appears Tuna no longer is something processed in Canada, now CloverLeaf must go all the way to Thailand to get us Tuna!!
  I Googled our favourite Captain Highliner, that bugger has left the country. He decided that we should start eating Chinese fish. I suspect there may be a tiny little amount still done here on our shores, but...the majority is grown and killed in China. For goodness sakes, really!!!!No fish here?
  So, you can talk about your profits, and high costs of doing business here at home. These big companies packed all our food business off to exotic(and far less stringent standards) lands. The folks working for them are quite likely not making a huge wage, but they are making a wage. The company is saving tons of cash, even with the shipping, and....now we get to the strong point, the consumers get a cheaper product. What!!! When did that happen? I must have missed that great big drop in my grocery bill!So now, I am paying pretty much the same as before, for a product that I am very leery of consuming, and there are a bunch of Canadians without jobs, a bunch of folks in some far off country very happy to get diddly (because in their country, diddly goes a long ways) and the companies are rubbing their hands together with glee, and higher profits. They don't give a Rats A$$ if the pickles suck, or the tuna is filthy, they get their government approval because we apparently don't have enough inspectors, so they slap that mark on everything!
  Then we get the other crap!! You all know what I am talking about. Now, I am of an age that I remember things being made in Canada and the USA. We did get stuff from Japan, but that was the cheap stuff. We knew when we bought it we were gambling, it was cheap, and did not last very long, but sometimes(like a cap gun) it only had to last a couple of days, and we were happy. We had a choice, we could pay more and buy good quality, made at home stuff, or, we could dole out a tiny bit, and get something we knew would not last. The stuff back in the day, from Japan, lasted about as long as that wonderful wooden box of tissue wrapped Japanese Oranges. But, that was the difference, we had the choice!
  Now everything is made in China. Check it out folks, I mean everything! I can't afford stuff from Japan, it has improved immensely, now their cars are some of the best! But, China, helllloooo...absolute crap!! I am not on a rant against this country, They have outsmarted pretty much the whole damn world!!When I was a kid, they were the poor people, now they are buying everything in this country.
   I bought an oilskin Drover for my honey. I checked on-line, searched a ton of stores, found one that was sold in a fairly famous Calgary Stampede  store. Hey, Cowboys buy their stuff, must be good, right? It had this name..."OutBack Trail" hummm..that sounds pretty darn Australian, right? They are the folks who made that stuff famous, right? I dished out over $200 for this item, bought it on-line, order was taken immediately, Cha-ching! It arrived, and felt funny, but, hey, maybe this is something new and improved? Nope..My man put his hand in the pocket, a week after purchase, the dog leash on his wrist, the dog shook his head, my honey's hand moved in the pocket, and it ripped down one side. Holy Cow!! This thing claimed to have 4 rows of stitching, very durable, you can wear it riding, you can wear it in the brush, crumb you could probably pitch it in some trees and use it for a tent, in the monsoons. Now, written in very small letters on the white tag, under the nice leather tag that said OutBack Trail, was the tidbit, "made in China". I e-mailed the store, no answer, e-mailed again, no answer, e-mailed a 3rd time, because, folks, I know a phonecall is not what these people want from me, I am ticked, and I tend to foam at the mouth, say one curse word, and they have the right to hang up on me. So, I go a step further, I e-mail the company. They answered me, alright, told me that I could simply sew the pocket back on, and if I wanted a product to help with the waterproofing, i could purchase it from the same store I bought the jacket!!!
  Yep, this is where we have got to. We pay a pretty penny, for a bunch of garbage, that is made in another country, and no one seems to give a crap when it falls apart! I had to work 2 days to pay for that coat!! It took me that long,because I have to pay taxes, to keep my economy on the right track. I understand, maybe Unions asked for too much, maybe workers wanted higher wages, and maybe the company wanted more profit. But, ultimately sending all our business off-shore has started our slide down into the toilet of third world living.
  When I get notice of Chinese products killing pets, and Chinese products having lead paint, I have to ask the question, what the heck does Chinese fish have in it? Their freaking oilskin is likely a by-product of either the fish or maybe an orange, I hope it is the orange, because the fish are fed crap that has been outlawed in our country years ago. I have to wonder, maybe they are feeding us plastic as well, maybe in a few years, Canadians will start kicking the bucket because they ate fish? They (Canadians) will be naked, as their clothing will fall apart, and they will not have a job, so no new clothes. They will either get sick from eating, or too broke to eat, and very cold, because they don't have clothes. Their rights will be taken away, to ensure the Chinese can take over all the natural resources (really, that is what I believe is happening), and they will slowly die off. No problem, lots more to fill their spots.....
  Again, let me state, I am not against China, well, maybe I am. I am against anyone who does not allow free speech, I am against anyone who does not like rules, I am against anyone who does not allow equality to race, sexuality, or religion. Does any of this sound familiar?
  I never claimed to be politically correct, I am simply spewing what I think, my personal opinion, and my personal belief. Sometimes, I just feel the urge to purge, and I really don't give a crap if it offends, it feels far to good to get it out of my system.
  Now, back to my diet....Not sure what I can eat..Peanut butter? Better check that label!!

Monday, 14 January 2013

One Huge Mess

Now...the mess I speak of, is yours truly. I think most of you have already realized that I am off the wall. I vent strongly about some things, and then others, and then, it must make people wonder, is she pro or con?
  Yes, I wrote my spew on Idle No more. However, trust me, I am all for progress. My family has been heavily involved with Oil and Gas for many years. When we first started off on this course, I did more than my fair share of reading. I am not one to simply listen to one person's take on things, and jump on the band wagon. I believe it is best to wander into something with a clear head (apparently this is a simple thing for this person to do) and attempt to make my own way around issues.
  Yes, I am head strong, but...I hope that if I am wrong about something, and if it is brought to my attention, I will accept, and hang my head, in shock and humiliation. But, what riles me up, is when others have something they have been shoving down everyone's throats forever, and when they are shown they are dreadfully wrong, they refuse to accept, and continue on their own little rampage.
  Who thought I would get so pi$$ed about politics. Cripes, I remember the first time I ever voted in a Provincial election, I was clueless, just went along and voted for the same party my parents had. Funny, here we are years later, and I am still convinced that party is the right one. Nope, not going to say which party I vote for, but I assume if you read my blogs, you might have some clue. 
  So, here we go, back again with folks who are wrong, and refuse to accept. People who have some misplaced concept they are above rules and regulations. You know I am talking about, Mr. Harper. My goodness, look what he has done! What a lying sack of s*it!! The lies are one thing, the coverups another, but the arrogance is despicable . This man, who is in charge of our country, is so very busy, he does not have time to deal with the issues here, but seems to be able to fly off all over the world, pretending concern for other countries. This man is suppose to ensure his own house is clean and above board. To offer a 1/2 hour for a meeting of an issue of great importance in our country, begs the question, what on earth did he have to do for the rest of the day, that was more important? Does he really imagine that Canadians would be upset if he cancelled a few other appointments to deal with something urgent? Cripes, it happens in the real world all the time.Just fix one thing, or at least pretend to care.
  I clicked into all media when this thing hit the fan. And I noticed that true to form, Mr. Harper had set his stage. See, Chief Spence felt the urge to stand against something he had shoved through with all the other garbage in his bill. This is a free country, and she certainly had the right, because in my world, what he did is very wrong. However, I think he knew this might happen, and he had his crew ready. They put the spin on everything, and did an amazing job with this blip on the radar. I ask myself, what happened to the media? Is there not a single soul out there, who wanted to stick with the issue? No, they went off on the tangent about First Nations funding. My gosh, this is something so far from the Idle No More issue, so far from Bill C-45, but, so typical of what Mr. Harper's government has been doing for too long now.
  The Canadian people are like the bloody 3 monkeys. See no evil, Hear no evil, and speak no Evil. If someone brings our attention of something that is evil, we allow our government to dig a hole, throw it in, and then haul in some manure to cover the stink from what is really rotting. Mr. Harper is on an agenda. Mark my words. He knew the First Nations people would stand up against this, but he decided it was worth the gamble. He figures he can turn the rest of the country against their voices, by pulling up scraps to anger the rest of the people, enough to silence the message.
  Oh, I have made the terrible mistake of reading comments regarding Idle No More. I wonder if his plan is working, as I have never been so disgusted with racist comments. I grew up in the 60's and perhaps I was shielded from this horror, because we were so isolated. For this, I am grateful. But, now my skin crawls with words that people spew against one woman who felt the urge to make a stand, and for others who are First Nations.
  This is what putting a spin on things is all about folks. They are attempting to get the public so dizzy with a bunch of bit and pieces of stuff, things that are not even close to the matter at hand, so they can quietly get their way. We are stupid!!! That is the only way to put it. We are allowing this man to smirk, give a 1/2 hour, rile the country up, so if First nations do, in fact, take a stand together, all those who have become angered with the manure, will be blind to the rotting stink of the dead country buried underneath. We need to come together, we need to forget race, creed, or colour, we must protect our rights, and our freedom. We must clean off the sh*t, and stop the end of our world as we know it.

Saturday, 5 January 2013


Now, this word always causes issues in my house. I realize I am always "thinking" but if I actually speak this, out loud, I get all sorts of reactions. Usually it is extreme sarcasm..from my dream man, boy, I am not blonde, but I "think" in his eyes, I should have been born one. O.K. to all my blonde friends, I know, this is definitely not politically correct, and I also know that growing up, the fairer haired females were generally far smarter than yours truly. That said, I am just going with the flow.
   I usually try and dye my hair red. I think I should have been born a flaming red-head. Again, the stereotype, I have a short fuse, and in truth, I used to be pretty darned freckled, now those freckles are apparently, age spots!!! But, instead of the blah ordinary mousey brown hair I was dealt, I like red. Not blonde, cripes I think I would look even worse than I do, with light hair, and.....maybe it is too ordinary as well. Red, on the other hand, is different, and I don't do your "normal" red, I like something that glitters in the sunlight, it gives me something to entertain myself when I am bored, watching the pretty colours...
  Hola... once again I have gone off tangent. So...my thinking, along with the sarcasm I get with mentioning this word, I also seem to cause fear in some. That, I can understand, because my thought process is usually pretty insane. I have the Pit bull mentality. Once I wrap my brain (O.K. another thing that generally provokes laughter) I can't let go. I am definitely someone who is always looking outside the box, waaay outside. I can't stop, I take one step, and then I am off on the run. I upset everyone who is close to me, they seldom go too far outside the box, and are content to just sniff about, maybe take a little walk to the top of the box and peer over the edge, but, that is enough. They are so easily satisfied. I can't stop, I jump right off the top, and wander miles away. Maybe this is because I have always liked to travel?
  Traveling outside the box (this might be bringing smiles to some of you dirty minded readers, so enjoy) is not without it's problems. It takes an awful lot of energy, something I am lacking, as I grow older. The weirdest part of this , is, I have become much more of a traveler the older I get. I can't imagine how far I would have gone, if I had this wanderlust in my 20's...frightening! I try very hard to resist the edge of the box, I often wish I could simply accept, and relax, but I can't.
  The blogging has become almost like medication. I don't understand, totally, why I have the need to drag others along on my treks. Honestly, I have issues understanding my own thoughts, let alone expecting others to grasp what I am attempting to make sense of. But, it seems some will take the time to see what I am blathering on about. Geez, amazing how many masochistic folks are out there!
  Anyhow, back to the thinking. I am thinking that perhaps I should change my blog name. Oh, don't get me wrong, I will still natter on about hotel happenings, that is a ginormous part of my world (sadly), but, I have so much more boiling inside, stuff that doesn't concern toilets (or maybe because it is mostly crap, it does pertain to toilets). I want to vent off the pressure all of that causes in my Blonde/Red/Brown/Grey head.
   I have wandered off the beaten hotel path on more than a few occasions, and I still have a few folks who pop in to read. I am the first to admit that I am totally boggled by computers and even my own frigging blogspot , which was totally apparent when my favourite fellow blogger informed me I had a Captcha on my blog. Bet there are a bunch of you that are as clueless about that little tidbit. I had to Google it, and click all about, before I found it. My captcha is gone, and I hope that it allows some of you to actually comment. I had to disable a few things that were gadgets I didn't want, or need. I am a slow learner, and the computer age is very new to me, and a little scary. Like everything else in life, I don't spend much time to pause, I step over the edge, and basically dog paddle, until I am able to find a spot I can stand with my head above water.
  So, beware, I am about to put my poor old dinosaur computer away, the brand new Win8, touchscreen is about to be placed upon my desk, and I have decided that I am about to open up a bunch more boxes, that I can rip wide open.
  Wish me luck, or, maybe not???

Friday, 4 January 2013

Idle No More

Before you get all upset, I do have a hotel post, sitting in drafts. It is one of my more venomous and I am debating on whether I want to actually send it off into the world. I am thinking I may have to tweak it a little before posting, because I was on a terrible rant, and I may have ventured just a little too far.
  That said, I suppose I am now embarking on something that may be just as harsh, something I may upset the apple cart with, and perhaps offend some of my friends, but, again, something that because I have this venue, I feel the need to use it.
  I am going to give my feeling on the Idle No More Movement. I know most of you reading this, have some idea of what this is. I have posted my support for Chief Theresa Spence, because I KNOW she has the right to request her meeting with our beloved Prime Minister. She has this right, because history states our government MUST speak with those who are now called FIRST NATIONS, before any business takes place on lands that they were "given"(do not criticize this, I know my history, but, this is part of some of the treaties, so I am using the word "given", the truth may be part of a future rant).
  I have read the comments that citizens of my country have been making, regarding this woman's hunger strike. I am disgusted. Many, and I do mean, many, have been commenting on how they as tax payers have been carrying First Nations People, who get tons of money from our government, and live in squalor still. They claim Theresa Spence has allowed her people to live in horrible conditions, flittering the money the government has sent them, millions of dollars.
  Get a grip folks!! The amounts you see are false. Those amounts are what perhaps our government begins with. Then money goes through its round of red tape. The red tape regarding First Nations  is intense. Way beyond what the average Canadian can imagine. Each and every single dime must be handed out through what used to be called Indian and Northern Affairs Canada. Every single thing that is "handed" out, must first go through the insane cycle of the top heavy government system.
  How many of you wonder why our tax dollars don't go far enough, well, I bet, like me, you realize the government wastes billions, and some of these billions are what they claim they give to First Nations.  Before you start spewing how tax payers are carrying First Nations on reserve, look at the big numbers. The reserves are such a small part of reality. First Nations people are a majority, off reserve. They contribute to the never ending money grab from government the same as everyone else. Can an off reserve Aboriginal state that they don't need to pay, because they are First Nations? No!!! The only people who get Tax freedom, are those who work on reserve. So, maybe ,lets just say, shut up about the amount of money YOU are paying for those on reserve, and we will say that is paid by all those First Nations who live off reserve. You're money goes for all the other stuff, happy now? You can pay for those on Social Assistance that are not First Nations!!! Because, our government back in the beginning, started the horrible Reserve system. I don't agree with it, but they figured this was the cheapest way to get what they wanted. It was an incredible bargain, they take the whole thing, and in return make a few promises, and stick every Aboriginal onto a tiny piece of land, promising that that is their own.
  Now, the rest of the country was not good enough for Mr. Harper, he decided he was simply going to erase history, he was going to wipe out the promises, he now needs ALL the land, even the tiny little bits. In truth, the tiny little bits have always been governed by the country. You state First Nations has caused the situations themselves. Give your heads a shake!! The Indian Agent was implanted on these "Reserves" right from the beginning. They decided who was or was not allowed to stay there. They were government, that was the law on Reserve. Those agents were white men, they had total control, and now, this control has been filtered down, through Band Councils, who.... surprise...still have to answer to the government. If funds are misused, then perhaps we should look way up...far beyond Band Councils, far beyond Chiefs, we must look to the Big Chief and all his nasty little Wing Chiefs. John Duncan, that's a waste of humanity. He is just a man, who has been given a position, which, likely is paid for by some of that money they claim is used towards First Nations????
  The promises that were given by the British Common Wealth, have been twisted and broken for centuries. Fear,oppression  and discrimination have kept the First Nations people captive. I am fed up with all the comments I read about "Get a job" "quit feeding off the tax payers" " quit whining about the past". Helloooo!!! First, as someone with a connection to First Nations, I will state, even in this day and age, discrimination is alive and kicking. I know full well, to attempt to get a job, as a First Nations person, is not always as easy as it is for Joe Blonde. Argue that all you like, but, truth is, stigmas are still attached , and racism may be cloaked, but it is certainly not dead.
  Whining about the past. Well, this is the one that gets me the worst. As a Canadian, I have been brought up to remember the past. History teaches us how mistakes were made, and how we can go on, into the future, without repeating. Mistakes must always be corrected. The comment that bothered me the most was from someone who was Jewish, he stated his grandparents came to Canada, to escape oppression in Germany, and family members had been murdered by the Nazis. He stated his grandparents did not whine about the past. I am sorry...maybe they didn't personally, but, truth is, we are always getting reminded of that nasty piece of history from Jewish folk all the time. Why is it acceptable for Jewish people to continually bring up history, what about the African Americans, what about the French Canadians?
  Before you get all hot and bothered about the previous paragraph, I am not saying we should not listen to the "whining", I am not saying this was not wrong, am I simply saying we must remember the past, and correct the mistakes.
  The problem is, as a Canadian, and as a person who lives in British Columbia, and as a person who has been slightly involved with First Nations, I realize the problem Mr. Harper is trying to forget, is far bigger than the average Canadian realizes. Theresa Spence is part of the 6 Nations. Her people have actually signed Treaties, which Britain agreed to hundreds of years ago. However, in our province, where everything is suppose to go gung ho with Enbridge (and I am sorry, Enbridge, in my mind, is simply the beginning of what Mr. Harper has in mind for B.C.) there are enormous territories that belong to Nations that have never, ever signed a Treaty.
  Truth be told, British Columbia should not exist as a part of Canada, why, because the British Common Wealth never finished their business. Whoa...sure there are a few Nations that signed, but, trust me, there is a large chunk that is still sitting back, watching all of this S*it going down, and holding the strings. You say this woman has no right to speak to a man as busy as Harper...Mr. Harper had best watch his back. His job is to speak to this woman, his job is to ensure all promises made by the government are kept.
  As someone who imagined they were born and raised in a free country, one that had rules that kept things running smoothly, one that I was somewhat protected from 3 world issues. One that voted in a government on promises that they would keep. I am disillusioned. Now, not only have we voted in someone who made promised that he did not keep, he has gone even further, and decided he was going to break promises made by those before him. We have something called an opposition government , that is suppose to keep us abreast of what scams those in power are attempting. WTF!!! None of it works!!! Not only is the leader not doing his job, those who are waiting and hoping in the wings are keeping silent as well, until things go too far.
  Time to wake up and smell the coffee Canada, we are in terrible trouble.We have a man who is taking what appears to some, a small part away from First Nations (a promise made). What is next? Freedom of religion,  Gay rights, freedom of choice, Woman's rights, maybe we will remove the language laws in Quebec? Don't be silly, you say...Those are law, written down in government, voted on, passed, and put into place. Clued in yet?????