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Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Darker Shade of Pale

  I know..it's been awhile. My life as I age, has somehow become far more hectic..and extremely boring! However, trust me things still rankle, I just seem to have less time to dwell on them, so I haven't sat down to rant away.
  This one, well, as with many others, will probably not sit well with the majority of the world, so I must try and make sure I get MPO in some sort of order, because I believe if MPO offends, so be it, I can't help the way I feel, and "it is what it is".
   Charlottetown! No not the Canadian one, the American one. What happened there, was nothing but a nightmare. However, it was a nightmare that history taught us, was sure to happen. Why does the world think that one group, that is so far off from another, meeting head to head, was going to have a happy ending?
  I am glad folks feel strongly about their rights, because, we all have them, well..sort of. However, the call is always "equal rights for all", and...no matter what, if this is truly what the world wants, they go about things in a strange way.
   BLM..well...of course they do! To believe any differently, is foolish. What exactly does the BLM group want? They began as a result of the shooting incident of a young Black man by George Zimmerman. I agree, the whole thing was a royal screw up, Zimmerman was a douche bag, but ultimately the judicial systems in North America are so flawed, if one looked carefully, they would see it wasn't just a Black matter, it goes beyond colour. I would be interested in the statistics on how many "white: people has been screwed in the courts..however, the focus is simply on Black lives, which somehow one group feels is unfairly treated. Hey, I agree, to a point, and I agree, things have to change, but I have issues with militants, and BLM is an extremely militant group, no matter which way you look at things. They don't care about anyone beyond their own..and therein lies the problem.
  White supremacy! Gag!! A nasty group of garbage. These folks are so closely tied to neo-natzis, (yes I did not capitalize) it scares the sh*t out of me. The only thing I have in common with this group, is the colour of my skin, so that kind of puts me in a bad spot, because if I find fault with the opposite side, I could easily be lumped in with a group I find repulsive. White supremist, are a militant group, as well. So...why is one better than the other? Honestly, one is standing up for one race, and the other for theirs. One feels their rights are attacked, and surprise, the other one feels the same. So..off they go..clearly one is not as accepted as the other, because of past history..but..see..they have a past history, of doing some really inhumane things, based solely on colour. BLM is new, the Black Panthers did some really atrocious things back in the day, which they felt was acceptable to try and get their point across..now BLM seems to think they are entitled to special privileges, and no matter which way you look at things, they are spreading hate. It is not politically correct to call them on this, but I don't claim to be politically correct, so just going to say things as I see them.
  They have pushed their way into many things lately, going so far as to stop Police Officers from taking part in Gay Pride Parades. WTF?? Can anyone tell me what Gay Pride has to do with BLM? Ahhh..perhaps one should look at who started BLM..clearly it is NOT only a colour issue going on with those in charge of this movement. However, somehow they got what they wanted. They were able to change the rules to suit themselves, and....the world sat back and allowed this.
  So suddenly the politically correct, see absolutely nothing wrong with one group given special privileges, and openly discriminating against not only Police Officers, but in regards to the Gay Pride Parade, they were allowed to shut the doors " This year, they have a list of “intersectional” demands: namely, that “queer people of color” be given control of all gay pride events (whether they worked on them or raised funds for them or not), and that police (including the D.C. Gay and Lesbian police unit) and corporate funders like Wells Fargo bank be excluded. "on folks they felt did not fit in with Gay Pride. WTF????
  This is (shit can't figure out how to change my print size) just a random quote I found, not even sure what the outcome was, but, it basically is where I have been trying to go with this rant. Whatever folks are trying to attempt to do here, and I hope it is to bring equality to all, because they certainly have a ton of support out there, and clearly a whack of power, it is doing the complete opposite. 
  One group is hated and despised by most because they believe they are superior (silly rabbits), and now we have a new group attempting to become the voice of power. Can someone tell me why they are any different? 
  They have managed to incite hatred towards Police officers, Blue collar workers (of the "white ilk") and created more lines of separation than where there before they showed up.
  If it was simply a matter of accepting a life, no matter what colour  body that life resides in, matters, I would be more than willing to become a member of this group. But no matter how you look at this, it is still two lines in the sand, two complete opposite MILITANT groups doing battle for their own. One is politically accepted at this moment, and one is hated (for very good reasons). If BLM continues to call the shots and flaunt the laws, are they any different than the neo-natzis? In MPO, they are not..just a darker shade of pale.