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Friday, 3 May 2013

Big Time Spenders (Hydrosaurus)

So, once again, the nasty dinosaur has reared it's ugly head. I am getting right fed up with this corporation! It is like a tiny little Vatican, a country all it's own. Every single day, I find a little tidbit, about what they give to their employees, and what, us as tax payers, and of course, rate payer must dole out to keep the citizens of this country happy.
  Now, first off, I am aware having to spend time in the hole in the wall town, must not be appealing to workers. Of course the majority of them are city folks, as cities appear to be the favourite nesting grounds for this creature. Too bad, they don't erect their dams in the midst of the cities!! But, sad facts are, they often build those in places that there are not enough voices to stop them, and far enough so that the large populations can forget they even exist. That causes a huge problem...they have to staff these dams, and someone has to get enough perks to convince them to put in their time. Trust me, the perks are many, and mindblowing.
  Just recently, I heard grumblings that Hydro was fed up with paying high rent for shoddy old places here in town. Helllooooo...the rent is only high because...yep, you guessed, Hydro raised the bar so high, that no one else besides ,no cost is too much, Hydro, could afford. I am ticked. I heard time and again it was Oil and gas causing the rent to sky rocket, Bull Poop!! Hydro offered extreme rent payments, to ensure they got all the property they needed. Oh, they are sneaky buggers. They always want the utilities included, Hydro isn't going to pay hydro, but, boy, they didn't have a problem renting all over town, homes that often sat empty, just in case someone showed up. They hired someone to clean up weekly after these folks, I actually considered doing this once, because the rate was much higher than what I get doing hotel housekeeping!
  So, let me state, in this tiny town for decades there had been absolutely no new homes built. This changed , just a year or so ago, someone came into town, and built 2 brand new beautiful log homes, beside each other. My goodness, wonder who was doing that? Someone must have information about progress happening, because, everyone else with rental property didn't have a single guest!!
  Well, surprise!!! Guess who the F*ck jumped right on the band wagon and rented these houses? Yep, you guessed it, Hydro!!! Mark my words, the rent is not the cheapest in town!! But...oh the houses are brand new, and suitable for Hydroids!!
  This corporation is so arrogant, so beyond average, they have plenty of homes they have passively acquired, yet, they will spend your money to sign a lease to rent the newest homes in town, for their management folks to use when they have to stoop so low to spend time in this town!!Come on!! Just think about it, this is your money!!! Who the F*ck works for this company that is so important they can't stay in a hotel, or a company owned home? Why can't they simply buy a few pieces of furniture, put it in the row of houses that sit 3/4's empty, right in a town that is desperate for affordable housing, and put these folks up, at no cost to the citizens of B.C.?
  I know I go on and on about this, but that is because I am not one of them!! I imagine even their own, must question the spending, but, they don't have the privilege of opening their mouths without their source of income at stake. Hey, don't think Hydro has ran rough shod in this town all these years, simply because they owned the place, they also owned almost all the people!!
  I am fed up with the whole place turning a blind eye to the waste, and frivolous bonuses and benefits, and perks. At a time when every single British Columbian is hearing how far in the hole this corporation has fallen, and how they have sold us down the river by making insane deals with those who they allowed to set up "run of the river" projects, they don't seem to give a sh*t!! They continue throwing money out the window, and I for one, see it!! I am here in hick town B.C. where it is in my face constantly!!
  For goodness sakes, people!! Is there no one out there who can stop them? Do they not have to answer to those who pay for all their stupidity? The government is well aware of what is happening, but...no one is stopping it. They see the waste, but they can't cut the head off this ginormous monster. It is eating our money up, and doesn't stop, because, Hey...they will just raise the rates. That is where we are. The money drains out the hole in the purse, and they just charge more and more, and more, to keep putting enough into it, to continue getting no where!
  You wait, the smart meters are a f*ck up, the tiers do nothing for people outside of the city. Those of us in the little holes that have the creatures all around us, pay the most. We pay to have a potential disaster in our backyards, we pay to lose large tracts of land, we pay to have our homes decrease in value, we pay to watch the citizens of the Vatican live beside us, but in their own tiny little Hydro bubble . Then, we get the double whammy, and pay rates through the roof, because our locality requires almost each and every home to pay the higher tier rate. We pay delivery fees the same as the city, although it is just coming from up the hill. Now, we pay so the Hydrosaurs can live in the nice new houses,why? I need someone to answer this question! I want to know why , when a huge crown corporation has lost so much money, they don't have to tighten their belts, and step down a few rungs on the ladder? Why they don't have to do like school boards and cut costs? Why they don't have to give up some benefits, and a few perks? Why they are allowed to continue spending like it is going out of style? I want these answers, because, if they can do it, why can't I?