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Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Get a Clue

O.K. I have read thousands of complaints against Bell Mobility, and believe you me, I likely have 50 of my own. Let me say, right off the bat, I do NOT use a cell phone. In truth, I absolutely abhor them!!My reasons likely stem from years of having bill collectors call on the plain old land lines, long before call display, or call waiting, or any of that nice stuff. I was raised in a time that phones were like fire extinquishers, they were only used if absolutely necessary. Yes, back in the days of "Party lines" and 1 long ring and 2 short would mean the call was for our house. My Dad worked for the small airline that did an awful lot of hauling for the mines that were setting up in the bush, most calls to the house were in regards to his job, so....the phone was off limits, and I bet I spoke on that thing perhaps a total of 10 times in the first 15 years of my life. I simply steered clear of that thing. When I grew up and got my own, times were tough, I hated answering the damn phone...always someone looking for money!
  Phones always ring at the most inopportune time, when you are in the middle of washing dishes, sitting on the toilet. out in the backyard, just that horrid sound that sets you on edge, and requires you to drop everything to answer it....just in case it is important.
  Oh, don't get me wrong, enjoy those times when I pick it up, and the voice on the other end is someone I love to hear from...that does happen. But 9 times out of 10, it is a stupid call...Captain Crunch calling to let me know I have won a cruise, and all I have to do is send money...or, a very short survey that won't take more than 5 minutes of my precious time, or...we can save you money on your phone bill if you just sign a 25 year contract with us. Really, times have changed, the phone is no longer a connection to family and friends, it is a sales tool, and I can't stand it!
  I cringe at the thought of carrying around a piece of equipment that would allow this annoyance to follow me throughout my day. I absolutely hate interruptions! When I am in the middle of my job, and something comes along to pause what I am doing, I get ticked, imagine what a cell phone would do!! When I am speaking to someone, and their phone plays House of the Rising sun, and suddenly they have to talk to Captain Crunch about their cruise, I am livid! I despise walking into a room and having everyone bent over thumbing their new appendage. Lives revolve around cell phones. They have intruded on reality. They fill every waking moment, and interrupt even the most personal moments.
  My family complains that I refuse to carry one, did have one once, gave it away.....I would go batty with something screeching for my attention when I was busy doing something else. Perhaps this is a flashback to raising 3 kids? I apologize that you are not able to contact me at any given moment, but, I assume if it is an emergency, you all know where I work, and my employer is very good at whipping her portable phone over to my location if necessary. The rest of the time, I am either home, or almost home.
  That said, every one else in my family has a phone, and...surprise, they are all under my name!!!So, if anything happens to their phones, guess who deals with Bell Mobility? Yep, yours truly. Before I call them, I have to search out a previous bill so I know exactly what type of phone the call is about (yep, totally cell phone clueless). So, my beloved son smashes the screen to his fancy phone. Hey, it's all good, I agreed to pay $10 a month for insurance which states they will simply replace the phone. Hah! Give the call, they are all nicey nice, apparently it's not a problem, the new phone will be sent the very next day, however.....I will be charged $249 on top of my next phone bill!! HELLLOOOOO,...it seems I didn't read all the fine print, and they neglected to inform me of this fact when I listened to their big insurance speel. Oh, they explained what a wonderful bargain I was getting, I could be out $1000 if I didn't have the insurance. So....told the son, he best have $249 bucks for me come next phone bill, agreed to the replacement phone, and...this is where I got on my high horse. The guy told me that the phone would be shipped on the following Monday, and would be delivered to my door on Wednesday. He refused my postal address, and insisted on my Street address. I questioned who exactly would be delivering it to my door, he informed me it would be their Courier. "Oh" says I, "who would that be, because we don't have a courier service in my town". He tells me that Canada Post is their courier, and I needed to be home to sign. Oh crap, this sent me off on a rant. I explained to him that they would not come to my door, I lived in a town of 900 and nothing was delivered to the door by the postal service. He actually interrupted me, saying he was explaining how things worked, and that CPost delivers nationally, which means everywhere in Canada, and that they would in fact come to my door!!! Anyone who has experienced me on a rampage will know, I just couldn't stop. When I am right, I am adamant. I explained our post office is run by one lady, and it was very unlikely she would lock up and head on over to my house with a phone. I asked if I could call him back when the thing was placed in my postal box. OOOOOhhh, he was not impressed, and refused to listen. He insisted that the phone would be hand delivered 2 days after sent.He was lucky I was on lunch break, because I was in the mood to go with that for hours. So, we concluded our business.
  Today, I check my e-mail, there is a notice from Bell Mobility, the replacement phone has been sent. The notice goes on to state, it will arrive in 2 business days.......unless........I live outside of a major city, in which case, it may be 10 business days!!! So, Mr. Bell Mobility, not only is it not going to be hand delivered to my door, I just might have to wait 8 days longer than you insisted it would take.
  Sadly, I will never speak to that idiot again, however....I think I just might take a moment to do something totally wasteful, and write that scummy insurance company, now that the phone has been sent....Time for folks who do live in the Major cities, to get a clue, there is life outside city limits, and folks who actually have to walk to the Post Office!