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Tuesday, 24 September 2013


As I have mentioned, more than once, I am old! It's a strange concept, one moment, I was a teenager, graduating from high school, with a million plans. Life was going to be so different for me, than it was for my parents, I was going to live the good life, have tons of money, travel about, find a wealthy prince, fly off to another country, where I would be pampered. Certainly was never going to have children!!
  Wow! Was I ever off the mark!!!Some how, things just went haywire. Oh, got my prince, but, cripes, apparently pampering was a momentary thing, I think I might remember a few pamperings, but those quickly changed to plain ordinary Pampers! Hey, that happens!!!
  The moments flew after that. I was a Mother, and next a Grandmother. WTF!!! Just blinked, and I turned old! However, during that blink, tons of sh*t happened. Kids got sick, parents died, friends died. My prince almost died, a couple of times. Jobs were lost, times got very tough. Thousands of problems arose, that were life changing.
  I spent many days, and nights, lying in bed, wondering if we were going to survive. To keep a family together, is an awful lot of work. To keep  a relationship together is an awful lot of work. A person's focus becomes geared towards what is important in their life. When you get older, you begin to realize, the rest of the world is likely focused on their family, and their relationship (or they should be). I do understand, there are those who focus strictly on their jobs, I feel sympathy for those folks. One day, they may very well get to the place, where they realize, the job is over, and they are redundant. Finished, got enough moola to live comfortably, but, all they can do, is invest in a few cats, a rocking chair, and watch the world go by, alone.
  So when I see groups of people with time to root around in other folks lives, and make claims that they are not allowed to do family and relationships they way they see fit. I wonder...how do they find the time? Are they not making mistakes in their own worlds? Cripes, I made massive mistakes, and continue to do so.
  Does it really matter what gender partner folks decide to commit to a lifetime with? Honest to goodness, that is just silly! Does it matter what race, creed (got to look that up) or colour? Whoever they chose, they are going to have to focus, and work very hard to keep their family and partner.
  I have come to a point in life, that it is clear, if a couple can keep things together, through all the hardships life throws at them, they must dedicate all their time and effort in their own backyard.So, how are there so many who can takes the time to check out other backyards?
  I am all for protection, protection of human life, be it child, woman, or man, but....unless that is compromised, no one should be dragging the issue of who can or cannot marry, who can or cannot adopt a child, based solely on gender. WTF does any of that have to do with the safety of a country, or the finances, or protecting men, women and children? Absolutely nothing!!! Marriages have been going on for a coon's age, and the fact that a couple live together is never going to cause a country to fall apart. Who gives a rat's a$$ whether the couple is a man and woman, a man and man, or a woman and woman? Politics has no right to delve into personal commitments, unless these commitments become a drain on society, or, are so destructive they cause the law to step in to protect human life.
  Why on earth is the fact that Gay folk want to legalize their commitment to each other taking up so much time within our parliament, and other governments across the globe? First off, religion seems to be a teeter totter within politics. Hey, I believe in God, I am offended when my rights to say Merry Christmas become politically incorrect, but...government has decreed Happy Holidays is the proper salutation, so....apparently all this sh*t took up a whole whack of parliamentary time, now, we are going to focus on deciding who can marry.
  When I check out folks who are running for office, I really do not give a damn about Gay marriage. I want them to be concerned about the economy, and health and education. I want someone who feels each and every citizen has the right to love and be loved, by whoever they are lucky enough to connect with. I don't want someone who is going to drag the Bible into things (still unsure as to where it is stated a person is not allowed into the gates of Heaven if they love another person) when it suits their fancy, and then break one commandment after another with lies, and adultery, and think that should be ignored.
  I grew up with my Mother teaching me, religion and politics make strange bed fellows, and of course, are also two topics sure to cause arguments. I have also learned that the government, for some weird reason, has decided that grown adults are apparently incapable of making their own decisions. It is past time for government to get out of our private space.
  If a person has reached the age of consent, has the required money to purchase a marriage certificate, and has a partner who agrees to sign this contract, what's the problem? We allow folks in jail for murder to marry, the government actually has no problem with a slime ball, signing a marriage certificate with a woman who is either unbalanced, or, O.K. she is simply unbalanced. Why is this acceptable, and yet, two law abiding, gainfully employed, mentally sane, people of the same sex, cause such an uproar? Two drunken idiots can drive through places in Vegas and legally marry...really....??? How often do those marriages go down the toilet? The government doesn't seem to have a problem with wasting certificates, so, why are we still wasting time?
  Leaders ( how sad is that?) of our countries, it is time to get your priorities straight! Lets allow grown adults to decide who they wish to commit to, and pay their license fees, and live happily (or not) ever after. Just draw a line through this issue, once and for all, and get down to the important stuff, political stuff. Maybe we can fix the deficit, lower taxes, improve health care, and education. I know all of that is pretty boring compared to Joe Blow's (pardon the pun) love life, but...surprise!!! The boring stuff is what politics is all about!!