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Friday, 10 January 2014

Dr. Doolittle

I started this blog yesterday, but, it just didn't come out the way I imagined (hoped) it would, so I'll try again. Everyone who reads this, is well aware of what those folks along the Peace River have to lose, and I expect, their voices will be raised to attempt to ensure they are compensated for their losses. As you are also aware, most of us do not think there is anything that will compensate for the loss of our land, and river.
  The voices that do not get a say, the voices that are not hollering and demanding to be heard, are those of the ones who will die. They will not have the chance to pack up their belongings, to grab their young. They will not have a one on one meeting to discuss what they could accept. They spend their days, without a clue as to the catastrophe that is around the corner. The few years they have left to wander about fighting to survive, only to be swallowed under a wave of water.
  Yes, I lose sleep worrying about my future, but, the possibility of thousands of animals killed with the flick of a switch, makes me physically sick to my stomach.
  We see the ads on TV, the SPCA, the ASPCA, GreenPeace, Save the Seals, Save the Whales, they are shown to pull at the heart strings of humans, and they do. Who is going to put an ad on to save the Peace Valley animals? How could they remotely convey to the world what will happen if Site C occurs? Somewhere, someone must have footage of previous Dams, and the total destruction of wildlife. We know it happened in the valley not so long ago, we know that the bodies of these animals floated in Williston. Oh please, can't you find it in your hearts to make this stop!!
  Ads cost money. Those in the Peace had to decide how to use their limited finances to fight this battle. They have attempted to make the world see what will be lost, but there is so much, and impossible to cover. No one can see the big picture, because it is so large. We speak of the farm land, we speak of the heritage, we speak of the ecosystem, that is the wildlife, but the word just does not say enough.
 Each time I see the Moose, or the Cariboo, or even, the plentiful deer, it causes a twinge in my gut. I see the squirrels, and chipmunks, I hear the fox, it all hits home with me, because I understand. I am here, I can visualize what the future could hold. I see the Beaver, and Martin, the snakes, the coyotes, they will all drown. Why is this not plastered all over the media?
  I hear Hydro state, the loss of wildlife will be MITIGATED. Just to let you know, mitigated is now, my most disliked word. How the F*ck can you mitigate the loss of herds and swarms, and colonies of animals? Will they transplant the same type of animals from elsewhere in the province? Will they play Noah and take 2 of each and put them on an Ark, to withstand the floodwaters? Who do they think they are God? What engineer sat down to decide what was acceptable mitigation? Where the H-ll did they get the numbers? It does not take a Scientist to realize you cannot mitigate Mother Nature. That is one Mother who has a mind of her own. She, along with Mother Earth, decided to provide what these animals need to make this valley the perfect home. Between the two of them, they found a climate, and food source, and safe havens, in the Valley of the Peace, to allow this abundance of wildlife to flourish. It is a finely balanced system, which allows those people who live here, to enter in, and take from to survive.
 Now we have those who simply want to get rid of the natural way of life, and set their own up. They appear to be Mothers as well, Mother F*ckers!! I apologize for the language, wait, no I don't!! BC Hydro feels they have the right to step into one of the most balanced wildlife areas, and tweak it, to suit their needs. The rest of the world is unable to understand the scope of the destruction because the whole picture has been spun so hard, the public is simply seeing a blur.
  I suppose the ads for these animals could only be after the fact, which is why I ask if there is visuals from previous Dams. Those ads would be a huge body of water, filled with the dead. Bloated bodies of the mighty Moose, and majestic Elk and Cariboo. Tiny bodies of mice, and squirrels. Rotting corpses of Beaver, and Wolves, and Cougars. I do not exaggerate. The Valley is filled with animals, we know this, we see them everywhere. I do not have to try to imagine the horrors, it is too apparent. There is no one who can possibly come and collect these beings, and transplant them. It is clear, all of them will die. I want to find a way to warn them, but, only one who speaks their language can tell them what is happening, but that only happens in the Dr. Doolittle movies.
  So, if you think that only those people who are slated to lose their land are affected by what the government of British Columbia, along with the MF*ckers (previously known as Hydro) are set to bring upon our Valley. If you think, "well, they will be compensated", and feel comfortable with that knowledge. Think some more. Try and imagine the smell of death, try to imagine the moments of suffering, as their lungs fill with water. Try and imagine the senseless slaughter of thousands of animals.
  As I stated, this picture is bigger than anyone outside of it wants to see. I hope that your future does not bring media footage of the dead of the Valley, but, if this is allowed to go ahead, I will ensure you will see it. I will not suffer the agony alone, with those of us who tried so hard to make you understand. I don't give a damn if you feel because the Valley has suffered twice before, why not a third time? This is NOT the 60's, people remember what was lost with the first dam ! For the sake of those who cannot speak, SAVE THE PEACE !!! STOP SITE C!!!!!!#nositeC