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  • The Green Mile
  • Animal Farm
  • Lord of the Flies
  • Lord of the Rings
  • To Kill a Mockingbird

Thursday, 2 January 2014


On a roll! Guess my month of abstinence from the internet must have caused a backlog of hot air (gas), and now I have set it free, and it just won't stop. Lucky you!!!
  So, I realize I went on about Facebook already, but....I only went on about why I love it, not why I also hate it! I have tried to keep quiet about my FB peeves, because...maybe I annoy some with my overuse of this social media. Hey, I do often think, before I share yet another post, "eeech...am I driving someone nuts" but, they usually are too compelling not to share, so...I do it!!I have not decided how many shares are too many, quite yet, and I will even go so far as to wait a few hours before sharing another,LOL...maybe that makes it better? So, I figure before I go off and condemn some habits by others, I will apologize ahead of time for my own annoying ones.
 Now....I am free to complain!! Where do I start? Truthfully there are just a few, because I do enjoy a wonderful laugh, and there are a couple of folks who seem to find some darn funny posts, and they can put those up as many times as they see fit, I love them! It is those who never seem to have a positive moment. Those who are always putting up some negative remarks. Now....really those of you who do this, you must realize you are not perfect, right? You know that each and every nasty remark you put down about someone else, there are others out there in Facebook land who might just feel the same way about you. Hey, before you start commenting on faults you see in strangers, and perhaps neighbours, ensure you are without the same faults yourself..or as my Mother used to say..."People who live in Glass houses, shouldn't throw stones".
  I also cannot understand why, some appear to condone this constant nastiness, and support the flow, by commenting, and letting it grow bigger and bigger. I know that most find it offensive, and yet...not a single soul will stop it. O.K. maybe one soul tried, but it was fruitless. Yes, I am at fault as well, I just ignore it, and I could simply make it stop, by pushing the delete button. I admit, I have let this irritate too long, and I will push the button.
  I understand it is a small town...and a lot of how things work in this town escape me. I doubt I will ever understand the politically correct way to go about living here. Well, I suppose, to be honest, I have never been on the correct track since the moment I moved here, and no sense in trying to use the GPS now. I just can't fathom how a whole community will turn a blind eye, when a pot is always calling a kettle black (another one of my Mom's sayings). So...before my fingers take on a mind of their own, and I cannot control the urge to say what I think, when one of these nasty remarks appear yet again...delete must occur.
  Now for the next peeve, one that I have to admit has been a fault of my own. DRAMA, not just impersonal drama, but directed at specific people. People who others apparently care about one day, and then feel the urge to let the world know they screwed up.(BTW, my drama was directed at someone who I don't give a rat's a$$ about, and I wanted that bridge burned to the ground.)  Hey, friends do NOT badmouth each other on Face Book and intend on remaining friends! I am not sure if friendship rules changed, and no one informed me, but...my friends are people who I trust. People who know more about me than others. People who I feel comfortable with. Friends are NOT people who will tell FaceBook world, with other friends able to read, why I am not a good friend. So, heads up folks, if you are my friend, no fear, I will not wander back and forth over the friendship fence, and expect forgiveness, because, fencepost friends are easily deleted. I just cringe when I scroll through and see this sad practice. I see it with couples, as well. Hellooo...intimate, that is a word used for more than sex. Intimate is between a couple, it can be simply a moment of time spent gazing into one anothers eyes,LOL..or, it can be a argument, but, when it is between a couple, unless it is a rip roaring scream fest, heard by the whole block, it is intimate. This is something partners expect from each other. To send off a rant, that everyone on your list is privy to, about your partner, is asking for trouble. I find this is just TMI about personal lives, and I don't want to know who is having an intimate moment.Heads up to my partner, I have never gotten to the place that I feel the urge to tell the whole world I am pissed at you, and if that day ever comes, I understand I will likely be alone, with only myself to blame.
  I am totally aware I can control all of these peeves, it is so simple, just takes a quick click. So, maybe in the dark recesses of my grey matter, there is a little kink....oh, no doubt, and I admit the kink is far larger than any imagine. Am I ready to openly delete? Well, going to post this, sit back, have another coffee, and give it serious thought. How black is my own kettle, and how many glass windows do I have, as I sit here with my pocket full of rocks.....?