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Sunday, 19 October 2014

Sigh of Relief

 I have been gone, a very long time. Missed my time ranting away, but, life just sort of snowballed, and just today, I feel like I have given a sigh of relief, and I am slowly making my way back to "normal". This is a good sign, the urge to sit down and visit, and have my say, perhaps, it is what I have needed all along, the ability to let off steam, while blogging.
  Oh cripes, I have sooooo..much stuff festering away, not quite sure where to start, but, I need to start somewhere. Maybe I can focus on something I witnessed recently, that, perhaps made me look at myself a little more closely.
  I have admitted I managed to raise 3 babies to adulthood. All three of these individuals, at one time or another, had a hissy fit. Oh, it might have been in a store, when they got a "NO" to something they wanted, it might have been at home, when they were told they were being sent to bed for some mistake, it might have been out side when they were told play time was over, but..they all had them. As they grew older, they let off on the hissy fits, to start the "wall of silence", hey, I usually enjoyed that one, peace and quiet, all the while knowing they were stabbing me with their eyes. When they got old enough, they simply went off on their own, usually mumbling stuff, but, hey, I was young once too, and did exactly the same.
 However, they are all over 21 , now, and if they have hissy fits, I don't see them. Do I have hissy fits? Yep, I do, usually it is when I am trying to make a point, and I get louder and louder, when I feel no one is hearing me. I don't stomp my tiny little hooves, and I don't throw things, because, after 58 years, I have learned, stomping my feet, makes me look like a moron, and people will shake their heads and laugh, and throwing things, will only cause stuff to break, and....fixing or replacing broken stuff, costs money. Who the heck wants to have to pay money, because they had a moment of insanity? I also do NOT allow myself to display these fits outside of my own home...well, most of the time. When I feel the loss of control, I will find anyway possible to get away from others, so I do not make a total idiot out of myself.
 Sadly, not every adult feels the same sense of shame, losing their grown-up face around others. Some seem to do it on a steady basis. Some seem to think that the world still revolves around them. They do NOT feel the need to adapt, and perhaps use some of that limited CS (commonsense), in fact, I don't think they possess CS, because, somehow, they have managed to make their way through life, with others accepting their lack of such, and actually making excuses for this lack.
  When the whole world appears to have learned to accept the lack of proper decorum, and each time the same individual has a childish hissy fit, others are told to let it slide, it is expected. WTF???? No, it is only expected, because those who have condoned it for a whole adult life, have, in fact, made everyone who must experience this, suffer.
  It is one thing to have a 5 year old child have a hissy fit. An adult can simply pick them up, remove them from the public eye, and...send them to bed, or..scold them. They do get punished, because hissy fits, are frowned upon, and if they are within a household, they are stopped, because they affect the lives of other innocent folks. How do you deal with a grown adult, far too large to pick up and remove? How do you scold someone who is a peer? How do you stop something that has become common knowledge, something that other commiserate with, when told of the latest?
  My take, no stomping, but, definitely past time to put my little hooves down. I refuse to spend my time, dealing with stuff I did not accept from my 5 year old children. I will no longer turn my head, and spend hours walking on eggshells, so as not to set another hissy fit off. I have adapted to my relationship of 28 years, I have adapted to the changes of my 3 children over the past 34 years, however, this adaptation was a joint venture between all involved. Hissy fits, NOT accepted at this stage of life!!
  So, if I happen upon yet another of these displays of extreme childish behavior, I am not going to stay silent, any longer. I am going to do my best to pick the offender up...O.K. so I'm not going to actually lift them....however, they will be asked to remove themselves, until such time as they get a grip, learn the world is not revolving around them, and GROW UP!!!
BTW: Just a sidebar...If you think this is you, perhaps it is.....