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Wednesday, 21 October 2015

You Knew It Was Coming

LOL..Well, I expect most of you knew at some point I would find it impossible to put down my thoughts about our recent Federal Election. Here it is!!
  First off, did my party get in? Nope!! Well, it did get the seat in my area, because....most of us living here, realize, the party that did get in, doesn't give a rats ass about anyone outside of their vision. How do we know this? Because we have experienced this party before, and life has gone down into a nasty little recession, with jobs going down the toilet (faster than they are right now) and folks who are typically Blue collar, losing everything they have worked for.
  Our "new" Prime Minister, well..folks, you know I speak from the heart, and I don't mince words, because then I would not be true to myself, is a total idiot!! He won this election, not on a platform beyond legalizing pot...whooo got the young vote with that one...he won simply because his last name, and his social standing.
  Go ahead, tell me different! Has he promised anything that will in fact make the life of the Middle Class...heard this term out of the boy born with a golden spoon down his throat, one too many times, better? A boy who lives on a trust fund, and does not know what working for a living means. A boy who thinks (and of course the media and public allow him this joy) he is good looking, and has great hair. A boy who cannot speak more than 3 words without pausing, leaving one to assume he is listening to a voice in his ear telling him what to say. A boy who decided he would be just like his daddy, and run on his fathers coat tails. A Boy who claims British Columbia roots, which basically means his mother, who was well known to party and sleep with a large chunk of folks including at least one of the Rolling Stones, while growing up, and...while married to Daddy dearest, came from here. His mom doesn't know where she is from, she simply knows the finest area of Vancouver, because she too, had that golden spoon caught in her throat.
  Am I bashing because he has only known the good life? Nope!! I am bashing because he offers nothing!! He offers the country a cut in military spending, he offers the country open doors, and welcoming arms to folks who he states are allowed all benefits Canadians work and pay for, even if they commit acts of terror. Helloooo..excellent!! He promised to lower CPP, well, his bottom line, folks, is above the line we were going to get. but again, no one really heard what he was saying, because they were too busy looking at his Elvis smile, and, of course his hair!!
  I said this when the States voted in Obama, he won simply because media built him up, and...he played in the circle of the rich and famous Hollywood folks. Not because he was smart, nope, because his appearance was appealing. Same thing with Justin, he is young, appealing to students and stupid women, he is surrounded by the media darlings,and,  he has the right last name.
  F*ck!! I am so sick and tired of people assuming that because two people have a child, and those two people are either smart or ethical, or organized, that whatever they conceived is going to be the same!! I hear that crap on a daily basis, and I just want to scream. Good people often produce nasty offspring. Smart people can raise an idiot! Your last name means diddly!! I can't fix anything mechanically, and I suck at math, my Father could put engines back together, and solve pretty much any math problem given! I had the same last name as he did!!
  I am fed up with folks chosen to run a country, run my life, who have no clue what they are doing!! Our country wanted CHANGE, well, we are certainly going to get that!! Are we going to like it? Well, I expect some will, those who have a whack of money, and don't need to work for a living. But..those of us who have to pay for all the perks it takes to maintain him in power, someone who apparently feels the budget will balance itself, well, we are in for a very bumpy ride, but hey..we can look with pride at the photos, because, he cuts a pretty fancy figure. A new PET for Canada, FUDDLE DUDDLE!!!