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Sunday, 15 November 2015


Been awhile...I have wanted to sit down and natter, but, suddenly life has become extremely hectic, and I just can't seem to find the time. Until now, until something so ginormous has collided with my world, and I take issue with how things are being perceived and dealt with by those in power. I understand, we ALL have the right to PO's..that is personal opinions, and although mine is not what seems to be the momentary politically correct one, hey...going to put it out there, because I can!
  ISIS ..wow..who would have imagined 4 letters would take a chunk out of life as we know it. O.K. this is not the first time in recent memory that the middle east has decided somewhere else in the world is not following their rules and deserves to be punished. The words Radicals and extremists have been bandied about. Well...duh....terrorists, there is another one..Of course they are, but....they don't live here in North America, they don't live in Paris..or do they?
  If there are folks sitting at home in Nebraska, or Saskatchewan who think they don't live down the road from them, they are fools! Granted there are not a sh*tload of them settled nice and neatly on the 3rd floor above John and Judy Doe, but, they are here...They are the people who stick out like sore thumbs, who have a great big weight hanging off their shoulders, and a bone to pick with anyone who questions them. They are the people who scream blue murder because the rest of the country requires them to follow rules they don't like. They are the ones who refuse to assimilate, although they chose to come here, they made a conscious decision to leave their homeland, and their laws to move to a place with different laws.
  Sorry, just have no stomach for the bleeding hearts, telling me I must accept lifestyles and beliefs I find totally medieval, just because someone decided they wanted a change of scenery. If the lifestyle and beliefs are so important, stay where they are rooted, don't pack up, and spread your sh*t all over my country, and tell me I have to deal with things. NO..you have to deal with it, or...if you don't want to, don't get on that plane, with the mindset you have more rights, and you have the power to change laws that have worked reasonably well up until this point.
  I cringe when I read statements that the acts of terror and our reactions to Islam are just what the bad guys want. Oh, don't fall for this, they want folks to become Islamaphobic (not my word). Really? Why, so we close the door to the refugees, and the bad guys get to keep them? Are grown people that stupid that they think all of this is so that ISIS gets to keep the refugees, and if we don't close the doors they are going to be ticked? What lunatic came up with this reasoning?
 Politically correctness is going to kill our world as we know it. People unable to argue matters because they are instantly labelled racist, cold blooded, fear mongers. Why are we to sit silent while people who have lived their whole lives in 3rd world conditions, with habits and ways of life that are so backwards and so chauvinistic, invade our world? Honest to goodness, folks, I would love to save all the downtrodden children in this world..but...do you really think because a family that has lived in a world that treats children and women as collateral, moves to a country that does not do this (as a rule), they are suddenly going to change? Do you think Daddy Dearest is suddenly going to say to his wife and children, we are all humans, you deserve respect? Do you think these women and children will be calling social services because they are still being beaten, and abused, risking the man being punished? Do you really think they will come to our doorstep and open it, and suddenly they will mutate, and embrace the new world?
  Nope, you are simply bringing in a large group of folks who don't want to change their lives, they just want to change their location. Yes, they don't want to be shot, they don't want to be bombed, they don't want to be pushed out of their world, but..they don't want to belong to the world of those who are not Muslim.
  For the sake of those reading, I don't hate Muslims, I don't hate Jewish folks, I don't hate Jehovah Witnesses, I don't hate Mormons (Scientologists..well got a bit of the eebie jeebies with them). I don't give a rats behind what religion you believe in, or even if you don't believe in anything. That's your right, and your PO. However, when you start to push your beliefs and your values onto others, in fact, when you force the rest of the world to morph so that you feel comfortable, that is when I have a problem.
  Yes, Islam has been around for a very long time, Buddhism has been around for a long time, Druidism has been around for a long time, but the roots of these religions are in countries far away. Cultures are often based on religion, but, most religions do NOT exclude the rest of the world, even if they are non-believers, those days, we thought were over. We were suppose to learn wars should never be fought for a God. God's , if they are above humanity, do not want killing. We have read history that tells of horrors fought in the name of religion, in my lifetime, wars have been fought, and lives lost, because one's almighty beliefs were different than another, well, actually, it was just their PO on what the rules were.
  Religion is the most difficult battle to wage, because most writings made in the name of religion abhors murder, life is most precious, and always a gift.
  Yes, the people committing these horrors are extremists, but, they are also religious fanatics, not adverse to using humans as walking bombs, using women and children as dispensable fronts for their resolve. I am sorry for those who must live in a world such as that, but Muslim murderers are popping up all over the world, and there are many incidents that they overlook hostages that profess to be fellow Muslims, and kill women and children that are not. Those refugees that are fleeing are for the most part Muslim, in the big picture of what is happening, they hold the golden card, tattered though it is...When it comes down to brass tacks, folks, religion is what this is all about, and I am sure, not a single person coming out of their Syria Law (Sharia law Arabic: شريعة) is the body of Islamic law. The term means "way" or "path"; it is the legal framework within which the public and some private aspects of life are regulated for those living in a legal system based on Islam.) country, will allow any of those teachings to dissolve, simply because they abide in another country!
  I believe in compassion, but, I don't believe in blindly accepting all, when those already living by the rules, have their rights and their security compromised. Rules have to be set, contracts have to be signed, histories have to be checked. We already know what happened when we allowed a whack of Nigerians in, and the baddest of the bad sailed on into our world along with those fleeing the same people. We need to check folks out, we don't need to allow family members a free ticket in, just because someone else is here already. Cripes, again, families have collections of dirty laundry, so just because one shows up shiny and bright, does not mean everyone else they are connected to, is the same way! Oh but they are living in deplorable conditions, they have to be rushed through...No they don't! Not all have the right to come in the door, just because there is a swarming mass, does not mean we can't carefully weed through the garbage. If the door opens and all come in, it is far more difficult to get rid of the stink, because, as our new bright eyed leader states, once they are here, they are entitled to all that the rest of us are, and getting anything through a court of law in our country takes forever, at the best of time. Let's take this slow and sure, lets make sure these are truly people in fear for their lives, people who are willing to follow our laws.
  I am NOT Islamaphobic, I believe most God's are cut from the same cloth, just different names, and different tweaks, all based on good things, holy things, and all that is holy is pure, and bright, and precious, not death, and destruction.
  I say Life be Praised, and protected. Slow and steady wins the race..so lets just take our time, and not jump into the fire. The conditions they are fleeing, if unbearable, they will be willing to wait until they pass the test that must be given. No free pass for anyone!!
 Just MPO!!