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Wednesday, 25 July 2018

An Eye For An Eye A Tooth For a Tooth

Yes, clearly I was raised in a Christian home. The title says it all. I went to Sunday school, I went to church (occasionally) and when required to state my religion (geez is that still politically correct?) I put Anglican in the allotted spot. I did follow things pretty close, got baptised (O.K. this was not my decision, but still happened) and then far later in life, I got confirmed. To add to my religious background, my Mother was raised Catholic..and went to a convent for some of her schooling. So...I have picked up a few bits and pieces of proverbs, and verses, that often spring to mind during my walk through life. 
The title used to frighten me, but like most things in life, I have learned to put my own meaning to things, and sifted through stuff deciding what I accept, and what I just cannot find a use for. 
In fact, now a days, folks often simply say "Karma is a bitch". Pretty much exactly what my title states. The other one that was pounded into my being growing up "Do unto others as you would wish they did to you"..new version "treat others like you want them to treat you", that one is a pretty good one to try and follow, but..it only works if everyone is on the same page. It is difficult when others clearly live by the motto "F*ck everyone else, and only worry about yourself". This seems to be the popular theme, so I am beginning to think myself the fool for attempting to do things my way.Kind of a waste of time to try and treat folks the way I wish to be treated when they are on the highway of h-ll , and out to get all they can, no matter the cost to others.
However, getting back to the eyes and teeth...in truth, personal gratification. Someone screws you, bingo..off you go to ensure they get screwed, and the cycle continues. Can't really see a good ending to this ..just everyone in the world not being able to see or eat, right?
 Oh, don't get me wrong, when it comes to the criminal justice system, I think perhaps we need a little more ophthalmology, and dentistry. Payment for doing wrong, should indeed gravitate a little more to the title. Yes, I admit here, in public, I am a believer in Capital punishment, when it fits the crime. We put vicious dogs down, don't we? But for petty sh*t in life, or wrongs committed by others, to others, what good does poking out eyes and pulling teeth do? It simply gives a sense of satisfaction to those who were not involved, and punishes those who also were not involved. Nothing is accomplished but the beginning of yet another cycle of the same. Now we have a world full of blind people, who are also angry because they can't eat meat(or salt water taffy for that matter). 
So, whether you have a religion or not, the saying that I was taught to attempt to live by, Treat others as you wold want them to treat you, is a pretty good format for life, don't you think? Problem now is, I have found it is very difficult to follow my teaching. I have been burned one too many times and lost way too many teeth in the process, without getting a single one! All I have left is some rotten ones, that constantly ache. My eyes, for that matter, are pretty shabby, trust me, not worth digging out for anyone. But I find someone is still pecking away at them. 
I hold no hope for the world today. We live in the past, but only if it suits our purpose. There is no future, because too many are fighting to get the pliers into others mouths, extracting a tooth for a moments gratification, and not giving a thought to the fact that one day the toothless will turn and attempt to gratify themselves, and they will be twice as mad, because, again, they haven't eaten well. 
 At this point in life, I am not quite gumming everything to attempt to sustain myself, and I have some decent glasses, that allow me to see.But, I have decided the safest way to keep the remaining teeth, is to ensure, once again, instead of treating others as I want them to treat me, I will simply shut the door. Just don't have the time and energy, nor the patience, and..yes eyes and teeth, to risk...Door is not padlocked, but I have the safety lock on...