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Monday, 27 February 2012

Ahhh...Friends are always trying to convince me that my life is not crappy, I have to argue that. Each day, I deal with Crap, be it literally or physically, so best just to accept the crap is a constant, and realize, I simply state fact!
  I know that I tried to grab your interest with a list of characters that I will introduce in the future. Today, I decided to regal you with the Tub Turd story, instead. I have to get this down before it is forgotten, as it is one of those unbelievable, non-fiction stories, that will surely make you shake your head, and definitely steer you away from hotel housekeeping.
  So.....The hotel I work at, is very old, in fact, some of it is older than myself (pretty unbelievable, already, right?). Parts of it are affectionately call the "Shackco Atco". which most folks who have spent any time in camps, will understand. One area, consists of large units, that have separate bedrooms, living room, dining room, kitchens, and full bathrooms. In  time, these units are getting overhauled, but some are showing their age, and bathtubs that have held 40+ years of bathers, and been cleaned time and again, with harsh chemicals, don't look pretty. I have heard all kinds of comments on the state of the tubs, but, I can honestly say, no matter what it looks like, it is darn clean!!!We have this stuff that we use, called de-limer. Smells like it would take paint of metal, and it will remove the "ring-around the tub" easily. When you clean someplace that is not pretty, you have to go the extra mile to ensure that guests can't whine about filth, along with age, and we do!! O.K. now back to the bath..
  Oh, it is horrid, the finish has been off for as long as I have cleaned there, countless cleans with delimer, if you ran your finger along it, you would burst an eardrum with the squeak of clean, but the bottom is a greyish, black streaky stained mess. I expect anyone who has gone into this bathroom, looks twice, and is leery of standing on it, but upon inspection, it would be clear, the tub is clean.
  Now, we add two grown men, apparently both in their 50's, who come to work for a company that pays their rooms. They are working out on a pipeline, hard dirty work, and clearly, they want to shower each day. Their day starts around 7AM, and finishes around 7PM. Our maintenance man had some work to do in this unit, so around 7:45AM, he heads up to the place, opens the door, and heads into the bathroom, where he is to do some plumbing. Now, our maintenance man will be the first to tell you, his sense of smell is lacking, but upon entering the bathroom, there is no doubt, somewhere, very close by, there is Crap!! Sure enough, he spies it, it is laying in the tub!!! Clearly, someone has sat on the edge of the tub, and defecated. No toilet paper, that was apparently flushed, but the coiled crapola lay near the drain. HOLA...Sure doesn't take much imagination to visualize what happened, hey? This man, felt that tub was too dirty for him to use to clean himself, so he S*it in it.
   Now, I have to wonder...there were 2 men, did his partner agree to this? Do I have any friends I would feel so close to, that I would accept them pooping in a tub in a room I would want to use? Nope, sorry friends, but, I do have some lines that I will not cross, and my poop is not something I want any friends to see, and I do not want to see their poop (just for future reference, in case you wondered).
  So, what to do? This is not something that is covered in Housekeeping 101, the poor housekeeper who is to do this area, has a problem. Calls are made, the office is brought in, who is responsible for poop removal? The solution is, the unit is cleaned as usual, except the bathroom, the door is simply closed on that, and left for the guests to clean.
  When they do get back, they call the office, claiming the poop is not theirs!!! Huh? Now, we are unsure if it was the pooper that called, likely his partner, who perhaps did not know this had happened, some stories have gaps....Someone must have broke into their room and did this deed...Well, the office asks what time they left, and the answer of 7AM, raised the question. Who could have got into that room in the window of 45 minutes, before the maintenace man arrived? The caller was adament, it was not his poop, and he was not touching it. Well, someone must have stepped up to the plate, as the next morning, when we stepped gingerly into the room, there it was...a squeaky clean. grey and black stained bathtub, turdless!!!
  So, what do you think? Would you have cleaned up a strangers poo in your tub? I have to think, this was cleaned by the pooper himself, and perhaps it was someone they knew, but, I personally will keep an eye out for those names to appear on the hotel list, and ensure I do a diffferent area, wouldn't you?