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Tuesday, 28 February 2012

This morning, because I have a day off, I decided to stay out of the smelly stuff, and allow you to get to know a couple of our unforgettable guests. It seemed a shame to keep these folks to ourselves.
  We will start with Toe-Nail man. He arrived many years ago, and housekeeping was warned to keep an eye out for him, because he apparently had a bit of a temper. Now, back in those days, we would not allow any of the younger staff to go up and clean this area. It is a few blocks from the main hotel, and at the very edge of town. We did not want a young girl getting herself into an uncomfortable situation, with no one around, so, most times a couple of us would go up together.
  This particular day, my friend was up with another woman, they tootled about, cleaning , and chatting , the sun was shining, and all was good, until they arrived at Toe Nail man's room. As they were dusting, they came across a jar, it wasn't hidden, it was right out in the open, therefore it was to be lifted and dusted under. As it was lifted, it was suddenly placed  back on the table, and with a yelp, the housekeeper backed away. My friend went to see what the problem was, and lo and behold, in this jar, that had dates marked on it, were toe nail clippings. Yep, it was clear this man had kept every single toe nail clipping for decades.
   O.K. I know we all have hidden habits, and if I am offending any of my friends who have kept their toe nail bits, I am sorry. I will simply offer a suggestion, when traveling, keep those slices zipped in your suitcase, housekeepers do not want to come near stuff like that.
  I am curious, though, are we missing something, is there some value in toe nail clipping, maybe a medical thing, like Locks for Love, folks who lose a toe nail can go in and have a donated clipping attached? OOOhh yuck,eh?Sorry, my imagination has become warped with the passing of time.
  Now, I will tell you about Vaseline man. Some of those in my work place heard this name, and refused to wait for the blog story, yes, they were male, and the name must have brought all sorts of visions to them. I am not saying Vaseline Man was kinky, he was just a slob.
  Our system works with one of us stuck on laundry duty (now with short staff issues, this person cleans rooms and does laundry in between) . Mounds of laundry are placed outside the little room by all staff, and this person grabs, and sorts whites from coloured, and sets the machines going. Every week, a whole set of sheets would go into the garbage, because they had this grease smear that would not come out. It was a mystery, and of course, we had to solve this, before we ran out of sheets. Time to actually look about, and it did not take long to find the problem. Once again, up in the outlying area we walk into a bedroom, the guy is still there,and climbs out of bed to sit in the living room while we make his bed.
  Yuck, hate doing this, those of you reading, take note, when housekeeping goes into your room, please leave. We are not personal maids, our jobs are to go into empty rooms, and clean, we do not like doing our job while you sit and watch TV, and feel like chatting while we scrub your toilet and clean your short and curlies out of the tub. In truth, we would prefer not to know what you look like. I actually took this job, thinking it would be great, not having to use energy to be nice, did too many jobs were I had to be nice to customers, and used up my social skills.
  To get this uncomfortable situation over with quickly, my friend and I set to making the bed together. Pull back the bedspread, and there was the girlie magazine. Nope, we are not prudes, we understand, girlie magazines are like our chocolate and potato chips, comfort things, LOL. However, beside the magazine, was a gigantic jar of Vaseline. Lord love us, all those damn wads of Kleenex we had been picking up from the floor....Oh, sure enough, the sheets were toast.
  How to solve this problem? Once again, off to the office we go. Had to tell the boss we could not afford to throw any more sheets away, something had to be done. The poor boss, she sat down and printed out a lovely note to this man, worded as best she could do in a situation like this. It simply requested he refrain from using Petroleum Jelly on the bedding, as it could not be removed. Situation resolved. The next day, we returned to do the room, and the girlie magazine was now on the couch, with the Vaseline Jar sitting on the coffee table beside it.
  So there you have it, Hotel tips for the day, do not leave your nail clippings on the table when traveling, and keep your Petroleum Jelly off the bedsheets!