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Sunday, 14 July 2013

Canadian, Eh?

WTF? I watched a story on the news the other night, that just made me shake my head. Apparently 3 immigrants, decided they wanted to become Canadians. Hey, that's awesome, it says they have chosen our country to be theirs. I know quite a few folks who immigrated to my country, and chose to stay as landed immigrants. I understand that as well...They live here, follow the rules, work, pay taxes, but keep their country of origin as their citizenship. Hey, I understand pride, and I understand folks want to be African, Indonesian, Scottish, that's all fine and good. They are allowed by the government to do so. Not sure what paperwork they have to deal with, but they do, and their status remains as "landed immigrant".
  However, 3 folks have come up with this bizarre complaint, that has somehow hit the media, and, worse, they are apparently getting some consideration. See, they apparently gave things some thought (not a lot of thought, in my eyes) and figured they would actually become Canadian citizens. The problem is, there is something in the Canadian citizenship oath of allegiance, that rubs them the wrong way.Hellllooooo.. really??? It seems they don't want to pledge allegiance to the Queen!!F#ck, what next?
  I am sorry, yes, I grew up, standing every morning in school, saying the Lord's Prayer, singing Oh Canada, and having Elizabeth the 2nd. hanging on the wall, biggest picture  in every classroom. I grew up with the Union Jack flying at parades, and in the school yard. I AM Canadian!!I spent years learning my history. Yes, there is crap in the past, yes, the monarchy did things that were wrong, but....it is there, and, it was there when these folks decided to take the next step.
  If I was to move to another country, I would spend a fair chunk of time reading the history, and the culture, and exactly what was expected of me, to be welcome. I certainly would not decide to start picking things apart to suit me!!!
  When did it become acceptable to go into another country, likely because it offered you something you were not getting in your own, and then start to make demands, so you could become a citizen? I heard one woman say she was Rastafarian, and the Crown was a part of slavery in the past, and she was not about to pledge allegiance to something that condoned slavery. Helllloooo...is she nuts? Perhaps she is smoking just a tad too much. What year are we living in? Really Honey, get a grip, the United States condoned slavery. If she wanted to go way back, she would have issues with many Aboriginal groups,they were always stealing folks to make slaves. Slavery is a huge thing, it is not simply black, slavery ran rampant in history.
 The question today is, "Does the Queen condone Slavery"? Perhaps some of her staff may think so, but, I can state without much fear, I highly doubt she is about to write a Crown Statement that will cause any Canadian citizen to suddenly become slaves (we are simply slaves to the government of Canada, not Lizzie).
 I am aware that not near as many folks feel anything positive towards the Monarchy, hey, that's fine. I understand at this time, with all the troubles the Aboriginals are trying to fix, the Queen is not a figure of regard. However, because I was a child of the 50's and 60's, I grew up with the Queen. She never showed up in my town, in fact the only time I ever caught a glimpse of her was on a trip to see Buckingham Castle. But, she and her ancestors are the reason I AM Canadian. Me, Debbie.....I would not exist as the outspoken person I have become, if not for the Queen!
  I went down this road when I was in Grade 10. Got into an awful lot of trouble in class with a teacher who immigrated from India. I sat at my desk, and was told how evil the Queen was, and I listened to this teacher call the monarchy down. Even back then, my mouth engaged before my brain. I told this teacher if it wasn't for the Queen he wouldn't be standing in my school teaching. Got sent to the office, and instead, grabbed my coat, and went home. Just after I explained to my Mother why I was home, the phone rings, it is the teacher, telling my Mom that I was very rude to him in class. I remember the shock when my Mother told him she agreed with what I said, and that I had every right to stand up for my opinion.
 So, if you want to become a citizen of a country, study up! Sadly, I feel because these 3 have garnered the attention of media and government, some bleeding heart will decide we must consider their grievance.Personally, I find it repulsive, that 3 immigrants feel they have the right to question an oath that has been acceptable to generations of folks who chose to make this country their home. Folks who took pride in being a part of the realm. Again, I know there are mistakes, and terrible wrongdoings, but....those wrongdoings will not be fixed by 3 people who feel their rights are beyond that of the citizens of the country.
  I expect, perhaps in my lifetime, the monarchy may fade into the past, however, I will consider immigration myself, if my government takes heed of these twits, and starts to change the wording of oaths of allegiance, simply because dimwits didn't do enough studying on the connection with the Monarchy, before figuring they wanted to live in Canada.
  BTW..I did some checking Rastafarians believe in the religious use of the Holy Herb, Pot, and it is used in their communal ceremonies. Well, sweetie, not that I am against Pot, I do know it is still illegal in Canada, perhaps you are willing to give that up, to follow the law of the country? Folks, before you go off on your high horses, make sure you are not opening your mouth to pretend you are holier than thou. Don't like the Queen? Well, she kind of ,sort of...is a part of the Jamaican government too, and...if I caught the accent of one of the other complainers correctly, much as they don't like it, Lizzie holds some sway in Ireland!
  Get real folks!! If you don't like the rules, find another country!!!