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Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Is There Edible Food Left?

I started down the twisty path of horror, awhile back. First it was imported stuff. Well, my common sense told me,  importing food from a country that already feeds 1,354,040,000 people, has to be a tad dangerous. If, in our relatively regulated country, we are been told we simply do not have enough folks to ensure our own food is safe for consumption, how the heck would the Chinese? Simple fact is, they don't!!They do everything in bulk, and by bulk, I doubt we could grasp the enormity of production.
  Our system fails on a steady basis. You are always hearing about salmonella, and other nasty little bits that somehow made their way into the factory, some as simple as a worker not washing their hands.Hello folks, we are tadpoles in the pool of sharks. Our country has handed our food over to all sorts of offshore countries. Our government apparently washed their hands of safety, and just opened the doors to shipping crap to our cupboards.
  I truly do not care if one country does not feel food should be deemed safe for human consumption, those people in those countries have accepted this fact, they have to fight for their rights, if they so chose. However, we are Canadians! We have an agreement to pay our government to inspect and ensure quality control of our food. They take our tax dollars with the promise to check stuff and make sure we are not all going to croak simply because we ate a fish fillet, every Friday, that came from chicken shit fed fish farms in another country!
  I won't even go into GMO's, not sure exactly what that is all about, however, it is beginning to scare the crap out of me , as well. That, sadly is something OUR country is at the root of, well, perhaps the USA, but close enough, Canadians always seem to follow like lemmings, if the price is right, and we get a handshake.
  I think back , just one generation. My Mom didn't bring home anything to eat from China, except...mandarin oranges!All our food was from Canada or the States. Cripes, we had it all here, Fish galore between B.C. and Newfoundland, beef from Alberta, corn, flour from Saskatchewan. O.K. sugar came from Cuba (or somewhere toasty warm) Pineapples came from Hawaii. But everything that was imported, was pricey, and you knew it came from someplace very far from North America.Charlie the Tuna came from someplace Charlie was a common name, not Cho Tuna!!
  We used to get angry with the Chinese, fishing off shore, sucking back all our fish, and the Japanese. I remember all the complaints that they were stealing our fish. Well, guess they were smart, must have stole all our fish, and now they are selling us theirs!!Our fish is priced out of reach, so our choice is simply to buy theirs.
  I hate shopping now. I head off to the canned fruit section, hey, fruit is grown in my country! Well, not sure where it is sold, because every single can comes from China, Taiwan, or Indonesia!! Even pineapples don't come from Hawaii anymore!!Just do it once, folks, each can, or container you pick up in the store, check out the label a bit more than usual, on almost every thing, you will see imported. Something is very wrong!
  I know I have gone on about this before, but, it is beyond belief! Now, with the GMO scare, what the heck can we safely consume?
  Years back, we decided to buy a freezer order. We had done this a few times, just made life easier, price was good, and we were on a tight budget. Order was delivered to our door, I packed it  into the freezer, all excited. My favourite meat was in abundance. I love ground beef! I could make every single meal from that, if I was allowed.
  I pulled a pack of it out, and proceeded to make my family's supper. As I was frying the meat, my super nose started to wrinkle. Something just did not smell right. I asked my honey to smell the dish as it was cooking, he said it smelled fine. Remember, I have amazing nostril power....Honestly, my stomach was turning as I cooked, but, hey, he said it smelled fine, I was just being my ordinary over the top self. I could not bring myself to eat my beloved ground beef, but put it on their plates, since he claimed it smelled perfectly fine. They took one mouthful, and spit it out!! It tasted awful!!
  I then dug another package out, tried that, same stink. So, because I am who I am, I picked up the phone, and called the company I had brought the order from. You will not believe what I was told!! Apparently I was to throw all the ground beef out. I was NOT to even feed it to my dogs. It seems that my batch had way too much formaldehyde mixed into it, and it would make us ill. Hellooooo...did you know they mixed that into your food to make it look more appealing? Keep in mind, this was about 15 years ago, and I was eating stuff they inject into dead people!!! My super nose could smell this shit, because it was unnatural. Yes, I still buy ground beef, however, I can start to cook, and if that scent of formaldehyde starts to fill my nose, it goes directly into the garbage.
  I can smell plastic garbage bags. Yes, they give off a nasty odor, long before they are used. Plastic utensils, same thing, really can't use them, because the stink overpowers the food. I am not a vegan, or a health food fanatic, I spend my days pouring caustic chemicals into toilets, and spraying simpleton into bathtubs, but, I am not purposefully coating my food in this stuff!
  Why, suddenly, after being able to eat food that, perhaps does not last 4 years on a shelf, do we have to start coating our staples with chemicals? What scientist has decided that a specific amount of the same stuff that was used to preserve dead people, should be injected into beef? Yes, I have to assume it is to make the meat look nicer for a longer period. Hello..it is frozen, should that not do the trick? Would I not prefer the colour was not blood red, but a little grey, with the natural flavour?
  I expect if someone was to go to the countries all the food we now eat, comes from, someone who is trained in food safety, they would be shocked to see what we are importing and filling our store shelves with. Our government is turning a blind eye to what they cannot possible be unaware of. They know damn well the standards are not even close to being met by what are becoming our greatest food suppliers. No Recalls , because everything happens in a country coated with secrecy. 1000 Chinese die from eating tainted canned fruit, drop in the bucket, with a population of 1,354,040,000. 200 die in India from eating raisins contaminated with mouse droppings, with a population of 1,210,193,422. Do you really think their governments are going to notify folks?
  So, we go to our stores, buy our food, and take our lives into our hands by feeding ourselves and our families. Our government smiles, because they are managing good relations with countries they feel they will profit from. Hey, they told these folks our regulations, and agreements were made. We don't have enough food safety folks to check on stuff, but...fingers crossed, what we are eating is not killing us!
  Who knows, I may become a skinny person after all.