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Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Can't Stop

I know, my blog has become nothing but a place to put my personal issues with BC Hydro out there, in hopes that someone might just read and maybe...just maybe stop the wheels in motion for a moment. Those wheels have been rolling so fast, crushing all the bumps and covering them up, in hopes no one actually sees them, until it is too late.
  No one seems to see the construction of yet a 3rd Dam in the same vicinity as an issue. Why? Because it does not affect them! Oh, I see all the postings about the pipeline, and tankers, and I watch those in the lower mainland fight about coal dust, and traffic, and...pipelines. Really, people!! Pipelines have been under the cities forever. You get your gas to your homes from pipelines, and I can imagine those systems are ginormous, how many millions of pipes go under your city? Yep, all underground, can't see them, and you reap the benefit. What on earth would Vancouver do if suddenly that system went haywire, and folks could not use heat or appliances? OOOOOOhhhh....bet there would be h-ll to pay. However, truth is, you live above a world of pipes, sewer, water, etc. That is what a city is built upon. Add trains running below your feet, with electrical , more pipes. Do they burst? Sure, on occasion things happen, an emergency occurs, and whatever flows from the pipes is contained, and the damage is repaired as best as can be.
  I am not saying pipelines filled with oil are not a worry. Yes, I would be very concerned with the possible environmental damage caused if, indeed a leak occurred. Do I like the idea of a pipeline pouring oil into tankers in the middle of the ocean? Nope, not really! Frankly, I find it frightening.
  I read about the nuclear reactor in Japan, leaking radioactive water into the Ocean, as we speak. That scares the crap out of me! That story should be front and center in every media outlet in the world. That IS a disaster, and we will suffer a far greater environmental fallout from this, than a leaking oil pipeline. Hummm...certainly not hearing much about this. How come? Is it just too scary?
  Nope, it is the pipeline that is front and center, this group protested, that group protested it. Meanwhile, behind the scenes, our government and BC Hydro are fast stamping all the paperwork necessary to fix the province up with a brand new supply of electricity. Everyone focusing on the possibility of stopping the pipeline , which mark my words, each and everyone of you out there, will be built!
  Where are the First Nations folks protesting a future possibility, when their own are speaking out to Hydro, and having their words ignored? Where are those who stand up to oil and gas, as warriors, when it is apparent they have been lied to? Here in our valley, BC Hydro has lied time and again to the First Nations, they have lied to the Farmers, and the people who live and work here. Those lies are written in  history, and it was not hundreds of years ago, it was within our lifetime.
  Now Hydro gave all of those impacted by the future Site C project, a whole week to register for public hearings! A whole week to plan for a moment of their time to oppose their plan. A whole week to ensure during the last weekend before Christmas, we will attend the one and only public meeting to be held in our community during (of course) regular working hours.
  Now, keep in mind where I live. I live in a community with NO stores beyond a convenience store and a Grocery store. What does the average small town person do the Friday before Christmas week? Yep, they want to get out of town to shop. Do you think it is coincidence that after years, suddenly we are given this one day, to have all our ducks in a row? Oh, I suppose one could book that day off work, go to the meeting, and then head out of town. However, that is a days pay down the toilet! Or, one could register for one of the meetings elsewhere, take the time off work, and drive to another community. However, if they didn't register, by Nov. 25th , they are sh*t out of luck!!
 I have read each statement as it is listed. I have seen requests from First Nations for a simple extension of a week in order to get all their reports in order, and Hydro's reply.....an extension for you, would prejudice others. This is how our Honorable Christy Clark claims First Nations are considered?
  I read how a former Mayor, who when she lived and owned a home in my community, opposed this Dam so strongly she was part of a protest group when Gordon Campbell flew in to announce what was coming down the track at us. Now, she has sold (very suddenly) and moved onto bigger things, and out of the blue, she has changed her mind, Site C is absolutely necessary, the benefits outweigh the cost. This is exactly what the whole problem is, unless you live here, somehow the residual effects are a benefit, that allow you to forget what those left in the area will endure.
  Well, I have read what those who endured the building of WAC Bennett Dam suffered. Many of those who were impacted back then, are once again forced to hand over to Hydro. Really, people!! It is clear, the province has simply accepted that this Valley is expendable. Hey, 2 Dams already, might as well just extend things, that way it is less painful. Screw the lot of you!!!Screw every a$$hole that complains about a telephone pole or Hydro pole ruining their sight lines, screw the whiners who cry about old growth trees getting cut on a mountain trail, screw those who think that everything matters on population! That an area is unimportant simply because few will be impacted. Screw those who feel that the loss of this valley is worth the extra hydro that will run the transmission lines to the cities of Pipelines. OMG..lets hope one of those horrible towers does not affect someone's sight line!!
  So, don't think I do not realize all my words fall on deaf ears. Don't think I will head off to this public hearing, not knowing it is happening simply so Hydro can check the box, and state it was done. Don't think I believe my heartfelt statement will create a single ripple in the destruction soon to commence in the tiny town of Hudson's Hope. I see the writing on the wall, I hear the silence from the rest of the citizens of this Province, I understand full well they don't give a damn about the Dam, because...it is not in their backyard, and ...so they close their eyes, until the lights gleam with the extra brilliance of a valley gone.