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Sunday, 10 November 2013

Suck a Lemon Lulu

O.K. here I go, out to likely offend someone. I hope that you all know by now, I really don't care if folks don't agree with me, I simply state my personal take on things. Might not be politically correct, but...hey, I'm certainly not a politician!
  So...what got up my butt this time, you ask? Well, apparently a lemon, named Lulu. Never seen a lulu lemon, never been to yoga (do you go to yoga, or just do yoga?), and I can almost guarantee I will likely see or do neither in my future. I have, however heard about the lemony pants...funny the ones I saw on TV were all black, how lemon is that? I know that they are not cheap, strangely nothing to do with fitness equitment is cheap, most of it is way beyond the normal price of lazy people stuff, thank goodness! Hey, yet another reason to steer clear of fitness, just can't afford to be a part of that trend. How did something so simple as P.E. that when I was young, all we needed was a pair of sneakers and pants, become so expensive. Now folks brag about their gym memberships, which are along the lines golf club memberships used to be. Then they must have the proper bottled water, shoes (whoohooo big price) and of course those pilly pants. Hey, pull on a pair of sweats (you can pick them up at any thrift shop for a couple of bucks) some walfart sneakers a grubby t-shirt, get your dog, a tennis ball and find a good spot to spend an hour playing with your dog, or hey, a kid will do too. Dump a box of thumb tacks on your floor, and bend at the waist to pick them all up, dump them again....If you want, go up and down your stairs, you can wear a ipod when you do this, work up a sweat, you can have pants that are a tad thin, no one cares, because you are not on display, you are working out...
  See, that's why those fruity pants are so pricey, because suddenly sweating has gone public, but, the idea is not to really sweat, that would be disgusting..the idea is to be a part of a group of people who have spent all their time bending and picking up thumb tacks at home, so they can now dress up in the finest fitness clothing, and look suitable. Sorry, but gyms used to be filled with folks who had guts, and giant sized muffin tops, buttocks that wobbled about and stretched those sweatpants to the limit.Now they are filled with firm fit folks, and those muffins are at home listening to music on their stairs.
  Now we have a big to-do because the man who owns the Lemon business actually spoke common sense. That's right, he said his Lulus are not for everyone. He is on the mark. Just like spandex, there should be a weight limit to certain items of clothing. Those folks up in arms are probably the same ones who scroll through those incredible Wal-Mart pictures, laughing at the Holy crack of Asses that wander the stores, and the boobies, that sag under the bottom of shirts. Go ahead, tell me none of you have looked at those and shook your heads in disbelief. You are shaking your heads because some folks do not realize they create a scene by dressing in unsuitable clothing.
 Reality is, some of us are just not fit and firm. I would love to put on a set of spandex leggings and a sequined top, with an awesome pair of leather (oooohhh red leather) hooker boots, but.....if I went out in public, I would be sure to make the majority of the folks stop, stare and say to each other..."tsk tsk, doesn't she know she looks foolish?" Thing is, I do know!! I can wear that at home (and I would if I had it) and only my family would laugh, but for crying out loud, we are not all equal, there are some things that common sense should over ride. Some folks are fluffy, and not fit, and if those Lulus are marketed as yoga pants, that tells me folks who wear them yoga, but...I know that even though I realize the heavier folks yoga, maybe they can purchase their pants from Pennington's, skinny people can't find clothes there,nah nah nah...
  So...to those who found his comment that his clothing is not for everyone, offensive, suck it up!!! They were not designed for the larger frame, he obviously set out to make an exercise pant for fit, fitness folks, and if those who are a tad bulky find they can fit into these pants, but they sort of lose their coverage, get a clue. Maybe they just have to wear something a little different until they adapt to the lemon limit.
  BTW, Speedo swim suits for men can stretch a far bit as well, and......be honest, we all know that they are not made for everyone!!!