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Thursday, 28 November 2013

Diarrhea of The Mouth

Heehee...yes I had to Google that word. Some words are just far too confusing to remember how to spell. Anyhooo...I figured I would explain why I have suddenly developed a terrible case of diarrhea of the mouth. Oh I know, I have always had a case, but...now it is beyond extreme.
  Fact is..I now have all the time in the world to contemplate, and, no longer have a sounding board. Yep, I have entered the world of the unemployed! Fair warning, unemployment in the summer, not so bad. Got outside time, to break the monotony....stick me in the house for the winter, I am like a shrew caught in a corner.
  For those who have never lived in a small town, it is unlikely you can imagine what life is like when the economy turns off. We never have the constant rush of the city, even when things are going full-speed, but, we do have movement. Turn off everything (besides of course, Hydro) and, the only way I can describe things, is, every day is like Sunday. However, you city folks can't understand that, either,LOL.
  The town is empty. You can take a drive to the store and see no one,until you actually walk in the door. The sounds change. A single truck going past the house, sounds as loud as a train. I can stand out on my back deck, and hear folks talking at the restaurant, down the road, and around the corner. It is like living in civilization with the power turned off.
 "Oh", you say..."Isn't that what you desire?" Yes, I do desire the peace and quiet, however, when it gets this quiet, it is almost eerie, because....I live in town! Imagine driving through your community, past the post office, the restaurants, the hotel, the bank, on a Tuesday...all the parking lots are empty. Suddenly, you begin to wonder...was there an evacuation and no one informed me? Hey, could happen, surrounded by Dams, right...You expect the empty on Christmas Day, but not in the middle of a work week.
  For days I drove to work, and had the pick of the whole parking lot. One vehicle besides my own, and that has been parked for months. The lights were off, except for a single window lit in the office. Add winter to this picture, pretty much pitch black at 7:30AM. I have to tell you, been working at this job for some time, and never, ever seen the place this dead, for so long. Maybe they are staying at the other hotels? Nope, always look down the road when I pull out at the one, and then drive past the other..there might be a couple more vehicles, than none, but it is obvious, there just is no one here!
 Hey, I don't know a thing about business. I hear the rumours, which have had crews coming in for the past 2 months, crews that never showed up. I can remember life before Oil and Gas, and the only life on the streets was the deer. Funny, just realized, that really must be what makes the difference here, Oil and Gas.
 Way back in the day, it was Hydro. The hotel used to be filled with workers. However, we all know that changed with the construction of the more "suitable" accommodations, and the lease of every "suitable" rental. But, it is apparent, very little is happening with Hydro. Yikes...really hoped they would get that damn Rip Rap up around the base of the Dam, that tid bit has been nagging on my mind since they disclosed it.
  But, our beloved Hydro is in what appears to be a holding pattern. Even their great big Christmas party has changed, they are not all going up to the lovely lodge, instead they are looking for a caterer. Hey, now that those at the top decided they were going to hold the public hearings on the mistake of the century, they can't have their employees wining and dining in style, right?
  It is clear,Hydro has pushed the PAUSE button. They decided they would f*ck with everyone's Christmas plans, they hope that the numbers at their hearings are low, so they can claim, no one cares. They have given dates for the hearings, however...those may change, at Hydro's whim, they will notify us. They are, as I mentioned before, spoiled children. They are bound and determined to get what they want, and will stop at nothing, because...they ARE government, to get it.
  Every single thing that happens in this valley revolves around Hydro. It has since the first Dam was built way back in the 60's. They have held control with the specter of Site C hanging over each and every property owner from Bear Flats to Hudson's Hope. Not a single soul knows what is going to happen, we can only listen to what they say, and we all know there is seldom a grain of truth to their words...Why? Because they are simply the messengers. They have been chosen to sit in the middle and pass information between their superiors and the public, much like trained seals. They don't have to think, they have their papers in front, listing what they can tell us, and they have accepted that position. They don't have to debate whether something is good or bad, they deliver the messages they have been given.
 Ms Clark, Mr. Bennett and all the other ministers are just rubbing their hands together. This project will make a whole whack of folks in the lower mainland happy. They will travel by droves from there, Prince George, and yes, even Ontario and Quebec and likely the States, all picked from those mighty Union Spare boards, and shoulder rubbing connections. Folks will be making money, and paying taxes (well the ones in B.C.anyway) what a party!! Hey, it's not hurting anyone who counts, right? So, the folks in the Valley have had their little piece of the province ripped away, too bad, Hydro employees are still working..and living in nice places.Reality is, this town may see a very small increase in business sales, but it is doubtful. The citizens are either retired or work already(can't afford to live in the north without employment). They don't need work, and I bet one could count each person on any of those Union boards on one hand! This is simply a make work project, thought up by the government, and out of desperation about to commence without due care and diligence.
 The other fact that blows me away...They are not going to pay for it, until it is in operation! Well, lets change that they, to we. Yep going to spend all those billions out of the coffers, our coffers. Hummm...hydro rate hikes.....That is your tax dollars along with your hydro rate hikes, for a Dam that should not and does not,need to be built. What if every person in B.C. took a million bucks out of the government piggy bank, because they wanted to start a business?Ooops, I forgot, give 2 million to those folks who have gone bankrupt, because we love to hand money over to corporations that dig themselves into a huge hole.  Then, let them keep that money until they started making enough money to feel like paying it back. Hey, lets give all the mines the option to borrow from the government, and pay back when they are operational...likely get a fair chunk of business that way...It is just insane!! No one is stopping them! They are admitting the government has been sucking "dividends" in excessive amounts out of Hydro, they have admitted they will NOT allow the commission set in place to ensure fairness in Utility rates and necessary projects have a thing to do with Hydro until 2017 and then just a little control. They have removed the safety net of the citizens of this province and won't put it back until this is all over! WTF!!!! People of this Province, are you all so blind, you can't see what is written on your foreheads? F*CKING SUCKERS!!! I am sick and tired of being told how our rates are the 3rd lowest in Canada. We were promised low rates when WAC Bennett started B.C. Hydro..that's right BRITISH COLUMBIA HYDRO..it belongs to us, therefore at the very least, we must allow the British Columbia Utility Commission the ability to look into things.
  Because the government took the right of this commission to oversee this project, you know full well they would have put a stop to it, again. It does not take a rocket scientist to realize the government did this to ensure the project went ahead, even though the citizens of this Province do not need it. So, how do we insist Ms. Clark and her minions follow the rules set in place to protect us? Where have our rights gone? Take this rule out for this damned project, and watch all the other rules fall to the wayside when they decide they want something else (like the pipeline). Fair warning...the people of this province have let our government get away with breaking the rules, and they are not going to stop now!