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Thursday, 5 February 2015

If We Could Turn Back Time

 Social media has brought some pretty awesome stuff with it, but....it has also opened up some nasty little holes that allows some extremely hurtful stuff to spew about. I admit, I enjoy using the internet to rant, and spew and vomit about stuff that drives me batty, but....it might be hurtful to some, but, never is it aimed at those who are weakest, and hurting. What seems to happen over and over again on the one particular social media source I peruse is, a total lack of consideration for those who are suffering.
  See, this is the second time I have felt compelled to write after tragic events hit other families, and I became appalled by the cold hearted statements made in regards to these events with no thought or compassion to those who either would see these statements, or probably at some point become aware of them.
  Are there so many out there who have never experienced the loss of a loved one? Are people so selfish and cruel that they don't consider the feelings of those affected so deeply with a loss, that they are sensitive, and broken? To have your lives turned upside down by tragedy, you become fragile, words comfort but they also wound, deeply. This is a time in a person's life, that they will never forget, they will remember every moment of the pain, and suffering. They will remember those who wrapped their arms around to provide love and healing, and they will certainly never forget those who decided to ignore humanity and dig the wound deeper with angry bitter words.
   It so happens, yet another terrible accident happened, in which 2 lives were lost. In my world, that is what happened. 2 families were informed they would no longer be the same. 2 people loved by many, had suddenly ceased to exist, never to come in the door to their loved ones, never to laugh, never to take part in all that is still to come for those left behind.
  I don't know many of the facts behind this accident. What I do know is, one of those lost was a 31 yr. old father and husband, and one was an 18 year old possibly with a child as well. So, that means one or two extremely young children will grow up without their father, 2 women will be left without their partners, 2 sets of parents without their sons, 4 sets of grandparents without their grandsons, siblings without their brother, aunts and uncles without their nephews, friends without their friends. So many people in pain, I know that pain, and I feel a tiny piece of what each of those who have lost feel, and will feel forever.
  Does the matter of fault have any bearing on what all these lives are suffering now? Does it make a single bit of difference in how all of this is going to affect the loss? Is one families suffering of less consequence because their deceased loved one made a deadly mistake? Are there actually those who are so ignorant that they feel this mistake was by choice? Is blame going to make one family feel better?
 If only we could turn back time, just for a single moment, then the chances are, the mistake would never have happened. Do we really believe that one of those involved didn't want to go home, instead they wanted to perish, and cause another to lose their life at the same time? Of course not!!
  There are NOT two separate groups , social media has those who place blame, with the belief this makes one family different. Those same people feel justified dismissing the hurt and suffering of another. This is stupidity! No one else was in control, this all happened because of a mistake, one I am certain was not imagined, one that had horrific results. These families all have one thing in common, one I wish on no one, they have a hole in their worlds.
  I pray that they all have arms to wrap about them, to hold and comfort. We cannot go back, this has happened, and all of those hurt will have to find a way to continue, broken and hurt. Those who feel that blame has any place in this mess, will one day, perhaps realize, it doesn't matter to those who lose.