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Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Communication Breakdown

  The world has changed dramatically since I joined the work force. Back in the old days, some folks who worked off in the middle of no where, had radios. This allowed them to communicate with others , like fellow log trucks way off in the boonies. Well, in truth, besides the odd lucky duck with a satellite phone, truck drivers were the ones you would seek out if you had some sort of emergency in the middle of some highway.
  Today, crap... sources of communication are everywhere. I am probably the single person who refuses a cell phone, because, I really have no need to have constant contact with the rest of the world. I, personally enjoy that time that I work, when I am not interrupted by a ringing phone, or dings when someone texts, or a new post goes on my facebook page. I frigging hate that continual noise! I have never gotten over the fear of picking up the phone to hear a bill collector, or someone who is p*ssed to the gills, wanting to chatter away, when I want to do something else. The only phone calls I get now(on my trusty old land line) are from a very few friends, or family, and I like it that way!
  But...many jobs rely on cell phone communication. There is absolutely NO excuse for employees to be left in the dark when they request answers.
   I may not have a cell phone, but I know how they work (sort of). When a text is sent the recipient is notified, by some sort of ding, vibration, chicken squawk , whatever. So....if there is no reply, the sender knows they have been ignored. They have been slated as non-important, because if they do not receive an answer within hours, or...days, the recipient has decided not to answer. A reply does not take a long time, even a reply that they will get back when they are not busy, well, that is decent and proper. Cell phones should come with an etiquette manual, because, they are powerful tools! Cell phones are machines that can make or break relationships, friendships, and, yes, jobs! They are the rudest things in the world, and, the most annoying. They rule lives, suddenly, the world has become a place that a small bundle of metal and wires controls people.
 Yes, around these parts, we have the issue of loss of service, dead zones are all about. However, most folks with these phones know darn well when they are back in service. I doubt anyone would sit still without driving a little farther to get signal back, they would be concerned they might miss something important on their phones.
  So...when a sender takes the time to contact someone with what they feel is a very important matter, one that impacts their world greatly, an impact caused by the "someone", they need an answer. Everyone knows there is a time period that is acceptable, and understandable. Maybe out of service, maybe phone shut off because of job requirements, but, there is a limit to the time period. Once that time has passed, the sender knows they have been deemed unimportant, and that is when the problems of the "new world" come into play.
  Phone call being ignored used to be a simple matter, but, limited. See, phone calls to a land line, especially one like mine without an answering machine, well, hey..if I don't answer it, I might not be home, I have a pretty decent excuse. Ignoring a cell phone call, or text, well, there is no excuse, the evidence of the call is there, on both sides. Cell phone evidence is held up in court..it is powerful, and deadly. Ignoring a cell text or call is telling the sender you do not want to talk or deal with them. I think it is as rude as a slap in the face. The recipient is clearly telling the sender they are not important enough for a minute of their time, a minute to use those fingers to push a couple of buttons to send a reply. Wow...did their mother never teach them manners?
  The amount of time folks spend on their cell phones, there is no excuse for unanswered texts or calls, except the fact they didn't feel the need, they decided it was not worth their minute of time.
  I am so glad I do not have to worry that someone will make me feel so small, as to not answer a message from me, that I feel is very important. I am so glad I work at a job, that , if I feel the need to speak to my employer, I can corner her in her office, and talk face to face.
  The world is changing, it is filled with convenience, the ability to contact others 24-7, with the touch of a few buttons. However, this ability carries a heavy price. To ignore a text or a missed call, speaks volumes, and there is no doubt the message an unreturned text sends. Be very careful with those little bundles of metal, because small as they are, they can blow up in your face!