Favourite Books

  • The Green Mile
  • Animal Farm
  • Lord of the Flies
  • Lord of the Rings
  • To Kill a Mockingbird

Monday, 20 April 2015

Animal Farm

O.K. took another break from raking. The mind is on a rampage. I have to put this down, because it may be years before this comes around again, and I am running out of time,lol.
  So....often this stuff is triggered by things that just randomly appear, through some glich in the internet. I suddenly receive a glimpse into something, and bam..off goes the trigger. I can't help it, as I have said before, I cannot figure myself out. But, as I put this stuff down, I seem to be finding some answers as to why I am the way I am. It appears, strangely enough, most of my rampages are a result of ... of course my upbringing... but, in large part to my education. Oh, yes, I was in school when things like the strap were used, I was hit more than once by a chalk covered blackboard eraser, and smacked behind the head (hummmm..perhaps causing a tidbit of brain damage) various times. But, it was also a time when the required reading list was pretty extensive. I, of course, indulged in this piece of schooling. I love reading, and list among the books that made the biggest impressions on me, "To Kill a Mockingbird" and...wait for it..."Animal Farm".
  Now, along with growing up when schools were pretty much as strict as home, except one had to spend the required time doing educational stuff, I also was a child of the "silent years". Now, That term was mentioned the other day by a dear friend, and, it holds true. Back in those days, children were to be seen and not heard. But...in that silence, it appears many of us were retaining and processing, and most of my retaining was accomplished through my beloved books.
  "Animal Farm" was offered with another book as required reading, but, I can't remember the second choice. I have no clue as to why I decided on this one, I remember clearly the teacher stating it was about communism, why the F did I want to learn about that? Hey, it had animals in it, maybe that was why..I love animals! It was about Utopia, hey, again, who doesn't dream of the perfect world?
  Well, anyone who read this book, knows Utopia on earth,is entirely impossible! It is impossible because human beings are so imperfect, they cannot allow for equality. This point was triggered by comments I read against those who disagree with things. That statement was, perhaps one of the more foolish made in some time. It was a comment I would expect from a politician. Politician want everyone to agree to what they decide. At this time in our country, we seem to be as close to communism at it's worst, and that is because those in charge have decided they know what is best, even if we don't want it.
  So.....the complaint that there are so many who are against everything, basically means we should all shut the hell up, and let the pigs rule. See, the pigs were the top of the farm, and I expect pigs were chosen because pigs ARE pigs. The pigs are smarter than anyone else, everything they do is for the betterment of the world, right? The rest of the world can let their tongues drop out of their mouths, because they are not allowed to speak, no questions allowed, and no opposition. A question immediately means, you are against something! Lets just go back in time to the "silent years". heck I lived those, and they were extremely difficult for a child, let alone an adult. Just everyone shut up!! Then who is going to speak? The pigs will talk,
 The pigs will remove anything they do not accept, and will put in place what they feel is best. What is best , will simply be what adds to their sty, and no one else. They will not care what the costs, because...hey, everyone else has lost their tongues.
  So..to those who feel those against things are the trouble with the world today, don't be asinine.Most of us are not against things, we just want all the facts. We don't want the pigs to say something is for the best, we want them to prove this is for the best. We want the pigs to promise that if we accept what they want, we will be better for it, not just a few of the chosen, but all the animals on this farm.
  When the time comes that the animals are are silent, listening only to the squeals of the pigs, and a few whinny's from some select horses, and squeaks from a few massive sized rats, we will be neck deep in manure, or, maybe deeper.
  So, stop dissing those who do not agree with everything. The political pigs are crossing their hooves at the trough, hoping those angry at the questioners silence them, because then the farm belongs to them!
  I like to think I am a goat (an old goat) who is lucky enough to have to ability to use a computer (sort of). I think the animals should keep questioning, but, I also believe those same animals should listen to the answers with open minds, and the other animals should listen to the answers as well. Questions are the key to information, do not throw the key away.