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  • The Green Mile
  • Animal Farm
  • Lord of the Flies
  • Lord of the Rings
  • To Kill a Mockingbird

Thursday, 30 April 2015

Written in The Stars

 O.K. this is a little off the wall..well, guess that means not much different than usual.
  I tend to be a bit of a nay sayer...surprise!!! I turn my nose up at stuff, but......deep down inside, I kind of, sort of , wonder. The biggest problem, things usually have a price to them, therefore, I turn away. Of course I am not so silly as to think things in life need to be free(oh wouldn't that be lovely?) if that was fact, I would not have diddly squat, because everything has some sort of price tag attached.
  However, once again, browsing about Facebook, I see a name from the past extolling a free Physic reading. Hummmm..well anyone on here knows my life has come to a fork in the road, and the future is pretty damn hazy, so, perhaps I should just stick my arm out and grasp a straw, hey, it's FREE!!!
 Funny, I have some faint memories of my Mom telling me she didn't believe in astrology, except when it came to my brother's sign..but, she also had books on Nostradamus, and the Seer of Kintail, plus UFO's and all other unknowns, and I was also raised with the knowledge there is no doubt the Sasquatch exists, so.....Gee, maybe some insight into my stars might assist?
  Hey, the guy simply wanted to know the year, date and time of my birth, oh, and I got to ask one small question. HOLA..chills went up my spine when I got my personal reading. Cripes, did this guy know me? O.K. I am aware, this is big business, these folks are pretty professional, and likely my tiny little question threw me into a specific slot, with a reading geared to suit. Could be, but, for a moment, sh*t, actually even now, I wonder, do I dig through the lint in my pocket and try and find enough cash to find out what path I am suppose to travel?
  Yeah, no!! Because, since I haven't sent the required cash, he just wrote me another message telling me which path to take, so....Certainly, it is the one I don't know, and according to him, I need some direction, however, since I have finally decided it is time to take some risks, why not go all out? Heck, I will just set out with some snacks, and hit that scenic route. If indeed it is the right path, well, I am not much for crowds, so it is best my Honey and I go it alone..much more romantic, right?
  I am a bit more of a believer than my Mom, see I am the amazing Virgo. Back in the day, I didn't think my sign suited me, I was suppose to be picky, and nasty, and shoot from the hip. I wasn't anything like that, but look at me now!!! Yep, fit that sign like a kid glove. So, perhaps Virgos evolve, slowly? According to this guy, the stars are aligned in perfect order for this nasty broad.
  Hey, I like stars! I consider myself somewhat of a super star, in my own tiny universe, which consists of ME. And, finally, it is apparently my time to shine!! So, soon I shall put away my white bristled toilet bowl brush, and pick up my scepter! I will dispose of my cleaning tray, and don my crown. The stars are no longer stacked against me, but twinkling bright, leading me down the garden path.
  If you think I believe this,then you will also believe when I say, I  think Crusty is the best thing that happened to B.C.!