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Saturday, 13 June 2015

Lulu's Crusty Lemon

  I wasn't going to, but...it was just too hard to left it alone..so..today, my personal rant on the recent Yoga disaster. Yes..yoga caused such a nasty uproar, and, only our lunatic of a Premier could have managed to pull that one out of thin air.
  June 21st,this year,  is the day we celebrate Father's Day So...yoga...not really a man's passion, right? I suppose there are a few guys who do the "backward dog"..or whatever, but, most of the crowds of folks bending and stretching are..female. ,,, Why not decide on this day, to celebrate Yoga, so all the Dad's can troop off to watch a bunch of women bending and stretching...O.K. then...maybe for a lot of guys this would be a lovely way to spend their day? LOL
  Then, and of utmost importance here, not trying to step on all the Dad's toes...it is also National Aboriginal Day. Now this is new, this is something that perhaps, (in my mind) hopefully, got the rest of the country to spend one single day, learning about our First Nations. Taking time to enjoy their pride in their dances, their food, their costumes, etc. We have Chinese New Year, we have Ukrainian Christmas, we have Octoberfest, we have Dragon Boat races, we open the doors, and advertise and promote a ton of ethnic celebrations in the media, and...hey, it's all wonderful!
 Aboriginal Days should have been a hot topic on TV and radio, our Premier should have made some sort of plans to show her respect on this one and only day, set aside for our first people to show their pride in their history.
  What does that moronic, drug induced grinning (come on, it is not natural) twat do? She stands up, with cameras surrounding her, and...decrees (because everything Queen Crusty says, is a decree) our province is going to have a nice big party for Yoga!! That party is going to be on June 21st, fine! Apparently world Yoga day (and I didn't know Yoga had a day) is, indeed June 21st. It appears other folks knew this day, so they had planned a nice celebration on the grass, in a park. Hey..it's a free world, well sort of.....Nope, with all the assistants that Cheshire cat faced female has, her plan was..wait for it...shutting down a major through fare bridge, and doing Yoga in the middle of it!! Honest folks..I didn't dream this insanity up..my government did! Makes a person feel all warm and secure, knowing this is how their brains work, eh?
  She mentions not a single word about Aboriginal days, this the woman who claims she wants to work with FN's, and respects them, and gives them consultation and consideration..Hah! She got so mixed up, she forgot First Nations are our aboriginal people, not East Indians! She decided she would rather cow-tow to those folks with Bolly wood, and curry, and sweat shops, with child labour, instead of respecting those who hold the treaties, and control over the province she lives in.What Crusty lemon did was nothing short of atrocious..she disrespected, and insulted all aboriginals, and many of us who call B.C. home. She decided she didn't like the celebrations we already had, and wanted to make her own.
  Well, the whole shebang has since been cancelled, not one word of apology to First Nations, not one word of apology to the tax payers of the province, no apology at all..Before she clued in, that she had gone way beyond the limit, she felt the urge to show the people of British Columbia what she truly thought of us..She doesn't give a rat's a$$ what we think. She is the almighty Crusty, and if we don't watch out, she will bend over in her Lulu lemon pants in the middle of Burrard Bridge and insist we kiss her Crusty butt!
  It is well past time to move this arrogant woman far away from B.C., maybe India, maybe China, maybe Uranus, because that is where she keeps trying to stick us!
    Above this picture Crusty tweeted "Hey Yoga Haters-Bet you can't wait for International Tai Chi Day"