Favourite Books

  • The Green Mile
  • Animal Farm
  • Lord of the Flies
  • Lord of the Rings
  • To Kill a Mockingbird

Friday, 5 June 2015


Wow!! Right now, I am wondering how the F*ck I managed to work all these years, and...still keep a clear pathway in the house. It is apparent, that is pretty much all I managed, a tiny little pathway, some cooking, and laundry! I don't even have little kids to deal with, yet, I am totally overwhelmed.
  I admit, I am one of those people who start one project, and as I am attempting to finish it, I glance up, and suddenly there is another project, oh no...there is more, and more, and HTF am I going to get it all done!!
  Tomorrow, I am going to attempt to make a list. Oh, that in itself will be frightening, but..maybe if I have a goal, maybe just finish 2 or three little jobs, or one ginormous one? I already know that will fall to the wayside. My mind has me doing a couple of different things, at all times...is this a female trait? If I could simply concentrate on one thing, turning a blind eye to everything else surrounding me, I would likely finish. Instead I go hell bent for leather, get almost all of a job done, and then...it is the itty bitty picky stuff, that's when I head off in another direction. Oh, I know exactly what I am doing, but in my head I insist..it will just take me a couple of minutes first thing in the morning, and if I go into this other job, well, that will be a couple more minutes to finish two things...Hah!
  Now, into this mix, we must add the summer season issues.....O.K. I am coming clean here, bear with me. My tiny little brain also must gauge weather. It is rather warm right now, so......things outside need doing. You know, lawns, pressure washing, weeding etc. So....my (obviously flawed) instincts tell me, it is best to do the outside stuff during the day, as inside it will get far too warm, again...hah! What happens is, if one spends all day outside doing jobs, they will become just a wee bit too tired to wash some walls in the cool (hah!) of the night, indoors.
  I know my system isn't working, that is pretty clear. I have a carpet shampooer sitting in the middle of my bedroom..yes, I shampooed, but, just didn't have the energy to waste putting it away..I have the pressure washer sitting out front, yes, I managed to wash everything I set out to do..well, maybe not the top deck, but that's not really visible, but..too tired to put that away. I have supper made, still sitting on the counter, I have 1/2 the lawn mowed, mower of course parked behind a tree, so it is not in my line of sight. I have a flip flop on the living room floor, with the remains of a spider that was crawling on my damn curtain..don't really want to deal with that, but I did kill the spider!!!
  What happened to my big plans? I thought when I took a lay off, I would accomplish everything in a week, Hah! Somehow I have managed to make a bigger mess of the whole damn place, and not one single project is close to finished...At this point, I am thinking of investing in a pallet of garbage bags, I already have the shovel, perhaps a few cases of tremclad spray paint (if I taped things, and used the right pressure, it could work, right?).
 This is why I dream of the minimalist life! A small house, a yard filled with, maybe some nice green turf, and a lovely neighbour who has this unbearable urge to do everyone's laundry, and supply them with meals.....I think then, I might just be able to relax, and maybe find a hobby, like oh, I don't know..blogging?