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Sunday, 29 November 2015

Lost in Left Field

O.K.  It is likely pretty obvious I am not a Trudeau lover. I absolutely HATED his father, and already can't stand to listen to the twit Pierre produced (well, Margaret did). I also must admit, I really never knew much about Liberals as a political party before, and have attempted to open my eyes and find out who they are.
  I know, I have probably been squinting, my eyes might not be wide open, but, it is impossible for me to open them more than tiny slits, because the glowing white light shining off of them, is blinding! Who the F*ck knew there were so many holier than thou's floating about this country?  They are beyond the regular bleeding heart NDP'ers, they are perfection, they are all Animal Farm Pigs, with the answers to every problem. They stand on podiums quietly droning, unlike those who holler (like myself) speaking in hums and umms, not really saying anything of substance, but informing everyone else that they are dirty, because they just can't find their way to the Liberal Grail.
  Now, not sure how, but when there was a change in our government, we apparently found a huge treasure chest of un-used money! No one told us about all this money! The past government must have lied beyond lying, because they kept telling us we had to tighten our belts, there was no money to spare, things got cut, one after another. Now we seem to have a sh*t load of cash to throw about to other countries..I assume that means those of us who paid into that stash will soon see our rewards..Heehee..Oh I am not that stupid, I know there will be no rewards for me, I am simply a lowly worker ant, drudging along, barely making ends meet, and stuck somewhere in the grey area, where those often mentioned "middle Class" folk hang out. Yes, one of those who heard some pretty wonderful fables of how life was going to get so much better for us (the backbone of the country).
  So...the big world picture, of course, takes center stage, before dealing with us sorry middle class, the big picture of Climate change.
  O.K. again...I am not a great believer in this scary monster. I believe climates do change, but, that is natural. I believe what the Inuit are saying...the earth has tilted, the stars and planets they have watched for centuries have moved position, therefore things on our green planet are a tad out of whack. But...of course the Inuit are not university educated scientists, so what the heck do they know? No sense in putting any stock in their words, we will jump on the climate change band wagon, and put the blame for everything on people, because....Mother Nature never throws a wrench into things, man is always the culprit.
  I have never really understood what all the money handed over to other countries was all about..until today. Today I was blown away, because it was explained simply, so idiots like myself , finally understood. I will explain what I heard experts state, and you can make up your mind whether this makes any sense to you..it doesn't make a lick of sense to me.
  O.K. my country, which right now has lost tons of manufacturing jobs, Bank jobs, phone jobs, in truth, jobs of all sorts, to off shore countries, my country that is now experiencing unemployment, homelessness, cut-backs on Health, education, etc., apparently developed beyond third world countries, because we were very dirty!! Yep, we polluted the air with coal, and other nasty stuff. We built factories and mines and logged, and drove about, spewing garbage into the world, making a horrible mess, all so we could have jobs and make money. We did this all wrong! So...because we screwed up so badly, we have to ensure the developing countries don't do the same as we did, and we are going to send them a boat load of money (not just us, many other countries) so they can develop in a more environmentally friendly way.
  I am sure I have this all wrong, I have to..because it just doesn't make sense to me. We are sending billions to countries like China..YES China..who has already got most of the manufacturing jobs we used to have, a country that is richer than we could hope to be, a country that is stuffed full of pollution, because they don't give a rat's A$$ how they make money, and what happens to the air, water, and earth, and we are going to give them this money so they can stop belching out sh*t, and clean up they way they are making money!
  We are INSANE!!! We are paying people to take our economy and flush it down the toilet! Are we so stupid as to think the almighty dollar they get to produce the amounts they do, will suddenly be clean? Are there really people out there who think this handout is going to go towards a good cause? Do you trust a country that doesn't listen to the rest of the world, one that does as they wish, and appears to be thriving because of this? Is there someone out there who believes this money is really going to fix pollution and climate change? Well, I am a Fairy Godmother, and if you all send me $10, I will grant you three wishes..You can believe me as much as you can believe this sh*tload of cash is going to go towards stopping the crap in the air over China!You see, China was smarter than us, already. Unlike all those nasty phone lines my country used, China started with cell phones, right off the bat..oh, they are so much better! BS..I know they must have had a phone or two floating about before cell phones, but..true enough, probably nowhere near as many phones as North America..dirty filthy pigs that we are.
  So..the whole idea behind handing out money, is...to ensure those countries that somehow managed to get our jobs, find a cleaner way to continue making money, and not produce the emissions we do. I have to think, if we continue handing out money, our emissions will truly diminish, because...we will become green as a result of not having an economy to speak of.Good to know, the folks with the great economies will certainly be much more astute than we were!
  I have come to understand, besides being a filthy polluter, I am a racist, a bigot, and un-Canadian, all thanks to the people who live life on the left. Oh thank goodness we have such a pretty Prime Minister, who doesn't seem to know West is left..East is right, and is not threatening the folks in La Belle Province with putting the boots to nasty jobs...If he can join forces with Ms. Nut Job, and Crispy Crusty (perhaps if he blinks his eyes and lets them touch his hair?) he can just screw the west and make enough brownie points in the East to keep on handing out the prizes. He has to know..he is bound to hit dust when the treasure chest dries up...Oh but, that's right, he left everyone else in the dust, he is the greatest...He is SQUEALER!!(Animal Farm..give it a read)
  BTW..I was a little confused with the left and right of the Liberal Party, but there is little doubt Justin tips to the far left. Left is fine, I lean left on somethings..but one can't focus on one side, and forget about the other, because sooner or later they are going to bite the dust!