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Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Potty Business

 First off..let me say..I understand, the world is not black and white, and I am NOT talking colours. I understand sexuality is a mixed bag at best, and I am a firm believer of "whatever makes your boat float", except animals..animals should not be included in this bag. I don't give a rat's behind who a person finds attractive. I may not find the same attraction, but...I have my own preferences, and that's just who I am.
  However, sometimes when folks set out to fix a problem (much like municipal by-laws) they don't look all the way around the little box, and implement things that raise a myriad of unforeseen issues. Then the "fixed" problem becomes bigger and bigger, because the rest of the world starts picking things apart, and...usually, in truth, comes up with a ton of questions with no answers.
  I see our Liberal leader is getting an award..an award related to one of his many causes, sexual equality. Hey..again, I am all for equality, remember I AM a female, and I do understand how changes are needed to allow all of us to be treated the same. That said, I also am a firm believer that we are NOT all equal. There are a ton of folks floating about who are much smarter than I am, there are folks far more artistic than I am, an incredible group far more patient, more soft- hearted..the list goes on and on. Equality is necessary in some, but not ALL aspects of life.
  I am also a firm believer that not all students should be allowed in the classroom. Yep..that is where my head sits. I believe children, ALL children deserve the right to a good education, and when special needs children are placed in the regular classroom, I don't care what people say, that takes away from the others. Suddenly a small minority take up a large percentage of time and effort, which takes away from the rest. This is NOT equality, this is placing a small number in front, and someone else has to pay for the change.
  This is how I feel on the Transgender issue, with bathrooms. See, I admit, I do not understand transgender fully, because I am NOT transgender, and I have never really sat down with someone who is, to have a nice long discussion on their problems in life.. This does not mean I am not open to sit down with someone and listen, because..I would love to learn more. We all have bumps in life, we all struggle with things that we find difficult, sexuality aside. I am someone who is extremely glad the majority of the world is finally closing their eyes to who someone decides to be with in their lives, and we are finally understanding it doesn't make a lick of difference on whether they are a good or bad person.
   That said..Transgender bathroom issues. O.K. again, not understanding this lifestyle (sorry if that is not the politically correct term) I do know that often Transgender folks dress as the gender they feel. My take, if this is so, they can head to the bathroom of that gender. If a male is wearing makeup and female clothing..it is quite obvious they do NOT belong in the Men's room. Sure, there might be one or two females who do not accept this, but again, I am not alone with my thinking, most understand, this is a women in a male body. We also understand, for this person to use the men's room would be terribly uncomfortable, no less than one of us heading in there..so...obviously the Ladies room is where they belong.Perhaps one would recognize they were not born female, however it is doubtful there would be a big kerfuffle.It is also doubtful anyone would be concerned they were there to check out little girls,....
  However, now we get to the touchy part...if a transgender person (now I am speaking of someone born male, no one seems to be addressing the other side of the spectrum, and..there is another side) wanders in, without their makeup and clothing, that is when problems arise. It is very easy for any male to claim they are transgender, if they feel it allows them access to the Ladies room where young children may be alone (geez..how long are children in the washroom before a parent goes to check?). This individual could have quite simply used the men's room, without incident. So....just looking around outside the box, trying to see all sides of things.
  It appears to fix an issue, we have created a bigger issue. I know very few women who would have opened their mouths to complain if a transgender male used their washroom. I know an awful lot of women that would complain if men started showing up in there. So why was this an issue to start? Why has government spent so long dealing with this problem? Are Transgendered folks going to have to take a test and get a card stating they are indeed transgender, allowing them use of washrooms suited to their sexual orientation? If a male is found in the ladies room without the card, they are in poopy kaka? This whole thing has been blown out of proportion, well in my personal opinion, anyhow. However, I am a small town person, and I have never been privy to watching someone getting kicked out of a washroom because they were the wrong sex, so perhaps I don't understand how this could have become such a sticking point in life that governments are wasting time and effort making new rules on where one pees!
  BTW..most ladies rooms have cubicles, and most ladies don't really care who is in the cubicle next to them, because..first off, piddling does not take a long time, and if someone is going to attempt to look into another cubicle well..that would certainly be grounds for complaint, but..cripes not likely to be a constant issue. Personally when I use the ladies room, I am in and out, often without seeing another single soul..and the person next door, I don't care if they pee sitting or standing, I just want to empty my bladder and get back to what I was doing.  We all have to pee sometimes, and...I will admit..at least once in my life I used the men's..it was simply the empty washroom at a time speed was of the essence.Am I in trouble?