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  • Animal Farm
  • Lord of the Flies
  • Lord of the Rings
  • To Kill a Mockingbird

Friday, 6 May 2016


 Boy..seeing an awful lot of this, lately. Of course, by now, you know..I don't hear this! I am sick and tired of not only politically correctness..I am sick and tired of those who feel everyone should just be quiet. I understand, I am known as a mouth piece, I am known as a bitcher, I am known to spew, about a sh*t load of stuff..but..that IS my right!! Last I heard, we live in a fairly "free" country, and I can speak my personal opinion. But...I see that disappearing rapidly. I see all those mindless sheep sitting silently, somehow assured whatever is going on around them, is O.K. No one wants to rock the boat, no one wants to question, because..suddenly it seems there is an army of others who suddenly spring forth to bash any questions.
  When I went to school, I admit, I hated those kids who would put their damn hands up when the teacher asked "are there any questions?" The reason I hated them..because I wanted whatever was being discussed at the time, to end..I just wanted to get out of that class, and those who questioned just dragged things on longer. That was the attitude of an elementary student, and..sometimes a high school one. Life in those days had no responsibility (besides completing school) and I was in a rush to get onto the more enjoyable bits of my day when I was a kid.
  I am NOT a kid now! Things that happen in my town, my province, my country..those things affect me personally, and...they MUST be questioned! To be told something, opens the door to some simple facts we should have picked up while waiting for those kids to put their hands down. I have never forgotten the 5 W's..but, it seems the majority of folks don't give a rat's a$$ about those important words..I do!! WHO..WHAT..WHERE, WHEN...and the one that has been totally forgotten..WHY????? No one allows another to ask the WHY question, for some idiotic reason, to ask this, results in insults, accusations, and a barrage of STFU's! Someone always come up with a reason the question should not be asked, because circumstances are not proper. HELLOOOO!! So, just sit back silently, until everything is over and done, and then hope someone hears your little squeak..F#@K that!! That's what criminals do..they commit something at the moment, and then hope that they will get away with it That's what little kids do..they get into something, and if they are lucky, they are not caught, and when the time comes that things are noticed..they claim innocence.
  The time to speak up is another W word, WHILE..you open your mouth while something is happening that you do not agree with..and you attempt to either put a stop to it, or..fix it. You don't sit back, let it unfold, and then..when things are over and done..ask WHY?
  When one group, or even, yes, one individual thinks something is wrong, instead of shushing them, the proper thing would be to state facts, and offer acceptable reason for something to be done the way it is. If an individual does not accept this, they should be able to continue questioning, and maybe, just maybe..they have a valid concern. Maybe their concern will allow the mindless, silent sheep to suddenly realize...oops, something IS wrong.
  It is clear, we have entered a world filled with grown adults who have the same mindset as a school child...folks who would rather get things over and done with, without questions. A place where everything told to them by their "Teacher" is accepted as right, and not a single hand is raised for fear of bullies. Yep...The sheep now wear Pink shirts..they believe their opinions are the only ones that matter, if you dispute you are labelled by them, and they slam the door on anything they don't agree with. They believe that appearances are important, they believe that words, instead of actions are acceptable, they believe the country can be run as a place where Movies are forefront to emergencies. I understand what I am about to say next, is going to cause a whole sh*tload of pink to be thrown my way..but..Clearly they believe old people know nothing!!
  Until those entitled know it all's who sit in wait for anyone who opens their mouth, experience the reality of life, and understand to listen to those with their hands up in the air, because they may indeed learn something from another who opens their mouth, we don't have a chance in H-LL!
  BTW..I am not endorsing OLD people, and I am certainly NOT saying they are the only ones who are throwing their arm up in the air..I only say old people because it has taken me many years to realize those kids with the questions were the smart ones! I admit..I am a slow learner, still have a very long ways to go!