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Tuesday, 31 January 2017


  O.K. I admit..I post an awful lot of stuff on FB. Little things pop up that I think are cute, or perhaps address some of my personal opinions..so I post them. I also accept that when I do..someone else may find them offensive..but some of them, when I do post, I am amazed when they offend..because..I think they are off the wall, and "harmless".
  Today I was surprised at a comment on one of these postings. It had to do with Zombies, and rights. Well..this was posted after I had read an article stating the man who be-headed a passenger on a Greyhound bus, was in line of perhaps getting this crime wiped away..because he was clearly not himself, or in his right mind, or off his medication..when he did the crime. He has rights!!
  Yes..he is certainly a minority, and I am thankful for that..but the Zombie post was taken out of context, and the opinion that this was written by someone who clearly had never been a minority, in fear for their safety.
  First off..what constitutes a minority? To believe one who put such a post up, has never been in a position of fear, because they have never been a minority, is in some respects condescending. I realize I am a white heterosexual female. Does that mean that I have lived for 60 years without being placed in a position of a minority, and never fearing for my safety? If you believe this is likely, then you are way off base.
  I have indeed been in this position, on more than one occasion. I am not sure why people assume only certain human beings are sometimes targets. That is so wrong. Do people believe only specific races, or lifestyles find themselves in extremely uncomfortable positions, and one race and lifestyle is immune? Because, this is not fact. Anyone can find themselves surrounded by others who clearly do not accept them. Anyone can find themselves in a position of hatred towards them. It doesn't matter who they are, or how they live, just because they are different, and do not fit in, and somehow, through no fault of their own, they are the focus of a group's dislike, they are surrounded and feel uncomfortable.
 Now zombies..well, not that I follow any of those shows, and I am not up to date on the whole system..I do believe there is absolutely no discrimination on who, or I think what living being, can turn into a Zombie..so  they are just as a lot, scary things...and also..hopefully figments of the imagination. So, it was posted because of a variety of reasons, and a statement of the fact that there are so many rights movements, for so many things, that someone would feel Zombie rights were not given the same status as others.
  Thing is, when you have right movements, it is because specific individuals are treated as less, disabled, veterans, seniors, etc. And yes, I agree, as a population, we should all be able to be treated as humans, and have access to the basics rights. Now..that is where I have to draw the line. Women's rights..hey...I am a woman!! However, there is a line..if a club wants to be a gentleman's club, and women are offended and raise Holy h-ll to allow women in that club..the line is crossed..because on the other hand..women seem to think they can have Women only places, that men dare not enter.
  Disabled people..I understand ramps etc must be installed to allow access to government buildings, grocery stores, medical buildings , public transit, etc..but when disabled folks start tearing airlines apart because they would not accept their personal wheelchairs on board a plane, because the damn things would't fit, the line has been crossed. When a restaurant does not have handicapped areas, well, common sense would say..go elsewhere.
  It is almost like some feel the need to dig about to find anything they can battle, even if they have a choice to someplace else.
  Do people who feel they are minorities somehow believe each and every person can never have been one? Sure, the world is filled with different races, and different political beliefs, and religious beliefs, and..sexual beliefs.Some people love dogs, some people hate dogs and love cats. Some people hate all animals with fur. Some people love vegetables, some don't, some are Vegans, some are meat eaters..Alright, these differences seldom result in a fear of safety..so I suppose I was being a little stupid..but...truth is..the world is filled with a whole lot of differences, and I suppose that is part of what makes it interesting. It would certainly be very boring if we were all the same, but facts are, we are not all equal!!
  Equal rights..that phrase is a dream. The saddest part of it all, is that the majority of minorities, seem to think the rest of the world has never experienced what they feel. So suddenly the larger group must suddenly change for the smaller select group, and that is where the problem lies. The minority becomes the select group, with special considerations given, and then the cycle continues.
  See..minorities and majorities change with each setting, so unless one lives in a bubble, the average person will experience the discomfort, and, yes, the fear of being a minority. Trouble begins when one group suddenly assume all others must accept their beliefs and change their ways to assure they feel comfortable and safe. Just isn't possible..because...there will always be both sides to this, and the majority rules, as it has for centuries..All that is happening now, is the majority that was, is now the minority, and the question I have is, will the new minority be heard?
  As for the Zombie rights movement..it was a joke, and one based on a group that does not exist..Horrible things like a man off his medication be-heading an innocent passenger on a bus, does exist..and he has more rights than the young man who was killed..so..there is a problem with rights. The young person who lost his life apparently didn't matter near as much as the one who took it..Therefore the posting!!