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Sunday, 29 January 2017

Politically Correct or....Bleeding Heart?

  Been awhile..I have a bagillion blogs on the go, but so far, nothing is ready for the "publish" button. Think this one might just make it.
  O.K. the world is up in arms..Donald Trump has pushed the pause button on refugees, and immigration. Big f*cking whoop!!First off..you do remember this was a part of his platform, right?  I mean, as a neighbour I do recall something about this mentioned.Second..get a grip!! He has not proclaimed folks will have the door shut to them forever..Hummm..anyone remember Ellis Island? Think hard, because this history was just a tiny blurb in my schooling..but..I think some folks were stuck there for a very long time, and...folks were turned away too! Now they simply fly in..and wander off into our world, with the check mark they pass all requirements, given by someone in another country.
  So...realistically stop and think....Has the state of immigration in both our countries been without issue? Be honest!! Because folks don't want to be honest...they want to be politically correct, they don't want to be branded racist, or red neck, they want to be part of the warm and fuzzy crowd, open our arms..everyone is equal, everyone has the same rights, everyone deserves a chance..everyone, everyone!
  I call Bull Sh*t!! The world is not warm and fuzzy, few have the ability to walk into a new life, with the comforts handed out by our own Prime Minister. Can you imagine a family of 9 attempting to immigrate to Canada..or the US, without a job, without a sponser, without Health care (which again pisses me off because folks in my own country keep on telling the world it is free..it is not in the Province I live in), without a home? Yeah..O.K. this is different you say. They are refugees!!
  Well, as I am clearly a red necked Racist, I say..women and children first!! I believe that is the old adage..correct? I AM old, so I will go with it, like on a sinking ship, put those clearly weaker or without protection first...Yeah...but not with this...this is different. Women and children are coming, but so are a huge number of single grown males. How many times do you see Mrs. Refugee speaking on TV? If she does, you can be sure at least one Mr. is watching her closely, ensuring she doesn't go out of her boundary.
  I am sick and tired of the rest of the world making me feel like I am blind. I have a tendency to look closely at things, and...it is obvious this enormous clump of folks getting in, are having some issues with the rights and freedoms our countries have struggled to incorporate. I do not believe we need an increase of males who feel the right to dominate their wives, sisters, and daughters because they have been raised with the belief they matter less. In fact, I am appalled with the acceptance my fellow Canadians, and my stuttering Prime Minister have given to this. I am appalled that the world , or my world, appears to think it is O.K. to allow a massive swell in population that believes Homosexuality is a sin, and Gay people should be killed.
  Sure..go ahead tell me that is not ALL of these people..Go ahead!! You are lying to me and to yourself! Hey, I am on point that not all are extremists..but goodness sakes folks, really, you don't think they follow their religion?  And yes..this IS all about religion, because now the world has gotten uppity about Christians. So, again..the numbers I have researched state over 80% of these refugees are Muslim..something like 6% are Christian..so stick that up your nose and choke on it...No matter if they are extremists or not..they believe women are less..Again..maybe some have assimilated, but they are the few..because religious belief transcends all!
  So...Mr. Trump has decided,as he promised he would, he is going to put some new boxes to be checked before folks can come in the door. Well...world..I don't have a problem with that!! If they truly are refugees, and they are, as so many forget, living in refugee camps..which again..take a moment, do a wee bit of research on these camps..do you know Christians are NOT in these camps? Why, you ask?? Well, because it is too dangerous for them..they are not welcome. So..chew on that for a moment. These folks wanting to come to a new country to be safe and secure, have no issue closing the doors to others in the same boat with a different belief! But..again..open arms..we are all equal....
 Trump has paused the button..Trudeau in his almighty warm and fuzzy pray at the Mosque and then dance in the Pride Parade, fashion, now stutters how we will take them!!
  Now. just as an off side, Trudeau is smarter than your average twit..he is simply ensuring a ton of votes next election from all those he has opened the door to, and maybe a nice warm comfy seat with the UN..but, as a Canadian who has struggled with our economic downturn, our overburdened taxes, our shabby health care system, we simply cannot afford to offer anymore Get out of Jail free cards.
  The world has gone anal..now as those who have struggled and paid for our government suffer, lose homes, lose jobs, go hungry..we are going to ensure we assist other countries so their people do not suffer. I understand there are some people are are good to the bone, people who would give the shirt off their backs to the less fortunate..however..Trudeau and his bleeding hearts are ripping the shirts off of people who have only the one, and handing them to others..while dressing in the best. Clearly this is the analogy of a Liberal..and sadly I am just not as good a person as the bleeding heart, politically correct folks , who clearly have extra shirts in their closets.
  Kudos Trump!! Take a breath world....another old adage..clean up your own backyard first..both our countries have an awful lot of garbage we have got to pick up, before sending the bins off to another country!
  You know..as a Red necked, Racist, cold hearted, selfish, safe, secure, Canadian, living in a war free zone, with absolutely no consideration of the suffering folks, shattered by bombs, and fighting..I am certain if a bunch of plane loads of young children with their mothers arms wrapped protectively about them landed, I would be far more accepting...this business is just messed up..and maybe with a little more tweaking..it will be fixed.
  My rant for the day...now I must go put some Aloe Vera on my neck..it is just burning!!