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  • Animal Farm
  • Lord of the Flies
  • Lord of the Rings
  • To Kill a Mockingbird

Saturday, 4 February 2017


  My friends are a mixed group. Maybe that is why I try very hard to be open minded..although perhaps some out there don't think of me that way. I imagine you don't think of me that way..because I do this! I blog and throw my feelings out to the world. I don't sit on the fence, never been a fence sitter..and never will. It is just not in my nature..so I attempt, as best I can, to give MPO..remember that...my personal opinion.
  Now..in truth, my opinion means diddly to the way of the world. I hold no power , I am not the CEO of some multi billion dollar empire..I am simply a white, female, who has had to work very hard to manage to make ends meet..pretty much most of my life. I am what is commonly known as "Middle Class". I am also someone who has at one time in my life, had to accept Welfare, someone who has blanketed off door ways, and dragged mattresses in front of the kitchen stove, to attempt to keep my children warm, because we didn't have enough to pay for stove oil. So..when I comment on some aspects of life..keep in mind..I have lived through some of it, so I know what it is like. My cupboards at one time held a bag of rice and a jar of peanut butter, with 2 kids to feed. That period was because of a government kiltch, but it had to be lived, because there was no other solution. So..again, I understand what it is like to have absolutely nothing..diddly, and through no fault of our own. I have empathy....I have to, because I know..things like that, one doesn't forget. To be helpless, to feel hopeless...I remember!But, perhaps I was just a wee bit different, this was our problem, and yes, I had family, who probably would have stepped up to the plate, but..our problem was..we had perhaps a wee bit too much pride, so we would find a way out, and over time..we did.
  Hard times seem to come and go with us, but, they are our hard times. Yes, I ramble to those closest, when we hit them, and I know..if I ask, they would help, but I also know, that somehow we can figure out a way to get by..and that is what we do..we get by.
  I imagine most who see me, think I live a nice smooth sailing life. I have people tell me how lucky I am to have a wonderful strong relationship with my better half. I hear how they wish they had this. Well, again...see I was married once before, and my Ex and I made some huge mistakes, and clearly neither of us were dedicated enough to the marriage, so that failed. Hey, he was a nice guy, and the father of my oldest, so, we kept a friendly relationship, and both went into other ones. So..I learned alot from my failure, and those lessons I took into this new relationship. It is not like life was suddenly wine and roses..far from it. We were thrown into the lion's den with a complete family right off the bat, money was always an issue, kids were always an issue, this relationship did not offer us time to learn how to live with each other, alone, we were a family with one in kindergarten, one in elementary school, and a teenager. But, giving up was never an option, we learned to support each other, and committed to finding some way to survive.
  So. again, at this age, I have indeed learned a sh*t load of life lessons, and these lessons are how I end up with MPO. I have to stress that these are my opinions, because I know, I am just one person, and I also know that some of my friends do not agree with MPO, they have their own, and for goodness sake, just because I don't agree with theirs I still respect their right to them. We may even, at times, argue(debate) our differences, they have their reasons for looking at things one way, and I have my reasons to see things differently. Most of the time, I realize their opinions are based on their lives. They traveled down different paths to get to where they are. Maybe their roads were easier, maybe they were a whole lot harder, but life lessons are what personal opinions are generally based on.
  I think that is why in politics you have the left and right. I believe the more conservative folks, are mainly those who have had to struggle and work hard, by themselves to get through life. The Liberal folks are those who have not seen near the struggles, or those who have had their struggles solved by someone other than themselves. Again...please keep in mind MPO...not necessarily fact, just my fact.
  So, in MPO...and yes..my conservative leaning opinion, all this crapola going on today with MUSLIMS........Please for goodness sake, open your eyes...is indeed based on freaking religion. I don't care whether it is media doing it, or who, but, the word is in every news story, MUSLIM is a religion. It is NOT a race, it is NOT a country, it is a religion. So...someone somewhere has turned a refugee situation into a religious conflict..dont' know who it was, but it wasn't Trump!! You cannot blame this pile of crap on him..this was going on long before he stepped into the ring.
  Someone is to blame..when did this happen? When did Syrians suddenly turn into MUSLIMS? When did the refugee issue change from Syrians to Muslims? Thing is, religion was only targeted by the media and the population when a different religion was brought up, and suddenly the world was offended because of religion. WTF??? Something is so insane here. One minute we are shocked and horrified by the picture of a little SYRIAN boy on a beach, and the next minute we are protesting Muslim bashing. Some strange detour happened somewhere along the line, and bingo ,religion is front and center, somehow one religion becoming the focus of the world, instead of a country of war torn refugees.
  So..in MPO I am sick and tired of supporting one religion, and hearing about how they are so hard done by. I don't care about this religion, I have my own, and that is my right..However, when my right to my religion suddenly becomes offensive to others, because of past history, or something someone did once upon a time, and every second comment is geared towards White people committing crimes, and that Muslims do not do this, or that, I cannot help but think, we have gone insane. To put one select group of people on a pedestal, and feel free to bash another is certainly not fixing anything. It is reverse discrimination, and it is no better than it was before, the tables have simply turned. The problem is still there, the victims are just different. And, I am sure there will be some who are offended by MPO, but I think if they open their eyes really wide, and read some of the comments on news stories (you can do that, you know), they will see what I have seen, and what I am basing MPO on.
  We are F*cked!! So, as time goes on, clearly those on the opposite side of the fence from me, feel that I should keep MPO quiet, because I AM one of those people who have suddenly become offensive, because I don't agree with what someone has decided is Politically acceptable. If this is indeed not a religious issue..change the words in all the damn News stories and quit telling the rest of the world they must accept MUSLIMS..tell them they have to accept refugees..leave religion out of this messed up mix of sh*t!!