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Saturday, 3 March 2012

I'm back!!! Today's topic is for the benefit of those who will head off to a hotel, just a little tidbit, to make their lives and those of Housekeepers happy
  I know, when I head off to a hotel, I immediately go into the bathroom, to see what goodies the hotel sets out for guests. I am still amazed at the shoe shine stuff,lol, and some even have the shower cap. I have to smell the lotion, and prefer those places with the liquid soap, as personally, I hate, hate, hate, those teeny weeny soap squares. There are few jobs I despise more, than trying to pry a paper thin used soap square off a bathtub! Bits of the mess go under my nails, and although it is soap, I really do not enjoy the idea of someone's private parts recently rubbed by matter under my nails. I think all hotels should remove soap bars and use gels, pump dispensers, or,anything that will not glue itself to the sink or bath. I imagine guests hate those soaps as much as I do, goodness, trying to wash your body with a bar of soap made for Barbie, is insane.
  But, as important as the body stuff is, the most important thing in your room is the sign. Yes, that thing that hangs off the doorknob on the inside. The one that says in various ways, DO NOT DISTURB, or, MAID SERVICE REQUIRED!!! Please, folks, use that blasted sign!!
  I don't know how many times I have knocked, opened a door, while saying "Housekeeping" only to find a 1/2 or completely naked man, sound asleep. Oh, thankfully, I have yet to walk in on couples in the midst of making Whoopie, but friends have. I have walked in while someone is at their sink, with a towel wrapped around their bottom 1/2, and gone back out without notice. I have seen a few pairs of knees, with pants around the ankles, in the bathroom.I have knocked and opened doors, only to have the guest look at me, and state, they have the day off, and don't need anything, and at times, had them upset that I bothered them. Hey, this could all be fixed, simply by using that damn sign!!!
  Oh...I work with someone who will ignore that sign. If it hangs for more than a few days, she will sneak a peek. But, in these cases, we are pretty sure the guest has gone off to work. We have had some guests hang the Do Not Disturb sign, the day they arrive, and only remove it weeks later when they leave. This is usually not a good thing. This will mean a room that requires a day to muck out, instead of a daily quick clean. Pay back is often a B*tch. We like the DND sign once a week, or even twice, but not 14 days in a row.
  I also do not like folks who use the sign, and then around quitting time, will sneak out, turning the sign, requesting Maid service. Not nice...You know who you are, you're the ones who will immediately call the office and complain if someone does not notice your quick twist of the sign.
  Oh, another thing that kind of sets me off, are towels. O.K. I know, you pay money for your room, and I understand, you require something back...but goodness, if you stay 2 nights, do you really need clean towels every day? I know at home, I reuse my towels more than once. Hey, I can understand if you work at a particularly dirty job, but....funny, it is the hard working guys that seem to be the least bother. It is the miserable women who come along with guys who are sucking back the  agreement that allows their husbands to have their spouse with them, while they are "living out". These women apparently require special service, towels can only be used once, dish cloths, are useless after one sink load. Come on...I listen to the environmental crapola spewed by their employer, and yet their employees must have 4 million garbage cans about their rooms, with 4 million plastic garbage bags that must be removed daily, even if there is only a tiny Q-tip in them, get a grip!!!
  I have to state this, the largest percentage of guests I have had to deal with over the years, have been male. I will go on record to say, I would rather clean a unit with 4 guys in it, than one with a single female!! What is it about women that turns them into total slobs when they get into a hotel room? Who travels with 2 dozen different hair products that apparently are impossible to close after use? If women want their bathroom sinks cleaned of toothpaste, why do they line them with makeup containers? Oh, and I will allow that a person wants their living space to smell lovely, but....the newest fad, seems to be room fresheners. I am sick and tired of bending down to scrub a toilet, and suddenly having my face sprayed with the scent of lemons, because some motion sensor freshener is plopped on the toilet tank. At present, I have a suite with about 6 of these fresheners in different scents, along with various scented candles, I think we may have a little overkill going on? Room smells like a Head shop, but, a total disaster otherwise. Guys simply don't do this, you may enter a room and get a whiff of Old Spice body soap, or even shaving cream, but not something that will set a person sneezing non-stop.
  So, in closing, I implore you, use the sign, it will make those on either side of the door, much happier.