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Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Chocolate Pudding

Well, let's start by saying...I am wealthier than I was last pay day. Yep...it finally happened, after years of doing without, many of us got a raise. Now, I expect I am not suppose to speak of this, why is that? I have gotten raises before, and always with the same comment..." don't say anything to the others". Helloooo...I would think that handing someone a raise, is something others should know. It would give them hope that perhaps in time, they could make the same wage as I do. Hey, my workplace isn't abnormal, I remember the secrecy in my honey's work place. Wages are now kept under wraps. So....I am going against the grain, and stating I am so relieved that at long last, I got something that will help with the increase of the cost of living. Cripes, heading into winter, certainly need a little extra cash to spend on utilities.
  So, onto the title subject. Now, I have mentioned before that my buddy is always calling me a detective. My job is so menial that my tiny little brain has come up with the ability to over think stupid stuff. I have to figure out reasons for things that occur in Bizarro world. Hey, I am at an age where apparently this is good, I could simply buy myself a crossword book, or Suduko and get the neurons or whatever they are, flashing away to ward off memory loss, instead, I spend hours scrubbing away, detecting whys or whats that happen at work.
  You may have read my blog about Med Forman..in which I state, and it is fact, that this stuff causes dinahrena (inside joke) and as toilet scrubbers we have seen the results many times of this medication. Those folks who have to take this, do so to help with an illness, so in truth, they do not do this simply to make our jobs more difficult, and, I suppose, I could try and be a little more understanding, as I scrub the glue poo.
  However!!!! That crapola that comes in the ginormous plastic black containers, that all the young guys haul into their rooms, filled with powder that claims it is going to help them build muscles or whatever, should be banned! First off, when a young guy wakes up at an ungodly hour to get ready for work, and attempts to take the required amount of this powder out of the container, it tends to spill everywhere. Crap, it is like coffee whitener. I admit, some of these guys are pretty buff, but I doubt the powder is the reason, perhaps weight lifting, or a labour intensive job?
  The past few days, we have had a young guy in one of the outlying rooms, Every single day, we have had to scrub his toilet. The stuff is all over the sides, hellooooo..how the heck does someone poop so much, it sticks to the sides of the bowl daily? Well, mystery solved. My buddy happened to get the job of going in there the other day, and found the bowl full of chocolate pudding. It was like he ate a whole cake, and it came out in the bowl. I am not sure if it was a good thing he forgot to flush, I do know she doesn't think it was good, but it did answer the question I had as to why I had to always scrub the sides,lol. Heehee, this grossed her out, and it does take a fair bit to make that one gag. But, as my neurons flashed, I detected it was a result of that damn black container. I think it is full of laxatives, guys are not building muscles, they are simply flushing out anything they eat!
   I think instead of this horrid powder garbage, they should eat cashews. Why, you ask? Well, I know when I eat those tasty morsels, I also flush my system out. They taste really good, likely far better than powder, and the end result is the same. Plus, the hardworking housekeepers could have one or two of these nuts, after they work up a sweat scrubbing the pudding off the toilet walls.