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Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Paying Taxes to be Taxed

Holy Cow!! I have written so many times, and just deleted, again, and again. Once again, I have far too much crapola flittering about in my head, I can't focus on any one thing. I have been so mad, then so tired, then so defeated. Just can't seem to get my S*it together.
   That in itself, is not unusual, think total disorganization is one of my set standards. I dream of awaking each morning with my day planned, every little detail listed in line, ready to be checked off, as completed. Hah! Each night when I lay down, ready to drift off into dreamland, I start to think (yes, it is possible for me) all the loose ends start to collect, how am I going to deal with them? What has to be put at the top of the To-do list, what can wait until later? What is going to cause me the most grief, if I don't get it over and done with? That's when the problem arises. There are just far too many of those grief causing problems, and I begin to get swamped, thinking how am I ever going to get to them all. Oh, keep in mind, this is all over and above actually accomplishing my work day.
  So...then it is a matter of deciding, which unsolved issue is not government related. Yep, got to deal with anything, and everything connected to government.
   I know, now you just assume I am speaking of bills. Well, yes, of course I am!! The root of all evil is money. The cause of most sleep depriving problems, are geared around money. Bills can make or break a person. They can cause stomach ulcers, headaches, and sundry other medical problems. But, the worst type of bill is one owed to the government.
  I can breath a sigh of relief, I am up to date with my damn income taxes. Lordie, each pay day, I see the whack of money they take, so I can enjoy the finer things in life????I pay taxes on everything, some things, I pay various taxes on. I pay a tax on food, toilet paper, cleaning supplies, my property, my water, my sewage, my clothing, my electricity and heat. Then I pay tax on my wages. Why on earth do I have to pay money to make money? That is about as stupid as paying to receive a paper bill.
  In my special little province, we also have this new bully. That is the Medical Services Plan of British Columbia. Wow, this has become a real scam. We are so very lucky to have such an amazing medical service. This system is overrun by contractors. Our province has opened up the door and brought in a collections service for any and all citizens, who have somehow fallen behind with their premiums. These premiums run about $64, for those lucky enough to work for a living. That is when the trouble starts. If you do NOT pay these people, they will begin to harass you. They will threaten you, they will call night after night, then they will simply do what, as government related folks can, t garnishee your wages. You will not speak to the actual Medical Service folks, oh no, these people are paid by our tax dollars, as an outside collections agency, to ensure the government gets your money. Hummm...O.K. question here is, if the government is paying a collection Agency to collect the actual amount you owe them, where does the money the collection agency profits come from? Yep, you guessed it, something else our tax dollars are used for.
  One issue I have seen happen time and time again, is this new extended Health care benefit scam. I call it a scam, because when Old Tommy Douglas first brought out the idea of a country where every Canadian had Health care, I am absolutely sure he did not envision what has transpired. Back in the "old days" folks often found a job that paid the medical premiums. That is how I first ran into issues with MSP. We came to a new place of employment. I noticed that medical was included, and as a total idiot, I assumed this simply meant, the employer did as before, and paid what the government wanted. Hah!! This was simply the luxury package plan. My honey paid a pretty hefty chunk to allow us the options, not included in MSP. You know, like that possible ambulance trip, or maybe crutches, or casts, things no longer covered by the standard medical.
  I learned this the hard way, after years, I got a call from MSP informing me that I owed them a ton of money. I had not signed any papers, didn't have a clue, and was left with no leg to stand on, had to find some way of paying these blood suckers off. Hey, I had never been to the Doctor..sorry..mandatory I pay for the ability for pi$$ poor medical services. I pay the same as Joe Blow in Vancouver, but I get no frills. No Doctor on weekends, no Doctor at night, no Doctor on specific days. No emergency, no surgeon, no new fangled machines, no Cancer Clinic..NO,NO,NO!! Oh, a bus that will haul my sorry hurting A$$ the 12 hours or more to Vancouver, where I can access something, after I wait on that long list.
  I didn't pay that big bill fast enough, years back. I will honestly inform you, that one day, I went to work, to be called into the employers office, where I was told. my beloved MSP Collections Agency had garnisheed my wages. I paid on this for many months, 1/3 of my wage going to this mandatory bill. I kept track, and they continued to withdraw their chunk, long after it was paid off. I called, and was informed that if I had not been behind, I would not be in this mess. They would get to refunding me when the time came!!Yep, a collections agency, with the power of government!!
  When I see the glimmer of Health Care over in my neighbours yard, I wonder,do they have a clue. Should I be grateful that I am able to dish out $64 a month, for substandard services? When over in another province, folks never worry about the monthly bill, because their provincial government has found some way to include this once a year in their income tax? Should I be grateful that if I break my back, I will have to find some way to purchase a back brace before I can be allowed to leave the hospital?
  I think I will try and find out what health care provided when this all started. I bet like everything else the government has been left in charge of, it has been chipped away so badly, it resembles nothing like the past. Things now costs so much more, for so little. Red Tape is wound so tightly about everything , that costs have soared, because there are so many taking their little piece of profit. In the end, we are simply paying taxes to allow ourselves to be taxed. Incredible!!!