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Friday, 22 March 2013

Oil and Water

  So, oil and water, something folks speak of often. We cannot live without water, and there are those who figure the world can happily continue on, without oil. Get a grip!!! Sure we can continue, we can continue on without potato chips, and candy, and Nike, and TV and movies, just as easily. It is possible, but not probable.
  Am I a pro Enbridge supporter? Not sure, have to learn far more about things before I make that choice. However, all of you folks who are ranting and raving about the possibility of this pipeline, and the possibility of a leak, are pretty much the same folks who are supporting Hydro and their Site C project. Oh, hey, its water, and gee whiz, that is so frigging green. Grow up!!!
  You listen to the spin doctors that this company shoves down your throats at your expense. You believe the same people who have lied for decades, who screwed the people of the Peace over with 2 frigging dams in their backyards, and took their homes and farms away, years ago. You listen to the Green that is going to kill off whole species in the river, and drown forests of trees. Bats, deer, Moose, heck even bugs and moths will be covered by a huge body of water. Ah, but it is water, much better than nasty old oil, right?
  You scream about the chance of an oil spill, and the damage it could cause. Chance, could, words that are not used when it comes to the effects of Site C. The damage that will cause is not a possibility, it is a sure thing. Water will cover farms, homes, wildlife areas, it will erode the banks, it will spew mercury (yes, how frigging green is that, folks?) and kill off whitefish. Helloooo...And yet you sit, concerned about a pipeline. You screech about yet another pipeline that was planned for the city of Vancouver to replace an out of date one to carry aviation fuel to your airport, because, that is something that would affect you. Heaven forbid something happens in your backyard!!
  Kiss my butt people. I am disgusted by the majority of this province, who seem to think they are the only ones who matter. They are pissed when they are told something might mess with their lifestyle and their comfort, and esthetics, well, come on into my world!
   In my world, highways are in the design to flood, homes are in the design to flood, farms that have been in families for generations will disappear under water. The Grizzly bears that you hold so dear, and want to conserve, ("Well, they were here first", you say), they will have to wander somewhere else, along with various other animals, who will have to find yet another "corridor".
  But, then again, you want your frigging electricity. You need your air conditioners, and your "clean" heat, and your LED lights, your ice making fridges, and plug-ins for your environmentally friendly cars. You make me want to puke!!
  You let a company shove smart meters into your homes. Oh these will help you conserve, but, still we need Site C because, it is not enough. You sit there allowing a single company to violate your privacy with meters that we all know, are simply a way to start to charge you peak hour rates. You know our energy is being sold down the river to another country, at cheaper prices (when they do pay). How did that happen? So, suddenly because contracts were signed, and promises made, we don't have enough for ourselves.
  Really!!!Come on people!!! I don't claim to be smart, but I do call a spade a spade. Look very closely at this picture, and see it for what it truly is. Site C will make a huge amount of work for Hydro, a company that has contracted pretty much everything it used to do, out. Take some time to read what this is going to do to the Peace Area.
  If you are truly a Green person, you will understand footprints. Yes, Oil and Gas leave footprints, but they attempt to make those prints as small as possible. I agree, it is not perfect, or pretty, and there is a chance something could go wrong. The difference is, companies do try to ensure things do not go wrong. However, this project, that has been shoved back into the cupboard more than once, because of all its faults, has once more been dragged out. If you live where I do, you will know damn well, it is going to happen, once they finish pushing papers. I hear you squawk about the shoddy public consultation with the pipeline, well, again, welcome to my world.
  Public consultation when it comes to anything at all involved with Government, is a farce, get used to it! Straight answers are never available, facts are always misted over with pork fat.
  Do you know. as you head to turn your lights on, that Hydro has been buying homes and land in the Peace area for years? Yep, they have them all over, and are now, buying up property "passively" . They own chunks all over this town.
  Do you know that, although both their present Dams are within our District area, they do NOT pay property taxes? Nope, somehow they have found loopholes that allow them to get all the fixings, and they came up with a set amount that they hand over each year. Hummm...when my property taxes come along, I would love to pick an amount I feel is acceptable, and hand that over, instead of what they want! I wonder about all the homes and property they do own here, do they in fact pay the required property tax on those, or are they included in the tiny little amount they hand out?
  I am just beginning on this speel. I have lots to say, about this corporation, from my personal point of view. I have spent some time trying to get all the ducks in a row regarding things I wonder about, but it is not an easy task. Hydro is like the government (cripes it IS government, when it wants to be) you have to search through an awful lot of crap, to attempt to get answers, as everything is coated in the consumer smiley faces.
  It will become very apparent that I feel no urge to smile about anything regarding this disgrace to our province. I think B.C. Hydro was sold to the people of this province as a bold face lie, and each and every year, it is sucking us dry. Now Hydro is trying to soak us, yet again, shame on those who turn their heads, and close their eyes. Shame on all of you who scream bloody murder when your backyard is over run by enemies. Shame on those who feel the world should stand up and support them. Site C has been opened up to the public for years now, and everyone has sat back, thinking it won't affect them. 
  We have pipelines in our area, we have oil and gas. Just a little too late to shut them out, however, when it comes to green, I would prefer to have a frigging pipeline, and a hundred bloody wells, rather than a "reservoir" filled with dead trees, mercury, drowned fur bearing animals, drowned wetlands, drowned farm lands, and drowned creeks, and homesteads. Which, if you sit back and stay quiet, Hydro is going to do, and it will not be an accident. This is a disaster that is done purposefully!
  All those of you who think the Aboriginal people will stand fast, and will stop this, speak to the Treaty 8 people from this area. They have been fighting this for years, they are losing their territory. They fought this fight before, and were promised much from the B.C. Government in return for the loss, they are still waiting.They know full well, if this is allowed to happen again, history will repeat itself.
  So when you turn up your heat, or flip on your lights, think for a moment, your bill is not the only cost. The Peace region is on the endangered list, and I, personally, am sick and tired of getting screwed so Vancouver can have millions of lights sparkling, while our river dies!