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Monday, 25 March 2013

Utter Waste!

Sometimes when I go off on a tangent, I sit here, and actually worry. I worry that I will lose control, and go so far off, that I will hate myself. I worry that I just can't quite put things down the way I want, and that drives me even farther off the wall. The subject I am spewing about, now, has drove me nuts, more than once. It is a constant, and I realize, the fact that I live where I live, allows me to see this |corporation" the way the average person in the province, does not. I see the seedier side. I see the waste, that is so excessive, it twists my stomach.I see people who work for this corporation who have somehow decided they are superior to the rest of humanity. I see the demands, I see the continual issues of entitlement, and special benefits.
  In truth, of all the issues , the waste , is what bothers me most. Oh, I hate the lies, I hate the spinning (lies) I hate the secrecy(lies), but, the waste is insane.
  Now, picture this. BC Hydro has a row of Town houses. This is set in the perfect area, about a block from the school, just over a block from the Hospital, and grocery store. It is right next door to the Hockey arena, and in a park like setting. This is apparently for short term workers. People who are  still working towards their position within the company, and they spend a short time in town (maybe a year, maybe more, or less).
  About 9 years ago, it seems someone discovered there was asbestos in the building. Ack!!! What a shock, buildings built back in the 60's did tend to have this. We didn't realize all those buildings that I spent my school years in, were loaded with this stuff, and my government did not tell me that it was dangerous....I expect many homes in this area have asbestos, but, we don't have Hydro concerned about our well being, so we have to live with it.
  Not these entitled, precious employees. Oh, No!!! Hydro moves every last one of them, along with their families into Row houses owned by the hotel. They apparently checked that building out (exactly the same as theirs) and it was fine and dandy.
  These families move into furnished quarters, at no expense to them. They request laundry service, not a problem, each day, we pick their dirty clothes up, and they are washed and dried, and delivered. Their children pee the beds, not a problem, along we come, clean up the pee, and clean their beds. We must clean their house around them, and their children, because to request them to go away for a few hours, would be an imposition.
  While they live, rent and utility free, a contracting company comes in, and tears all the asbestos out, and renovates the whole row of houses. They bring in an inspector, and he confirms, it is safe for the Hydroids, back they go.
  Fast forward 9 years, suddenly, once again the nasty asbestos word pops up. It is in the floor tiles, and now the whole place will be demolished, can't allow employees to live in there!!
  WTF!!!!! I can't imagine the cost , we, as tax payers, and rate payers had to cover for the first go round. It was dug out of our pockets to put these families up for 5-6 months. I can't imagine what it costs to hire this company to come in, and also put them up at the hotel for this time period. Then to wait 9 years, and decide that it is now unacceptable, in a community with a lack of housing.
  So, now what happens? Does Hydro build brand new houses for their people? Or, does Hydro move them into the brand new (what will soon be) 3 building apartment complex, that an unknown independent investor  has decided to build on land that they purchased, all hush hush. There has been no new buildings in this town, until 2 new hotels were put up, and suddenly a huge complex, how convenient.......
  Rumours abound, bills during the building of this apartment were sent to BC Hydro. Paint was charged to the company, truck drivers have told townspeople that their deliveries to the building during construction were billed to Hydro.
  Hey, I hear this, and I go right to the horses mouth. I contacted Hydro with these rumours, and was told this was not fact. Do I believe what I was told? Nope!!! I think hydro has so many secret little boxes, those who are suppose to deal with public inquiries don't know the facts, and the company likely feels it is better to keep even their own people in the dark.But, I don't know the truth, so, I can't say one way or the other.
  Hydro also "gave" the town an area by the lake that was created with the building of the dams. Lots of folks spent holiday time there, camping and boating. Hydro did NOT keep this area, they simply handed it over, and costs and maintenance was left on the Municipality. There was a boat launch, and a dock. The grounds were kept nicely, at tax payers expense. It wasn't perfect, and it wasn't fancy. Hydro decided it might make the public a little more acceptable to the severe changes Site C will bring,and they decided they would suddenly step in, and build a new boat launch, and a new dock. This meant they had to close everything off to the public. Well, crews were contracted, and put up in the pricey hotel, security was brought in to ensure the public did not go near the lake. At the end of the season, with the arrival of snow , lo and behold, this project was no where near completed. In fact, the place is a disgusting mess!!
  The budget is screwed, and guess what, you as a tax payer, and a Hydro consumer, are left holding the bag on this one. I expect, once again, this summer, the area will be again blocked off to the public, and maybe by August, we will be let in through the gates, to see what our money has bought for us.
  That is what you folks have to remember. This is your money!!!When they tell you your rates are going up, because they have gone so far into the red, and there is a ton of fixing to do, ask yourself, what did they do with the money they have been sucking back for decades.
  I have other tidbits of the perks and pleasures of working for the electricity monopoly. Read the next chapter. Waste is rampant. We should all be so lucky to be one of these Hydroids, the life they live, is so far from average, it will boggle your mind.
  BTW, I am NOT jealous, I wish this company would run the way we have to do, within our budgets, it si MY money they waste. I am simply ticked.