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Thursday, 11 December 2014

An Apple a Day, Keeps the Doctor Away

 I am suppose to be outside, loading up wood, so I am stocked for the next few days, but...I received a link earlier from a friend, and..it bothered me enough to open up the vents.
  As most know by now, I am Christian, I was baptised and confirmed in the same little Anglican Church I went to Sunday School in, for years. I spent many years, as a young child, following our "foster child" in Korea..yes, when I was young, that is where children needed help. I can't remember the child's name or sex, but, we would communicate by letters, and our Sunday school collection helped fund the education of this child. I remember singing the song,"Jesus loves the little children" and we would get very loud when we sang out all the colours of the world, because, we knew, not all were the lily white we were, because....hey, there was that Korean child, who was part of our group, and Jesus loved that child, just as much as us.Really, perhaps we were not a diverse group, but, we were taught that everyone was precious, no matter who they were.
  However, I have decided that there are 3 main reasons the world has lost the ability to be good, those reasons are..religion, politics, and greed. Now, sadly, often those 3 things are clumped into one. I did not grow up, understanding that religion was a mega profit business.In fact, I remember reading how Jesus actually got very angry once, when business was going on, around the church, on a Sunday. Now, I admit to being a Sunday consumer, it is convenient, and...I also work that day, not because I get paid more to work on the day of rest, but because I work odd schedules. I do NOT profit from my greed of working this day, and I do not do it, because it is a day I can make more. The problem is, religions have always been out for the cash cow. Many seem to think they have more power (and they do) when they have huge cash flows, based on who they claim to worship. They strive to shove their beliefs down the throats of all, and anyone not conforming to their ideals, is an enemy, not worth living. Yes, I understand, we see ISIS, and those in the East, as terrorists, and..they are. But, the facts are,they are no different that Catholics, Baptists, or yes, Anglicans...they have skewed their religions to suit their own personal agendas. They have read books, written by  humans, who, no matter what, have placed their own words down on paper, or birch bark, or rock walls, and tweaked it to what THEY feel.
  Almost every single religion began with some form of the "Golden Rule". I expect that rule is Golden, because it is worth more than anything else. Treat others as you wish to be treated yourself. Now, I certainly don't follow this rule, all the time, when I don't, I damn well know I am doing something wrong. But, I believe if I could manage to do this, and 90% of the rest of the world followed this rule, all the horrors would diminish, starvation, cruelty, war, would disappear. Every last one of these has a basis in religion. It has been the Church that has caused more wars, famines, and atrocities than anything else. Of course, politics is often blamed, but..dig deep enough and you will find religion.
  I, personally accept most other beliefs. Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Mormonism, Muslims, I accept them all, because the basis of each, is Peace, and understanding. They all began with a human, perhaps not like us, but placed on Earth for us to learn from. These "people" all appear to have had a love for others, and the wonders of the world. In my religion, evil came as a serpent, that offered the one and only thing not allowed, an apple. Now, we read how once this apple was taken, all that was perfect, became soiled. Darn that Eve, eating an apple and closing the Garden of Eden forever.
  Well, perhaps way back then, it really was an apple, however, today, it is the almighty dollar. The apple was the beginning of Greed, the serpent was (in my personal opinion) the first politician. See, my interpretation, I wasn't there, I don't know all the facts, just what I read! But, I do know, if God IS Good, what so many Christians are using his name as the right to abuse a single group of humans, because they are not quite the same as themselves, is NOT what we were placed on this earth to do.
  The Bible, the Qur'an, Vedas, Taimud, The Book of Mormon, all of them,written by humans, and all of them open to misinterpretation. Not a single one of these condone killing, life is, and should always remain, a precious gift. Did Buddha go around telling his followers to kill everyone else that didn't join up? Did John Smith demand his people to destroy non-Mormons? Yes, I accept, the Bible is full of horrors, but, again, written by human perspective. How could a God, who made a world that was filled with peace, and beauty, suddenly change his mind, and decide he would rather his followers set about destroying his gift? How could an entity create, only to command self implosion?
  My take is, all through time, there have been those evil serpents. They dress as Holy people, they dress as world leaders, but, they have one goal in mind, and that is the Apple. 
  I have to wonder, do these Apple seekers, feel they are special? Do they somehow think that their God's have selected them to be the only ones allowed the forbidden fruit? Hah! As I write that, I shake my head..see, what set me off, was a ruling in the United States of America, in the State of Michigan, that is geared to allow medical workers to deny assistance to anyone who they feel violates their religious belief. It is pretty much a sugar coated rule that will make it acceptable NOT to provide care to Homosexuals. Cripes, those at the base of this, are not even attempting to cover up their reasoning. Apparently Gay folks are NOT allowed to be around the forbidden fruit (see what made me shake my head, please don't take this as offensive).
  Honest to goodness, when I think the world has taken a few steps towards the light, it suddenly swerves off into the darkness. We have taken such a huge turn into Hell, all because of religion and Politics, and Greed. Do we not know, the God of Christianity, sent his son to teach us, love? I don't remember too many stories that spoke of a specific group, that through the love they felt for another human, should be punished, and brushed aside...
  See, years ago, a hospital ran by the Church, was told that in order to remain operating, they had to perform abortions, now they refused,because of their belief, and lo and behold, they were closed. I had issue with that, because, abortions are a personal choice, and..there were other hospitals that would perform them. However, the reverse in this instance, is incredible. Are we soon to have to wear a tag listing our religion, our sexual preference, our heritage, and hope that if we need life saving medical attention, we happen to end up with the right surgeon? I am very afraid! We are descending into a world filled with inhumanity. It is no longer those Terrorist from far away we must be afraid of, it is the Apple pickers in charge of running our own countries.
  BTW..This ruling has not been put in place, yet. However, like many other rulings, and by-laws etc. loopholes are opened up. Problems arise, because people again, read what they choose, and interpret things that are not black and white, finding at least 50 shades of grey. This is just one of those grey possibilities.