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Tuesday, 16 December 2014

No Surprise

Well, Crusty's announcement is over and done with. No surprise, there. As I stated, it's a done deal in her back room. She certainly must swallow, because, there is nothing on her chin!! Ooops..was that nasty? Well, let me just go with the attitude of our Premier...too bad, so sad. That ignorant b*tch is a bully. One could certainly tell she had her head down, and was going to barrel through, without anyone stopping her. Crusty Clark Dam is the last thing that b*tch sees before she closes her eyes. Oh my goodness, what a feather in her cap...just like WAC Bennet, her name will remain long after she is gone, sucking more money out of the pockets of British Columbians, it will be like she is with us forever...and...she will be!
  She went on about affordable Hydro, how we have the 3rd cheapest in North America..yippeee...the damn corporation belongs to us, it should be the cheapest!!! Then how clean and sustainable it is...But....here's the first kicker. So, I listened for months how all the number crunchers had worked very hard, and were set with the amount this project would cost, including all monies spent up to the date construction began. That number, over and over, was 7.9 Billion. Yesterday Bill Bennet let slip..it might be a tad closer to 8...even 8.5. Well, surprise!!! Today, ol' Crusty spewed out another number, this one was 8.77 Billion. Geez, folks, it has gone up almost 1 billion dollars in a matter of a couple of days, do you really think 8.77 is going to be the last one we hear?
  She had the balls to go on about our incredible Education system. WTF??? The government is snipping away at funding on a daily basis. She went on about training those in the province to do the jobs on this project. WTF again??? Sorry, our little college in the next community got large chunks cut in the trades funding, so...how incredible is our education system? She is a basket full of inconsistencies.
  The smilefest went on, as Bennet spoke, then the new poster girl for Hydro in her fashionable outfit, and covergirl face, spoke, of how wonderful it is to be in her position at this time. Cripes, the money that broad is getting, it would be wonderful to be in that position at any time!! Crusty is pleased, she is going to make sure she goes "down" in history.Then they allow some questions,likely not expecting many because the seats are occupied by invited guests.
  The most disgusting bile somehow vomited forth from Crusty's mouth. Bile that was rancid green, bile that smelled so bad, just hearing it, made my stomach turn. Vaughn Palmer asked her the question..the question regarding the non-mitigation issues regarding First Nations. The reply that came from this woman shocked the sh*t out of me. This woman who is suppose to be a leader, a woman who is suppose to follow specific guidelines, a woman who states she wants to do what is right. This woman opened her gob, and stated that this project is going to benefit so many. That was pretty much it...so, I am of course simply assuming, when I feel what she said was "too bad..so sad" more people would benefit, so .....it's a shame someone loses out, but...suck it up!! A question like that, deserves far more than a few words, stating how many will benefit. What she is doing, and, again, shame on her, is stirring the race card. Her buddy Stephan does it, and she definitely learned from the master.
  So...B.C. for those in Vancouver who are going to benefit from this, take heed, the price that was paid for your "affordable, two tier(based on the average city user)electricity" was certainly not paid by you. Our Premier feels that for the good of those elsewhere, First Nations, Farmers, and landowners in the Peace Valley can simply pay the price for you. That must make you feel special. Your First Nations are given rights, only recently, but...those rights just don't make it this far north. Those rights were given just for specific Aboriginals, see...Crusty only cares about sh*t in her area, the rest of the Province, Be Damed!!
  Myself, well, I know there are lawsuits, I know First Nations will fight for what they are suppose to have rights to. These court cases will perhaps, and I say perhaps, because all along, even though this had not got the green light, bids were accepted, paperwork was filed to cover the 90 days, and come January the beginning projects will commence, make some difference. It is like 2 separate worlds, the government ignoring the rules, and barreling along, citizens of the province oblivious to the blatant disregard of procedures, and those who have had their rights ripped away, still chipping in the legal system, hoping against hope. Foolish people, you are doing what is right, what is law, as your government skips along making sure Crusty gets her namesake. I am broken. I see a world where there are no rules, but those of the ones at the top. I see a province, no a whole country, dissolving in front of my eyes, a place where rules change daily, and promises mean nothing. I am so very sad, and so very frightened...this is NOT my Canada!!!
   Crusty Clark, you are a disgrace, a lying, sack of excrement, and very soon those flies are going to start landing on you..hope you got that Crusty Clark Dam sign made up, because you will not be in office when the people of B.C. get the bill for your massive "Fast Ferry".