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Saturday, 20 December 2014

The Money Clock

And, so it begins...the threats of cost over-runs for the bloody Dam. Knew it was coming, one can read our government like a book of black comedy. I am appalled by how they work. It is so obvious what they are attempting...and it really doesn't take a brain wave to poke holes into this "new" piece of information.
  So...they made their big announcement, told the people of the province after much debate, between themselves and BC Hydro, they decided to go with the 7.9 Billion dollar Dam project. Thing is, after many questions over time from ordinary folks, and, the media, we were promised 7.9 billion, they had calculated for all unseen issues, no way was it going to cost more. Personally, as a tax payer, digging 7.9 billion out of the pockets of the people, along with the ever increasing costs to pay government, it was far too much. Days later, when they feel comfortable to place their command that it will be built, they add just a tiny tidbit of news...it seems they forgot to figure something in, I heard word that it was something like PST..but, geez, that can't be possible, right? Everything in this province has sales tax added to it..I assumed the government was exempt, but...maybe not completely,,,who knows. Anyhow, suddenly the project price goes up, a whole whack, to 8.77, but..Crusty assures us, that is the utmost, and, thankfully, SHE is going to keep watch on things, in fact, SHE stated that it might not cost quite that much, but...just in case..that is the amount. WTF????
  Now..well, they have found a way to add even more to that cost. Now they are forcing their hand, if we don't let them build next year, it is going to go on that magic "Money Clock", that clock that ticks, and adds cost every single set-back. Now our government is warning us, if legal matters that involve First Nations, and land owners drag this through the courts....it is going to cost us more.
  Who the hell are the people calculating for every possible set-back? The whole lot of them knew damn well that First Nations had court cases to attempt to get someone with common-sense to veto all of this. The experts knew that land owners had been battling them in court, and all of a sudden, out of the blue, we are threatened that it will go into an over-run if we do not follow the procedures within the set time-frame.
  It appears our government is warning First Nations and others that they had better pull their cases out of the courts, otherwise every other person in this province will have to dig some more money out of their pockets..days, weeks and months matter greatly with this set price. The freaking 7.9 Billion dollar price tag sat on this for years..so, either government lied to us, every time they insisted "the Price was right" or, they have no clue what the final price will be. I go with the first AND second option, these people have no clue, and...they don't care. They have manufactured the perfect excuse for the price of 8.77 to be fiction. They have the legal cases of those with every right in the world to expect their day in court, as a perfect reason to tell us it is going to cost far more.
  They all seem to be educated (Crusty and her minions) but I am not sure what system they attended, it definitely was not a modern system, nor was it what we know as a Canadian system. They were educated in a racist, black hole. They know exactly what they are doing, and it should be illegal! They are, with one single stroke of the pen, setting our world back to the days of the European settlers. They are taking every single promise made throughout history, and flushing it down the toilet, by telling those not involved with these court cases, they are going to have to pay more.
  I can easily put myself on the side of those sitting at home, not impacted by this, instead feeling our government is doing what desperately has to be done, to ensure they can keep their lights on, and they can have lots of big paying jobs, if those others just stop causing problems. OMGosh, what a nasty evil pile of worms our own "leaders" have thrown in the mix. To place blame on those doing their guaranteed legal given right, is absolutely disgusting. To take away the rights of every single Canadian, and yes, this is what they are doing, every person in this country that has the legal right to fight for what is theirs in a court of law, had best take heed. How possible will it be, for anyone of us to argue with our government, in a place that is suppose to be non-biased, a place that is suppose to only see the facts, and a place that offers justice, when the rest of those living in our world are told we are costing them money every minute we stand our ground?
 Despotism is a form of government in which a single entity rules with absolute power. That entity may be an individual, as in an autocracy, or it may be a group, as in an oligarchy.
  Sorry, but this seems to convey what has occurred with Crusty and her cronies. She is claiming absolute power. She refuses to follow the rules and regulations, she will not ensure promises are kept. She is blindly putting her head down, and pushing what she wants, through. She is pitting two sides together, making a terrible filthy mess, and she doesn't give a damn! All that matters is she wants a Dam, and she is damn well going to get it, no matter what rules they have to change. And...as far as the price tag promised, well, heck..that is already beyond the 8.77 billion, because of those damn troublesome legal cases!  
 Tick tock...hear that...price is going up!