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Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Announcement Today

Well, it seems today is to be the day, I find out what life has in store for me. Oh...no, it is not results from the medical field, nor is it a future job..it is..pretty much what others have decided I will have to do.
  That, in itself, is very difficult. It seems this whole year has been filled with stuff created by others, which affected me greatly. Things that I could not control, in the smallest way. As someone who has spent all of my adult life, being in control, able to either reap the praise of a decision, or ...more often, I suppose, take the blame, this year has seen someone else driving my road, for me.
  Today, the idiots who are in charge of this province, will decide whether the people who pay their wages, will have to suck up a 7.5 billion dollar project. When I say suck up, I mean just that. But, as everyone who has been impacted by this whole Site C business, we are now hearing, that amount given, that amount they stood by throughout the whole public hearing farce, and in every newspaper article, just might....be a little off. Hellooo..really???? Could it be, because, we all know what the decision Crusty's government is going to make is, they are trying to cover their asses for the future? I tried to warn any who took the time to read my rantings, the cost of this project is going to far surpass that magic amount all the accountants, engineers, and planners calculated. The cost of this project is going to be staggering. The promise of affordable Hydro for those in B.C. because of Site C, is at best, nothing but a bad joke. I do not have to delve into the physic realm to promise, you will be paying dearly for this blunder.
  Now...there will be some who don't care what the costs of future electricity is. They will be those who make their fortunes during the construction of this massive mistake. Oh..there are quite a few of those folks waiting patiently, knowing our government has already promised them their place in the sun. Many more from Vancouver and elsewhere, are already planning where to put the wads of cash they are to get from this. That is what happens.
  Hick towns have no place in the future of Crusty. We are nothing but bother to her. We sit right in the area that the center of her universe expects to get the treasure that will fill her coffers. We are just like the homeless on the streets of Vancouver during the Winter Olympics. We need to be cleared off, so the area can be utilized properly, to ensure it is more appealing to the masses, who bring the cash. We are a small group, therefore we are not heard. The larger groups, well, they don't rock the boat, because..this is not in their backyard, and if they don't agree to this, maybe something might just happen where they have chosen to make their homes. Best just scream and holler about an underground pipeline, get the media involved in that, because, look at the amount of folks affected! The lost of a valley (O.K. fine, as you so often tell us, it is not the whole valley underwater) really never caused near the uproar the pipeline has. Because, again, to the masses, so far away, it may pull at a heart string or two, but, heck, thank goodness it is not going to affect a single soul in the city. Silly people!! You will be affected, when you start paying for the mess.
  Here in the Peace River Valley, we will pay the ultimate price. Some will be displaced, some will lose their lifetime of work, and that of generations before them. We will lose land, we will lose access , we will lose quality of life, we will truly lose the world as we see it now. However, we will also have the sheer pleasure of paying for all of this, as well. Imagine that, imagine having to hand your share of payment over to Kinder Morgan, so they can put that pipeline in your area, and kick you out of your house. Imagine having to leave your family home, and then, dig into your pocket to pay the person who has kicked you out. You will get to pay that price for the rest of your days, the privilege of losing all you have worked for, with a bill each month(O.K. every second month). Why will we have to pay? Because this is NOT needed. This project has been in the works ever since Gordo flew up to our town, and made his big announcement. Millions have been spent already. Hundred of millions! Those who do not live here, perhaps are oblivious to the money that has been handed out, just to work away at this behind the scene. Those of us watching, know, when Crusty gives the numbers, if she in fact allows the people of the Province to know what she has spent up to this moment, it will be shocking. We know, deep down inside, we will get the GST story. We will be told that they have spent so much, that if they were to stop it now, as tax payers, we would be liable to pay back all that money, and...the only way they can get that back will be to up the Hydro rates, probably up something else along with it, because..it is a huge amount of money.
  Those of us who have been keeping track, asked if the money spent so far is included in the 7.5 billion dollar amount. Apparently, these costs were calculated into it. Of course we were never really given an amount, because they just didn't have those numbers on them, but all those studies, all those reports, all those consultant firms, all that helicopter time, and companies brought in to drill holes to check on slope stabilization, and their room and board. All the reports on the highway planing, and Bat studies, and all the traveling to the consultation meetings, and then the big farce with the Joint Review Panel. These costs are extreme, and they are all costs that have been done long before government decided yes or no on a 7.5 billion dollar project. Yep, do you really think they are going to say NO? Do you really think the people of this province are going to accept a huge bill from Hydro because a project is a no go? Nope..best laid plans of Crusty, do the dirty deed long enough, behind closed doors, to make the majority feel things might as well proceed, because we are already too far into the red, we might as well get something for it, instead of paying for nothing.
  So, as I stated, the massive 7.5 billion dollar amount hat has been shoved down our throats all this time, as set in stone, is now quivering. 8. some is now spoken aloud. That is just the beginning. Realistically, folks, sniff 10 billion, because..that is more likely closer to the truth. 10 billion dollars for a government who just set the tax for LNG at an obscene low amount, a government that is selling out everything that made this province Super Natural. A province that appears to be opening up tax loopholes, environmental loopholes, foreign worker loopholes, all to appeal to other countries, and slowly increasing the costs to those who actually live and pay taxes here. Start saving your pennies (even though they are pretty much useless) because today, when Crusty tells us what HER plans are, you are going to pay through the nose!