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  • Animal Farm
  • Lord of the Flies
  • Lord of the Rings
  • To Kill a Mockingbird

Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Healthy Idiots

 First off, let me say, I am probably the most unhealthy human being! I exist on Lay's potato chips and caffine. I do not exercise, as I feel, my job is a pretty good work out most days, I do more than my fair share of bends, and stairmasters, so...at almost 59 I get a few hours of cardio during my work days.
  I have a few dear friends who I call Granolas..they shame me. They are always on the go, biking, kayaking, skiing, hiking, just chock full of energy..when I grow up, I would love to be more like them, instead of the stick in the mud I am. So...I am not against those who take care of themselves, I just am not one of them.
  However, it is those who run, that drive me batty. We live in a tiny town, there are plenty of streets that don't see more than a few vehicles a day, streets where they could plug their ipods in, and merrily run their guts out, or off, as the case may be. But....as one who spends a fair bit of time with my tunes blaring in my ears, I understand, once the button is turned on, the world disappears, along with most other noises...like approaching vehicles.
  See, one morning as I stood outside my workplace having my nasty unhealthy cup of black "wake me up"....I watched little miss pony tail bouncing along the street, in her cute matching outfit, and her pricey sneakers. She had her ears plugged, running to the music. I guess the side she was on, lost it's appeal, so she began bouncing across to the other side, oblivious to the poor person driving behind her. This person, thankfully stopped, as I watched in horror. Wow, how frigging healthy was that? She could have caused a whole lot of hurt on both sides, just because she assumed the world could read her mind, and knew she would zig zag when the urge hit her. Sorry, people, just because you feel the urge to burn...you have to use common sense like the rest of the world.
  This morning, I let my dog out, and he started barking like an idiot. Lo and behold coming down the side of the highway, was little Miss Health freak, running like something was after her. O.K. fine, she stayed along the side of the road, zoned out to reality. However..a block behind her comes her dog. Yep, also running like something was behind it, or...I suppose attempting to catch up with the two legged twit in front. I call her a twit, because...even though she must figure the rest of the world will step aside to allow her to run her life away, that just isn't true. There are no signs posted along the highway warning drivers to be on the look out for deer, let alone random dogs. What if something had darted out of the bushes and her dog had gave chase...Oh, her dog is so well trained it wouldn't bolt into the middle of the road? Ahhhhh....a dog without natural instinct!! I don't give a rat's behind if this idiot wants to run from morning till night, but..I do give a rat's behind that as the one responsible to care for this dog, she feels that she has the right to expect everyone else to look after her dog while she burns a few calories. I can bet this twit would be the first one screeching if, heaven forbid her dog was hit. I bet she would blame the driver. Sorry, the fault is hers, and hers alone. She does not own the highway, her dog has instincts that will kick in, no matter how well trained she assumes he is. Deer bounce across the highway all the time, perhaps she has taught him not to chase, and..100 times he will ignore those animals, however..the one time the urge is too powerful, he will blot, and...perhaps it is the same moment a semi is coming down the hill. Would the driver be at fault..would it really matter, if the dog was hit.would I want to hear that noise? No..to all of the above.
  I don't care how well trained your dog is, if you are going to go where there is traffic or..other dogs, put your animal on a leash!!You may think you are better than other dog parents, but, you are one of the biggest problems. You run around thinking you are the only person on the planet, and the rest of the world should stop while you do what you want, and how you want. Get a grip, and find some consideration, consideration for your animal and for others.
  Just my peeve for the moment.