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Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Mealie Mouths

 Those who have spent time with me, understand, I have my own vocabulary. Most of the words I use in the language of ME, are not those I would put down in places, those with weak stomachs may tread. The greatest portion of those unique words are used in place of the usual curse words, when the situation seems to require above standard verbalization. I do, however have many Webster recognized words, that I put into contexts that are my own design.
  One of these combination "Webster words" is, mealie mouthed. Now I am not sure how long I have used this combination I really think it goes far back in my vocabulary, perhaps even back to my Mother. Say it out loud, "Mealie mouthed"...I think speaking the two words together may allow one to fathom my meaning. I will use the saying in a statement, and then, you are sure to understand. "I can't stand mealie mouthed people!" Clue in yet?
  Mealie mouthed people surround me. I see them on TV,all the time. Crusty Clark is a mealie mouth..now you have to understand! Mealie mouths are somewhat like the mealie bugs, in the fact that they are pests, and that they cause disease (O.K., we will say the mouths cause damage, but, sort of the same). Mealie mouths are pretty good actors, they change their image like most change underwear.
  They have the ability to morph to suit the situation, and ensure they seem to glow while all others appear tarnished.
  To me, their voices attain the high pitch of dog whistles, and my ears begin to bleed when their mouths open. I can stand right next to a mealie mouth, and the hair will rise on the back of my neck as soon as they begin. Mealie mouths are always in protection mode, they must constantly cover their backsides. They are always on the look out for easy prey. Their goal is to throw so much dirt on their quarry that suddenly they look clean and shiny. No one ever notices their filth because they are too busy trumpeting about someone else.
  Mealie mouths think they are capable of working both sides in every situation and somehow hovering above with their feathered wings hiding their forked tails. I have to think they truly believe they are smarter than everyone else, they have to think the rest of the world is dumb as sh*t, and sadly, there really are a whack of dumb sh*ts, because it is almost impossible to call a mealie mouth out. The dumb sh*ts seem to rush up to the plate to protect those pests. There is always some excuse, and someone is always throwing freaking glitter back on the mealie mouths to perpetrate the glow.Each toss of glitter is taken from another, causing a little dull mark to appear.
  I am so tired of mealie mouths, I suppose I could start carrying an air horn, and each time I hear the jaw of a mealie mouth begin to drop, and the high pitched whine of the suckie faced voice begins, I can push the button..Oh cripes, it would be non-stop, but, it is a whole lot better than the idea of smacking them on the head, and that temptation is beginning to become overwhelming.
 I suppose I will, instead, hang onto the belief that what goes around, comes around. I will attempt to be patient, and wait and watch, because, one day, when the mealie mouth opens, they will run out of their dumb sh*t protection, and the world will see them as they truly are, nothing but destructive pests.
 Yeah...kind of written when I am in a pissy mood...but Sh*t happens,lol